[ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

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May 24, 2022
My watch did not detect by adb in usb.
Error with th 'descriptor request failed'.
I cleaned the connections without success.
do you have any idea ?

Quairon Nailo

Jun 5, 2022
I need help, I'm stuck on a bootloop on my Ticwatch C2. It only makes to the logo and insta reboots, I'm not even able to enter fastboot.

Quairon Nailo

Jun 5, 2022
As I said earlier, I can't even get into fastboot the usual way because of how fast it is rebooting (trust me, i've tried), Is there another way I can use to get into fastboot from this state?


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Quairon Nailo

Jun 5, 2022


Sep 20, 2010
Hello, everyone. I got Ticwatch Pro 2020 4G (Verizon), I wonder if I can flash any rom to make esim work? Maybe I can flash EU Rom, will my device work?


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May 4, 2016
ASUS ROG Phone 5
hello guys plz if someone has the stock firmware for the pro 3 ultra gps because i flashed the oneos and it belongs to the pro 3 gps and it lacks some features like the ftsn screen colors customizations and the android patch is older than the ultra one , plz help guys i searched but no luck , if someone has the same watch if he can make a twrp backup , thank you so much

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Jun 22, 2022
Hello guys. I have Ticwatch Pro 2020 4G (Verizon), I would like to know if I can flash any rom to make esim work? Maybe I can flash the EU Rom, will my device work?


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Jun 15, 2014
привет. У меня есть цикл перезагрузки на моих часах. когда я заблокировал загрузчик с помощью magisk, это произошло.
есть ли выход из этой петли?
он всегда перезагружается и перезагружается, как только на экране появляется ticwatch.
Привет! Удалось ли решить проблему самостоятельно?

game #1

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Oct 10, 2010
Привет! Удалось ли решить проблему самостоятельно?
да. надо зажать кнопку включения и тыкать на экране хаотично. тогда он перейдет в режим восстановления.
need to hold power button and tap screen randomly.\if i amot wrong. it was years ago.

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    -[Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE (EU) (Catshark)-PWDD.190617.059]-[30-5-2020]
    - [Ticwatch Pro 2020 (Catfish-Ext)-PMP2.191203.001]-[22-6-2020]
    - [Ticwatch Pro (Catfish)-PWDD.190617.074]-[09-8-2020]
    - [Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE (USA) (Catshark)-PWDD.190617.032]-[DISCONTINUED]-
    -[Ticwatch C2 (Skipjack)-PWDS.190618.001.B4]-[DISCONTINUED]
    -[Ticwatch E2 (Tunny)-PWDS.190618.001.B3]-[DISCONTINUED]

    [COLOR="Red"][B]WARNING:  IMPROPER FLASHING MAY POTENTIALLY BRICK YOUR DEVICE. SO PLEASE PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. ME OR ANY OTHER DEVELOPER MENTIONED IN THIS POST WILL ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS. I accepts no responsibility for any damage to your device. Please read the instructions and notes before flashing anything[/B][/COLOR]



    - Ticwatch Pro, Ticwatch Pro 4G, Ticwatch Pro 2020 Ticwatch C2 and Ticwatch E2 ONLY INTERNATIONAL VERSION. It may also work on Chinese version too but I haven't test it personally.
    - An unlock bootloader, working driver and working adb/fastboot
    - You can download ADB/FASTBOOT from here Download: ADB/FASTBOOT
    - Custom recovery TWRP- (Se download section below)



    - Download the latest ROM, latest vendor, latest Magisk and busybox - (Everything are include in the MEGA folder)
    - Attach your watch to your PC and enable USB Debugging from settings menu. Ensure adb/fastboot is working. Please Google and see "how to enable debugging from settings menu".
    - Extract the vendor folder and go inside the folder (Here you will find vendor.img and twrp.img + other files)
    (You have to flash the vendor image and format userdata and cache)
    - Boot your watch into fastboot/bootloader mode by applying the following code.
    - adb devices
    - adb reboot bootloader
    - fastboot flash vendor vendor.img
    - fastboot format userdata OR fastboot erase userdata
    - fastboot format cache OR fastboot erase cache
    - fastboot boot NAME-OF-THE-TWRP.img (Se the name of the twrp.img)

    - Now move the ROM, Magisk and busybox to your watch.
    - Flash the ROM and reboot. If you prefer root then
    - Flash busybox and finally Magisk (IMPORTANT flash ROM, then Busybox and Magisk in this order)

    - When rebooting your watch, IF a Prompt come up and asking about installing twrp bla.bla then un-mark both lines/ then click on DO Not Install
    - Let your device boot up, then connect your watch to your phone and finish the initial setting
    - Open Magisk Manager and go to settings and set Automatic Response to Grant, Uncheck updates and Superuser notifications to None
    - Reboot and enjoy

    See latest changelog here



    - Download the KernelAudiutor4Wear.apk from above link and move it to your adb folder.
    - adb devices
    - adb install KernelAudiutor4Wear.apk


    See Mega folder for Stock images
    - fastboot flash aboot aboot.img
    - fastboot flash boot boot.img
    - fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    - fastboot flash vendor vendor.img
    - fastboot flash system system.img
    - fastboot format userdata OR fastboot erase userdata
    - fastboot format cache OR fastboot erase cache
    - fastboot reboot



    Special thanks to:
    If you can, donate and respect all the devs and enjoy :)
    @Maxr1998 Big thanks for giving me knowledge and your great work for Asus Zenwatch_3 and your great github guide.
    @topjohnwu for his great effort (Magisk)Thank you so much
    @SuperR.R for the great kitchen
    @YashdSaraf for the busybox (I edit a bit to make it work for Ticwatch-pro)
    Sultan Al Sawaf for his patch
    Mobvoi, Google and Qualcomm for providing us the kernel source.
    Please always support devs and others (soon).
    Performance Tips

    Final Update
    Janjan has already included in the new rom all of these changes. So no need to keep reading this post.

    I'll leave it here in case it helps someone with other type for smartwatch.

    Great job @janjan keep it going.

    ------------------- Original Post -------------------------
    Here are my two cents on performance on this device.

    The Problem
    Like in many android devices one of the main issues ( i learned this with old phones ) is the RAM and Swap.
    While switching apps or opening new ones the following events happen (please remember this is a linux based OS so all of this assumptions are based on Linux experience)

    1. App open request happens
    2. Os checks if app is running if it is is switches to it
    2.a If app is in RAM it loads it from there
    2.b if its not it loads it from the swap to the RAM and then loads it from there (less expensive than reopening the app)
    3. If app is not running it start it (running all the initialization procedures that can be very expensive in some apps) and gets the app to RAM

    Now, if at any point of that process the RAM is full, the OS will dump another app to Swap. If the swap is full the OS will dump another (least used app) completely out of the system stopping it and therefore having to reopen it entirely later on (expensive process).

    Ok. Now that this is clear lets see the Ticwatch.
    The available RAM is less than 512Mb. After the system boots and all the Google services, google play, keyboard services, assistant, etc are loaded we end up with less than 100Mb available. Enough to open two apps. One of them being the launcher, "wearable.app". After this the thing start swapping. Right?.....Wrong!!!

    See, there is no swap on the device. therefore opening any app will force another one out of the system completely stopping it and having to restart it later on (EXPENSIVE for CPU and Battery). This includes the wearable app. Your watchface.
    One of the apps really capable of doing this is Google Play since it just LOVES RAM. It will kick everythinbg out of RAM pretty much, including your watchface. And since it runs background processes (like app updating) the OS will find hard to kick Google Play out of RAM as well.

    I will not post more examples and reasons why Swap is important. But I will post the solution

    The solution
    Creating a swap file will allow us to extend the maximum amount of available RAM. We are aware that RAM disk is slow, and should be avoided at all cost, but in this case it is quite beneficial. Here is how to enable it

    1. Have the custom ROM installed
    2. Have the latest kernel installed
    3. Have developer options enabled
    4. Have busybox and magisk installed

    Run the following commands on your computer
    adb devices (device should show up there if properly connected)
    adb shell
    su (approve access on device itself)
    fallocate -l 256M /sbin/.magisk/mirror/data/swapfile
    mkswap /sbin/.magisk/mirror/data/swapfile
    swapon /sbin/.magisk/mirror/data/swapfile
    sysctl vm.swappiness=60

    Now, some notes
    1. The 256Mb is a (so far) arbitrary number I came up with. Over monitoring it closely it seems that 256Mb is enough. Change this to your liking. You can check the amount of used swap by running the command top while in adb shell
    2. The selected swappinesss is the default for a desktop computer, it may require tweaking but so far seems ok.
    3. Updating apps with the play store still uses a LOT of CPU, but is way more responsive now and I would recommend updating apps only when you are not going to need the watch or while charging.
    4. Use this alongside kernel auditor and ondemand governor with 4 cores enabled and 1.2Ghz as max cpu frequency.
    5. After reboot swap will be lost and you will have to set it up again. Please note that I did it this way since i'm still testing this.
    6. Your device may have a reduces SD life and could be detrimental if the manufacturer used a low grade chip

    The Result
    Well. Apps NEVER get relaunched.
    1. They never get stopped in the first place in order to make space for other apps
    2. They switch WAY faster since they are either in RAM or in SWAP
    3. First launch of any app is faster since other apps don't need to be stopped first
    4. Finally the TicWatch Pro is a useful device. I no longer think that getting a Google Authenticator code will be faster if i just use my phone.

    I hope this helps you all.
    I'm available to answer your questions on European (i'm awake) times.

    ---------- Post added at 06:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:27 PM ----------

    I recorded a video to show the snappiness of the device now.
    Note about the video. Some apps where previously opened (therefore where on RAM or the new shinny SWAP)
    other apps like the flashlight, weather and Magisk, where not. but you can see that after opening them they reopen (switch back) pretty much instantly.
    During the video the Swap usage was 140Mb.

    Link to video - Please remove spaces since XDA does not allow me to post links XD:
    https ://youtu.be/UVk4JLqC8Do

    One of the main things I realized is that after launching the google assistant (hold main button 1 sec) I can actually relaunch it 100 times after that (including app witching) and still get my response to (turn on the lights in the house, or how is the weather in less than 1 sec)

    This is a must try :)

    ------------------------------------------------------ Update 1 -----------------------------------------------------------

    After testing, using swap seems to affect battery usage on a rate of about 10% drain (depends on your usage).
    The main reason could be the fact that now we are using the storage a lot more, and using the storage means that this chip will consume more power.
    my watch have been running now for 2 days (with 1 battery charge in between) and I had not performance issues. I was able to work with notifications, receive phone calls, use the assistant, google fit, etc.

    ------------------------------------------------------ Update 2 -----------------------------------------------------------
    I realized that after having every app running and not having to boot them again the device battery is actually well improved. I'm doing 36-48h now.
    Also realized that finally the Google assistant is useful. Responsive and helpful
    I reduced the amount of cache to 256Mb and updated the script. Seems to be enough for a custom watchface Google fit, assistant, calendar, weather, hr monitor and Google play to run at the same time.
    Do not try (as I did), to run 1Gb of swap. You will never get to use it and since you need to allocate all the space at once you cannot install more apps. The device will become unresponsive and and connection fails at this point for a reason. Causing weird connection and disconnections

    ------------------------------------------------------ Update 3 -----------------------------------------------------------
    How to make it persistent after reboot
    Here is small script in oder to make the swap permanent
    I did not find a way to use the fstab or the init.rc since none of them seem to be available in Android
    It seems that is available in some devices but not on other. But, since we also need Magisk for the actual swap we can also use it to run the script using the handy service.d folder

    Script (save to a remount_swap.sh file in your pc, you can do this with a text editor, just make sure that you don't accidentally have a .txt at the end)
    sleep 10
    sysctl vm.swappiness=60
    swapon /sbin/.magisk/mirror/data/swapfile

    How to copy the script
    adb push <path_to_your_script>\remount_swap.sh /storage/emulated/0/
    adb shell
    cd /storage/emulated/0/
    mv remount_swap.sh /sbin/.magisk/img/.core/service.d/
    cd /sbin/.magisk/img/.core/service.d/
    chmod +x remount_swap.sh
    adb reboot
    Hello there..
    First of all I am apologize for the delay. I am still experimenting and trying different settings with the new ROM and kernel. So far so good.... Kernel and ROM, both are almost ready, But I am still working with a script in order to create and use zram as a swap space/ virtual memory. It is the best combination of RAM and disk space. It seems it doesn't use the CPU all the time...which means doesn't reduce the battery. I tried different settings of zram and swap and end up with this..balance with CPU usage and battery. It boost the speed and gives more memory and good battery..Almost 3 days of battery..(ofc depends how much u use the watch)

    The scripts is also done now...I am happy with that. I also implement init.d in the ROM in order to use the script automatically. It is also possible to just flash the script in TWRP. I just need to clean up and take sometime to upload the ROM.

    I would also like to thanks those who have donated me. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much for your donation.

    I am also start working with Ticwatch C2 and Ticwatch Pro 4G. New ROM and kernel for both devices are coming too.
    Hi all.
    This is perfect way to get Gpay on your watch. Tested by TicWatch Pro

    Go to https://sqlite.org/download.html and download sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3280000.zip
    Unzip and use sqlite3.exe
    You have to got ADB files

    Let's go

    0. Commands start to execute from cmd, so that adb and sqlite3 was visible from there (put in the desired directory, or run with the full path)
    1. Enable Developer on watch (click on the build number in about watch")
    2. Enable adb debugging
    3. Open cmd On PC (adb folder with adb files)
    4. Execute
    adb shell
    You should see an invitation with "$"
    5. Execute
    confirm on the clock. If suddenly not confirmed, and left Permission denied, find in Magisk Manager and confirm manually.
    6. Execute
    cp /data/data/com.google.android.gms/databases/dg.db /mnt/sdcard
    copy the database to where the file can be easily copied to the PC
    7. Open an additional cmd window (in ADB folder)
    adb pull /mnt/sdcard/dg.db
    The database will be copied to the PC in the current directory
    8. In the same terminal window run
    sqlite3.exe dg.db
    you will be prompted with ">"
    9. Execute
    update main set c = 0 where a like 'attest%';
    Change the value of the 3rd column ("c") to 0 if the first ("a") starts with attest
    10. Exit sqlite (press Ctrl-D)
    11. Push the file back on the clock
    adb push dg.db /mnt/sdcard
    12. Select the first open window with "adb shell"
    cp /mnt/sdcard /data/data/com.google.android.gms/databases/dg.db
    13. Changing access rules
    chmod 440 /data/data/com.google.android.gms/databases/dg.db
    Go to Gpay on your watch and add your credit card
    Review of the current version of the ROM

    I've asked a number of questions about user experience with the ROM and I feel a responsibility to give back to this community with my experience installing and using the ROM. I have the 512M version of the Ticwatch Pro. I give details of my usage so you can see my use case (feel free to skip any of it).

    Before changing to this ROM I made a number of adjustments to the watch using the stock ROM:
    1. I turned on Always On Display (AOD)
    2. I turned off Raise to Wake
    3. I disabled all of the Tic Exercise / Ticwatch apps available in the applications settings menu.
    4. I used adb to disable ticsystem.
    5. I used the developer settings to turn off all of the animations

    Having done this I was actually rather satisfied with performance for the most used functions (swiping for: notifications, tiles, google, settings, etc.). I was not satisfied when switching to an app, going to and changing settings on a watch face and so on. I also felt that I was not always getting notifications as quickly as I should.

    I did find, though, that I had rather good battery performance. I recharge every night. Also, I exercise first thing in the morning and I put the watch back on the charger during my shower. I occasionally take a walk during the day and don't put the watch back on the charger, although I do track the walk. Overall I usually went to bed with 30-40% power left.

    I've been following the forum closely and decided to install the ROM a bit over a week ago. My biggest concern was being able to backup and restore (I always take a TWRP backup of a phone before installing a ROM). I never felt I had a clear picture on the correct way to backup the watch. I tried doing an adb backup of each of the partitions that I saw in the stock ROM posted to this forum (each of the .img files) which was slightly older than what was on my watch. I found the size I pulled was rather different than in the zip file so I assume I did it incorrectly. At that point I decided to just take the plunge and hope that if things went west the stock image I had would work and the watch would update itself the my current level.

    I performed the install exactly as described in the "steps.txt" file. All went as expected and the watch booted up fine the first time. I then took the time to reinstall my apps and watch faces. I then made the same changes described above (except I didn't have to disable ticsystem). Here are my observations having used the ROM for over a week:
    1. The watch now performs as I had hoped it would. All the normal swipes and app changes are smooth. You do need to keep your expectations in mind. If you open an app on your phone it doesn't start "instantaneously." You can't expect better than that on a watch, but on the watch the apps open and come to life quickly and a lot better than stock.
    2. The one caveat to the performance observation is that when notifications are coming in (particularly a large set in the morning) and you are working with the watch at the same time, things can stutter and swiping and clicking can happen in the wrong places. An overwhelming of the multitasking, I guess.
    3. Battery life is still good. About the same as I was getting with stock or perhaps just a bit less. That may be because I'm still tweaking things and trying new watch faces. I certainly have 20-30% left and often up to 40%.
    4. The ROM has been totally stable. Absolutely no crashes or restarts
    5. Installation recommendations - for JanJan
      • Provide a good guide to backing up the stock ROM - preferably in steps.txt
      • I knew that the bootloader had to be unlocked but this should be in the steps
      • I knew that you had to get into fastboot before running 2-flash-windows.bat. That process should be in steps.
      • My fault - but I had problems getting Google Pay working (I know it now works well enough to accept the card - haven't tried to make a payment yet). I made too many changes to try and fix it to pinpoint the exact problem but I believe the problem was that I left the watch in ADB debug when I tried to set it up. EDIT: While the card is accepted, I CAN'T pay with it.
    6. To users
      • Be very patient. Give the watch and the ROM a number of days (or a week) to let things settle down. It gets much better.
      • I still recommend disabling animations and Tic Exercise - the watch just seems snappier
      • Send JanJan a donation - cheers!
    Sorry for the length of this but I wanted to give as clear a picture as I could. I would really appreciate any comments or corrections to what I have written.