[ROM+KERNEL][7.1.2] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 with 3.4.0 kernel [January 09, 2020]

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May 9, 2016
If I open my OnePlus One’s build.prop in a text viewer I see the following 2 lines:
ro.build.description=bacon-user 6.0.1 MHC19Q ZNH2KAS1KN release-keys
However if I use getprop from the terminal in TWRP 3.2.3-0 to pull these values (I was actually experimenting to see how I could edit build.prop within TWRP rather than adb) instead I get:
ro.build.description=bacon-user 5.1.1 LMY48B YOG4PAS1N0 release-keys
Can anyone explain this apparent disparity for me? I’m running denser’s latest build (2020.01.09) unrooted, I mounted the system partition in TWRP but only read-only so far.

Is it that getprop doesn’t display values from the system/build.prop file? Would it be safe to use setprop in TWRP’s terminal to change those values, or should I edit build.prop in a text editor instead? Should I still try to change ro.build.description & ro.build.fingerprint given what getprop returned (I’m experiencing the issue of some apps not updating via Play Store)?

I’m wondering if denser’s latest build(s) already changed the fingerprint, because I still have the issue of some apps not updating.


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Oct 28, 2009
Any recommendations other than this that are stable, fast and have all the features working?

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     * Your warranty is... still valid?
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    This is an unofficial LineageOS 14.1 ROM for the OnePlus One that focuses on stability and the overall user experience. This ROM comes with a highly-customized kernel, as well as some other very custom modifications.

    Custom kernels are not compatible with this ROM unless otherwise noted. I will NOT provide support if you install a custom kernel.

    ROM features:
    • Based off latest LineageOS 14.1 sources (root access is NOT included)
    • OTA updates via built-in updater in Settings
    • Nougat Stagefright camera hardening (improves security; more info)
    • OxygenOS camera libraries (no significant camera bugs and improved camera performance)
    • Custom camera app that comes with many unique features (such as high-speed video recording with audio)
    • Custom camera HAL featuring:
      -Faster autofocus in low lighting conditions
      -No stuttering/frame drops in camera viewfinder (viewfinder frame rate won't go below 30 FPS)
      -Slow-motion video recording at 60 FPS, 90 FPS, and 120 FPS for 720p, and 60 FPS for 1080p
      -High-speed video recording with audio at 60 FPS, 90 FPS, and 120 FPS for 720p, and 60 FPS for 1080p (you need to use the included camera app in order to use high-speed recording)
      -1080p video recording with the front-facing camera
      -1440p video recording with the front-facing camera and back camera (only with the included camera app)
      -4k video recording at UHD and DCI resolutions
      -Manual focus control
      -Manual ISO control
      -Manual shutter speed control (ranging from 1/5000th of a second to 2 seconds)
      -More picture sizes than plain OxygenOS, such as 9.7MP 16:9
    • Many other misc. improvements under the hood

    Kernel features:
    • Based off latest CAF Marshmallow kernel source from Qualcomm (LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.15)
    • Removed lots of excessive bloat
    • Rewrote battery driver (for the BQ27541 fuel-gauge chip; battery % readings are more accurate, there are various
      safety mechanisms now, and you may get better battery life)
    • Rewrote half of the Synaptics touchscreen driver (over 2500 lines of code modified; your touchscreen may work better)
    • Newest-available Synaptics touchscreen firmware
    • Dynamic CPU input boost driver (makes the phone feel smooth without destroying battery life)
    • CPU underclocked to 1958 MHz by default (you can disable this; see why this was done in the FAQ in the 3rd post)
    • Vibrator is automatically disabled when recording videos (so the buzzing noise doesn't get in the videos)
    • Custom thermal control driver (features 8 thermal throttle steps; keeps the phone cool)
    • LCD KCAL by Savoca
    • Westwood TCP congestion algorithm (enabled by default)
    • NTFS support
    • No placebo patches, features, or compiler "optimizations"
    • Many other misc. improvements not listed here

    Source code:
    Kernel (cm-14.1-sultan branch): https://github.com/sultanxda/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974
    Local manifest (contains the rest of the sources): https://github.com/sultanxda/android/blob/master/bacon/cm-14.1/local_manifest.xml

    • LineageOS and its contributors
    • CAF (aka Qualcomm)
    • myfluxi (awesome friend with lots of amazing contributions)
    • 69gm (loyal guinea pig)
    • Open GApps
    • If your name should be here and it isn't, then make me use an iPhone 4s running iOS 9

    Installation instructions (for first-time installation):
    First, perform a backup of your existing setup, and then perform a clean install (wipe /data and /system; TWRP is recommended). Next, try flashing the ROM and see if it installs; if it installs without any issues then congratulations! Now just flash a Google apps package, and then reboot.

    If you get an error when trying to install ("bacon.verify_trustzone" error), then first you must install/use the latest TWRP recovery (3.1.1-0). Next, download and flash the latest official CM13.0 snapshot. Then, without rebooting from recovery, wipe /system and flash my ROM. This process is necessary to update various firmwares (including TrustZone), as the updated firmware is needed by this ROM. After flashing this ROM, flash a Google Apps package, and then reboot.

    Installation instructions (for updating to a newer release):
    If you are already running this ROM, then you can update to a newer version of the ROM via the built-in OTA updater or by simply dirty-flashing the new ROM build without wiping anything. HOWEVER, do NOT reinstall Google Apps after installing a new update.


    Please read through the installation instructions before installing this for the first time.

    Last build by denser. Build date 2020.01.09: https://github.com/den-ser/android_...age-14.1-20200109-UNOFFICIAL-Sultan-bacon.zip

    All builds by denser. Last build date 2020.01.09: https://github.com/den-ser/android_releases/releases

    Last original build by Sultanxda. Build date 2018.05.14: https://github.com/sultanxda/androi...age-14.1-20180514-UNOFFICIAL-Sultan-bacon.zip

    All original builds by Sultanxda. Last build date 2018.05.14: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=193214&sort_by=date&sort_dir=DESC

    Google Apps (required): Platform: "ARM", Android: "7.1", Variant: "micro" or "nano" (I will not provide support if you install a different variant)
    Disable CPU underclock (optional): https://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=25327

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS 14.1 with custom 3.4.0 kernel, ROM for the OnePlus One

    Sultanxda, [denser]
    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2017-06-23
    Last Updated 2020-01-09

    May 14, 2018:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes

    Old changelogs:

    March 11, 2018:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes

    *Fixed rare random reboots caused by SELinux

    January 28, 2018:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Disabled user panic mode (hitting the back button quickly several times won't take you home anymore)
    *Updated weather provider packages from lineageos.org
    *Tweaked CPU governor for increased performance (at the expense of battery life)
    *Increased performance in low-power mode

    *Updated the battery driver so that it no longer reports the battery percentage as 1% lower than it actually is

    December 30, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Added fix for occasional difficulty swiping up to unlock the lockscreen (thanks to Gabriele M)

    *Added the ability to read the battery's estimated full-charge capacity and cycle count (more info)

    November 26, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes

    *Reduced overall power consumption slightly

    October 22, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Reverted headset volume increase

    September 30, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Increased maximum handset volume for phone calls
    *Added more volume steps for handset volume and media volume

    *Added fix for BlueBorne vulnerability

    August 31, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Added upstream fix for GPS issues (especially with Waze)

    August 28, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Camera: Added selfie mirror feature

    *Fixed random reboot introduced in the previous build (thanks to aviraxp)

    August 27, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Removed F2FS support (the ROM will refuse to install on your device if you're using F2FS)
    *Updated RIL from upstream LineageOS (this should fix some mobile network issues)
    *Fixed Gallery app freezing sometimes

    *Fixed some devices immediately rebooting when the screen is turned off
    *Fixed decryption not working after performing encryption with this ROM
    *Added various security fixes
    *Removed F2FS drivers

    August 7, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Attempted to fix random app crashes due to GPU out-of-memory errors (again)
    *Camera: Made auto anti-banding mode actually automatic (it checks the country that the mobile network is located in)
    *Switched back to old Gallery app (the new one is buggy)

    *Fixed inability to change the CPU's maximum frequency
    *Added various security fixes

    July 10, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Attempted to fix random app crashes due to GPU out-of-memory errors (didn't work)
    *Camera: Fixed viewfinder becoming dark after taking photos sometimes
    *Camera: Fixed incorrect maker and model in photo details

    *Fixed battery percentage being permanently stuck at 50% for some users

    June 25, 2017:
    *Latest upstream LineageOS changes
    *Fixed broken flashlight and reboots when attempting to turn on the flashlight (thanks to maniac103 and highwaystar)

    June 24, 2017:
    *Initial release

    *Initial release

    1. Could you add camera slow-shutter times greater than 2 seconds?
    Answer: No, I cannot. The reason why exposure times are capped at 2 seconds is due to the proprietary camera libraries from OxygenOS. Only OnePlus can modify the proprietary camera libraries, so there is no way for me, a regular consumer, to implement exposure times greater than 2 seconds.

    2. Why did you use OxygenOS camera libraries? They don't have 4K camcorder support!
    Answer: My custom camera HAL enables 4K camcorder support with Oxygen's camera libraries, so this isn't an issue. Cyanogen's camera libraries have had some issues with the camcorder since day 1. The big issue that I have been able to reproduce on all OnePlus One devices I've come across is graphical artifacts in recorded videos (look towards the right @25 seconds): https://youtu.be/LyIbb5wIyfY?t=22s
    OxygenOS' camera libraries do not have this issue, and thanks to my modifications, we now have 4K camcorder support with the OxygenOS libraries, so not much is lost by using them. The OxygenOS libraries can also take pictures faster/better than Cyanogen's libraries.

    3. Why did you underclock the CPU to 1958MHz?
    Answer: At 1958MHz, the amount of heat generated by the CPU is quite a bit less than at 2457MHz, so the CPU is throttled less often (leading to better user experience), and battery life is better as well. The performance difference between 1958MHz and 2457MHz is also not really noticeable unless you use a benchmark application. If you want to remove the CPU underclock then flash the zip from the first post that disables the underclock. You must flash this zip every time you install a new ROM update.
    Hard to execute? You dont know much do you?

    Im surprised Sultanxda still hasnt patched this. Its Oct and not a really busy month but we all have lives so....its understandable(ish)

    I'm surprised Sultanxda still manages to balance loads of college homework with a part time job while maintaining this ROM.
    And now we wait for people to complain about the lack of Xposed.

    P. S. Thanks Sultan!

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    Inb4 "Sultan, when is OMS coming?????"