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Aug 24, 2012
Hello friends,

Thanks for this awesome ROM! It has become my daily driver on my Gio.

However, I encounter two small issues and I am wondering if anyone of you knows a solution to them.

1. Wifi

The Wifi sleep mode does not work properly. Sometimes it does not wake up from sleep mode. However, deactivating sleep mode causes severe battery drainage.

2. Lock screen resize issue

I use a PIN to unlock my lockscreen. However, due to the clock widget, there is not sufficient space for the keyboard to enter the PIN. The keys flow into each other. Is there a solution to either remove the clock widget form the lock screen or to resize the keyboard used for unlocking the screen?

Thank you very much for your replies and your hard work! :)


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Mar 5, 2008
U can try my modded cm10.1 which based on androidarmv6 sources + cve fixes. lockscreen pin unlock should be fixed there.

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    Original Androidarmv6 CM-10.1

    Android 4.2.2 brought to you by Androidarmv6 team

    Download nightlies from our buildserver!!
    Updated every two days, allways synced with latest CM + androidarmv6 sources.

    Changelogs: Follow our reviewsite! Changes in nightlies you can find in merged!

    All roms are tested upon release. But you can allways bump into problems!
    Feel free to report any problems here. But only report with logcat, else I cannot help you.
    An old saying on XDA is: "no logcat, no problem!"

    CM-10.1: How to install the extra packages in extradir in zip

    Older releases:

    CM-9: http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=22897186102575346
    md5: 0c5da398dc7bf95151a02dc0e4e7f5d8

    md5: 3441b3cf5913a75b9105032682795c69

    md5: f6563b1adddc836bf8fe0a8c346c0750



    Known issues:
    • Pin lockscreen layout corrupt
    • Audiorouting
    • Batterystats

    Everything else working.

    Who is androidarmv6, in other words: Whose thanks button should you hit?
    In complete random order:

    • adfad666
    • androidmeda
    • antdking
    • bieltv3
    • BytecodeX
    • Daveee10
    • Dazzozo
    • DJNoXD
    • erikcas
    • Gulbir101
    • OliverG96
    • psyke83
    • RainStocks
    • Rashed97
    • RonGokhale
    • stelios97
    • TheWhisp
    • tilal6991
    • WaylandAce
    • sellers86
    • arjen75
    • lupohirpize
    • Piso94
    • Motafoca
    • rohan007
    • lagloose
    • hrk
    • nobodyAtall
    • Ganster41



    • systemUI FC fixed (AOKP)
    • kernelfix for BT tethering (Thanx for suggestion to my old pal TheWhisp)
    • various changes from AOKP (AOKP release)
    • various changes from CM (CM release)
    • Added exhange and email
    • CM: Added Apollo and DSP Manager

    • implemented FM support, still wip, NOT(!) operational yet.
    • new kernel. Still 2.6.35, but based on stock Samsung sources source here
    • Fixed battery stats
    • Improved memory management (Reintroduced. Based on an idea from Lagloose in Jellaxy. Testing stage)
    • Some extra ringtones
    • Latest CM sources

    02-04-2013 CM-9
    • Initial release
    • Known "bug" double gallery. Will fix that later, I am lazy for now

    • Fixed ringtone loop
    • Fixed CRT animation

    • Upgraded to 4.2.2 by CM
    • some kernel enhancements

    • yesterday my son Luuk was born (most important change!)
    • GPS Fix (Wayland Ace)
    • Re-organized vendor samsung, added device specific files (psyke83)
    • Disabled Triple FrameBuffer and some other kernelchanges (optimize memory)
    • CM Changes
    • Wifi allways on in sleep (reconnecting problems)
    • Applications added: Google Talk, chrome bookmarks sync, Setup wizard
    • OMX libs fixed: Youtube controls bug fixed, camera crash fixed, camcoder works in HW mode
    • BLN enabled by default
    • Might have forgotten some things been very busy past two days :)


    • more resizing work (still work in progress!)
    • camera improved (panorama works)
    • data usage border fix
    • kernelfix for spontanious reboots on certain occasions
    • CM updates / improvements


    Please full wipe because of systemwide resizing!!

    • changed dl link for bandwith reasons
    • boot issue from 06.01.2013 (confirmed)
    • fixed overscroll
    • fixed clock on lockscreen


    I tried to solve some ldpi overlay size issues. As I cannot test, please let me know if I screwed up, or what was solved and what still needs to be solved. Thanx in advance!

    • Applications added: Google Talk, chrome bookmarks sync, Setup wizard
    • OMX libs fixed: Youtube controls bug fixed, camera crash fixed, camcoder works in HW mode
    • Source based liblight with BLN support, BLN enabled by default
    • Superuser settings crash fixed
    • Added lagloose's force repeat ringtone hack
    • Other fixes
    • Latest CM and androidarmv6 sources
    • Minor kernel bug

    Technical changelog: http://cas-online.nl:8181/#/q/status:merged,n,z

    Changes //WIP: http://cas-online.nl:8181/#/q/status:open,n,z

    (you will notice, that multiple (brands) devices reside in this project. Filter for samsung)
    Waiting for erikcas!!! :DD

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    Me too! :)

    Back home, have to catch up some things. I saw TheWhisp has done some good updates. As a matter of fact, just compiled a cm10 with some kernel mods (2.36.7) and working oke, except for deepsleep. Have to fix some more little, gio specific things.

    I also saw that lagloose is using a different camerahal for cooper now from Arco (on Github) which meet an idea that I came to me when enjoying the sun with a good San Miquel in my right hand (yup, the best ideas come when you leave your IT gear @ home and you just take a pen and a paper)

    Expect new release(s) latest upcoming weekend. Maybe sooner (AOKP build4)
    Error 404 when try download with opera mobile :(

    Fixed :)
    CM10 fixed HQ and camcorder.
    Will try to release tonight but have a very long working day ahead so might be tomorrow

    Currently testing :cool:

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    Please post all relevant issues here. I will try to fix, but keep in mind this is a hobby for me, not a job :p