[ROM] [Kernel] [E] [2.23] eXperia Rom for XE SS

What s your opinion on the rom?

  • Its a very good, fast and stable rom

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  • its just alright, needs improvement

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  • i don't like it

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  • it s slow

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Nov 18, 2013
One of the best ROMs for XE. I prefer this over Termin.

My only concern is I can't select xLOUD in Sound Settings. It gets deselected automatically. Could you please look into it in the next update ?
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Feb 25, 2014
Woking for Xperia E Dual except gsm, but after i flashed the eXperia Update.zip, some apps force stop :(
Can you make it for Dual Sim?
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Senior Member
Jul 24, 2014
Dual Sim Version Please....

Please Dual Sim Version Please....:good::good:

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When Will we get the dual sim version of this awsome rom sir.. :good:


Senior Member
Nov 3, 2013
Bucharest RO
New add-on

Z1 Theme for camera.



Download: Here

Instructions: Just move to system/app & give right permissions.


Dec 31, 2013
is there a way to make the the navigation bar ( having options search , unistall etc) that pops up while browsing menu, a bit darker coz fonts are not properly visible ..other that that rom is gr8.

i think its not called navigation bar but i hope u understood

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    Hi XDA-members,

    I present to you eXperia. A custom ROM very fast and stable made for the Xperia E SS.

    You will need an unlocked bootloader for this. Unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty. Under no circumstances will I be held responsible for anything bad that might happen to your phone. If you make a Nandroid, nothing can happen. You have been warned.


    • Based on 11.3.A.2.23
    • Fully zipaligned on each boot. Better RAM optimizing.
    • Pre-rooted
    • init.d scripts included to improve the user interface.
    • Busybox pre-installed
    • Deodexed
    • Crossbreeder
    • Xperia Z1 Wallpapers ( Experience Wallpapers )
    • Kernel Overclock to 1.5Ghz
    • Lockscreen style Z2
    • Advanced Z1 Settings
    • Z1 Framework ( big Thanks KuaQ)
    • Build.prop tweaks.
    • Xperia Z2 Calendar
    • Xperia Z1 Clock app
    • Xperia Z1 Phonebook
    • Xperia Z1 Messaging app
    • White sound picker
    • 50 volume steps.
    • Superuser mod(Services.jar)
    • Xperia Z2 / Z1 themes
    • X-reality engine
    • Z1 Home (moded like Z2 home)
    • Z2 SystemUI
    • Z1 Email
    • White Downloads UI
    • DSP Manager
    • Z1 keyboard
    • Cybershot
    • Z2 Bootanimation, Z2 Sounds
    • Suport Small Apps
    • Z1 Power Management
    • enable auto-rotation , multi line labels on Home.apk
    • Dolby Digital
    • Z2 Tasks
    • Z2 MyXperia
    • Xperia Z3 X-Reality & Vivid

    Kernel features
    • init.d support
    • AUTO root
    • RAM swap
    •new CPU governor : intelliactive, badass, smartmax, intellidemand, SmartassH3, smartassV2, Conservative, ondemand, lionheart, hyper, performance, adaptive, asswax, pegasusq, lulzactive, darkness
    • new I/O : noop, deadline, sio, sioplus, zen, row, vr
    • new module : FRANDOM
    • Crypto MODULE : sha1, aes --> improved 3G/wifi network speed
    • TWRP





    Home Z3










    Alarm & Clock


    Album & Movie & Walkman




    Power Management





    Setup Guide


    Note & Sketch & Downloads







    XDA:DevDB Information
    eXperia ROM for XE, ROM for the Sony Xperia E

    ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 11.3.A.2.23
    Based On: Stock

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2014-08-22

    Created 2014-08-17
    Last Updated 2014-11-14
    ROM Add-ons

    ROM Add-ons

    Some Themes for Home Launcher.


    **Craftsmanship** for Home

    Instructions: Just move to system/app & give right permissions.

    Download : Here


    **Triflat Theme** for Home

    Instructions: Just move to system/app & give right permissions.

    Download: Here


    SystemUI 4.3 Style

    Instructions: Just move to system/app & give right permissions.

    Download: Here

    Black Settings






    Instructions: Mount System and flash zip!

    Download Here


    Home Style Z3 and Clock widget

    Instructions: Mount System and flash zip!

    Download Here

    Other Add-ons coming soon
    Changelog & bugs & f.a.q


    eXperia V4_151114 ( 15.11.2014 )

    ○ Rebuild from latest version eXperia
    ○ Update Google Play
    ○ Update Google services
    ○ Update Crossbreeder app
    ○ add Fstrim ( LagFix )
    ○ Update Greenefy
    ○ Fix Transparency SystemUI
    ○ Update CM Calculator
    ○ Fix Conversation FC
    ○ improved performance
    ○ add Google search ( L Style )
    ○ and more..

    eXperia V3_251014 ( 25.10.2014 )

    ○ Rebuild from latest version eXperia
    ○ Fixed Auto-sync toggle in systemUI
    ○ Stable and Fast
    ○ Z3 List separator
    ○ Supercharger V6
    ○ init.d scripts included to improve the user interface
    ○ Stock WALKMAN for better performance and fast
    ○ Stock ALBUM & MOVIE for better performance and fast
    ○ Fixed sometimes device stopped
    ○ Changed minfree values of loopy smoothness tweak. They are still a bit experimental, but should increase the speed/smoothness of the ROM
    ○ Config for daily use
    ○ Fixed Xlound
    ○ Fixed low Sounds
    ○ Updated Conversations
    ○ Updated Calendar
    ○ Updated SuperSU
    ○ Fixed minor layout framework
    ○ 50 volume steps in ringtone, call volume, etc.
    ○ improved performance
    ○ improved sound quality
    ○ Added Sony stock Browser
    ○ ROM size reduced
    ○ More Debloated
    ○ Better RAM optimizing
    ○ Fixed lag system

    eXperia Update 6 ( 23.10.2014 )

    ○ Fix SystemUI TAB indicator
    ○ Change battery icon
    ○ Change Btn Check icon
    ○ Change Btn Radio icon
    ○ Change Icon Contact
    ○ Colorize Phonebook
    ○ Gradient SystemUI
    ○ fix some PNG problem in framework
    ○ Xperia Keyboard look like Android L

    eXperia v2_161014 ( 16.10.2014 )

    ○ Xperia Z3 X-Reality & Vivid
    ○ Rebuild Settings
    ○ Delete some wallpapers and ringtones
    ○ Debloated
    ○ More space free in system
    ○ Update Google Play
    ○ Update Greenefy
    ○ remove Small apps
    ○ Home z3 fixed
    ○ All updates are in this rom
    ○ Improve performance
    ○ Tweaked local.prop and build.prop
    ○ KitKat platago
    ○ CM File manager
    ○ CM Calculator

    eXperia update 5 ( 24.09.2014 )

    ○ Disabled MSSAA
    ○ Force shader direct updates
    ○ Use 2D hardware BLTs
    ○ Disabled VMem Allocation Error Stresser.
    ○ MSAAMode not forced and not buffered. increase performance
    ○ MultiSampling Antialiasing (MSAA)(some features disabled)
    ○ Disabled GPU blit BLT
    ○ Disabled Dynamic textures.
    ○ Tiled textures are faster to render, but slower to load.(disabled)
    ○ Disable GPU/CPU sync on timestamp after SwapBuffers. This will force concurrent CPU/GPU rendering, overriding synchronous swaps.
    ○ Fix FC on press picture in "About Phone"
    ○ Rebuild Power Management
    ○ Add OTA Update in "eXperia features"
    ○ New Music Widget
    ○ Update Kernel
    ○ New CPU GOV.
    ○ New Z2 Calendar with some bug fix
    ○ Z2 Tasks
    ○ app What's New
    ○ Z2 MyXperia

    eXperia update 4 ( 08.09.2014 )

    ○ seek bars change color with theme accent
    ○ progress bar Sony KitKat
    ○ superuser in eXperia advanced ( Hide icon from launcher )
    ○ SystemUI with new battery icons
    ○ pure white and black PNG for background
    ○ SystemUI transparency

    eXperia update 3 ( 06.09.2014 )

    ○ Z3 wallpapers and sounds
    ○ ActiveClipper Z2 ( smallapps )
    ○ Holo Blue Progress Bar Indeterminate
    ○ Fix some PNG bugs
    ○ CrossBreeder in Settings
    ○ Viper4Android FX in Settings
    ○ Call Vibrator white
    ○ new Location based Wifi
    ○ new Sound Piker
    ○ 25 Power Toggles in SystemUI
    ○ small toggles in systemUI
    ○ Hide Stamina Mode ON icons in Status Bar
    ○ Locksreen with Blur Effect
    ○ new Icon Conversation
    ○ new icon Calendar
    ○ entropy generator
    ○ adblock
    ○ New Performance Mod
    ○ OTA Updater Added
    ○ new Kernel Zeus
    ○ Z2 Setup Guide
    ○ remove ilumination control

    eXperia update 2 ( 03.09.2014 )

    ○ more colored!
    ○ progres bar, toggles, text fields, headers
    ○ fix Data toggle bug in SystemUI
    ○ small toggles in systemUI
    ○ Camera New UI
    ○ High Audio Bitrate Video Recording
    ○ High Video Recording Bitrate

    eXperia Update 1 ( 25.08.2014 )

    ○ new Home with fully transparency
    ○ SystemUI Z2 with 28 toggles
    ○ new loading spinner
    ○ new Dolby Digital
    ○ new Settings
    ○ add ilumination control
    ○ new Z1 Call screen
    ○ new progress bar and progress bar inderterminate
    ○ SystemUI with Gradient effect

    eXperia 22082014 ( Initial relase )

    ○ add Power Management Z1
    ○ fix Phonebook FC on add new Contact
    ○ add new SystemUI with 28 toogles
    ○ add latest TrackID
    ○ remove some scripts from init.d
    ○ Kernel is included in ROM
    ○ add Dolby Digital
    ○ add Music Visualizer for Walkman
    ○ add some scripts and lib
    ○ add Backup & restore from Z1
    ○ add new SoundPiker Z1
    ○ debloated
    ○ fully whyte background in settings
    ○ Sense 4 Taskswitcher
    ○ Newest Play Store.apk
    ○ fix text in settings.apk
    ○ add Location-based WI-FI in Power Management
    ○ add Battery level percentage in Power Management


    • in Power Management on press Stamina mode ( for add apps to stamina mode ) settings get FC


    Q: Not Kernel or SuperUser fix to flash?

    R: No all is integrated.

    Q: When I go in OTA Updater setting, I have an error message (Invalid ROM & device combo!)...

    R: Don't worry, this is normal until the first OTA Update.

    Q: What about the recovery?

    R: TWRP

    Q: How are working OTA Update?


    • OTA Update are automatics, you will receive a notification when an update is available or check OTA Updater application.
    • Select Download in the dialog box.
    • When download is finished, select install, no need to clear datas.
    • Prompt Root autorization to OTA Updater, the phone will reboot.
    • Once you are in recovery, flash update found in SDCard/OTA-Updater/download

    If you can't download the OTA Update, wait the server must be busy or use mirror in Download section.

    If you like my work please PRESS THANKS BUTTON:good: and follow me!
    Follow me on FACEBOOK
    Follow me on INSTAGRAM
    Downloads & Installation & Credits


    • Make sure you’re on the 11.3.A.2.23 firmware.
    • Flash Zeus kernel V3.1 through fastboot.
    • Place eXperia.zip(see: Downloads) on your sd card(external or internal, doesn’t matter). Choose the correct one
    • Boot into your recovery. When the blue led lights up hit the volume rockers a few times.
    • Do a factory reset(hard reset).
    • Go to mounts & storage. Format system.
    • Go to Mounts & storage. Mount System and Data
    • Install eXperia.

    This ROM includes the kernel does not need to flash kernel !


    COMPLETE ROM: Latest Version no need flash UPDATES!

    eXperia V4_151114: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=9612 Latest version!

    eXperia v3_251014: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=9277&task=view

    eXperia v2_161014: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=9130

    eXperia v1_220814: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=8090


    eXperia Update 6 ( OTA ) http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=9278

    eXperia Update 5 ( OTA ) http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=8748

    eXperia Update 4 ( OTA ) http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=9131

    eXperia update 3: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=8410

    eXperia Update 2: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=8365

    eXperia Update 1: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=8176

    | dafuc-k | KuaQ | Pranav Pandey| Rizal Lovins| Aeron sagar | Vapor5 | Faisall Syah |
    Gunawanmachining | Ndra Ncs | UltraGamerHD | H3LL | MatsPunt | Ben Ling | TeamMex | Revontheus | Eliminator79 | NeoTrix | Thole Teplok | Rifky Mcz | SatrioDwiPrabowo | bakshish007 | AuxLV | Ring Too Nggo | My girlfriend for combining images and me​
    eXperia based on ICS !

    eXperia based on ICS coming soon ! :) very fast rom and look like Z / Z1 / Z2 :):good::good::good::good:

    If you like my work please prees THANKS buttons :):good:
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