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[ROM/KERNEL][4.4.4/5.1.1] Quantum 5/28

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Aug 18, 2007
Just installed quantum kernel, but can't find where to change settings...

Tried searches, couldn't find a quick answer, after installing Quantum kernel on another AOSP ROM, where do you change the kernel settings?


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Aug 2, 2012
I just wish you didn't have to get an invite to get the OnePlus One. I'd like to get one but getting annoyed at the invite system. By the time they quit doing it, the Nexus 6 may be out and that's what I may get.

Yep. I too am very interested in the n6 or shamu or whatever it will be called. It better be affordable or else I'm out. I think I'm done with locked boot loaders. Too many close calls trying to upgrade for friends. But this trusty s3 is still running strong. And I'm sure we have not seen the last quantum kernel


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Dec 21, 2010
Amazing battery drain with my 7A battery :/


What is the best kernel and ROM??


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Sep 11, 2011
I just wish you didn't have to get an invite to get the OnePlus One. I'd like to get one but getting annoyed at the invite system. By the time they quit doing it, the Nexus 6 may be out and that's what I may get.

I gave up on the OnePlus One. I had gotten an invite randomly for whatever reason and didn't get to use it or give it away. I would rather just wait for the Nexus 6 or the Note 4.


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Apr 3, 2009
Somewhere, Someplace
I gave up on the OnePlus One. I had gotten an invite randomly for whatever reason and didn't get to use it or give it away. I would rather just wait for the Nexus 6 or the Note 4.

Yup. Honestly the M8 was a pit stop because no home literally died randomly and I was on vacation and needed something new ASAP. I miss my X a little still :(

I converted it to GPE so no Sense BS... But don't worry... Quantum is not dead! I have a nice like day break this weekend ;)

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    Welcome to Quantum, a ROM built around having the latest (stable) boosts in speed possible, a constantly updated base and upstream merges from Kernel.org and CodeAurora for the newest features and bugfixes.

    Quantum.5 Changelog

    Quantum 5.2-

    • NEW-
    • AV Updates
    • Theme manager updates
    • Frameworks updates
    • Stability enhancements
    • Moduleless, only compatible with kernels past 7/24
    • Changed default ATT apn
    • Utilizes the GCC 4.8.3 SM Toolchain for the ROM
    • Utilizes the Linaro 4.9 A15 Toolchain for the Kernel
    • Forced the ROM into hard float mode for faster math performance
    • -O3 optimizations for the ROM and Kernel
    • Upstream with all Android optimizations at Googlesource
    • Forced compiler to build for A15 chipset in lieu of A9
    • Random GCC optimizations throughout ROM
    • Heavily optimized Dalvik, near finalized ART for the 4.x series (L and above is true and actual ART, this is still testing)
    • Synced and optimized Bionic with OpenMaster
    • Navigation Buttons
    • Much much more...

    Quantum Kernel 12/26
    • Rebase to L and finalize KK kernel
    • Tweaks to some tunables
    • Fix some random little things hanging around
    • Stop random from depleting
    • Include QuantumTweaks in init.d, will not interfere with anything
    • Include new camera drivers from the latest CM commits
    • Fixed installers

    QuantumKernel Features
    • GCC 4.9
    • User Voltage
    • Dynamic FSync for improved battery life
    • Simple GPU Governor
    • FRandom
    • Governors: Asswax, Intellidemand, Intelliactive, SmartMax, Ondemand, InteractiveX
    • I/O: SIO, TripnDroid, FIFO, ZEN, SIOPLUS, 0 ms deadline, BFQ, FIOPS,
    • Auto Hotplug
    • Extreme battery optimizations from Power Efficient Workqueues to ARM Topology, and numerous others
    • Universal screen off frequency for any governor
    • Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback for better speed and battery life while screen is on
    • Increased Sound Quality through overclocking of hardware

    Flashing Instructions
    Download ROM and GApps
    Reboot into Recovery
    Wipe /system, /cache, /dalvik, and data (ONLY SYSTEM, CACHE, DALVIK CACHE IF DIRTY)
    Install ROM, install GApps, install latest kernel
    Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
    Reboot system!

    Kernel Source

    All my great users: for most of them being here since the beginning, this one's to you
    Finally a build is going through. Hopefully it fixes the camera issues present in CM right now. Compiling with Java 7, GCC 4.8, and other stuff. Let's hope it all works out!

    Build going along fine so far... Hopefully the secret thing I wanted to add actually compiles in :)
    QuantumKernel 4/14- Battery Edition
    -Aaaaand here we go.
    -Linux 3.4.87
    -MSM-Sleeper is back!
    -Power Efficient Workqueues- Backported from Linux 3.10 for heavy battery life savings. This will save a ton of battery life in regular usage.
    -Optimized memory/lowmemorykiller
    -Speed like never before
    -Makefile optimizations changed AGAIN
    -Data speeds upped
    -No latency wake up

    Important Recent Features
    -GPU OC to 480 MHz
    -Fsync is now default enabled and switched to HTC's version (faux)
    -AUTO HOTPLUG is back! (Wakes up device faster)
    -Introduction of BFQ Scheduler
    -Increased Sound Quality- hijacking our hardware to take advantage of a higher quality audio output
    -Slobby,Slubby,Slabby,Sloppy- updates for pure I/O and scheduler speed
    -Use less RAM for debug junk
    -Optimize schedulers for quicker wakeup
    -Optimized deadline for battery life and performance
    -Optimize ROW
    -Reduce network latency
    -Intellidemand 5.0 updated from our old 4.2
    -Meet LoUIS, the new hotplugging helping, cache maintaining, system boosting API
    -Dynamic Dirty Page Writeback- will adjust dirty page writeback during system on/idle for the best performance and battery life possible
    -MSM-Sleeper- Allowed to set a max screen frequency while screen is off for ANY governor. It is adjustable through TricksterMOD
    -Removed InteractiveX as it is no longer needed
    -Updated to Linaro Toolchain
    -Re-enabled Dynamic FSYNC
    -Heavy VFP Optimizations- this will speed up our devices by at the minimum of around 10 percent. This lets our phone work with our hardware on a nicer level along with getting some heavy optimizations for more VFP based operations, allowing for better kernel implementation.

    This is the best kernel I've made yet. Still has settings FC, but it's absolutely perfect right now. Battery life is absolutely stunning. Came in at around 30-40 commits of pure optimizations. I stayed up until 4 for you guys last night :)
    Quantum v3.05
    • Awesome New Bootlogo- Thanks KorGuy123
    • Qualcomm KK branch merged
    • Linux 3.4.74
    • Security settings added back in!
    • Camera Bugfixes
    • Graphic fixes and Display driver updates
    • fstab tweak for performance
    • Display Rotation Settings Added
    • Status Bar additions- click clock for alarm, date for clock
    • WhisperPush installed
    • Fix bootloop regarding battery stats
    • Add lockscreen rotation
    • Updated Wallpaper
    • Quick Unlock added
    • Fixed Screenshot BS
    • Filesystem updates
    • A2DP fixes for stupid bugginess
    • HSDPA full support
    • Wifi AP Point priorities
    • SMS Bugfixes
    • Much. MUCH. More.

    • Linux 3.4.73
    • Linux 3.4.74
    • CodeAurora Merge
    • Updated to make kernel smaller

    And there we go. After all that time of waiting :)
    Quantum v3 Release Candidate 1
    • Netflix is fixed
    • LTE/3G/2G settings under mobile network now functional
    • Customizable lockscreen targets
    • Updated to the latest 4.4 base from AOSP- 4.4 r_1.2
    • Linux 3.4.70
    • Exfat potentially fixed?
    • Completely stable base- disable browser sync under Google settings (Google issue)
    • Much more, go check gerrit and my github

    Here you go guys, this is as stable as it'll get for a while, after this it's mostly feature patches!