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Mar 26, 2011

Android Ice Cold Project​

AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!!

Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CM when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features.

If there are any bugs, either we will sort them or CM team if it concerns their modifications. This rom isn't CM supported so no need to report errors or bugs to them!!

In the beginning we would like to thank:
  • CM team and esp @invisiblek for hes patience :good:
  • maxwen
  • SlimBean rom team
  • CarbonRom team
  • LiquidSmooth rom team
  • Omni rom team
  • DU team
  • Community

  • @LorD ClockaN
  • @zipsnet
  • @n3ocort3x
  • @semdoc
  • @eyosen
  • @alienmind
  • @Chezbel
  • @Drgravy
  • @eboye

We are now paying for servers that build nightlies and everything that comes with it, so EVERY DONATION will really be appreciated and be used to cover those expenses.
Thank you!!

Latest Stable Release Version 8

Download link: goo.gl/mIgmYG

Full Changelog link: goo.gl/mIgmYG

  • Don't disable Heads-Up. You wont be able to answer phone calls otherwise.
  • You tell... :p

ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy Lollipop. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, gapps, flash it, and go!
You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.

How to flash:

Special Thanx to @ISF for Flash Tutorial and Review :good::good:

How To Flash Tutorial + Overview of AICP 8.0 @60fps! Enjoy!​

YES. Starting with June 14th, 2017, AICP is going to build rootless builds.
This change will happen during a short period of time.
I could explain the decision for that,
but that would not be understandable for all users, so i put it this way...
Going rootless means that the ROM will NOT come with any Root or SU built in anymore.
There will be no Magisk - as a buildin root solution - be provided when the user flashes the ROM zip file.
What you will have to do (If you don't do it by now):
You will have to flash a root solution of your choice (lineage-su addon, SuperSU or Magisk) by yourself after the ROM.
I will link the appropriate solutions here in this post.

First flash the ROM, then your desired root solution!
This MUST also be done on every dirty flash to ensure root is not lost!
This MUST be done, when using the OTA app too! Just add the "root" zipfile after the ROM!
What will be noticeable to the user:
1. We had to cut out some features for getting this done. Those are:
a. The SELinux switch in the dev options is gone for now.
This can also be done by other apps, if necessary.
b. The feature to flash another bootanimation from AICP Extras is gone.
You can still use a flashable ZIP from TWRP or Substratum.
c. The builtin logcat feature in AICP Extras will be gone.
Most users did not use it either as it only can store max. 400KB.
We already advised to use Catlog or Syslog Apps (both free on Play store).
Remember that both need root!
d. The builtin "System app remover" will be gone, as it required root to run.
2. You will, of course, not see Magisk Manager in the app folder, of course.
3. Remember that without a root solution some other apps e.g. Kernel Audiutor will also not work.
Whatever you choose. Lineage SU options are in dev options in settings. The others use separate Apps.
Links to tested root solutions (download from the thread):
Magisk (remember that v12 need the Manager to be flashed separately. v13 will have it buildin the flashable ZIP:
Magisk 13.0 beta
SuperSU (Use whatever works for you, stable or beta):
SuperSU XDA Thread
Lineage SU-addon (check your needed version 14.1 arm or arm64!):
LineageOS Addon Su
-> the removal zip is available here too.

  • Don't do it if you don't know it
  • ROM has gapps persistance in between dirty flashes

Kernel in this ROM follows LineageOS source with no custom additions.

To be able to flash over OTA app, TWRP recovery is needed.

Check here for latest F2FS compatible recovery by @invisiblek: http://www.invisiblek.org/twrp/

You can still use CWM and OTA app, but only to download zip file and flash it manually from within recovery. Zip gets saved under AICP_ota folder on your internal SDcard.

If you want to contribute to the AICP or wanna see what is being worked on/merge feel free to visit our gerrit, link is at the bottom!!!

IceColdJelly AICP G+ community

kernel github
rom gerrit

You want to see a normal night at the DEV office, click here!!

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] [ jfltexx ] AICP - 12.1 - N 7.1.2_rXx | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S4

semdoc, eyosen, Lord CloCkaN, zşpsnet
Source Code: http://dwnld.aicp-rom.com/?device=jfltexx

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Nightly
Current Stable Version: 11.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-01-01

Created 2015-02-10
Last Updated 2017-06-17



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Mar 26, 2011

How to Convert your Ext SD Card into Semi Portable Storage?

I have converted my ext sdcard into semi portable storage as you can see above.

Benifits (8gb adopted storage+21Gb Portable Storage) out of 32GB ext sdcard Class 10

1. i have 8GB (internal)+ 8GB(external) now for apps to move around
2. i can still remove the sdcard and transfer files directly to the sdcard 2nd partition of 21GB from PC

i followed the following guide by Sam Liddicott here is the link.

if ADB commands dont work from pc . try mounting all partitions from TWRP recovery that worked for me

i am on the latest build of this rom

10.0 Stable Features:
  • Sources updated to 5.1.1_r6
  • SlimPIE
  • Slim Recents
  • Floating Windows
  • Breathing notifications
  • Dynamic tiles
  • Music tile
  • Return of Silent mode
  • Force Expanded Notifications
  • Signal cluster updates
  • Statusbarheader items: CAF TaskManager, HeadsUp, PowerMenu
  • RestartSystemUI to dev settings, as Tile, as part of Reboot menu
  • Ambient Display brightness setting
  • Call recording format
  • Notification Ticker is back
  • App Sidebar
  • Over Scroll Effects
  • Snooze option to HEADSUP
  • Torch to PowerMenu
  • TaskManager, HeadsUp and PowerMenu on Notification Drawer
  • Notification Ticker
  • AICP_OTA fixes and improvements
  • Smart Mute. Flip phone to mute
  • Smart Call
  • Proximity Speaker. Speakerphone starts automatically whey you remove phone away from your ear.
  • Clear All Icon color added to Custom Colors
  • Battery Light: 100% Charged Level
  • Gesture Lockscreen
  • Reorder items under Notification Drawer settings
  • Storage notification enhancements. Now we have Mount/Unmount in statusbar.
  • Battery saver color selection is back
  • Linked volume implementation changed
  • Membar added to recents options
  • LS Shortcuts increased from 5 to 7
  • InCallUI fixes and enhancements
  • Whole bunch of fixes and enhancements for all included packages

  • Selinux Switch

8.0 Stable Features:
  • Almost all CM features
  • Proximity Call
  • Screenrecord
  • Add blocker
  • Notification FC Disabler
  • LCD Changer (persistent)
  • Gesture Anywhere
  • Recents Panel Settings
  • Omniswitch
  • App Circle Bar
  • Network Traffic on statusbar
  • Show CPU Info
  • Boot animation changer
  • CM Theme Engine
  • Slim Launcher
  • Slim's Heads Up, with the ability to disable
  • QS Sync Tile
  • QS Screenshot Tile
  • QS Screenrecord Tile
  • QS Quick and Smart pull down
  • QS WiFi Detailed Tile View
  • QS Location Tile - Enable Advanced Settings

Feel free to flash any GAPPS package.. Personally I'm using the package bt David Hacker: http://d-h.st/dGPA.
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Mar 26, 2011

IF you have issues with GPS Lock:

Try this:

In 4.4.4 rom get gps lock with gpstest
When you have the 3d lock take battery out and wait at least 10 sec
Put battery in and boot to recovery
Make full wipe and instal aicp

For me it worked always

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Dec 20, 2007
Nice rom, lots of useful options.

Only 2 features I'm missing:
- longpress back key to kill current app
- disable buttons light when touching the screen. They should light up only when you touch the buttons, not the screen.


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Dec 12, 2014
Slim launcher , my favourite :good:
Guys is the notifications counter working ?
The rom looks awesome ;)
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