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[ROM+Kernel] MiRaGe - Custom CM7.2 for Nook Color - 07272013

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If not gapps, how do you install apps? Side loading?

I have a nook at the drawer, and if I can get it to run some browser and play YouTube it could be useable again.

I got mirage to flash, apparently I had to downgrade to twrp 2.3 (I was on 2.8, for cm11).

It's working snappier on the nook, but very limited in what it can do.
Seems like the integrated browser is capable of playing YouTube site. Just warnings about certificate authenticity. And not being able to do secured connections.

I'll see if this would get it out of the drawer and be used for something.

Edit: it's un-useable. Nothing can really work on it.
In the process of tinkering with it I got it reset to stock - a big mistake as I do not have the proper files now to hack it out of stock.
And it can't register as stock anymore, my guess the back end BN site not operational any more.
So this is now officially a tech junk, which I need to properly bring for electric recycling.
Sad moment.

Damn, that's rough. When going to stock, did you make sure you were on the latest version? Pretty sure I had to update mine before it would let me register. That really sucks. How did you go back to stock? My NOOK has literally no trace of the stock firmware because it was complete crap, so I flashed CM72 straight to EMMC.


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Nov 3, 2008
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Damn, that's rough. When going to stock, did you make sure you were on the latest version? Pretty sure I had to update mine before it would let me register. That really sucks. How did you go back to stock? My NOOK has literally no trace of the stock firmware because it was complete crap, so I flashed CM72 straight to EMMC.

That's what happens when you're not totally in focus while flashing. It flashed the stock ROM copy I had on my old SD, realizing the mistake only when it booted already.
Now, unfortunately I don't have the SD partitioned for alternate recovery, nor there's any valid link to download load those images again.

Nevermind, that piece of electronics did had a good run as a tablet for 3-4 years until my kids grew to demand better reactiveness and dumped it for a more modern tablet.

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    I have been building/compiling my Nook Color's ROM from the CM repo. Besides the geek satisfaction, I build for removing some extras and customize for performance. This thread is for sharing what I build for myself with the community. Here is MiRaGe.

    Please thank/donate to CM project, especially the lead Nook Color developers, dalingrin, fattire, and keyodi.
    Thanks to Nick N, unibroker, Tool Belt, k8108, christoophat, deboyz1014 for their generous donations.
    Special thanks to nissanskylinebam for the banner.

    CyanogenMod 7 changes are here.
    My changes on the nook kernel are here.

    - Android security fix 8219321 (CYAN-1602) to Bluebox security bug merged
    - Updated ADW Launcher
    - Optimized kernel configuration by removing unused features
    - Removed debugfs for security improvement
    - Switched to performance optimization
    - Updated boot animation
    - Synced with CM repo
    - updated kernel with the 03282013 build
    - removed ro.pm.awake_on_usb enforcement from build.prop 
    - Synced with CM repo
    - updated ADW Launcher
    - updated kernel with the 03082013 build 
    - New kernel update package: 
    -- cryptography library optimizations (sha1, crc32, aes)
    -- use get_random_int() to fix entropy depleting
    - Updated ADW Launcher
    - Synced with CM
    - Updated Cyanoboot
    - Reverted the KSM support in the kernel and dalvik-vm
    - Modify Running ProcessView as ics in Settings
    - Fixing a crash when doing lock profiling in dalvik vm
    - Basic [URL="http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#/c/12174/"]KSM Support in dalvik vm[/URL]. This is complementary to the KSM feature added into the kernel build. 
    - Customizable kill app via back key timeout. 
    - updated the kernel
    -- added [URL="http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/KSM"]KSM[/URL] support. See [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=29460098&postcount=1595"]this post[/URL] for a patch that will initiate the KSM service.
    -- removed several debug configs
    - New build, synced with CM
    - ICS menu icons
    - default to hardware EGL libraries of SGX530 instead of using generic android EGL libraries (thanks to leolawliet)
    - new kernel with the following changes
    -- use optimized strnlen, strncpy, and crc32 functions in ARM (thanks to faux123)
    -- disable several DEBUG settings in kernel config
    - New build, synced with CM
    - ICS icons for settings.apk and power widget
    - new kernel with the following changes
    -- BFS 4.04 scheduler added to kernel
    -- updates to ashmem, lowmemorykiller, and interactive governor
    -- updates to rcutiny and core scheduler components
    - New 06232012 build, synced with CM
    - New build, synced with CM
    - Backported many bug/security fixes from kernel for block layer, file system, networking, bluetooth, ARM architecture, and sound. See my github link above for details.
    - New build, synced with CM
    - Backported the staging android drivers from kernel
    - added a fix for uptime overflow in the kernel after a recent report
    - added a modified Cyanbread_light theme to replace the orange highlights with cyan/blue that matches with the recent Google Play apps. The source code of Cyanbread_light is [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?f2deqwh59p355r8"]here[/URL].
    - New build, synced with CM
    - Integrated the 05112012  build of encore kernel and included Dalingrin's flicker fix by default since many users downloaded it. All of the kernel downloads below include the fix.
    - Replaced the bluetooth icon on statusbar with a new one
    - Tagged CM7.2 RC2
    - The final build of the newly updated kernel is ready with a long list of changes (see the link above). You can download from the link below. The kernel is compiled with gcc-4.6 for better performance.
    - There is an important bug fix for busybox in the CM repo. You can patch your ROM with [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?ee54355codge3xg"]this file[/URL] in the recovery.
    - Synced with CM
    - Updated the kernel source with B&N 1.4.2 update which brought updated touch screen and accelerometer drivers
    - Added Simple I/O scheduler as default and removed BFQ scheduler in the kernel.
    - Synced the binary/proprietary blobs in CM repo with B&N 1.4.2 update. 
    - Removed the 16-bit framebuffer support since 32-bit performance is very good
    - Reverted the 68kHz pixel clock to default 48kHz. There is an optional kernel in the download section with Dalingrin's flicker fix included.
    - Reverted edge responsiveness workaround since it was not effective and causing more insensitivity at the touchscreen corners
    - Reduced the ROM size by ~5MB
    - Synced with CM
    - Replaced the lock screen clock font with the ICS clock font.
    - Synced with CM
    - integrated the OOM optimizations, see [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=24930815&postcount=1004"]this post[/URL] for details
    - removed the V6 Supercharger recommendation
    - Synced with CM
    - transparent notification background 
    - Updated [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1526119"]Cyanoboot[/URL] with 03/28/2012. Thanks to tonsofquestions and fattire
    - Synced with CM
    - Added [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1526119"]Cyanoboot[/URL] (thanks to fattire)
    - Synced with CM
    - CM 7.2 RC0 -> RC1
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM
    - Replaced the soft button, battery, WiFi, smiley icons with ICS style icons in GB color.
    - Tested the ICS kernel with CM7.2. There were many problems. See [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22971427&postcount=710"]this[/URL] post for details.
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM to include the FC fix with rotation. No Statusbar FC on boot anymore. I had tested this fix earlier and it was not preventing the statusbar FC. Now works, I missed something apparently.
    - Built an optional ROM with the full language set. If you don't need any other language than English(US) and Spanish, smaller ROM is recommended.
    - Synced with CM to include the rotation animation fix. Thanks to kalltkaffe for this brilliant fix. 
    - Please upgrade to this build if you are on 01232012 build. No other rotation fix is necessary. We are using unchanged CM7 kernel again without the backported CM9 rotation fix.
    - For the ones who want to go back to an earlier build, I had given the links to 01132012 build in [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=21763348&postcount=459"]this post[/URL].
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM
    - Switched to modular kernel (see the previous update below), includes the SOD patch, and compiled with linaro 4.5-2011-10 toolchain.
    - Based on Dalingrin's encore kernel, built a modular kernel by configuring the uncommonly used features (they are still available) as kernel modules. There seems to be about 20% increase in the free RAM (available to the apps and cache) after first boot on my nook. If you want to try, here is [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?6ii07g7bgh2273f"]the link[/URL]. See [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=20048066&postcount=139"]this post[/URL] for more details
    - Synced with CM
    - Synced with CM
    - Dalingrin's kernel with SOD patch included in the build with recompiled kernels using linaro 4.5-2011.10 toolchain since the feedback was positive. The optional files are still downloadable for the ones who want to use them with other builds.
    - Updated Superuser.apk to 3.0.7. Market was constantly showing this update.
    - Included [URL="http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/32316-sleep-of-death-debugging/page__view__findpost__p__266644"]dalingrin's SOD fix[/URL] in the kernel build.
    - CM sync
    - Added a flashable zip with Dalingrin's Encore kernel recompiled with Linaro 4.5-2011.10 toolchain.
    - Synced with CM
    - Reverted my signal icon fix to include [URL="https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base/commit/72bd1410dfecbb061d7168af688579fd8da8b935"]Dalingrin's commit[/URL].
    - Added back CMStats
    Well, everyone is talking about ICS code release but there is another news that [URL="https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cyanogen/commit/9eb9d741524dd596798821dedad43ee68207b955"]CM switched to 7.2.0-RC0[/URL] recently which came with a large number changes. I will not go through all those but you can check them [URL="https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base/commits/gingerbread"]here[/URL]. I have also updated Roboto font with the improved version in the Android 4.0.1 source release.
    - Synced with CM
    - Resolved persistent signal bar problem in the status bar. The source of the problem is [URL="https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base/commit/2ce85e989e66da91dc3c082fbe9bdf030fbd20f5"]this commit[/URL], removed the commit before compiling the code. 
    - Updated Superuser.apk and su binary
    - Removed extra themes, 
    - Removed CMwallpaper, 
    - Removed large ring tones, 
    - Removed and decompiled CMUpdateNotify 
    - Removed development app, 
    - Removed all languages except [U][B]English(US) and Spanish[/B][/U] 
    - Removed ROM Manager, latest version is available in the Market.
    - Replaced the system font with the Roboto font from ICS
    - The optional status bar transparency theme as a flashable zip, please see the screenshot to decide if you want it.
    - ROM with only English(US) and Spanish languages - 07272013 build: MD5sum: 1fb04c4134b76798c930300d54d3f197
    - International ROM with full language set - 07272013 build: MD5sum: a8c940244c9d3f68a4699133a1d51c57
    - Latest (05/16/2013) kernel update package. MD5sum: 945e7bd31a3553debea6e7d1543d8c4c (please see this post about turning off WiFi )

    - Just follow Eyeballer's guide.
    - If you are installing MiRaGe for the first time or upgrading after a long time, complete wipe is recommended.
    - When upgrading from a recent MiRaGe build, do wipe cache/dalvik-cache only.
    - If you do a clean wipe, you will need to flash gapps again. You can find it here or here.

    1) Regarding the status/notification bar force close issues, I recommend unchecking the "disable full screen" option in the Tablet Tweaks to avoid the status bar crashes. This also improves the app behavior especially movies and games that need full screen. To bring the soft buttons back in the full screen mode, I recommend Button Savior (available in the Market). If you had tried this app before, Button Savior developer greatly improved the app lately. When I enable autohide feature in Button Savior, it does not occupy any space on the screen. I just use the short swipe option at the right edge of the screen and bring the soft buttons when needed. Since I keep the soft buttons on the status bar, Button Savior is only used when an app goes to full screen mode. You can even remove the soft buttons from the status bar completely if you prefer an uncluttered status bar.
    2) If WiFi is not starting automatically on reboot, please see the fix in this post.

    Using ICS Launcher icons by kovdev. The clock widget is Sense Analog Clock.

    Disclaimer: I don't accept any responsibility for any kind of damage or loss. If you are going to report problems, please make sure that there are no mods or themes applied to the system. Also, SD installations are not supported since many problems are related to the performance of particular SD card. Only EMMC installation is recommended and supported. Before reporting any problem please try reflashing after a clean wipe.
    MiRaGe 11102012

    I have updated the ADW Launcher with the latest version which is working much better than the previous version. With only this change, I have bumped the build number to 11102012. This will probably be the final version of MiRaGe for Nook Color based on CM7 since the development has reached to saturation since some time. There isn't much left to do here. I am planning to base the future builds on CM10.

    MiRaGe 06232012

    I have uploaded the 06232012 build of MiRaGe after syncing with the latest changes in CM repo. Please check the OP for the download links, changes, and also the credits. Enjoy!
    This is an effort to reduce the way to get Mirage-Kang on the eMMC of a Nook Color to it's bare essentials. It will then introduce what some call "must have" refinements and hopefully give a glimpse into the enormous potential of our beloved NC. This is just a compilation, you have a lot of thanks to click before you click mine. If you would prefer to install to an SD card first you"ll want to take a look at verygreen's thread.

    1) Use Win32DiskImager to write the 1gb_clockwork- image to the boot SD hereafter referred to as the CWM card.

    2) Download encore_CM72-MiRaGe-11102012.zip and write it to the CWM card.

    3) Download gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip and write it to the CWM card.

    4) Boot into the ClockworkMod Recovery.

    5) Once the device boots into the ClockworkMod Recovery, use the side volume buttons to move around, and the n button to select.

    6) Optional: Select backup and restore to create a backup of current installation of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. Standard Caution: If you don't do a backup you won't have a backup. Excuse me, I'm gonna go do a backup,

    7) Select the option to Wipe data/factory reset.

    8) Then select the option to Wipe cache partition.

    9) Select Install zip from sdcard.

    10) Select Choose zip from sdcard.

    11) Select the encore_CM72-MiRaGe-********.zip.

    12) Install the Google Apps by performing steps 9 - 11 again and choosing the gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip.

    13) Once the installation has finished, select +++++Go Back+++++ to get back to the main menu, (I use the power button as a back button), and select the Reboot system now option.

    14) Last thing before you hit reboot, pop out the CMW card and put your storage card in.

    The Barnes & Noble Nook Color should now boot into CyanogenMod. (It seems to take longer that first boot, don't sweat it.)

    eyeballer's thread
    mr72's thread
    mrg666's thread

    Some Settings to Consider:
    Settings, CyanogenMod Settings, Performance Settings:
    check Use 16bit transparency

    Settings, CyanogenMod Settings, Performance Settings:
    uncheck Enable surface dithering

    Settings, CyanogenMod Settings, Performance Settings, Compcache RAM Usage:

    Nook Tweaks, CPU Setting, Clock settings:
    300, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, check set at boot

    Nook Tweaks, CPU Setting, Voltage Settings:
    .925, 1.05, 1.2, 1.275, 1.325, check set at boot

    When you want to update...

    You shouldn't need to redo gapps or delete Dalvik cache.

    You'll notice that during the initial CyanobootMod there is an instruction to hold down the "n" for boot options. Since you're rebooting anyway why not hold down the "n" key and use the volume key to choose the eMMC recovery option. See? It looks just like CWM except slight wording changes. We want to make use of this and at the same time make SD Card swapping a thing of the past. All you should have to do is surf over to mrg666's thread and grab his latest from the OP. At this point I like to move it from the download folder to the temp folder but you could leave it in the download folder if you like. Reboot to CWM recovery option, wipe cache, select the appropriate folder and load the update ROM from it, reboot new ROM. If you where setting at your desk at work when you did this you may now go get a 'Born to Hack' tat during lunch and grin sheepishly the rest of the day.

    After that first boot I like to go to settings/about tablet to make sure it "took" then reboot just because I'm a geek that way.

    The above is the last Mirage-Kang update for CM7 don't forget to find a post of mrg666's and thank him.

    Qapla' Y'all!
    Any desire to tinker with CM9/AOKP builds? I know you build for personal use, but have you thought about starting an ics rom? Or are you waiting until the 3.0 kernel is fully functional? Your cm7 builds are super solid, just wondering what's holding you back from moving towards ics..

    I thought about joining the other developers. But if I leave CM7 there will be nobody left behind to cover the base. If you look at the changelog and user feedback, I did more than just building from the CM repo in the recent months. GB is not new and shiny like ICS anymore but I still enjoyed optimizing the CM7 build and overhauling the encore kernel. Plus I am also building for LG Optimus V. I simply didn't have time left for ICS. There is a little more work I want to complete for the encore kernel. I can try to help with ICS after that.I just don't like leaving incomplete stuff behind.