[ROM][JB 4.2.x] *** ib-Phoenix ROM v4 ***


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Sep 10, 2011
[ROM][JB 4.2.x] *** ib-Phoenix ROM v4 ***

Here is a small, very light AOSP based ROM. Buttery smooth, very responsive and absolutely stable.

This rom based on my earlier rom - ib-Phoenix v2.

Nova Launcher included instead of stock for better looks and light weight
Rooted ROM with SuperSU
Dialer moded for 210dpi
Camera working with HD Video recording
USB OTG working
AD Blocking included and updated
Init.d Tweaks included
356mb SWAP included
Both internal & External SD Card mounted
Option to switch SIM for 3G working
Rosemary Font
New really cool cyanogenmod boot animation.
Excellent for gaming (Tested with Beach Buggy Blitz & NFSMW)
Xposed pre-installed and activated
Gesture Navigation

After flashing Xposed patch, Xposed Features
1. Gestures Navigation:
a. Right edge swipe down - turns off screen
b. Left edge swipe down - Screenshot
c. Left edge swipe up - Opens Settings
d. Right edge swipe up - Opens Whatsapp (if it is installed)
e. Two finger swipe left - go back
f. Two finger swipe right - go to home screen
g. Two finger swipe up - opens Root Explorer (if installed)
h. Two finger swipe down - opens Gallery

2. Overscroll effect in menus

3. Gravity box features:
a. Advanced reboot menu
b. lock screen ring includes camera, browser & gallery
c. Clear recent with RAM usage in recent apps
d. Extended & transparent volume bar
e. Status bar, pull down from right to open quick settings
f. Centred clock in status bar
g. Kitkat battery icon with percentage
h. Transparent status bar

Known Issues
NONE! ;):fingers-crossed:

Installation instructions

  • Please read the flashing instructions carefully and follow it exactly.
  • Download the ROM.zip and xposed.zip to your SD Card
  • Download a 4.2 Kernel of your choice
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Make a Nandroid Backup
  • Wipe Data/Factory reset
  • Install zip from SD Card -> select the ROM.zip
  • Install zip from SD Card -> select the Kernel.zip
  • Reboot
  • Once the phone boots up, enter your information in the setup wizard.
  • Turn off phone and enter the Recovery again
  • Install zip from SD Card -> select the xposed.zip
  • Go to Advanced -> Fix Permissions
  • All done, reboot and enjoy.

Kernel is NOT included! Choose any latest 4.2 Kernel

Just one more thing, fixing permission messes up the XUI MOD settings.
So please open XuiMod and select "Scrolling Mod"
Select Scroll Configuration -> Turn it off and on again
go back one page
Select Overscroll effect -> Turn it off and on again

For best smoothness, go to Developer options and set all the 3 Animations scales to 0.5x

Flash on your own responsibility. This ROM is working and tested on my phone, but if you brick your device or burn your car, I cannot be held responsible! :p

ib - Phoenix ROM v4 Dev Host Link OR DevDB Link (Complete ROM 232mb)
v4 Xposed Patch (Must be flashed after the ROM is installed)
ScreenWake&Battery Patch (Must be flashed after the ROM is installed to fix random screen wake and battery drain issue)

Addon Apps (Optional)
Samsung Phone & Contacts
Stock Roboto Font
xWidgets (Just extract to SD Card)
Dolby Digital (Thanks to @pradeepmaddy), screenshot here
Custom Icons Look (Thanks to @SMARTY BOY) Screen shots here

To Enable Developer Options GOTO Settings->Account Phone and tap on Build Number 5 times.

XDA:DevDB Information
ib-Phoenix, ROM for the Micromax A110

ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: 2014-08-30

Created 2014-08-30
Last Updated 2014-09-22



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Sep 10, 2011

1. My screen does not wake up wehn i press the power button, just the navigation lights come on but nothing else.
Ans: The issue is witha conflicting script and will arise if you are from a JB out of the box and using Bindaas bosst kernel.
To fix this you need to delete all the init.d scripts except the SWAP script, using Root explorer or ES file explorer...
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Dec 15, 2012
One word Awesome....!!!!

Its as fast as SUVI TITAN v15 ( I always had a nandriod of v15;) but from now onwards this will be my new nandriod)

Initially i experienced lags
So i was going back to SUVI TITAN v15 but before going back i thought lets experiment, so i flashed stock kernal :D:D
after flashing stock kernal i noticed that snappiness was awesome but camera and messaging didnt work.
enjoyed the snappiness for 2 hrs then again was going back to SUVI TITAN v15.....
But before going back to SUVI TITAN v15 i flashed platinum.... and woooaaahhhhh
Everything is awesome......
Thanks a lot bro:good::good::good::good::good:

I wanted a ROM in which whatsapp (10MB), Hike (10MB) and Drony (40MB) (proxy bypass for college Lan) would always work in background
SUVI TITAN v15 gave great performance but available RAM was just 70MB when all the processes were running (With greenify ON),
But this ROM is Beast it gives 160MB free even when above apps are running. Tested the ROM for almost 12hrs now

Games Tested : Virtual tennis pro, FL commando, 24, Real cricket 14........ No lags (no need of gltools)

Only thing missing from SUVI TITAN v15 is the silky smooth sound quality....(No cracking + 3D effect)
Also cant change dpi to 240:( bcoz lockscreen ring and dialer gets cropped
But no probs bcoz after experiencing the speed and snappiness this ROM cant ask for more...
Again thanks a lot...:good::good::good::good:
Tested the ROM for almost 12hrs now
off to sleep:eek:

And If anyone liked my review ...... please thank @ibshar for this awesome ROM


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Bro... First review of me...

Rom s awesome smooth ..performance s quite gud.. :)
Games and all working fine

1.battery draining very fast am using xtreme rejoice kernel in one hour battery drained (91%-62%)

2.automatically screen wakes ..
3.xwidget s super but eating 40 mb of ram I used grennify for that

Apart from this ROM s quite gud bro
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Apr 24, 2013
amazing rom brother.
I play respawnables which is lag free. i like your work.
gesture is annoying while playing game so i just disabled it.
one annoying thing is after screen goes off i am unable to on it. so i have to remove my battery. plz tell me how can i solve it ?
now i fed up. i have already remove my battery more than 10 times. i am using bindassbost kernel and only pocket detect is on, all other options are off. please help me wt to do.
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Nov 1, 2012
Thanks guys, feels good to be back..

The widget is xWdget.
Hi bro.... ROM awesome...
No lags...
I am not gamer, so I didn't check with games...
From morning I am using its good ui, battery backup too, especially the widget bro... Awesome... I liked it...
Then how to set the weather widget on lock screen bro please tell me the settings bro...
Totally after long time, this is my Permanent ROM...
Even 3g connectivity speed also good... I loved it...
So please help me with that bro...
Then, tethering and portable hotspot is not working correctly bro... I don't know, I think I don't know to use... So please check it n if it working good please tell me the steps...
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Sep 10, 2011
Thanks for all the review guys... I will try to answer some of your problems.
@pradeepmaddy: Try re-calibrating your batter once, It should not drain so fast. Perhaps the phone is not showing the correct percentage due to which it is showing it like that, try restarting the phone and see the difference in battery level.
@ashish_zarekar: You can configure the gesture navigation app to disable for specific applications specially games. About the wake up problem, I think it might be related to kernel, try some other version and check.
@manjunath1958: To set the lock screen widget, just wake up phone, then without unlocking swipe left to right form left edge. Then you will get an add button there, just add the xwidget from there. And then you can remove the other lock screen by long pressing and deleting it. Tethering and hotspot should work fine, enable it form Settings->More->Tethering & Portable hotspot.
@SMARTY BOY: Thanks for the add-on, I will add to op.
@Kapil Gureja: I have uploaded a few xwidgets that I use, you can download this the zip file. This is not flashable, just copy and extract to your SD Card.


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Jun 18, 2013
Back with bang

I flashed the ROM in afternoon
Everything is working lots of customization is also
There really cool like list view animations from xui
Geatures and all that
Using with platinum
Thanx bro for masterpiece rom