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[ROM][JB-4.1.2] JB Mini Project | Final Release 5 | 2013-06-30

Include a script to next version for extend data partition to sdext?

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What do you mean by "it's not fully working" ? I mean the launcher. The launcher is made up of.. home screens, apps drawer.. widgets.. It's working fine.


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Jan 11, 2011
how is the performance???and facebook app work fast in rom??what about battery drain??

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Mar 6, 2012
New update is really fast and stable....:good:just had one random reboot...but over all very smooth and stable.....the Tile view in the status bar is awesome....:highfive: but i had some trouble while changing phones sound..profile.....:rolleyes:Big improvement from last update where the ROM would eat up all the RAM....:D:laugh:
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Oct 30, 2011
New update is really fast and stable....:good:just had one random reboot...but over all very smooth and stable.....the Tile view in the status bar is awesome....:highfive: but i had some trouble while changing phones sound..profile.....:rolleyes:Big improvement from last update where the ROM would eat up all the RAM....:D:laugh:
what troubles??
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Jun 10, 2012
I dont quite understand.. Where is the kernel that is needed? You said download from THIS post only. Where is the download? Sorry, imma noob.

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Woahpsss. Got it. Nvm.


Mar 1, 2013
Daveee10 first of all let me say that you have done a great job with this rom, so thanks a lot for this; then, i have found a few bugs:
- Dialer crashes in landscape mode
- landscape mode causes problems in all applications (if i return from landscape mode to the home, a lot of times the phone reboot or takes too time for come back to the home)
- in-call sound is low
- sometimes the xperia launcher laggy
If you'll fix them the rom will be really perfect.

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    Jelly Bean Mini Project | Android 4.1.2

    • This rom is part of JBMiniProject
    • Team Members: Stelios97, Daveee10, Ngoralph
    • This rom is compiled from CyanogenMod sources for Armv6
    • It working ONLY with kernel
    Use [DISCUSSION][ROM][JB-4.1.2] JB Mini Project thread for talking from this rom. This topic in X8 General section!
    Use Project Issues Tracker to report bugs!
    • Android 4.1.2
    • CyanogenMod Features
    • Power Widget Toggles on Notification Bar (Can be disabled)
    • Performance Settings
    • Fixed gray gradient background
    • Fast and Smooth like "Butter"
    • Partition info
    • Colored settings icons
    • Good Battery Life
    • Triple Buffering
    • JB Mini Extra Settings

    Install Instructions:
    1. Download rom and kernel
    2. Place rom on your sd card
    3. Flash jb kernel from this post (not other kernel)
    4. Make backup of your previous rom
    5. Make full wipe
    6. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
    7. Install the rom
    8. Reboot
    9. Wait for the rom to boot completely
    10. Reboot again
    11. Enjoy
    Working/Not Working list in second post
    Changelog in third post
    Screenshots in fourth post
    Next release features in fifth post
    DON'T mirror ROM!!!

    Please don't ask ETA!
    button or if you like and want to support this project!
    Follow us on:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    JB Mini Project, a ROM for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Final 5
    Stable Release Date: 2013-06-30

    Created 2013-11-23
    Last Updated 2013-11-23
    • Display
    • Touchscreen
    • GSM/Data
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • HW Acceleration
    • Usb (Storage and Adb)
    • Charging
    • Audio
    • Microphone
    • Vibration
    • Lockscreen
    • Hardware Keys
    • SuperUser
    • Gallery
    • Take Screenshot
    • New Adreno200 Libs
    • Terminal
    • Sensors
    • LED/Lights
    • GPS
    • Camera
    • FM Radio
    • Camcorder
    • H/W Decoder

    2013.06.30 (Final Release 5)
    -Backport QuickSettings (TileView) from CM10.1
    -Recent Apps style change not needed reboot
    -Backported new Superuser from CM10.1
    -JBMini Settings: CPU Time in States
    -All lockscreen support Weather and Calendar events
    -New (colorfull) weather icons
    -Calculator features from CM10.1
    -Backport "Show GPS status indicator on preview when 'Store location' is on" from CM10.1 camera app
    -Tabbed settings (like on Samsung Galaxy S4)
    -JBMini Theme updated (more looks like Samsung Galaxy S4)
    -Removed settings button from Expanded status bar like on Android 4.2.2
    -Reverted "Phone and SMS apps in memory all the time"
    -Dialer looks like Samsung Galaxy S4
    -Backport "Make it possible to hangup and dialback from IncallScreen" from CM10.1
    -USB Mass Storage added back
    -PlayStore updated to latest (4.1.10)

    2013.05.12 (Final Release 4)
    -Built with Linaro toolchain 4.8
    -Backported "LegacyCamer: Burst mode (up to 20 shots)" from newer Camera app
    -Backported "LegacyCamer: ISO Support" from newer Camera app
    -Google Apps updated to latest (2012-10-11)
    -Updated PlayStore to 4.0.27
    -Updated the launcher to Xperia Z launcher
    -Added Xperia S style lockscreen
    -Added Samsung Galaxy SIII style lockscreen (not support weather and calendar widget)
    -Added HTC Sense 3.0 style lockscreen (not support weather and calendar widget)
    -Added Acer CloudMobile style lockscreen (not support weather and calendar widget)
    -Added Panasonic Eluga style lockscreen
    -Added BlackBerry10 style lockscreen
    -Added CM Weather and CM Calendar panel to Slider, Rotary and Xperia S lockscreen
    -Changed haptic feedback duration on Rotary and Jelly Bean lockscreen (30ms for touch, 40ms for event) like on Slider
    -Switches in JBMini settings instead of checkboxes
    -Reworked ColorPicker dialogs in JBMini Settings
    -JBMini Settings: Recent apps (Sense 4.0 style recents is optional, RAM Bar is optional)
    -JBMini Settings: Camera shutter sound toggle
    -JBMini Settings: Natural motion answer call
    -JB Mini Project about page to JBMini settings
    -Settings: Days in uptime
    -Backported "Forwardported Blacklist from CM7.1" from CM10.1
    -Backport "Phone: Blacklist unknown numbers (Numbers what not in Contacts list)" from CM10.1
    -Backport "Allow notification expansion if multiple calls were missed or blacklisted" from CM10.1
    -Backported "SMS Blacklist" from CM10.1
    -Backport "MMS: Add the ability to select recipients from a checkbox list" from CM10.1
    -Backport "MMS: Update template activity to Google UI guidelines" from CM10.1
    -Backport "MMS: Breathing SMS notification" from AOKP JB-MR1
    -Backport "Add feature for delay send SMS, user can cancel send SMS in special duration by click the sending SMS" from CM10.1
    -Breathing Missed call notification (idea from AOKP's Breathing SMS notification)
    -MMS: Add Signature
    -MMS: Hide Avatar
    -Remove "Option to mark user-rejected calls as missed"
    -Backport "List rejected calls separately" from AOKP JB-MR1
    -Built in two-way call recorder to Phone app
    -Backport "Power connect/disconnect notification support" from CM10.1
    -DeskClock: Add digital clock widget
    -JBMini Project Dark themed SMS app
    -JBMini Project Dark themed Contacts app
    -JBMini Project Dark themed Calendar app
    -Backported some framework related fix from from CM10.1
    -Some fix from CM10.1: Fix call grouping (Contacts), Enhance performance by using ViewHolder (MMS), Removed unused IExtendedNetworkService support (Phone)
    -Phone and SMS apps in memory all the time for faster startup
    -Rework thumbnail handling
    -Reorder Recent apps a little (RAM Bar at Bottom, Kill all button at top of right corner)
    -Reworked RAM Bar in Recent apps
    -Removed lockscreen rotation support

    2013.03.18 (Final Release 3b)
    -Fixed bootloop

    2013.03.17 (Final Release 3)
    -Direct Call (Call from SMS reading and Dialer with pick up)
    -Fix PIN Lockscreen layout issue
    -Fix Lockscreen Media controls layout issue
    -Increase media volume levels (now 30 step instead of 15)
    -Add option to toggle unlock on dismissal of alarm
    -Fixed reboot to recovery option
    -Optimized flip to mute/dismiss call
    -Reworked JBMini Settings (not categorized but segmented) -> Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/BurzqgK.png
    -Fixed /sdcard and /sd-ext statistics in Partition Info
    -Fixed Navigation bar size
    -Lockscreen branding (watermark) uses Lockscreen Text color
    -Fixed in-call volume
    -Fixed system and media volume
    -Working only with kernel
    -Added expanded desktop toggle
    -Fixed FM-Radio crash
    -Fixed lockscreen carrier position on MDPI
    -Fixed Lockscreen rotation bug when using slider or rotary lockscreen style
    -Show more info in boot dialog (app name instead of Starting app x / y)
    -Optimized Direct Call code
    -Fixed Time range in Call statistics
    -Fixed bluetooth
    -FM-Radio turn on the bluetooth before start fm
    -New bootanimation
    -Removed SEMC default keyboard
    -Show connected Wifi name on notification area
    -Some little improvement and fix backport from CM10.1 (starting window memory leak, thumbnail handling)
    -SWAP settings from MiniCM
    -Undervolt support from MiniCM
    -Swap volume buttons when the screen is rotated by 90 or 180 degrees
    -Use MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) instead of UMS (USB Mass Storage) at default
    -Backport "Option to mark user-rejected calls as missed" from CM10.1
    -Backport "Make going to call log after call optional" from CM10.1

    2013.02.09 (Final Release 2)
    -Improved CameraHAL
    -Screenshot options (Delay setting and sound toggler)
    -Transparent Statusbar
    -NavBar enabler from JBMini Settings
    -Reworked back button ends call function
    -Removed Home button answers call function
    -Added Menu button answers call
    -Change mounts for JB (now usable with all Jelly Bean kernel)
    -Sense 4 style Recent apps
    -Ram usage bar in Recent apps
    -Fixed flashing screen while screen goes black
    -Fixed Barcode Scanner
    -Reworked Partition Info (Full detailed -> Used, Free, Total, Used in Percentage)
    -Ringtone Delay Fix
    -JBMini Theme
    -Changed Nova launcher to Xperia Launcher
    -More informative Battery stats (more apps and x,x% usage instead of x%)
    -SMS app Limit changed to editable int value instead of list... (you can change every value what you want)
    -SRS audio and SRS panel
    -Changed Apollo music to GoogleMusic
    -Backported Call statistics to Contacts from CM10.1
    -Backported Flip to mute/dismiss call from CM10.1

    2012.12.21 (Final Release 1a)
    -Fixed camcorder preview and video storing

    2012.12.16 (Final Release 1) - All the things fixed
    -Fixed headset routing issue
    -More improved audio volume
    -Loudspeaker microphone incall issue fixed
    -Video Playing fixed
    -Camcorder fixed
    -Youtube HQ fixed
    -Fixed HW encoder/decoder

    2012.10.29 (RC 1b) - Some fixes and little changes
    -Fixed Freezing
    -Fixed optimizing apps issue
    -Trebuchet changed with Nova
    -Added DSP Manager
    -Added SEMC default keyboard
    -Change Holo gradient to solid one
    -Added default Live Wallpapers

    2012.10.23 (RC 1) - Improved performance, fixes and new features
    -Lockscreen clock alignment in portrait mode only
    -Added stopwatch to deskclock
    -Added countdown to deskclock
    -Added OTA Update Center
    -FM Radio working good
    -Small fixes in JBMini Settings
    -Add lockscreen weather and lockscreen calendar to lockscreen text color change
    -Fixed X10 Mini Pro keyboard lights
    -Fixed Auto Brightness
    -Lockscreen branding (watermark)
    -JBMini Settings: Disable alarm icon
    -JBMini Settings: Disable bugmailer
    -JBMini Settings: Statusbar Clock weekday
    -JBMini Settings: Battery Bar
    -ScreenOff Animation
    -Added math quiz to alarm clock
    -Changed alarm toggle checkbox to switch
    -Google apps Lite included (Only google services, GoogleNow, Talk)
    -Added Raised Brightness to Brightness PowerWidget
    -Slider Lockscreen from Gingerbread
    -Rotary Lockscreen from Gingerbread
    -Updated to 4.1.2 source
    -Using LegacyCamera app instead of Stock Camera app
    -Added JPEG quality to LegacyCamera
    -Added Timer snapshot to LegacyCamera
    -No more artifacts in camera preview
    -Fixed notification blur

    2012.09.08 (Beta 2) - Lot of fixes and new features
    -Removed Rotation checkbox from acessibility because it's in display settings
    -Recovery version in Settings->About phone
    -Native Apps2SD support
    -Trebuchet launcher
    -Increased FPS (60 fps)
    -DataUsage in settings
    -Custom Carrier Label on Lockscreen
    -I/O scheduler settings in Performance settings
    -Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys
    -Bluetooth Tethering
    -Usb tethering
    -Fixed menu key in lockscreen
    -JBMini Project Wallpapers
    -Included FileManager (changed style for Jelly Bean)
    -New color icons by stelios97 in Settings app
    -A2SD settings in JBMini Settings
    -Lockscreen text color picker
    -Statusbar clock color picker
    -Screensaver support
    -Working camera
    -Disable bootaudio option in JBMini Settings

    2012.08.04 (Beta 1) - More big fix and extra features:
    -Latest CM source
    -Build with linaro
    -Deep Sleep working
    -Fully working audio
    -Working Microphone
    -Music Playback works
    -Video Playback works
    -New category for JBMini Settings and Partition info in Settings
    -Categorized JBMini Settings layout
    -Home Button answers call in JBMini Settings
    -Center clock option in JBMini Settings
    -Volume adjust sound enable/disable in JBMini Settings

    2012.07.31 (Alpha 2) - Some big fix:
    -Audio partly working
    -GSM fix
    -Data fix
    -Lights fix
    -Wifi fix
    -Added partition info
    -Color icons in settings
    -JBMini Settings:
    -Back button ends call
    -Disable bootanimation
    -Raised brightness option in JBMini Settings
    -Enable/Disable all option for Global actions in JBMini Settings
    -Faster and Smoother then previous release
    -ext2/3/4 support
    -Launcher2 changed to Xperia S launcher

    2012.07.22 (Alpha 1) - First release
    Development: [in next release]
    Fix memory calculation in Recent Ram bar
    Fix dismiss and callback function images
    Backport "Expanded desktop with status bar" from CM10.1
    Change roboto font with Android 4.3 ones

    Worknig on:
    Aroma Installer (thx to: Heronger)
    Fully reworked partition info (better looks)
    Option to show/hide RAM status in notification area
    Custom Boot animation
    Boot animation preview
    Custom vibrate
    4 tabbed slider lockscreen
    LG Optimus 4X lockscreen
    Samsung Galaxy Note lockscreen
    Honeycomb lockscreen