[ROM] [JB] [4.1.2] [XXLT4] SingIN LT4 - Lite, No CSC, my compilation. Now online.

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    Anyone up for this?
    My try at compiling a XXLT4 ROM keeping its look as stock as possible.
    Basically this is a ROM that I have on my Note, with mods collected from all over the forum.


    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

    04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg


    08.jpg 09.jpg

    • Usual

      • No Wipe - Full Wipe Recommended.
      • Philz XXLSZ (Fast reboot working on this kernel)
      • Rooted with ChainFire's SuperSU
      • busybox included
      • deodexed, zipalligned
      • Init.d scripts
      • Misc. mods in various xmls
      • 4 way reboot
      • Lock screen shortcuts enabled
      • AirView enabled
      • Smart Rotation Enabled
      • SMS shows time sent.
      • Unlimited apps in Multiwindow
      • Camera has the option to toggle shutter sound
    • My compilation into the ROM

      • CSC data removed. Only English available. You can Install all languages from kmokhtar79's thread here
      • Keyboard has secondary (symbol) keys enabled. Long press letter keys to get the corresponding symbol keys.
      • TouchWiz Landscape mode
      • Xposed installer and Per App Settings, thank you xperiacle for graciously allowing to use it and to point out that the apps are made by rovo89 and tungstwenty
      • Tabbed Internet browser *** FC until DPI changed via Xposed Per App Settings
      • SMS/MMS delivery report request enabled by default
      • Browser in desktop mode by default
      • Browser shows the Exit button
      • New Look Playstore
      • New Message App instelled. Shows a menu to select the messaging app to create the message with.
      • S Voice from S4 Dump
      • Sony Bravia 2 Engine, thank you umbrella android, for graciously allowing to add it into the ROM
      • Call Recording with options by mythtrandyr. Still waiting for your permission to use the mod : )
      • Live video thumbnails
      • Centered clock
      • Lock and recent buttons on expanded notification. Long press lock icon to get the boot options.
      • Add-on apps

        • Adaway
        • CPU Spy
        • CSC Selector
        • ES File Manager
        • Flash Player
        • Net Monitor
        • Torch
        • USB Mode Switcher
        • Roundr ... rounded screen edges (eye candy)

    • My contribution.
      • Battery with numerical and charging icon centered within the default green vertical bar.

    Removed Apps
    • from Preload

      • AllSharePlay.apk
      • Aurora.apk
      • crayon_physics.apk
      • Gmail.apk
      • GoogleTTS.apk
      • Kobo.apk
      • Music2.apk
      • MusicPlayer.apk
      • OceanWeather.apk
      • PaperArtist.apk
      • PhotoWall.apk
      • PlusOne.apk
      • PolarisViewer.apk
      • PressReader.apk
      • ReadersHub.apk
      • Snote_Q1.apk
      • Swype.apk
      • Talk.apk
      • voice_talk_Q1.apk
      • WeatherWall.apk
      • Zinio.apk
    • from system

      • AllshareMediaServer.apk
      • AllshareService.apk
      • AnalogClockSimple.apk
      • AutomationTest_JBUP.apk
      • BasicLiveWallpapers.apk
      • Bluesea.apk
      • BluetoothTest.apk
      • Books.apk
      • ChatON_MARKET.apk
      • ChocoEUKor.apk
      • CoolEUKor.apk
      • DigitalClock.apk
      • DualClockAnalog.apk
      • DualClockDigital.apk
      • EdmVpnServices.apk
      • EnterprisePermissions.apk
      • FaceLock.apk
      • FactoryTest_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk
      • Flipboard.apk
      • FotaClient.apk
      • GroupCast.apk
      • HelpHub.apk
      • lcdtest_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk
      • LearningHub_HD.apk
      • Magazines.apk
      • MobilePrint.apk
      • MusicHub_31.apk
      • PanningTryActually.apk
      • PickUpTutorial.apk
      • RoseEUKor.apk
      • SamsungApps.apk
      • SamsungAppsUNA3.apk
      • SamsungWidget_FavoriteApp.apk
      • SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor.apk
      • SChoice.apk
      • sCloudBackupApp.apk
      • sCloudBackupProvider.apk
      • sCloudDataRelay.apk
      • sCloudDataSync.apk
      • sCloudSyncBrowser.apk
      • sCloudSyncCalendar.apk
      • sCloudSyncContacts.apk
      • sCloudSyncSNote.apk
      • SecFactoryPhoneTest.apk
      • SecNoteMyFiles.apk
      • SelfTestMode_Q1_EUR_OPEN.apk
      • SimpleAlarmClock.apk
      • SimpleFavoritesWidget.apk
      • Stk.apk
      • TrimApp_phone.apk
      • VideoHub.apk
      • Videos.apk
      • WebManual.apk
      • WlanTest.apk
      • YahoonewsDaemon.apk
      • YahoonewsWidget.apk
      • YahoostockDaemon.apk
      • YahoostockWidget.apk

    To Install:
    This is a no wipe ROM. The minimum you need to wipe is cache and dalvik.
    I would recommend a full wipe though (system, preload, cache, data)
    • Be on a safe kernel (philz, speedmod) Stock kernel, specially ICS, WILL BRICK your device. I do not think anyone has been brave enough to try wiping on JB kernel.
    • Boot into CWM recovery.
    • Perform full wipe.
    • Install zip from internal/external card.
    • Wait.
    • Reboot after the installation ends.
    • Install and enable Xposed framework.
    • Reboot to activate the framwork.
    • Install and enable Xposed Per App Settings module.
    • Reboot
    • Run Per App Settings and search for internet and change settings to 240 dpi and screen to 600*1024

    Download Link:
    • DEV HOST - MD5 b04fa5ef5b107a5edeeda94f8f209698

    Hearty thanks to:
    • ThaiDai for his tutorials for the kitchen.
    • Phil3759 for his contribution to the community with his Stock, CWM kernels.
    • majdinj for his tutorials for the various mods.
    • xperiacle for the Xposed framework.
    • rovo89 and tungstwenty for the Xposed installer and per app settings app.
    • umbrella android for allowing to use his port of the Bravia 2 engine.
    • ktmdave7 for his codes guide
    • mythtrandyr for the call recording mod. Hearty thanks for generously allowing me to use your mod.
    • Almost all ROM cooks for being a guide and inspiration... and of course, source :p

    seems nice ...

    congratulations for the work and good luck
    OP updated with download link

    Dev Host link added.
    kmokhtar79's multi language pack is multi csc as far as i know. I myself havent used it, but his post says this:
    By flashing this rom your sale code would change to UAE. So if you need to change CSC code first use CSC_Changer.apk to change your CSC to your region.

    I figured, since the apk has a really tiny foot print, and people might want to install their languages. So i have included it too.

    WARNING: Changing the CSC *WILL* do a factory reset.
    can somebody of you guys (who download the rom) exctract for me only seclauncher2.apk and upload it somewhere, please

    Sent from my GT-N7000 using xda app-developers app

    Cherry picking.... I like you man. Here you go.
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