[ROM] [Jan 27 2013]MildWild CM-8.0 JG Stable

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Jul 4, 2011
center clock for MildWild CM-6.0

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Feb 9, 2010

Thanks MildWild, flashed 6.0 and working fine... Flashed ManU Kernel after flashing rom as I need to recalibrate my battery as it died after 40% :eek:!

But for anyone wondering the best way to 'upgrade' from previous version (unless it is possible to flash on top but it didn't seem that way?):

Backup apps with Titanium Backup / Go Backup
Backup launcher settings through menu
Flash 6.0 Rom
*Optional* Flash Kernel
Boot phone once
Go back into recovery to flash Holo Phone
Then simply restore your Titanium / Go Backup and then launcher settings.
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Jun 4, 2008
Thank you very much for this very very good rom. Tried, it is adopted!
Do you tell me what is Holo-phone? I didn't find something about it with google. I thinck it is Holo Launcher but I'm not sure!
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Oct 5, 2010
you do not understand something..you use a different framework-res.apk.MildWild CM-6.0 is not! compatibel with my other CM rom`s.

Your rom is great, love the speed and new phone/caller screen. Thumbs up!

Two polite questions:
- I used the alarm this morning, however I didn't see the red theme with "Dismiss"-slider (called "MotoBlur"-alarmclocktheme or similar). Should this work or do I need a desktopcharger or similar periphial?

- In several parts your ICS theme is good looking - however IMHO I just think bevels and metallic backgrounds with a hint of gradient (e.g. delete/archive/labels icons in Gmail when you select a message OR send button in messaging app) do not blend perfectly with the overall theme. Generally ICS/Jelly Bean-icons and controls are flat and single colored (e.g. "theme chooser"-theme ICS Fixer is a perfect example).So just to clarify: it is not possible to change the theme with Theme Chooser (in case I can find the apk somewhere and flash it to your rom)?
In case I want to change your theme, I would have to do it by editing framework-res.apk manually, am I right?


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Mar 3, 2011
My goodness. Your docking dude. :thumbup:

New launcher please :rolleyes:

Sent from my HTC Desire

Mildwild, apart from the list of issues mentioned in the previous threads, I also have the lockscreen issue. I mean sometimes the lockscreen vanishes without any reason and have to reboot my phone to bring it back. Mildwild can you trace this. ?

Anyone else having this problem ?

BTW the holo phone is excellent.


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Jul 24, 2008
- I used the alarm this morning, however I didn't see the red theme with "Dismiss"-slider (called "MotoBlur"-alarmclocktheme or similar). Should this work or do I need a desktopcharger or similar periphial?

Yes, I was expecting this "MotoBlur" too this morning, but just got the stock alarm... :)
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    MildWild CM-8.0 JG Stable Based on CyanogenMod7.2 and Euroskank CM7.2 by: FuZZ_ Build from the latest CM7.2 Builds http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#q,status:open,n,z
    Big Thanks to CM7 Dev Team and all who have helped me






    [U]Extras in MildWild CM-7.0 JG Stable[/U]
    *Webkit hardware acceleration
    *Some performance tweaks
    *New and better Torch
    *Bubble SMS
    *Beats Audio Engine
    *Xperia Launcher with my Mod
    *New FM
    *MOTOBLUR DeskClock Alarm
    *HostFile to block adware
    *Faster UI
    *Disable boot animation
    *Battery saving tweaks
    *720p HW PLAYBACK 
    *jelly bean transition animations
    *Full Jelly Bean Theme (my interpretation)
    *MVPS hosts file to block ads, banners, etc.
    *MIUI Camera
    *Custom Carrier Logo
    *XperiaArc Launcher 
    *Google Apps
    [U] APK`s Removed[/U]
    LiveWallpapers, Cyanbread, CMUpdateNotify, CMUpdateNotify, Protips,   etc.
    * Battery saving by reducing wifi scan interval etc
    * Better performance
    * Better battery life
    * Faster database access
    * IO performance
    * Hardware rendering 
    * Decrease dialing delay
    * improve overall touch responsiveness
    * center clock
    * improve scrolling responsiveness
    * 3G signal tweaks
    * Fix some application issues
    * Disable blackscreen issue after a call
    * hitting the volume rocker will not wake phone
    * button lights on when screen is on
    * Some RAM tweak´s
    * dalvik cache is  moved to SD 
    * supports "froyo style" apps2sd, it also supports A2SD with an EXT3 or EXT4 partition.
    * bionic: Redesign dlopen() locks to be recursive per thread
    * bionic: Prevent deadlock when using fork
    * bionic: libm: cherry-pick one patch from freebsd to fix logb() denormals issue
    * bionic: Fix wrong prototype of system call getresuid/getresgid
    * bionic: Fix wrong prototype of system call clock_nanosleep
    * bionic: Remove expired dns cache entries before removing oldest
    * bionic: Add missing va_end() to prevent stack corruptions
    * bionic: Fix integer overflows in chk_malloc(), leak_malloc(), and leak_memalign()
    * bionic: Fix NULL parameter failure in getcwd()
    * bionic: pthread: Invalidate stale stack pointers on pthread_exit()
    * bionic: Avoid multiple dns lookups for the same query
    * bionic: Add missing cache failed notification
    * bionic: Fix race condition in pthread_create()
    * bionic: Fix  to correspond to the kernel operations
    * dalvik: Basic KSM Support
    * dalvik: Don't pay for filename/line number lookup unless you need to
    * dalvik: Restore fp after calling JNI method in allstubs interpreter
    * dalvik: cleanup redundant interfaces from iftable to avoid excessive LinearAlloc use
    * dalvik: Fix a crash when doing lock profiling
    * libcore: Fix Matcher.find(int) to ignore the region.
    * libcore: Don't serialize a Throwable's stackState field
    * libcore: Avoid the implicit NaN test in {float,double}To{Int,Long}Bits
    * libcore: Include the failed key when a Hashtable put fails
    * libcore: Fix SimpleDateFormatTest.java and SimpleTimeZoneTest.java's assumption
    * libcore: Fix LocaleData.toString once and for all
    * libcore: Make Timestamp.valueOf locale safe
    * system/core: tweak for forward-compatibility
    * system/core: add strutils
    * system/core: config_mbr: Fix integer overflow
    * system/core: Fixed un-initialized variable warnings
    * system/core: Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning
    * system/core: Fixed an unused param warning
    * system/core: Allow system to modify KSM control files
    * system/core: Allow system to modify iosched control files
    * system/core: Improve exec command processing
    * cyanogen: remove the test statement
    * app2sd is enabled
    * I support no Theme chosser!
    * Many more....


    DOWNLOAD MildWild CM-8.0 JG Stable

    md5: e54d80e67c9f57652f9a2adf1531c71f


    Do a clean install


    Sony Xperia weather widget
    FlashMods for CM-8.0 (more comes)

    MildWild on Facebook



    BIG thank`s to al donors!

    MildWild CM-6.0 is on the way....inter alia with a new caller..

    Lets go !Requirement a full factory reset/wipe everything!
    thank´s @ all for report...working hard on the new version. "MildWild CM 7.0 JG Stable"
    not quite finished.at the moment, everything is going well(no bugs so far:cowboy:

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