[ROM][JB][4.1.2] XXLT4 240 Dpi v2.7 Multi-lang, Stable Aroma Installer [Discontinued]

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Sep 25, 2011
Its OK. WE can understand that ur on Note 3 and updating the base for Note 1 would be difficult...

All the best for ur build

Eagerly awaiting the same:fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed::fingers-crossed:
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Jan 24, 2010
I waited and was so excited last sunday haha

What I'm doing needs more testing.. (uncompressed Rom)

Test are done, seems to be OK.

There is only one problem, or two...

With latest PhilZ 6.48.4 my N7000 can't boot.. (so it's 5.15.0 included)

Samsung Link causes FC after an update. (I think because of the latest play store, shouldn't be updated normally)

I'll put the changelog together soon.

v2.7 it's already in the kitchen... release date: today or tomorrow



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Jan 24, 2010

V2.6 was meant as final version, but I figured out some changes for my Note 3 to improve the smoothness and performance.

The same changes are made now in v2.7 for the Note 1.

changelog v2.7:

- apk and jar files are uncompressed
- Music Hub removed from Aroma installer
- xxlt9 kernel changed to xxlta (PhilZ touch 5.15.0)
- Forest kernels are updated to HelloWorld-Make-II v1.9.0 AM1 & HelloWorld-Make-II v1.9.0 GL2
- Following apps are moved to data/app: Dropbox, ChatOn, Flipboard, GmsCore, Gmail, Earth,
Hangouts, Maps, Google now, Youtube, Google TTS
- Latest Play store app 4.9.13 with Multi Dpi mod
- All apps updated

I recommend factory data reset from recovery before opening the Aroma installer, than Full wipe option from Aroma.

Because I didn't figured out how to install the apps to data/app folder in the native way... they are installed with a little trick.
So, sometimes Hangouts has FC after the first boot, don't worry just press OK.
(Hangouts trying to start, but isn't configured that's all)

Samsung Link: FC after an update
(The updated one tries to find an smali which one isn't included)
Maybe it will be fixed, so long turn off the update for it.

Download links are in the first post... ;)


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Jan 19, 2011
Just moved to n7100 note2 AND we are on official kitkat here.... I just miss a rom like this. Pure stock, with all apks fully funcional but on 240dpi

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Jun 18, 2013
I flashed this rom V 2.7. It really looks good. One thing to ask, contact and call log opens in dual pane. How to change it to single ? Pls help.


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Apr 14, 2012
Go to recovery, reflash the rom zip, in aroma installer select "phone ui" instead of "tablet ui" and update mode for other things.


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May 26, 2010
Hi tkari! I have a old note, which i use as a mp3/video player only. I am using slim saber at the moment, bit i am thinking of reverting to a touchwiz-rom, as i whould love to have mhl / hdmi output back working.

I minimized the preload partition to 45mb (there is a tutorial for that here in thw forum). Should i revert the preload size back to standard (512mb i think), or is it okay for your rom? Do you use the preload partition for apps?

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    Full 240 dpi builded from cronosmachine's XXLT4 stock Rom, rooted-deodexed-zipaligned.

    I made it for myself, but I share it, so others don't need to do it again.
    If anyone plans to do something like that! :laugh:

    The included apks are strongly modded! Use the Rom only on 240 Dpi. Don't change the density!
    From most app are the pngs, values, layouts for other density's removed! No 320 Dpi!

    Folder names are changed in some apk, so isn't compatible with the themes for stock Roms

    According to your needs!

    * Can be selected in the Aroma Installer.

    • AROMA Installer (you can almost fully customize your Rom)
    • JB Bootloader included (no more bootloop after power off, or removing battery)
    • Base: JZO54K N7000XXLT4
    • Modem: N7000XXLSO or N7000XXLT3 or N7000XXLT4 or N7000BOLT1 *
    • Philz kernel XXLT4-5.00.5 or Philz kernel XXLTA-5.15.0 or SpedMod K5-5
      or c.o.h HelloWorld kernel v1.3.7b or Forest HelloWorld-Make-II v1.9.0 AM1 and GL2
    • Display languages: en_GB; en_US; en_AU; en_IE; en_NZ; en_ZA; de_AT; de_CH; de_DE; fr_FR;
      fr_CH; it_IT; es_ES; es_US; nl_NL; pt_PT; pl_PL; tr_TR; ko_KR; ru_RU; bg_BG; hr_HR; cs_CZ; da_DK;
      nl_BE; et_EE; fi_FI; el_GR; hu_HU; is_IS; ga_IE; kk_KZ; lv_LV; lt_LT; mk_MK; nb_NO; pt_BR; ro_RO;
      sr_RS; sk_SK; sl_SI; sv_SE; uk_UA; uz_UZ; az_AZ; hy_AM; ka_GE; ca_ES; eu_ES; gl_ES; ar_AE;
      zh_CN; zh_HK; zh_TW; ja_JP; in_ID; vi_VN; ms_MY; th_TH; fa_FA; ar_IL; iw_IL; ur_PK;
      More info in Post #171
    • Note 2 Keyboard (Fully working)
      Auto correct not enabled
      Long press delay 200ms
      Input languages: en; az; ca; cs; da; de; et; es; eu; el; fr; gl; ka; hr; it; is; kk; lv; lt; hu; nb; nl; pl;
      pt; ru; ro; fi; sr; sk; sl; sv; tr; uk; ko; hy; bg ; ar; zh; in; vi; ms; th; fa; iw; ur;
      Handwriting support for: bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, eu, fi, fr, gl, hr, hu, id, is, it, kk, ko, lt,
      ms, nb, nl, pl, br, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sr, sv, th, tr, uk, vi, zh, ur *
      Japanese language input not supported (but it's enabled)
      Online language download and update (internet connection needed to start language support)
    • Stock Note Keyboard : Support list Included in the attachments
    • Secondary symbols can be enabled for: CA; MS; ID; CS; EN; DE; EU; ES; HR; GL; IT; LV; HU; PL;
      NL; PT; SK; RO; SR; SL; TR; TH; UR; AR; KR; ZH *
    • CSC codes for 97 countries: ABS; AFG; AFR; ALO; ARB; ARO; AUT; BGL; BRI; BTC; BTU;
      XEZ; XFA; XFC; XFE; XFV; XME; XSA; XSE; XSG; XSK; XSP; XTC; XTE; XXV * Only one can be used.
    • Phonepad layouts: en, iw, ko, ru
    • Airview enabled or disabled *
    • More battery icon ; 1% or 3% battery; blue, green, white, grey colored circle battery *
    • Ripple effect enabled
    • Ink effects (none, pink, orange, green, blue, navy, purple, brown)
      Translation added (none, pink) for all stock language "native no extra app"
    • Smart rotation
    • Call recording enabled or disabled *, ascending ringtone disabled
    • SMS hacks: displaying sent time, sms 100 recepients, SMS to MMS auto-converting increased
      Auto convert sms to mms after 6 sms; 10 recipients for mms
    • Gallery airview
    • OS Scrolling cache disabled
    • Launcher: Home shortcut labels can be removed; wallpaper scrolling and rotation can be enabled or disabled *
    • More wallpaper in wallpaper chooser *
    • Lock screen rotation or no rotation *
    • Mono audio, Turn off all sounds, Assistive Light, Negative colors Widget enabled
    • Camera shutter on/off option enabled, focus sound disabled, battery restrictions removed
    • Stock Multiwindow or semi transparent or ARYA themed or white themed *
    • 16 samples for S Note *
    • Exit menu to stock web browser *
    • Max. 7 home screen shortcuts enabled in the Launcher if the labels are hidden *
    • Max. 6 Lock screen shortcuts
    • Information Ticker fixed
    • Some S4 ringtones *
    • Update removed from settings (and the update files from Samsung)
    • Voice Wake up command to unlock with SVoice (Note 2, or S4) *
    • New Message app (added translations: German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish) *
    • PhoneUI or TabletUI. *
    • Power menu and recent apps button on the top of the notification Panel (without the MW layout buttons)
    • Xposed Framework and per app density app added *
    • ICS or JB transitions for the system *
    • Google Earth *
    • 6x2 S4 styled Accuweather Widget but looks like the stock Note widget or semi and fully transparent or
      the same in blue or S5 themed widget *
    • Polaris Office 4.0 and Viewer *
    • Resizable Popup browser (can be started from app drawer) *
    • A little power tweak: Wifi scan interval set to 18000 milliseconds (stock 0,25 Minutes),
      NTP timeout set to 20000 seconds (stock 10 Minutes)
    • Minimum back light: 10%,15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% or 40% *
    • 4 way reboot *
    • CRT Off effect in the Settings/Extra settings with toggle *
    • Skip track with the volume button can be enabled in the Settings/Extra settings with toggle *
    • Talk or Hangouts *
    • Google Play white or black *
    • Keyboard: Samsung Note or Note 2 or Swype or Swiftkey trial *
    • Launcher: TW or Nova or Apex *
    • Blue or green Notification panel toggles *
    • Lock screen Torch can be enabled or disabled *
    • Phone and message app contact pictures can be changed to S4 pictures or back *
    • Screenshot and reboot to recovery in the power menu *
    • Menu, Back, None to kill app activity *
    • S4 Icons or stock *
    • Disable or enable SMS log in call log *
    • S Note stock or S Note from Note 2 and IdeaSketch included *
    • Browser Zoom mod included: pinch to zoom or pinch to zoom and Scrolling zoom *
    • Themes can be applied and changed back to stock any time *
    • White theme in preparation, so for now white settings, multi window, job manger, file manager, or restore stock *
    • S4 Google Edition 4.3 Camera, Gallery and Video player, or Stock *
    • Viper4Android XHIFI and FX version included *
    • TabletUI can be enabled with the xposed TabletUI trigger modul *
    • White Phone, Sms, Downloads, Settings, Email, Filebrowser in white theme *
    • Speedmeter in status bar with toggle
    • GB video editor *
    • Picto TTS enabled *
    • More detailed selection in the Aroma Installer (Xposed modul, TTS language selection, etc.)
    • Setup Guide started to include in the Aroma Installer
    • Included Xposed Modules: Enable Call Recording; Long Sms; Play Store Link in App Info; Scrolling Wallpaper;
      Tablet UI trigger; XBackground; Multi Window Apps Manager; Tweakbox; Quick Setting Toggles KM edition;
      XTweakbox, VolumeSkipTrack, XButtonActions
    • Floating Multi Windows (on Phone or on TabletUI)
    • S Pen Airview On / Off toggle
    • Quick command *
    • Note 2 S Planner with fully Airview *
    • Status bar: blue, green, red, white or stock grey icons, stock battery icons are included,
      centered or stock clock position, animated or stock battery charge
    • Tone selection: minimal, default, extra (ringtones, alarm, notifications, UI sounds) *
    • S4 Boot animation or stock, S4 unlock sound or stock, or no boot sound
    • build.prop tweaks *
    • Some CSC features in Settings/Extra settings with ON/OFF toggle
    • Airplane and Allshare Cast toggle
    • Note 8 Contacts and Video player *
    • Sketch Book for Galaxy
    • Automatic call recording *
    • Hot spot icons in app drawer
    • More menu item in the settings (Airplane mode, Call/message block, Users & restrictions, USB settings)
    • Crt effect and Statusbar keyboard notification can be turned on and off from Settings/Extra Settings
    • Universal Odex app *
    • In the Messaging app all useful extra functions are enabled (restore function translated with google translate)
    • Xposed disabler *
    • Adobe FlashPlayer *
    • Auto Scroll in Statusbar quickpanel toggle disabled
    • Arman, Arya Blue, Arya Passion, Parsa, S4 theme *
    • Toggle added to Settings / Extra Settings for: Mostly for Phone UI.
    • TW Launcher
    • - Transition tilt effect
    • - Home screen looping
    • - Home screen edit menu
    • - Scrolling Wallpaper
    • TW Contacts
    • - Contacts photos
    • - Contacts list call buttons
    • TW Browser
    • - Exit prompt
    • - Edge Zoom
    • Power Menu Addons
    • - Screenshot
    • - Recovery
    • Status bar
    • - Keyboard Notification
    • - Speed Meter
    • - Transparency
    • Miscellaneous
    • - Lockscreen torch light (on locked screen with home button)
    • - Long Press to Kill Button (Menu, Back or none)
    • - Volume to skip sound track
    • - Crt off animation
    • - AOSP Lockscreen
    • Fix for transparent status bar on the lock screen included
    • Tablet TW launcher for TabletUI
    • Siganture verification disabled

    Smoothness Demo v2.1:

    Demo v1.0:

    Screenshots v2.0: Google+

    Some Screenshots from v2.3: Google+

    Known Issues:
    • Translations are not complete, because they are taken from another Rom
    • Sometimes the Aroma Installer stops working (1% off the installations ends with freeze)
    • FmRadio has no Hebrew and Japanese translation
    • In Note 2 S Note draw function with finger not working



    1. Verify MD5 checksum: MD5 Checksum Verifier
    2. Download latest XXLT4 PhilZ N7000 kernel http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1901191
    3. Flash it from stock recovery
    4. Reboot recovery
    5. Go to "Backup and Restore / Misc Nandroid Settings / Preload Partition" and set it to Include
    6. Backup your current Rom
    7. Then go to "Wipe Data/Factory Reset / Wipe Data-Cache-System-Preload"
      then choose -Yes, I will install a new ROM!
    8. "Install Zip" if you put the Rom on the SD than "Choose zip from sdcard", find it and install it
    9. Choose what do you want in the Aroma installer :laugh:
    10. If you don't like it just restore your previous Rom

    Don't use "Update mode" in the Aroma installer at first install!
    It's for future use, if you want to add more apps later!
    Marked app will be installed, but unmarked won't be deleted!

    - For Nandroid backup don't forget to set PhilZ Touch 4 "/ Backup and Restore / Misc Nandroid Settings / Preload Partition" to Include

    Thanks for:
    - raj_ch2002 for starting the 240 dpi project
    - amarullz for Aroma installer and for Aroma file manager
    - Eybee1970 for the JB bootloader
    - cronosmachine for the deodexed XXLT4 Rom
    - Phil3759 and for the PhilZ kernel
    - hardcore for the SpeedMod kernel
    - crime_of_heart for the c.o.h.'s HelloWorld kernel
    - majdinj for his mods
    - RevengeDeveloperTeam, I learned from the Angry Rom how to change the density in the apps
    - magn2o TweakWiz
    - Gyebro for PopupBrowser
    - Rovo89 and Tungstwenty for Xposed Framework , Per App Settings , Tweakbox
    - Pulser_g2 for the VillianTheme System
    - Arsaw for the Note 2 Keyboard
    - kmokhtar79 for the ARYA Theme for his help and for the amazing spoiler on the top
    - not-i for the ported Note 2 S Note and IdeaSketch
    - grgsiocl for the white themed apps
    - sibinn for Video Editor
    - lohyitchun for the fully working 4.3 camera and gallery
    - ViPER520 for Viper4Android
    - zhuhang for Viper4Android and for the IRS starter pack
    - Winterlove for white themed apps
    - maskerwsk for Scrolling Wallpaper Xposed modul
    - xperiacle for XBackground; Multi Window Apps Manager; Quick Setting Toggles (KM edition); XTweakbox
    and for his help with the floating multi windows
    - mythtrandyr for automatic call recording
    - MatrixDJ96 for the Universal Odex Script
    - Didact74 for transparent status bar ; Speed Meter ;
    - forest1971 for the Forest-HelloWorld-Make-II kernel

    Download v2.7: MEGA ; Google Drive

    MD5: b76bee6723784e1c3bd1667e5a5e56e5

    For v2.7 Factory data reset, than in Aroma installer full wipe option is recommended. "Clean install"


    240 DPI v2.7 release date: sep. 27. 2014
    • apk and jar files are uncompressed
    • Music Hub removed from Aroma installer
    • xxlt9 kernel changed to xxlta (PhilZ touch 5.15.0)
    • Forest kernels are updated to HelloWorld-Make-II v1.9.0 AM1 &
      HelloWorld-Make-II v1.9.0 GL2
    • Following apps are moved to data/app: Dropbox, ChatOn, Flipboard, GmsCore,
      Gmail, Earth, Hangouts, Maps, Google now, Youtube, Google TTS
    • Latest Play store app 4.9.13 with Multi Dpi mod (inverted store removed)
    • All apps updated
    AROMA Installer screenshots in second post.

    Happy flashing!
    AROMA Installer Menu v2.5


    Before Install look over the Aroma Installer Menu:

    Aroma Installer Screen shots

    The Aroma Installer it's made for more time use!

    So, if you want to change something, then start the Aroma Installer and do it.
    Don't wipe, clear, clean.. the updater-script makes all needed changes..

    Only the Apps aren't removable, but if I have a time, then will make the Aroma for cleaning..

    You can't use CSC changer, because the Rom has only one CSC.
    If you want to change the CSC, then select your next CSC and then make factory reset.

    If you don't like one selected extra, then change it with the Aroma (do not re install the whole Rom)
    v2.3 ready for testing

    + in v2.3:

    - GB Video editor
    - S4 Google Edition Camera and Gallery or Stock
    - Viper4Android
    - TabletUI (started)
    - White Phone, Sms, Downloads
    - Internet Speedmeter Lite
    - Sony Walkman (only the app no lib's yet)
    - Pico TTS
    - More detailed selection in the Aroma Installer
    - Setup Guide started to include in the Aroma Installer

    OP update tonight.

    Download v2.3: androidfilehost
    v2.3 in preparation

    Attention Slim fans! There is not much already to remove!


    So, build in v2.3 can be started from here:

    But without file browser or Play Store App can do nothing with it... only phone calls and messaging..

    free space in system:

    free space in preload:

    I'll make almost every single function configurable in v2.3!

    for example: Face or Signature Unlock, Wnn dictionaires, Flash annotate, Mobile Print, Face Tracking in Gallery,Mobile Tracking
    Page Buddy (apk removed but it works..??), Extra Fonts, etc...
    v2.5 changelog

    what's the changelog?

    OP updated...

    I have forgotten some, but the most important are here:

    • New themes: Arman, Arya Blue, Arya Passion, Parsa, S4
    • White Email (in white theme)
    • Detailed settings for the stock SystemUI
    • S5 themed Accuweather widget
    • HTS csc
    • xperiacle's floating window mod included (apps can be started from side launcher)
      [*] (3 window mode removed)
    • Toggle added to Settings / Extra Settings for: Mostly for Phone UI.
    • TW Launcher: Transition tilt effect, Home screen looping, Home screen edit menu, Scrolling Wallpaper
    • TW Contacts: Contacts photos, Contacts list call buttons
    • TW Browser: Exit prompt, Edge Zoom
    • Power Menu Addons: Screenshot, Recovery
    • Status bar: Keyboard Notification, Speed Meter, Transparency
    • Miscellaneous: Lockscreen torch light, Long Press to Kill Button, Volume to skip sound track, Crt off animation, AOSP Lockscreen
    • Fix for transparent status bar on the lock screen included
    • Forest-HelloWorld-Make-II v1.5.5 and v1.6.4 kernel added
    • BOLT1 Modem
    • Tablet UI or Phone UI selection in Aroma
    • (the old TabletUI possibility works only if PhoneUI selected => than can be changed with TabletUI trigger Xposed modul)
    • Included apps are up to date
    • Temperature fixed on Accuweather widget
    • updater-script fixes
    • Tablet launcher for TabletUI
    • ................

    - Full wipe and partial wipe added as Aroma options
    (Partial wipe will keep data need some feedback didn't tested it)
    - Full wipe: formats system ; preload ; data ; cache
    - Partial wipe: formats system ; preload ; cache

    - 23 toggles are removed (caused FC with external full screen apps)