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Feb 26, 2017
Try these groups to get the recent builds, but not sure about the best.


Hi! Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I tried and tested every build of LOS 14.1. and finally settled on @thewisenerd 's 20170725 build. This was the latest build where the audio worked in video recording. Builds after this suffered from very low audio recorded during the video.

One bug I noticed, however, is when I disabled 'touch sounds', the music player crashes and reboots every time, thus making it unusable.
On the other hand, the build is very less prone to heating, the battery life seems okay and the performance is better than what I had on MIUI. Yes, the LTE signal doesn't get always full, but it's workable.

Speaking of development, I've seen some Pie development for ferrari on 4pda.
Jan 28, 2020
After flashing it correctly ( in order ), the touch is not working in phone setup. Even though, I flashed required firmware. How to fix please help. I would like to experience this rom.


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Mar 13, 2021
The download links for the compatible TWRP are not working.
basketbuild is down, and MEGA link is expired.
Could anyone upload it again?

Update: I found that the latest version of official TWRP works fine with this custom rom.
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