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[ROM][July 28]RunnyDrOiD v6.0 By PVTEAM |Ultrafast & Smooth|2.3.5| Sense 3.5|Tweaks

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Steven How

Senior Member
Apr 14, 2011
I flash the v5..but in 4ext,it come out as runnydroid 4.0 any idea??
In setting about phone is runnydroid 5.0...
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Steven How

Senior Member
Apr 14, 2011
I flash the andrev oc,and the andrev wast working...I'm using oc beater..when I set 245-12240mhz in oc beater..but I only see I'm still running 245-1075mhz in system panel and the screen off profile wast working at all,I set sleep to 122-468mhz..and I check with CPU spy it didn't show 122 as my lowest..it show 245mhz =\ any idea? I'm really noob in this..I know..that's y seek help here.. :eek:

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Sep 13, 2011
RunnyDroid v5.1 OTA Update

Change Log :


- Added PVTeam Wallpapers
- Add Touch Tweaks ( Improved Touch )
- Fix build.prob

Download Here
flash it over v5.0

Ok I use the ROM about 5 hours is much better than v5. I realise that if I keep the current vold settings I get some lag. I over vold 50 mah and is so f... Smooth same and maybe better from arhd. I enabled swap, supercharged v6 and is flying. This is my DD until camera fix for sense 4. Thank you guys.you Did a good work.

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Senior Member
Jan 13, 2008
I installed this rom on my phone, it seems my quadrant 2d and 3d scores are up! Nice.

However my cpu score has dropped from 3000 to 500 on this rom, does anyone else have this issue?

Steven How

Senior Member
Apr 14, 2011
Anyone have beats mod for this Rom? Like musicbox by lyapota? I can't seem to download from multiupload since my country ban it =\ can anyone give me a mirror of it? I want the final version :rolleyes:

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Senior Member
Mar 11, 2011
Please someone post a working downloadlink for 5.1 patch

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Senior Member
Mar 4, 2012
do i have to be running the most recent update to install this. i had downgraded to 2.2 to gain root. now what? can i upgrade and maintain root for install somehow?


Senior Member
Nov 19, 2010
alirez, ive heard that you have been working on sense 3.6 rom with pasha from dhd developement section. will it be multidevice or just dhd?

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    [ROM][July 28]RunnyDrOiD v6.0 By PVTEAM |Ultrafast & Smooth|2.3.5| Sense 3.5|Tweaks




    ***Now with Multi Device Support***


    Enjoy the SuperFast and UltraSmooth experience of Sense 3.5 on your phone​

    Sensation XL - Based on official HTC RUU 1.22.461.2 - Android 2.3.5 - HTC Sense 3.5
    with Complete Arabic/Persian/Hebrew Support

    Change Log :

    - Rebase on 1.22.461.2
    - Updated Adobe Reader
    - Updated Adobe Flash Player
    - Updated Es File Explorer
    - Updated Google Maps
    - Removed Rom Manager
    - Removed Titanium Backup
    - Reback to orginal Message app
    - Rosie from 1.14 Ruu
    - And Something else that i can't remember
    - Added PVTeam Wallpapers
    - Add Touch Tweaks ( Improved Touch )
    - Fix build.prob
    - Based On RUU Runnymede 1.14.709.2
    - Removed software (CPU) rendering - full Andreno200 (GPU) rendering
    - Enabled GPU UI rendering
    - Decrese size of rom
    - Update Titanium Backup
    - Update Rom Manager
    - Add Youtube 2.3.4
    - Update Es File Explorer
    - Add compass
    - Improved Sounds Quality
    - Improved Smoothness
    - Improved Performance
    - Improved Battery Life
    - Some Other Tiny Things I Couldn't Remember
    - PVTeam Tweaks
    - New Rosie
    - New Htc Quick Launch Widget
    - New Market ( 3.4.4 )
    - Fixed Small Bugs
    - Fixed Rebooting After Call ( For incredible S )
    - New Framework-res
    - Fixed HtcContacts Issue
    - Based On RUU Runnymede 1.11.1113.1
    - Added RCmix Kernel v12
    - Removed ICS Keyboard
    - Disable SMS To MMS Converting ( Thanks To Memnoc )
    - Improved Performance
    - Imrpoved Smoothness
    - Improved Battery Life
    - ZipAlign With Latest SDK r16
    - Updated Adobe Reader To 10.1.1
    - Updated Adobe Flash Player To
    - Updated Facebook To 1.8.1
    - Updated Maps To v6.0.3
    - Improved I/O 
    - Fix Wallpaper Croping
    - Some Other Tiny Things I Couldn't Remember
    - Added Rcmix kernel v11.1 v2.0 
    - Change Market Version to 2.3.6 ( More Speed And No Error ) 
    - Tweaks For Optimize Ram Usage For Desire Z 
    - Add 3d Home Screen Settings in Settings/Display 
    - ZipAlign With Lastest Android Sdk 
    - Updated Google Maps to v6.0.1 
    - Updated Facebook to v1.8.0 
    - Added ICS Keyboard ( For someone want to have persian and herbew keyboard) 
    - New Bootanimation 
    - Fixed USB Issue ( Some times have issue some times not ) 
    - Fixed Symlink & Permisions 
    - Improved Performance 
    - Improved Camera Quality 
    - Camera Fixed For Desire HD 
    - Tweaks for build.prob 
    - Removed Full Wipe From The Rom 
    - Force button lights on when screen is on For Vivo & Vivow (Need To Test) 
    - Multi Device support ( Thanks To RCTeam )
    - Supports these devices
    - HTC Desire HD
    - HTC Inspire 4G
    - HTC Desire HD Telus
    - HTC Desire S
    - HTC Desire Z
    - HTC Glacokier
    - HTC Incredible S
    - HTC Incredible 2
    - Added Ultra Smooth Rosie v1.1
    - Added Dock Mode
    - Added Quick launch widget
    - Added ADFree Hosts
    - Updated Superuser to 3.0.7
    - Removed UV Script ( Now Availbale In Mods At Post 2 )
    - Added More Tweaks
    - New Bootanimation
    - New Downanimation
    - Improved Performance
    - Fixed Auto Brightness
    - Improved Sounds Quality
    - Edited Build.prob
    - Fixed init.d tweaks
    - add uv script
    - Added new style of status bar
    - Added Bravia Engine 
    - Added New MMS
    - Market Updated to v3.3.12
    - Removed EReader.apk
    - Removed Watchapp.apk
    - Removed Watch 3d widget
    - Updated Es file Explorer to
    - removed delet bookmark from updater-script
    - added Lower Auto brightness
    - Improve battery life
    - Improve performance
    - RCmix v11.1 Kernel
    - EXT4
    - Beats Audio added
    - CRT added
    - Advanced Power Menu
    - Increased R/W speed on SD
    - some build.prop tweaks
    - Improved sound quality
    - Improved Graphics
    - %Battery
    - Removed useless apps
    - Busybox added
    - Quick Settings XL Added
    - Boot.img Edited For More Speed
    - Ultra Smooth Rosie Added (Thanks to hamdir)
    - Some init.d tweak Added
    - Improved camera quality
    - Tweaks for internet speed
    - Tweaks for optimize ram
    - Tweaks for vm management

    Download v6.0 Here


    Download v5.1 Here
    flash it over v5.0

    Download v5.0 Here
    MD5: f17cdf2b7456fd1419d24d7433a05089

    Find your desired Mods & Adds in second post


    How to flash

    1.Download ROM!
    2.Copy it on your SD card
    3.Backup Your Data and Apps
    3.Do a Full Wipe
    (Download PVTeam Fullwipe)
    4.Flash Rom


    If you like our work,make Donation or give us a star or hit thanks button
    or all three :D

    Thanks goes to:


    dsixda for great kitchen
    and Iyapota
    and Shervin LCM for hosting​

    If you like our work do something! :D

    If someone still interested in the dark wallpaper, I found it :

    Also just flashed this rom will let you know later how it works for me (needed some 'sense' ;) )
    Edit: needed to customize it like al sense 3.5 roms actually and than runs well, also no backlight so had to install rc mix tweaks this solved it.
    Thanks for the update!
    I let the rom do the wipe it self when I went to 3.0, as for supercharge I would love to try it if I could find the script, I dont know why but I cant at all find it

    Here it is:


    Go to the end of the post and download "V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-update9_RC4.sh.pdf" and if you don't know I'm posting the instructions:

    1. First install busybox installer by JRummy from the market. It has both free and pro versions. I use the free one but you can download the pro one if you want.
      Now run it and install Busybox v1.18.2


    2. Next place the downloaded file "V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-update9_RC4.sh.pdf" at the root of your sd card.

    3. Now install "script manager" from market and run it. click browse as root and you'll a screen something like this:


    4. Now click the script and run as root. The screen you would see would be something like this:


    5. Now run the script and follow the on screen instructions and you'll see something like this :


    6. 512hp settings are recommended since we have 368mb of available RAM. I personally prefer option 6 which is "balanced" as choosing option 5 which is "multitasking" freezes your phone when you play high end games since apps are not thrown out of memory when RAM is required which results in lag. So, unless you don't know what you are doing, just go for option 6.

    7. Read whatever is coming on the screen and in the end "superclean and Reboot". If it doesn't appears on its own, choose option 30.

    8. After reboot to check if the script is running or not, again run the script as instructed above. and if you see that the Prior V6 minfree values and current minfree values matches then the script is running fine.
      The following screenshot may help you understand:


    Happy Xmas to everyone
    the package with ram optimization is not yet released right? or it is included in v2.0 already?

    not released yet