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    Hello you all,

    Here's a non-official CyanogenMod 9 beta ROM which is almost fully working on our wildfire.
    /!\ WARNING /!\ this ROM is currently BETA. Important things work, there are still things that doesn't work and the device is suffering slow-downs
    If you can't stand that, make sure you have a nandroid backup to revert to after 'test'.

    Please read this first:
    • I am absolutely no developer. I just learnt how to compile from source, and all that I'm presenting here is the result of the big efforts from the CM9 team in general, and Arco68's more specific - the CM guru for our device.
    • I cannot be taken responsible for anything regarding this ROM: if it suddenly bootloops, if it looks bad, if certain things don't work or stop working or if your devices tries to bite you mother-in-law and messes up the hair of your fiancée just the day before your wedding - it can be my fault, but it is your own responsibility. So don't come complaining that I screwed up your wedding party - you shouldn't have been occupied with your phone the day before your wedding in the first place.
    • I greatly encourage everybody to help to make this ROM better. Not only because this ROM has some great potential, but most because it is fun to do (and very addictive, be careful!) and you learn A LOT from it. So If you have find a fix of any kind, post it here and send me a pm so I can update the OP with your contribution. But please: say exactly what you did! This is an open source project and nothing is more frustrating than seeing that a specific problem has occurred on another device as well, and then noticing that people "just fixed it, yeah baby". If you are new to all this building headaches - don't use this thread to start learning how to work with git and github, but personally I don't have no single problem with more advanced questions in which the effort that you have already tried to fix it, can be seen.
    • I won't be posting changelogs - they are way to much changes to keep track on the ones that effect the wildfire. For recent merged changes, I refer to the gerrit.
    • Do not complain, but enjoy both the fact that we can run ICS on our low-end device.

    This being said: download time!
    • New build from 2013.01.01: download.
    • Custom google apps (no faceunlock stuff, no GalleryGoogle.apk, only non-neon libs => smallest footprint (something like ~4mb)):click and press ctrl-S (Thanks to Sympnotic for making it)
      • latest "official" gapps :download (goo-inside.me)
    • MTD partion size
      • With tiny gapps, /system takes 181 mb -> I use 200 mb to be confortable
      • With tiny gapps /cache takes 1.2 mb

    Updates worth mentioning regarding the Wildfire
    • General updates. Please note that there are almost no updates, as the CM team is focussing now on CM10.1.
    • Ported the libstagefright changes for the msm7x27 to match the new OMX IL libraries. I however do not think that it works...
    • Ported some Trebuchet features from cm-10.1. This is still a work in progress, and I don't know to what extend I will succeed with this.
      • Fix NPE when rotating
      • Remove wallpaper offset
      • Only mark preferences changed when they actually are changed
      • Fix for NPE in showAllAppsCling
      • Fix desktop alignment when Search Bar is hidden
      • LauncherModel: Fix possible NPE
      • Wallpaper Hack
        • This doesn't work good yet! In fact, it gives a very interesting phenotype: when you select this, you will not see the homescreen dock anymore (so the buttons for launching the app drawer, ... that are on the bottom of the screen). However, you can still click on them, as if they were there. So you don't see them, but they are there ;)
      • Workspace: Update wallpaper offsets to match hack for recent apps window

    Not (properly) working
    • Wallpaper hack
    • Do not set Launcher Drawer's scrolling Transition effect to "Tablet". It reboots your device every time you open the Launcher (thanks to musicazx)
    • Camera panoramic view
    • The flashlight option on your camera. It does however work in the camcorder (the native one and Camcorder Illusion)
    • Playing youtube video's in HD quality (without HD it goes fine)
    • Gallery (use QuickPic as a good alternative)
    • Voice-to-text: read this
    • Data usage is working well, but the "general" graph is showing all blue.

    Stuff that works but need resizement
    • Apollo - but only a bit.

    Tips and tricks
    • Best Overclock settings are between 691 and 768 MHz w/o problems. SMARTASSV2 is the best compromise between performance and battery life.
    • Tip from Onisciente: If we turn off (Settings > Trebuchet > Applications settings > Widgets : Join with apps. App drawer will be faster; it won't display widgets in App drawer list, "widgets"
    • If you find Trebuchet Launcher slow, there are some alternative launchers. Nova Launcher is one of them, Apex Launcher & LauncherPro work great
    • FM radio : should be fixed but for now, use Spirit Free FM (Spirit Free FM thread):
      • Allow it to have superuser rights
      • Go to settings - audio - method and select msm7x30
    • When playing a youtube video, make sure that you disable HD, or it will not play well. You can do that by clicking on the red HD icon at the left of the video. If the icon isn't red anymore, HD is disabled.
    • Google VoiceSearch: read this.
    • WinSuk's script for trackball button wake-up is included. To enable/disable it: open terminal emulator, type 'trackballwake', allow superuser rights, wait for the message of success and reboot. ALL credits for this script goes to WinSuk!

    Credits goes to
    • the whole CyanogenMod team
    • Arco68
      And people working on this rom :
    • Sympnotic
    • Rallapag
    • plakiko

    Have fun with it!
    theme engine has been merged in da official cm9 ....hope we get soon:D:D

    If everything goes well: tomorrow ;-)


    Build was successfull and I swear to you guys, you will love this one. More news is comming soon!
    New build 07.23

    Hello y'all

    As some of you have seen perhaps, my LCD screen got broke (in fact, I broke it to repair my power button, long story :p). So now I'm waiting for a new screen, but as I'm leaving tomorrow on an other vacation, I'm not able to test the things I build. So this is why I only announce a new build here, and I do not update the OP. If I notitice by the replies that this build is oke, I will update the OP (if I have time left).

    The build here doesn't contain any significant changes related to the buzz. As compared to the build in the OP, Contacts and Phone are resized (thanks to Rallapag) and the two lines that are reported to break the radio and 3G connection, are deleted. Remember, if you suffered from reboots, don't forget to reflash your radio as it is said that it is damaged by the previous builds.

    Last, I don't think that the build itself contains that much great updates (apart from the "increase ringtone" option, perhaps). This is due to the fact that the CM team is now focussing on CM10. I'm planning to throw myself on it as soon as I'm back and have repaired my phone, and looking at Sympnotics github, it seems that he is thinking the same. But as always, don't ask for any ETAs and don't put up too much hope..

    This is all, nothing left to say exept for the download link: click (md5sum: ef71ba68e29dcc5429b6f556546e61b2). Remember: I haven't tested this build yet!!

    All the best
    I think this will make some of you very happŷ ;)

    New build from 2012.09.17: download (md5sum: 28ca98179cab476c8e4857bda7c5f80b) - rapidshare mirror - github mirror.

    Updates worth mentioning regarding the Wildfire
    • General updates. Please note that there are not that much updates, as the CM team is focussing now on CM10.
    • OTA Update Center: update to RC7
    • Trackball button fixed!! Also in the camera app!
    • Added WinSuk's script for trackball button wake-up. To enable/disable it: open terminal emulator, type 'trackballwake', allow superuser rights, wait for the message of success and reboot. ALL credits for this script goes to WinSuk!

    Trackball - Erwin: 37 - 1, but still I've won ;)

    Best regards,
    New update available, check it out!

    In this build, the camera is working! BUT I am not your god, perhaps only your hero. Why so: BECAUSE I HAVEN'T CODED ANYTHING! I just have found the right combination of patches to use. So credits for this go ONLY to stritfajt and Tanguy Pruvot.

    I've added the libary from stritfajt manually to the zip file - this is the reason why you don't get an md5sum for this build. I will make sure that in a next build, this will be properly done and you will get an md5sum.

    What does work: taking pictures
    What doesn't work: recording, panoramic view and the flashlight

    To take photo's with your camera:
    • Open de camera app
    • press on the settings button
    • Press on those three squares to open more settings
    • swich on the second option: On/Off-button...
    • go back to the main screen
    • to take a photo, LONG-press the power button. A square appears wich you can use to aim with. When releasing the power button, the photo will be taken.

    Best regards