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Aug 3, 2010
If I wipe system, do I lose all of my apps and have to re-install them?
No, wipe system DOES NOT clear your USER apps.
Read my last post just above:
[ 1. Most of your settings are stored....... ]
Line 1 applies to your USER apps also, i.e. apps installed from Play store, sideload, etc...



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Oct 16, 2012
Took the plunge and went with 4.3.1 It scored 11200 on AnTuTu compared to my 9960 in 4.2.2 so its already that much faster...I'm not sure if I like the multi-window but it may take a bit of time to get use to. Is there a way I can add rows of icons to the home screen with modifying the launcher with this ROM?


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Jul 14, 2013
Addison, TX
Took the plunge and went with 4.3.1 It scored 11200 on AnTuTu compared to my 9960 in 4.2.2 so its already that much faster...I'm not sure if I like the multi-window but it may take a bit of time to get use to. Is there a way I can add rows of icons to the home screen with modifying the launcher with this ROM?

I find Multi-Window comes in handy when I am using PlayOn to stream video to my Blu-Ray player, and I load my Blu-Ray remote app in the window right beside the PlayOn app. Having both remotes on the screen at once is very convenient.

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    KatKiss ROM - Asus TF101

    JellyBean 4.2.2​

    This rom is based onto TeamEOS4 with my own additions on top.
    We shall see where it leads to in the future, but it will most likely stay close to EOS4 for the moment as we have reached a very good and stable status in the past months of work,
    so we can build on that until the next Android version. :)

    The main motto of the rom being Kiss. Even though the Meerkat could give you a kiss, it stands for Keeps it Sweet and Simple too
    Which means that just like the other K.A.T stuff, the rom's main goal will be efficiency, speed/responsiveness,
    while cutting out some of the bloat in the future too. :)


    Please note that this version is for the TF101 model only.

    ChangeLog: The main changes are posted there and are also available in the Settings=>ControlCenter menu => ChangeLog
    Source: https://github.com/timduru (branch katkiss)
    Main Features:
    High performance KatKernel included see dedicated KatKernel thread for more info
    Compiled with the Linaro Toolchain with linaro optimizations
    Control Center: one easy location to control all the customizations.Full Dock keyboard Support with special keys
    CIFS, ext4, NTFS & Exfat support
    FSTRIM and Database optimization scripts (see post #2)
    Ethernet support with settings panel
    TabletUI, PhabletUI choice
    Battery Indicator Mods & Dock Battery support
    Support for authenticated http download
    Advanced power menu with reboot options.
    Increased Bluetooth audio quality
    Wifi with AD-HOC network connection & creation support ( requires special adhoc kernel, not included by default as it might create unstability for some)
    Custom Quick Toggles Tiles with Brightness & Volume Seekbars
    Softkeys Long-Press Actions
    Custom Navigation Bar Ring Quick Launch Targets
    Status Bar Toggles
    Separate or combined Status Bar & Navigation bar hiding for full screen.
    Clock Mods
    And more...

    Installation Notes:
    These builds are designed to be installed from your favorite recovery. MAKE SURE TO INSTALL THE LATEST COMPATIBLE ANDROID 4.2 RECOVERY!
    latest TWRP is recommended

    Going to KatKiss4.2.x from a different rom:
    • Backup everything !
    • Go to recovery
    • Make a full wipe / factory reset
    • Format /system
    • Flash the rom
    • Flash optional kernel
    • Flash gapps
    • Wipe cache/dalvik
    • Reboot

    Updating from KatKiss 4.2.x #XX to #YY:
    You can usually skip the full wipe step.
    If ever you encounter an issue make sure you make a full wipe first before reporting though.

    Thanks to the original TeamEos & Cyanogenmod for the work on their roms.
    Original banner concept by i9apps & drawing by BBF

    How to report
    What to include in the report

    Disclaimer: The usual ;)
    Use at your own risk, I won't be responsible for any damages caused to your Transformer or to yourself.
    In most cases if something breaks, flashing a rom on top should fix it.

    Meanwhile in 4.3 land ... :D
    Additional info & links

    if it is taking a long time to get a lock or no lock, follow this:

    Install the latest K.A.T app

    Then follow precisely this procedure:

    1) Location Settings
    - Go to Settings => Location => turn OFF Access to my location
    - Turn Access to my location back ON
    - Make sure you agree to let google access the location.
    Now you should have :
    - GPS satellites: checked
    - Wifi & mobile networks location: checked

    2) Launch the new K.A.T app
    - make sure you grant it root access
    - make sure you have internet access
    - go to the install menu, Check the "Install GPS quicker fix + Assistance
    - Click the Install button
    - Make sure it says "Install Finished"

    3) Reboot
    4) Wait that it has finished booting and launching all the stuff you have starting at boot
    5) Start your GPS app outside with a clear sky line, to speed things up stay in range of the wifi / internet connection.

    Do not let the gps app loose focus when it is trying to get a fix.
    Do not let your tablet sleep / turn off the screen either.

    Doing that here, the first time and with a cold gps start, and even staying in my house,
    I get a 6 sat fix within 30 seconds and 11 sat fix in 1min 15seconds.

    From there subsequent fixes takes about 3 seconds to grab 7 sats and about 10 seconds to reach the 10-11 sat fix
    (you still want to let it sit outside for a bit after the 1st fix, so that the ephemeris data gets consolidated and updated to help faster fix later on)

    Google search:
    If the version you're using is crashing when you open Google Now,
    go to Settings => Language & Input => Voice Search
    then uncheck Hotword Detection.

    Hardware keyboard layouts
    More languages have been added in the default asusec keyboard
    Set the keyboard layout through Settings => Language & Input => asusec => setup keyboard layouts
    These also allow live switching without reboot with ctrl + space

    Glass effect:
    If you want glass to work with Trebuchet, you need to deactivate the quick wallpaper rendering in Trebuchet settings though.

    Storage (fstrim) and Database optimization:
    open a terminal and run:
    Be warned that the optimize storage can take from a few minutes to hours.
    But the speed / lag will be greatly improved afterward :)

    Other Tips
    Version #215 available

    Version #215 available:

    Download: KatKiss-4.2.2_215.zip
    md5sum: 477782483338f948a2d22ca6d4c09e91
    More information: http://public.timduru.org/Android/tf101/KatKiss/
    KatKernel is not yet included in that first version, so you still need to flash it after the rom.

    This version is an hybrid between EOS4 PreviewB202 / Nightly 120 and new stuff and shouldn't have the EOS4 #121 microsd bug. :)

    Test & Report to confirm that we're back on track and then we can build up on top of that version :)

    =7/11/13 - V215=
    - Critical Security fix for Bug 8219321 (Android apk MasterKey exploit)
    - Browser: Reorg of the pie control + add Pie Feature to go to Bottom/Top of page
    - Include MediaScanner Filters by default (so you do not need to install them from the K.A.T app again after installing the rom)
    - Rom versions change
    - Deactivate GooManager versions to avoid notifications of flashing older EOS4 121
    - Default Kernel interactive threshold decrease for quicker speed boost/responsiveness.
    New version #220

    New version available:

    Download: KatKiss-4.2.2_220.zip
    md5sum: KatKiss-4.2.2_220.zip.md5

    =7/17/13 - V220=
    - Add Support for HTTP authentication download in Browser/Download Manager
    - Ethernet settings & icons support
    - Settings: Add SuperSU link + move ControlCenter up
    - Update to KatKernel 105 (TF101G boot issue)