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Aug 27, 2007
Madrid, Spain
Just upgraded to 19.0.4 from 18.0.4 with full wipe.

Selected disable Exchange Security in Aroma setup, re-created email account.

Will sync fine and retrieve emails and contacts/calendar etc but fails to send an email with simply 'Error - Unable to send email', nothing else. Very helpful, not!

Anybody using this ROM with Exchange? Does it work for you?

Apologies if this has been mentioned before but can't find anything with a search of the 1000+ pages here.



I am using 19.0.4 with Exchange and security disabled, an it is working perfectly fine. Sync email, calendar, contact, task, notes; send and receive email. I don't know what to say, because if it syncing it means that you entered server, user, password and domain (if required), and that's all you need to configure for exchange. I wish I could be of any more help...
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Mar 7, 2006
I am using 19.0.4 with Exchange and security disabled, an it is working perfectly fine. Sync email, calendar, contact, task, notes; send and receive email. I don't know what to say, because if it syncing it means that you entered server, user, password and domain (if required), and that's all you need to configure for exchange. I wish I could be of any more help...
Thanks. It's a weird one, not seen it before in years of using Exchange & Android/Old WinMo. If authenticated everything should work.

Still failed after another full wipe and reflash so I strayed to the dark side and installed Android Revolution 32.0 last night and it worked right away. Guess I'll be staying there until I find another show-stopper or a new IC is released.


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Nov 23, 2010
I'm going to guess as there is no news you've still not found a device to test on Badd? oh well M8 release soon which lines up nicely with my next upgrade. I hope you will be taking that on too
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Apr 27, 2010
@Exchange issue - been using this feature on every sense 5 rom - no problem at all. I suggest still to flash lyapota mod- he also integrated this disable exchange security facility.

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    I really hope that it's just a joke.
    But maybe it has something to do with his illness?

    Best wishes

    nop. i'm not ill - yes i had some small issues but don't think i'm unable to work

    i decided to step back for a while. maybe doing this and not being pressured to update / release / fix / offer support /port/ adapt , i'll find some inspiration and time to cook / develop something better / different / new.

    at this point i brought nothing new, is a stock rom, improved and tweaked, optimized with mods/ hacks made by others. on every base update i port / adapt others works to work on new base but just that.

    the improvements in terms of speed and battery i make to roms are the ones i developed over time since Desire , so nothing really new on that front either.

    I hope by stepping back i'll find the time to make something new or different something with the "wow" effect. if i manage to do that rest assure, i will share with you my friends and fans. but is a big "IF"
    JellyBean ROM






    To boot the ROM needs the new firmware

    The new firmware can be flashed with the following method

    1. relock you device.
    2. start you phone
    3. adb reboot oem-78 for cmd
    4. fastboot flash zip firmware.zip

    Firmware will only flash on the phones with the following CID
    cidnum: HTC__001
    cidnum: HTC__E11
    cidnum: HTC__203
    cidnum: HTC__102
    cidnum: HTC__405
    cidnum: HTC__Y13
    cidnum: HTC__A07
    cidnum: HTC__304
    cidnum: HTC__M27
    cidnum: HTC__032
    cidnum: HTC__016
    cidnum: HTC__J15

    4.a. after you run 1st time you'll see " FAILED (remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately)" . DO NOT PANIC

    4.b run again fastboot flash zip firmware.zip. now it should say successful

    5. after you see successfully in cmd prompt - unlock your phone again
    6. reboot to bootloader.
    7. flash custom recovery
    8. flash boot.img from rom zip
    9. boot in recovery
    10. flash the rom
    11. boot the rom and install supersu from market coz i forgot to add it
    12. profit

    AGAIN PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO CIDs, if cid is no match, no firmware, no jellybean.

    ALSO THE HBOOT ONCE UPDATED CANT BE DOWNGRADED! so you wont be able to flash any RUUs (you will be able to flash the JB Final ruu when it comes out

    ONE MORE: I dont know if ICS roms will still work with the new hboot (according to football they don't), if they don't your busted. you stay with JB :)

    BOTTOM LINE, flashing the firmware is a one way trip. once updated your updated you cant downgrade so make sure this is what you want!.

    I'm no responsible for bricked phones. You do it on your own RISK