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Do you want to have Xperia S lockscreen included in releases after Jelly Sandwich 2.0

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You don't believe, huh? Ask Patambiz - he knows SOMETHING about that.

Can you deodexed this rom





Can you deodexed this rom


Its already dedoxed

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Feb 25, 2011
hi i have mk16i device i flashed stock ics central europe and got root and cwm, then flashed jelly sandwich through cwm following exactly the steps,. and i get stuck on sony bootscreen and doesnt read connection to pc,. tryed to flash just 8.0 tryed to update all files till 8.5 tryed data and cashe wipe before flashing all with same outcome


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Sep 8, 2012
hi i have mk16i device i flashed stock ics central europe and got root and cwm, then flashed jelly sandwich through cwm following exactly the steps,. and i get stuck on sony bootscreen and doesnt read connection to pc,. tryed to flash just 8.0 tryed to update all files till 8.5 tryed data and cashe wipe before flashing all with same outcome

Try another rom, developer doesn't support this rom anymore
Search miui 5, darkrom 10.1, UHD Xepria 4.0,....

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Jan 23, 2011
New Delhi
While flashing device not booting ARC S

Hi guys

Im new to this rom while flashing my device didnt boot it stuck on kernel logo im on lupus kernel v16, i have followed the same guide first i have flashed the stock ics rom FOR Arc s then i have flashed the kernel wipe cach fix permissions and flashed the 8.0 rom zip tried it many times but no success please help how i can use this rom thanks


Yes. There's no update. It's useless

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As if you update your rom daily.. <sarcasm> Common mate. If theres no update that doesnt mean its useless thing. :/ and this rom has everything almost included. What else do you expect in update?

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    You don't believe, huh? Ask Patambiz - he knows SOMETHING about that.

    For all OTA updators

    You mustn't update your ROM from 7.x to 8.x, also from (example) 8.0 to 8.2. You must firstly flash 8.1 and then 8.2. The same with 7.x: 7.x ---> 8.0 ---> 8.1 OTA ---> 8.2 OTA.

    You can update via OTA Updater app only when your current version of ROM is only x.1 older. Example: you cannot update via OTA app when you are on 8.0 and the latest version of ROM is 8.2.

    Only those OTA updating methods are proper and guarantee perfect ROM working.

    Getting MD5 error in OTA Updater app? Try again by tapping on "updates"!

    Updates for example from 8.x to brand new 9.0 probably won't be available via OTA due to big changes including AROMA and other huge stuff.

    What's new?


    8.5 OTA(01-12-2012)

    HDMI fix
    TV Launcher

    8.4 OTA(30-11-2012)

    Changed Android Version in build.prop
    Ro.product.model fix (arc/S)
    Google Talk Fix
    Xperia Tablet S Keyboard optional update

    8.3 OTA(29-11-2012)

    New graphics engine
    Modded Bravia 2

    8.2 OTA(16-11-2012)

    GPU Rendering
    I/O improvement
    EXT 4 advanced tweaks
    Music Visualizer fix
    Bluetooth problem fix

    8.1 OTA(11-11-2012)

    OTA Updater app in /system/app
    Google Store updated to JB
    Google Core pre-installed
    Removed garbage scripts


    Jello Cybershot Camera
    Modded Framework
    Modded launcher
    New AROMA
    New tweaks


    One X tweaks
    Updated OTA Updater app
    Modded JB Adreno drivers (arc/s and Ray)
    Busybox fixed and updated
    New stuff in xbin
    Reverted to old bootanimation due to size (waiting for reduced one from sl1kz)
    AROMA fixes
    AROMA new theme
    New AROMA stuff
    New init.d tweaks OTA - arc S only(26-10-2012)

    Build.prop fix - ROM name in settings


    Jelly Sandwich 7.3 Weekly
    Re-built ROM
    Reverted to MooDeD Holo Camera
    New AROMA stuff
    All bugs fixed
    Locked bootloader bootloop fix - look at new instructions
    New bootanimation
    New tweaks
    Fixed OTA
    New statusbars
    New launchers
    Modded JB drivers (arc/S)
    Lockscreen choice


    Fixed Cybershot for all devices
    Fixed Neo L boot issue
    Some apps in /data/app
    Google Store issue fix
    USB mass storage fix
    Removed some Sony apps


    Fixed OTA
    Neo L supported
    Trimmed ---> 270MB
    AROMA fixes
    NXT FB Inside in AROMA
    Brand new engine - new services RC1
    Cyber-Shot Camera MOD
    New Album app
    New Movies app
    New DLNA app

    7.1 FRIDAY SWAG EDITION(12-10-2012)

    AROMA fixes
    System fixes
    New services.jar - 3.3 engine
    Re-draws fix
    Speed fix
    New init.d tweaks
    New Xperia T bootanimation
    Deleted blotware from system/etc/produce


    Official release for all 2011 HDPI devices - no more ports
    Fixed OTA Updater app
    New Tweaks
    Device choise on aroma - arc/arc S/Neo/Neo V/Pro/Ray
    Trimmed ----> about 290MB
    Re-Supercharged services
    Latest V6 Supercharger script

    6.3(??-10-2012) - ommited

    OTA Updater app fix
    V6 Supercharge latest script running by default
    Best and most efficient configuration of init.d tweaks
    Unique Jelly Sandwich Wallpapers
    AC!D Audio Engine (?)
    Xperia T optimized apps
    Re-Supercharged Services.jar patched with latest V6 mods


    OTA Updater app
    Nvidia Tegra 3 tweaks
    Android Revolution HD tweaks
    New stuff in AROMA
    AROMA fixes
    Root strange behavior fix


    AROMA fixes
    New Tweaks
    Speed fix
    AROMA customization extended
    JB system animations

    6.0 STABLE(22-09-2012)

    AROMA fixes - everything works 100% well
    V6 Supercharged 100% services.jar
    More free RAM
    SU binary updated to 3.2 RC3
    AROMA customization options extended

    6.0 RC2(21-09-2012)

    Release Candicate 2
    Still known bug: acore process fix after uninstalling apps (will be fixed in 6.0 stable)
    Big AROMA change
    AROMA fixes

    ]6.0 RC1(19-09-2012)

    Release Candicate 1
    Re-built from beggining - 6.0 is completely new ROM

    5.0 (11-09-2012)

    AROMA Installer - script created by Mr Tapa and Sevoir, thanks!
    New base - 4.1.B.0.587
    Stable like never before
    Faster than ever
    Jelly Bean font
    New Settings app
    Acore process FC after uninstalling apps fixed
    Walkman ClearBass
    And much, much more... (too much to list everything there :D)

    4.6 - ommited

    Speed improvement
    New tweaks
    Loopy smoothness
    Swaper app (part of RAM on SD) - thanks, Patambiz!

    4.5 (09-09-2012)

    Reboot option in power menu - fixed and working
    Classic Google Store
    MooDeD Holo Camera 3.0
    Walkman v6
    New offline charging animation
    Walkman equalizer

    4.4 (07-09-2012)

    .587 SEMC Phone app - users wanted this
    .587 SEMC Contacts app - users wanted this
    Reboot option - removed due to incompatibilities. Will be restored after rebase to .587
    Minor fixes

    4.3 (06-09-2012)

    New Xperia GX Launcher
    New Xperia GX status bar with visible clock and more Jelly Bean look
    Reboot option in power menu
    Xperia GX DLNA app
    Xperia GX Calendar app
    Xperia GX Album app
    "Black - Blue" Google Store app
    Increased smoothness
    30 steps volume

    4.2 (05-09-2012)

    Apex instead of Holo HD
    4.0's Heart - super performance from 4.0
    Root fixed

    4.1 (03-09-2012)

    BIG speed improvement - as fast as Gingerbread
    Smoothness improved - Project Butter feeling
    Beautiful Xperia GX Jelly Bean status bar (transparent) - thanks, ThinillaC
    Live Wallpapers resored
    Photos quality improved
    Screen responsivity improved
    Root bug fixed 100% - you don't have to fix permissions after flashing ROM
    Busybox updated
    Functionality added: data/app
    Dalvik cache moved to SD
    Zipalligned apps to increase free RAM
    Apps2SD - apps will install directly on SD card
    A lot of new build.prop tweaks
    Bunch of init.d tweaks
    AOSP battery mod
    AOSP icons on status bar
    Xperia arc S LT18i and arc LT15i releases

    4.0.1 (02-09-2012)

    Holo Launcher HD fix

    4.0 (01-09-2012)

    Jelly Bean status bar - thanks, ThillinaC!
    Sony E-Mail app
    Update in zip - no need to flash whole ROM :)
    Holo Launcher HD - use for full Jelly Bean Xperience and more free RAM (if you don't like it, remove with Root Explorer or whatever)
    Weather Xperia S widgets
    Clock Xperia S widgets
    On/Off Xperia S widgets (tools)
    New SystemUI
    Beautiful, new and unique boot animation created by @Peanutheng - big thanks to him!
    Minor speed improvement
    Smoothness improvement -------> use Holo Launcher (included in ROM) for visible changes
    Build.prop tweaks
    To increase free RAM use Advanced Task Killer - it matches Jelly Sandwich 4.0 perfectly

    3.3 (23-08-2012)

    Root bug fix
    Contacts bug fix
    New, epic Camera app
    New toggles
    New battery mod
    Stable SuperUser app instead of SuperSU
    99,9 stable and [~xDevilCharged~]

    3.2b - ommited

    Root bug fix

    3.2a (22-08-2012)

    ROM in flashable ZIP

    3.2 (21-08-2012)

    Major bugs fixed
    WiFi works on stock kernel!
    Flashable system.img
    New status bar toggles
    New battery mod
    Sony Setup Wizard for easier phone configuration
    Sony Xperia ICS Keyboard
    No Xperia S Lockscreen (will be included in next releases)
    Lighter UI
    Faster UI
    New, beautiful boot animation
    More space in system/app
    More space in system/media

    3.0 (20-08-2012)

    More aggresive and powerful tweaks
    Stripped Xperia S Launcher
    Latest SuperSU instead of Superuser app
    Lighter Xperia S Launcher
    Jelly Bean Keyboard - go to settings if it hasn't turned on automatically
    Latest Jelly Bean Google Play Store
    More bloatware removed
    Fixed Bravia Engine bug
    No-Frills CPU app in system/app for overclocking
    Xperia S Lockscreen with shortcuts - Thanks, Aeon!
    New Settings app
    Still based on 4.1.B.0.431 due to .578 and V6 incompatibilities
    More free RAM
    Faster than ever
    Mirrors for ROM - not on Google Drive
    Reboot option in turning-off menu
    Stock "Recent" task manager from ICS - Sense 4.0 style drains too much RAM
    Software UI rendering for higher smoothness

    2.0[/U] - ommited due to .587 and V6 incompatibilities

    1.5 (18-08-2012)

    Titanium Backup flashable update.zip Add-On
    Root Browser flashable update.zip Add-On
    Stock ICS Gallery .apk re-added due to incompatibilities with Xperia S Album.apk
    Minor fixes
    Xperia S Lockscreen - thanks, Aeon!
    More space in /system
    Jelly Bean Browser

    1.0 (16-08-2012)

    Installing method-CWM backup restoring
    Sony ICS 4.1.B.0.431 - based (planning rebase to .587)
    Busybox installed
    Superuser.apk installed
    RAM tweaks
    3G tweaks
    WiFi tweak
    Walkman music player
    Tethering tweak
    Internet speed tweak
    WiFi range tweak
    Xperia S apps
    Xperia S widgets
    Xperia S look
    Xperia S keyboard
    Google Play Store - Jelly Bean
    Google Ears - Jelly Bean
    V6 Supercharged
    Arc Knight Kernel RC_3.5.1 WiFi Modules Included
    Project Butter tweaks - XSmoothness
    Self-made perfomance tweaks (EXPERIMENTAL!)
    Battery drain tweaks
    Status bar toggles
    App for toggles customization
    Stock Sony ICS lockscreen
    MooDeD Camera 2.0 - Thanks, Jader13254! You're awesome! (error with downloading 2.3)
    Battery Mod
    SD Card Speed tweaks
    Zippaligning tweak
    UI tweak
    Perfomance tweak
    Heavy Scrolling tweak
    UI Super Smoothness tweak
    Bravia Mobile Engine
    A lot of build.prop tweaks
    Kernel tweaks
    Live Wallpapers tweaks
    Android Priority tweaks
    HTC Sense 4.0 task manager
    Removed crappy ringtones/notification sounds/alarm sounds
    No stock ICS gallery.apk - no need, there is S's "Album" and "Videos"! :)
    No crappy Setup Wizard
    PentaFast Boot tweak
    XFast wake from deep sleep tweak
    "Recent apps" from Gingerbread - launched from status bar
    3D Camera
    HDMI - working!
    USB-OTG support
    GPS tweak
    Sony's awesome DLNA app
    Xperia S Callendar
    Xperia S Contacts
    Xperia S Messages
    Xperia S Clock
    Xperia S Dialer
    Launcher Auto-Rotation - defaultly disabled
    Xperia S TV Launcher

    8.5 Version OTA Update - Goo.im

    8.4 Version OTA Update - Goo.im

    8.3 Version OTA Update - Goo.im

    8.2 Version OTA Update - Goo.im

    8.1 Version OTA Update - Goo.im

    8.0 Version - Dev Host

    8.0 Version Mirror - Goo.im

    8.0 CWM Backup - arc/S


    Old releases


    Old OTAs

    What do I need to install Jelly Sandwich


    -One of the supported devices
    -Locked or unlocked bootloader
    -Clockworkmod Recovery (the only one which we have on Xperia's :D)
    -SD Card
    -Stock ROM
    -Thinking brain

    How-To install Jelly Sandwich


    1. Download ROM and place it on SD
    2. Flash latest stock ROM using Flashtool (first time flashing only)
    3. Go to CWM (if you don't have it, use X-Parts or flash custom kernel)
    4. Clean cache.
    5. Fix permissions.
    6. Start ROM zip with AROMA
    7. Choose "wipe data and cache"
    8. When the installation ends don't reboot
    9. Clean cache
    10. Fix permissions
    11. Reboot

    Click "thanks" and optionally donate to me, as I was working on Jelly Sandwich 8.0 really a lot to make it perfect for you! I also made all the thread's graphics decoration.


    ROM rules

    1. No spamming in thread
    2. Installing the ROM equals accepting the terms and conditions in AROMA Installer
    3. No asking for ETA
    4. You mirror my ROM - I report you
    5. Try not to send PMs with questions which you can post in the thread
    6. Before asking a noob question, read the thread
    7. No questions like "How to install this ROM" - don't push me to become banned because of explaining how moronic moron you are.

    Mr Tapa
    Dev Host
    PayPal (LOL)
    All donators
    Apktool creators

    Looks nice, please post more info about the ROM

    Great! changelog plz..

    I am currently writing the changelog! :):):)
    This is the Chaos new rom with some things that you have included, but this rom have a good look!!
    Good job!! But please dont copy!!

    Sent from my LT18i using xda app-developers app

    No! Of course it's not based on Chaos's ROM! I hadn't even thought before cooking Jelly Sandwich about basing it on Chaos's ROM! THIS IS NOT A GOD DAMNED COPY!

    Anyway, thanks for "...this rom has a good look"... ;)