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Mar 27, 2016
OnePlus 9RT
Sorry it's a bit off-topic but i want global color Rom (including google stuff) instead chinese version color os on 9rt. Anyone got info or idea about it?


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Nov 3, 2015
Sorry it's a bit off-topic but i want global color Rom (including google stuff) instead chinese version color os on 9rt. Anyone got info or idea about it?
There is no global ColorOS rom. You can use Chinese version (they have google services preinstalled into the system). Just install Google Play and all required applications. The issue can be some chinese system application which can't be uninstalled or disabled without ROOT permission.
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Mar 1, 2022
Is there anyway to enable VoLTE and VoWiFi for 9RT under this rom?
I spend a long time research, but found no way.
(1.) I tried the following guides for 9Pro on 9RT but failed. Why can't I install the OnePlus LogKit (tried many versions, first showed installing, then app not installed) and OnePlus Engineering Mode APKs on 9RT
(2.) The following way only works on ColorOS and requires root (even that, not sure for 9RT model)


Feb 23, 2022
Has anyone experience losing 5G band after flashing OxygenOS? I had 5G when using ColorOS. The author of the thread to flash the OOS from COS rom won't mind me.

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    I will not be responsible for any problems related to your phone. Please research carefully and think before you do it.

    Thanks to you @HELLBOY017 and @abhinavgupta371 Shared files

    To unlock bootloader here are the steps:
    1. Enable Developer options by going to settings About Phone and then keep tapping build number until a dialogue comes saying developer options are enabled/unlocked/on.
    2. Go to Developer options by: Settings - System - Developer options
    3. Enable OEM unlocking.
    4. Enable USB debugging.
    5. Connect your mobile to pc.
    6. Check if adb is working, command "adb devices"
    - Check the item OEM unlocking in developer options again
    7. if working run cmd "adb reboot bootloader"
    8. if not working check adb drivers.
    9. if step 7 is success, you should be in fastboot mode.
    10. Check if fastboot detects our device by giving cmd "fastboot devices"
    11. if working, it's time. Give cmd "fastboot flashing unlock"
    12. if not working check fastboot drivers.
    13. if step 10 is success,You will get a unlocking screen in mobile, navigate with volume keys and power button to accept. Choose: Yes, unlock bootloader option. This will format and unlock your phone.

    Extract and run flash-all.bat file
    I don't understand why Oneplus releases different variations for their ROMs in different countries. Is it because of government regulations?
    It is a first half of answer. OnePlus had different roms for China and for all other world previously too (HydrogenOS and OxygenOS respectively). Chinese ROM doesn't contain Google apps, because Google is blocked in China. Instead of Google services it contains chinese replacements. In other aspects Hydrogen and Oxygen were similar.
    Second half of the answer is current transformation of OnePlus. It basically merges Oppo brand, plans were anounced to merge Oppo's ColorOS with Oxygen and introduce new OS for both brands. But at current stage only chinese version (HydrogenOS) switched to ColorOS completely. These two OS-es are very different and not so compatible as previously. For 9RT chinese version (with ColorOS) released 3 month ago, but Indian version with OxygenOS is just released. It is lack of available ROMs as of now. I bought chinese version of phone on Aliexpress and waiting for possibility to switch from ColorOS to OxygenOS.
    One plus is gone. The brand is over
    Hello. Im from VietNam, I'm using coloros12 in this my device. i want to experience oxygenos11. When do we have ROM OXYGENOS11?
    At least with the OP9 it was possible to switch I think.
    Well, 9R doesn't have so much options to migrate as global verions. I think we should look on 9R that is also only for China and India.
    Why the Hell isn’t the full ROM available at
    I think it will be available later, when there will be updates. As of now we only one week after release in India and there is no major updates.
    And what’s also bothering me, could I flash the original OP9 Global ROM because the Hardware is almost identical to the 9RT?
    No. It is different devices, it may be similar by some specs, but there are differences in things like camera, modem and so on. Basically you should use roms for 9 to flash 9 and roms for 9RT to flash 9RT.