[ROM] JACHero 2.3.5 - Fully Optimized HTCHero Port 7/6/09 8:00PM

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Aug 30, 2006
anyone know which browser i can push that will allow https sites since the most recent two builds wont work with it


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Jun 28, 2009
Wow so many things going on, its easy to get lost -_-

Its hard to notice any difference in the latest roms(Performance-wise) although 2.3.5 is running smooth....for now. But anyways so many different things liike Drizzys remix I see and other things sigh... and only way to really know which one is the "best" is to try them all out. Very tiring
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Mar 3, 2009
this thread is just W O W.

good luck to everyone :/
people need to start reading and using the search feature to get their questions answered :/ all these questions are repeated over and over

i dont wanna be an as*ho*e and not help though so ill try my best =D

i got tired of trying to help people. these people are getting too ignorant and definitely cant read. nor try to learn with the appropriate threads. you think they'd read up... its ridiculous; this is why i pretty much thought about the google page thing so people would see the questions posted. and stated before this is a development thread not a support thread.


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Jun 29, 2009
Brownsville, TX
i got tired of trying to help people. these people are getting too ignorant and definitely cant read. nor try to learn with the appropriate threads. you think they'd read up... its ridiculous; this is why i pretty much thought about the google page thing so people would see the questions posted. and stated before this is a development thread not a support thread.
haha... you tell 'em... and remember me? I messaged you on 4shared once... about the lock screen?(sorry to go off topic)


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Mar 3, 2009
haha... you tell 'em... and remember me? I messaged you on 4shared once... about the lock screen?(sorry to go off topic)

and back on topic people should read the useful threads. before asking anything or! better yet ask your questions on how to use anything on the g1 link in my sig. this is where all questions go.


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Jan 26, 2009
I know the feeling about repeated questions... Get them an awful lot but I do try to point them in the right direction when I can.

It isn't that hard to run a search, unless of course people are not sure what search terms to actually use o_O I too point them to my signature in hope to reduce the FAQs and to be fair its slowly getting better over in the Dude's and Cyanogen's threads. Not sure about here though as I haven't been keeping tabs 100%.

Alas, keep up the good work on optimising Hero for us all! ^_^


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Jun 28, 2009
Searching also leads you to other solutions you werent even planning on finding. Youd be surprised how many times ive searched for 1 thing and have gotten a solution for two other problems at the same time


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May 28, 2009
They have been moved around from build to build.
Delete off your sdcard, uninstall the apps and reflash.
I had the same problem.

I've been trying to wipe and reflash a couple a times now and still I don't have a couple of apps like the Browser, footprints and more ...

I tried to download the Rom again and it didn't work. When I tried to just reflash without wipe I got a bootloop Hero -> HTC I managed to solve this by fixing to ext filesystems from the recovery and then wipe and flash it bootloops once and then I get the language screen.

How can I fix the problem with the apps not installing ... everything else works fine.
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    the problem's been qouted to be tmo's issue not something with the rom. from my take.. i havent had this issue.

    I have no idea then since TheDudes ROM seem to work fine for me. Well thanks anyways.
    WWARNING:You must Have The Correct Radio and Latest SPL! You can find them here (RADIO MUST BE INSTALLED FIRST) You can find it here


    Please give credit if you use my work

    This ROM is built from the WWE HTC Hero leak.

    As with any other ROM there is a risk involved in the process, I'f you have any doubts you should just leave it alone or do some more research and get comfortable with what you are actually doing before proceeding!

    Me and Drizzy will be teaming up to bring you new releases from now on. Soon 2.4 with alot more modifications, new kernel etc but untill then its BT time

    DrizzyJAC r2.3.6
    -Drizzy/JAC collab
    -Pretty much the same as 2.3.5 but with framework/.apk's optimized
    -Changed a2sd config to try and decrease loops
    -/system/media moved to sdcard

    JACHero r2.3.5
    -app_s now moved to the sdcard @ system/sd/data/app_s
    -Modified Rosie from coolbho3000 (thanks)
    -CPU freq modifications in init.rc thanks to Cyanogen
    -No longer overclocked by default set @ 384
    -SMSReceiver service set to Highest priority
    -Busybox only @ /sbin now
    -apns-conf.xml update
    -AudioFilter changes (should slightly increase volume and lower mic sensitivity)
    -Added userinit.sh run support
    -3G icon instead of H for Data
    -App setup reverted to WWE format, only 3rd part apps in /data/app
    -Cleaned up a2sd.sh script to prevent mounting and parsing redundancy and removed unneeded code for Hero builds
    -Cleaned up update-script
    ***KNOWN ISSUE - use 3G/Edge to accept TOS for Market no WiFi, also first browser page on Wifi doesnt want to load at first on WiFi, go to any other site and you should be good
    ***Also swapper at 32/60 seems to be a sweet spot

    JACHero r2.3.3
    -Modified Rosie.apk
    -db.hates.you custom wallpaper for JACHero

    JACHero r2.3.2 - Had to pull the modified Rosie before releasing 2.3.2 it will be done soon.
    -Removed cache_pressure from sysctl.conf
    -Reverted AudioMOD
    -updated contributors.html

    JACHero r2.3.1
    -replaced BT firmware in system/etc/firmware
    -Max CPU set to 528
    -APN changes in system/etc
    -sysctl.conf changes system
    -cleaned up unused/unneeded files in system/etc
    -AudioMOD in /system/etc
    -BT changes to enable pramods BT fix
    -HCItool added to /system/bin to enable pramods BT fix
    -Boot.img changes to conform to pramods BT fix
    -removed launcher.apk/.odex
    -removed learnmore.apk/.odex
    -removed footprints/footprintswidget .apk/.odex
    -removed HTCsync

    JACHero r2.3
    -Auto APPS2SD w/EXT2/EXT3 included script @ /system/bin/a2sd.sh
    -2.6.27 Kernel - will be moving back to 2.6.29 eventually
    -RAMDISK modifications
    ~auto mount for EXT2/3 partitions with noatime, nodirtime
    ~Updated sbin
    ~updated Trigger Binary
    ~calls to /data/init/rc system/init/rc
    ~PATH changes
    ~BlueTooth changes from Hero init.hero.rc and init.rc imported
    -DalvikVM optimized
    -Superuser Binary
    -SD card placeholder
    -Added APN's for T-mobile users (SMS fix inlcuded in apn-conf.xml Thanks Horrorwolf)
    -Trout keymappings
    -Camera replaced with working Hero camera (still has rotate issue)
    -Updated trout gps
    -Working WiFi
    -Flash 9
    -Audio libs updated (working audio and HTCMusic.apk)
    -build.prop modifications to reflect proper device
    -Sensor updates for Auto-Rotate (TouchFlo still won't rotate of course)
    -sysctl.conf added to /system/etc
    -auto backlight turned off by default in build.prop
    -Wifi tether
    -Swapper included
    -changes to /data/app removed any .odex'd apps due to upgrade issues
    -/system/lib files updated

    PLEASE SUBMIT BUGS HERE http://code.google.com/p/jacheroplus

    **********PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING*********

    Please use Cyanogen's recovery image!

    Make sure you have a partitioned SD card with a FAT32 partition and a EXT3 partition. (EXT2 is supported also) If you do not this ROM will install but you will have little space left due to APPS2SD not running. I personally like the clean slate location for Hero and then i use the widgets i need if any.

    When I install I check the ext filesystems first, if it tells you to go to console to manually check do it! After I've repaired the EXT partition or if it didn't need repair I will now wipe and then apply the update and reboot.

    A walkthrough by forum member sxfx is posted one post below for install.

    ALSO run as few widgets as possible folks!


    JACHero r2.3.6 SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5: 2A64747A1048FD175B1C1667D17E50FA

    JACHero r2.3.5 SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5: D80155D128ECCD3010768B52D9FB8EC0

    JACHero r2.3.3 SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5: 417ADE957153FD0BE5F3C7C9816B276F

    JACHero r2.3.2 SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5: a05c4d8d5abccd19c416b6febe40d6d2

    JACHero r2.3.1 SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5: 28f0afcc47d7766c71ecdb71e74e332a

    JACHero r2.3 SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5: D40A33ED2B1DED9181E1EA7B0AA96CC4

    JACHero r2.2.1 SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5: 35ad30f844862fb559ffcddadd4d49d2

    JACHeror2.2.1 Fatality Merge SYM/BIND APPS2SD - MD5:87b22fc0baf6fc4138c48114388990b5

    Thanks to daproy, JesusFreke, Cyanogen, Haykuro , xDan, Sangeet.003, Twisted Umbrella, and everyone else in the android community helping out.

    If you like my work visit me at my Twitter.
    No Off-Topic Posts!!!!!! This is not a general support thread!!!!


    Ok Guys.

    I created this thread cause in the JACHero thread on at least every page everyone asks how to install it, what am I doing wrong, and why is it broken.

    So let me give you step by steps of what exactly I have done for me and others to run Hero with out a problem. I will also create a thread with step by step on how to use Ubuntu Linux Live distro to partition your card.

    Things you will need to make this work.

    Your Brain
    G1 Phone
    SD Card reader
    And the files I included in this thread.

    My phone right now is running.

    JACHero 2.3
    cyanogens recovery 1.2
    8gb class 6sd with Swapper(Swap file on ext2 sd)
    setCPU slightly overclock.


    Ever since I did my new Buttons, and the SPL I included in this write up, I have not had one problem flashing any hero rom at all on my phone, nor did I ever have problem actually running hero roms.

    So here goes.

    First before you partition your card or do anything make sure your card is at least portioned to fat32, don't worry about any other partitions yet.

    OK once you do that go ahead and take the radio zip file I am including in this thread and flash it on your phone.

    But first make sure you don't already have new radio installed which is THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. To check what radio you have, power off your phone, and power it on while holding the camera button.

    If you do have new radio you can continue on to flashing the new SPL.


    Ok this is where it might get a little tricky, and you might require a SD card reader I know I did and frankly I think this is the best way to do it and I recommend every time you do put a new update on your sd card to update your phone do it through a card reader.

    Now after you flash your SPL you might or I should say more then likely will get stuck at the T-Mobile G1 screen, this also might happen after new radio flash in the previous step. If this is the case do not freak out it's normal and your phone is not bricked, but this is why having a sd card reader is important.

    Ok so Here is what you do after you have flashed new Radio and SPL(Note:The steps on running Linux live distro and using it to partition your card is coming up). Boot up Live distro of Ubuntu, when its done booting, go ahead and go into the partitioning program while your sd card is hooked up in the computer.

    Go ahead and set up two partitions at this time. One EXT3, and of course the other one Fat32. Your ext3 partition doesn't have to be all that big. I actually have mine set up to 512.

    Once you are done creating partitions, go ahead and put the latest JACHero on the FAT32 portion and flash away (don't forget to rename to update.zip).

    At this point if you follow all of these steps there is no way possible that your phone should not boot right into the system to run the initial setup.

    These steps pretty much walk you through steps as if you were starting with a phone that has completly nothing on it.

    Also the first boot up after flashing the new ROM, might take a few mins at the HTC screen.

    Once your phone loads up and you go through the setup process go ahead and run swapper, it should be an APP that's already pre-installed.

    Once you run swapper go into the setting and change the location of your swap file from /sdcard/swapfile.swp to /system/sd/swap.swp

    Here is the reason why. The default location is your FAT32 partition. If you all of a sudden mount your phone to the computer with the swap file running on FAT32 you will corrupt your sd card, and then you will have to wipe and reinstall everything.

    If you set the location of your swap file on /system/sd/ that's actually your ext2/3 partition and never gets mounted and you never have to turn swapper off.

    Well I hope this helps some of you out. I will be writing the walk through on loading up live distro of Linux and partitioning your card sometime today.

    I have used this method on a couple different phones and it has worked each time. Also I really recommend installing cyanogens recovery 1.2, as its an excellent way of making a back up of your phone and doing future flashing.

    If there is anything anyone thinks that could be done better feel free to post in here.

    Remember different people have different ways. I have posted this way cause it has worked for me on my phone and two other phones I setup, and each time there was no hicups.

    Radio 2_22_19_26I
    Ubuntu Linux Download

    I am not responsible for anything that you might have done to your phone by following these directions. Like I mentioned before so far every time I have used this method, I have had nothing but success.

    ================================================== =============================
    ================================================== =============================
    Just double checking, to install without having the spl/apps2sd etc, will this work? - these "instructions" are for myself, and are untested. Do not confuse it with a tutorial.

    1 : Made sure phone is PVT and not DVT (booted with camera+power buttons held).

    #Flashing new radio:
    1 : Put radio update on fat32 partitioned sdcard as update.zip
    2 : boot recovery, update, let it reboot a few times.

    #Apps2sd preparation:
    1 : partition sdcard, fat32 partition 1, ext2 partition 2

    #Installing new spl + rom:
    1 : put spl on memory card as update.zip
    2 : boot recovery and install update.zip
    3 : without doing anything, take out memory card, put it in computer, replace update.zip with new rom
    4 : on phone click alt+x, if it doesn't reboot write reboot recovery
    4 : wipe + install new rom
    5 : continue from step 2 on front page.
    and to Shaquiel Harris

    so a question is asked several times it doesnt mean ppl have to be rude they can simply jus put read the post or do a search or not answer thats all