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[ROM][Kitkat(3-28)/Nougat(1-13)] Unofficial LineageOS

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Mar 12, 2016
@Hazou, is it normal that on resume, after minutes or hours in standby, the wifi icon is not present, like it is disabled, and appear only after a few seconds ? It seem that the wifi shutdown while in standby but I have enabled "wifi enabled on standby" (don't know the exact label in english) so I expect that the wifi stay enabled.


Apr 17, 2012
How to fix battery calibration issues RAZR I

Well, I'm using the old version and now I have this exact problem. 100% then went down to 14%, 5% and power off... in about 3 minutes.

Charging is going from 0% --> 14% --> 75% -->100% in again 4 or 5 minutes.

I will try to get a battery replacement for this one,


Hello everyone,

I'm replying my own post because someone may have the same problems I had,
I did not changed the battery, but I follow this procedure, it took me almost 2 days but it was fixed,

1) Charge your phone while is Power ON until it says 100% (does not matter if it took 2 minutes to reach 100%)
2) Unplug the phone and use it until Power OFF
3) While is power OFF plug your phone to the charger until it reaches 100% (again does not matter if it takes 2 minutes to reach 100%)
4) Once is 100% unplug your phone
5) Power ON your phone, most probably when it completes the power ON the battery will be NOT at 100%, but at 40%... 30%... perhaps 60%
6) repeat from step 1...

On step 5, when you power ON the phone and it is at 100% (or as near to 100% as possible) (perhaps 98%) use it until power OFF , it can power OFF at 15% or perhaps 12%, then once more, plug it to the charger and let it charge untill 100% always with the phone POWER OFF.

And then is done, once you power ON the phone again the battery will be calibrated again,

TIP: I had to do this twice, because I thought that 98% charge was not enought, so I repeated from step 1 to 5, and then my battery decalibrate again... that's why it took me 2 full days to get it fixed again.

So finally what you need is a lot of patiente :)

Best regards,
@Hazou keep doing this excellent work :)


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Jan 17, 2010
Any ideas on how to get pokemon go working now ?

I tried rootswtich as mentioned earlier in the thread but couldnt get pokemon to work so assuming they have now blocked that method.



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Jun 16, 2015
Contagem, MG
I don't have a single problem with installing and using xposed on the latest version with a clean install.
Did u check the text on the first post?:
As of version 1.12/26 October the ROM is using an Optimized Dalvik from Intel. This [U]will[/U] break Xposed. To get Xposed working again I refer U to this [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/tool-installer-xposed-installer-zenfones-t2983589"]link[/URL]

Hello Hazou, I've been using a Xiaomi Mi 5s as my daily driver, and my old Razr i as a secondary phone, after years using the build 20150923 as daily driver at my warrior Razr i, for some reason the phone bootlooped at bootloader logo, then I searched the web and saw this topic alive today! It's impressing, congratulations for keeping maintaining this amazing device.
So, here is my question, what build is the most recent and stable of all?
Cheers. :D


Aug 19, 2017
Hello Hazou, I've been using a Xiaomi Mi 5s as my daily driver, and my old Razr i as a secondary phone, after years using the build 20150923 as daily driver at my warrior Razr i, for some reason the phone bootlooped at bootloader logo, then I searched the web and saw this topic alive today! It's impressing, congratulations for keeping maintaining this amazing device.
So, here is my question, what build is the most recent and stable of all?
Cheers. :D

if you wanna install xposed:

"Dirty flash" means you just flash newer version on top of older, without wiping phone before flash or deleting any data. Basically, you:
1. Wipe your phone;
2. Install January's firmware (lineage-11-20170128-UNOFFICIAL-smi.zip)
3. Install Xposed, make sure it is working fine;
4. Install latest firmware (lineage-11-20170227-UNOFFICIAL-smi.zip) [without wipe just update]
5. Enjoy!
I went throughout all these steps and Xposed is working fine for me with latest Lineage 11 build. Hopefully Hazou :angel: will fix it in his next Lineage release :fingers-crossed:

Work for me =) with the April 2017 update


Senior Member
Mar 12, 2016
I have trouble with my 3G connection that doesn't work after a few minutes of idle. I have to disable / reenable it a few time a day...
So is it possible to flash an official KitKat ROM ? If yes, how ? Thanks !

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    Unofficial LineageOS for Motorola Razr I

     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    This is an unofficial LineageOS rom as is build for the Motorola razr I, (XT890/SMI).
    I won't include features that I dislike. If u want something else, build it.

    How to install:
    New Install (coming from another ROM)
    • Make sure u have latest bootloader from JB RSD-Package or OTA (motoboot)
    • Do a full backup with your favorite latest recovery!
    • Download the Rom zip and the Gapps zip
    • Do a full wipe in recovery (data/factory reset, system)
    • Install the Rom zip and Gapps zip through recovery!
    • Enjoy!
    Coming from previous version of the same Android Version
    • Do a full backup with your favorite recovery!(optional, for if things go wrong)
    • Download the Rom zip
    • Install the Rom zip (and Gapps if getting erros with Google services) through recovery!
    • Enjoy!

    LineageOS 14.1
    Latest-Rom: lineage-14.1-20180113-UNOFFICIAL-smi.zip
    Gapps: OpenGapps <-- x86, android 7.1, *
    XDA Download Section

    LineageOS 14.1 Information

    • Some apps may not work properly because of outdated HOUDINI libraries (Nothing we can do about it)
    • Still needs some testing in specific places (InCall Microphone mute)
    • Hardware accelerated secure DRM playback won't work, software playback does! (e.g. Netflix)
    • SELinux is in permissive mode
    • Boot issues? Update your bootloader, have a look at the TWRP Recovery project for smi
    13 Januari
    [*]LOS-14.1 source update
    [*]Use unified LOS charger
    [*]Enable Call Recording
    [*]Fix Screen Recording
    [*]Don't enable lifedisplay by default
    [*]Kernel and system Bluetooth upstream updates
    [*]Fix MTP crash (caused by missing mount namespace in kernel)
    28 December
    [*]Kernel: Use specific cpu Freq when touched, Both CPUS should work fine
    [*]Kernel: Enable sdcardfs
    [*]Kernel: Enable new kernel module loading (finit_module)
    [*]Kernel: Enable new CLOCK_BOOTTIME_ALARM
    [*]Kernel: Update sensor drivers
    [*]Kernel: Update in kernel security
    [*]Kernel: Update kernel modules for Nougat
    [*]Kernel: Add Custom KCAL support!
    [*]Audio: implement 2 missing function through a wrapper, audio recording should work
    [*]Camera: Fix camera preview start/stop/record
    [*]Vibrator: Use a wrapper for vibrator hall
    [*]Screen: Amoled burnin protection enabled
    [*]Screen: Enable color calibration through kernel! Speeds up live-display etc. KCAL
    [*]WLAN: Using ti wlan drivers instead of Intel's fork. Needs testing with battery, connection, hostapd etc.
    [*]Doze: Enable doze powersavings
    [*]Doze: Enable proximity wake
    [*]Lights: Use source build liblights
    [*]RILL: UMTS is not HSPA
    [*]DRM: Enable drm protected video
    [*]Sensors: Fix sensor readouts

    LineageOS 11
    Latest-Rom: lineage-11-20180323-UNOFFICIAL-smi.zip
    Gapps: OpenGapps <-- x86, android 4.4, *
    XDA Download Section
    Private mirror from burn02

    LineageOS 11 Information

    • Some apps won't work properly with media (sonix player,netflix,telegram(compression),screencast)

    Android Runtime (ART) does work. But it is not as stable as Dalvik on Kitkat. If u want to use ART instead of Dalvik, Houdini (arm to x86 translator) will not work. Houdini is in Kitkat connected to Dalvik, so going to ART will disable any executing of ARM code on this device. Apps, services and maybe other thing might not work.
    • Enable ART in the developers section
    • Remove the line "ro.product.cpu.abi2=armeabi-v7a" from build.prop <- removes arm only apps from play store.

    As of version 1.12/26 October the ROM is using an Optimized Dalvik from Intel. This will break Xposed. To get Xposed working again I refer U to this link

    23 March
    [*]LineageOS source updates
    [*]Security updates up to march
    [*]Massive kernel update! Includes:
    [*]Kernel: Security updates for all relevant CVE's on cve.lineageos.org (see KernelCVES.txt in kernel source tree)
    [*]Kernel: Kernel updated to 3.0.101
    [*]Kernel: Added interactivex2 and intel governor and 3 new I/O schedulers
    [*]Kernel: F2FS support
    [*]Kernel: Update to zram (performance)
    [*]Kernel: All modules are now builtin
    [*]Kernel: KCAL updates, so applications can search for kcal support in kernel (kcal.ctrl0(commonly used))
    [*]Kernel: (very) Small performance updates
    [*]Kernel: Update for android 7+ included
    [*]Kernel/UserSpace: Update power module
    [*]Kernel/UserSpace: update to ct406, Bluetooth, accelerator modules
    27 Oktober
    [*]Android security updates all the way up to November
    [*]New lights module, prioritizes Notifications instead off Battery, Thanks @julianwi
    [*]Kernel security updates
    [*]Krack security update included
    [*]FFmpeg updated to 3.0.8
    [*]Maybe fixed some wifi connection drops
    17 April
    [*]Security updates from April 2017
    28 February
    [*]Security updates from February 2017
    [*]Another improve to RenderScript (2d/photo's)
    [*]SKIA optimized for x86, improve of about 5-30% in 2d rendering
    [*]Same with JPEG encoding and decoding (mainly for camera pictures)
    [*]Using secure boot from now (one of the fixes for pokemon)
    [*]Enable CIP and MDP decoders/encoders ([URL="https://github.com/HazouPH/android_device_motorola_smi/blob/cm-11.0/modules/mdp_codecs/performance"]performance[/URL])
    [*]Enable ALAC codec support
    [*]MP3 can be played from a MP4 file
    [*]Enable AAC-LC codec
    [*]Another optimization to Dalvik (increase of 0-10% in java executing(apps))
    [*]Improvements to media in gereneral from Intel sources
    [*]Improvements in FFMpeg (also updated to 3.0.4) and media extraction
    [*]Improve vpx (vp8 and vp9) performance ([URL="https://github.com/HazouPH/android_device_motorola_smi/blob/cm-11.0/modules/mdp_codecs/performance"]performance[/URL])
    30 January
    [*]Re-brand to LineageOS
    [*]Up-to-date with Google Android Security patch 01-01-2017
    [*]Update HOUDINI to 4.1.1b. Most apps now work (snapchat, pokemon go (can't rom has root).
    [*]Update all media codecs to upstream android master
    [*]Fixup green bars on some videos
    [*]Priorities Google Codecs over FFmpeg
    [*]Fix widevine videos, DRM protected video's can be played now
    [*]Another optimization to RenderScript
    [*]WIFI country codes work, wifi rules are up-to-date with latest 2016 changes
    [*]Change WIFI firmware, fixes most issues with tethering. Thanks https://github.com/Poslanets !
    [*]Enable Zram (Better ram management)
    [*]Enable KSM (Better ram management)
    [*]Fix Xposed. Works again
    [*]Update APN's. Mobistar argentina, pls report if something doesn't work
    [*]CMForks changes: github.com/cmforks. Most noticeable:
    [*][CMForks] Notify when wifi is connected
    [*][CMForks] Settings: many crash fixes
    [*][CMForks] Trebuchet: many crash fixes and some enhancements
    [*][KERNEL] Multiple crash and security fixes
    [*][KERNEL] Removed verified bootstate from kernel command prompt
    [*][KERNEL] Some small optimizations
    22 December
    [*]Added latest security patch (11-2016)
    [*]Using Google's Vorbis decoder
    [*]VP9 works again with mostly every file. Does increase cpu usage by a lot!
    24 May
    [*]Fixup ffmpeg mpeg2 softwae video decoder
    [*]Use Google MP3 decoder instead of ffmpeg (wrong channel count and sample-rates)
    [*]Enable ffmpeg VP9 software decoding, 2x times better performance
    21 May
    [*]Replacing CIP codecs for FFmpeg 3.0
    [*]Fixing permissions of multiple executables (fixes videostream bug)
    [*]Updated IA Resampler patch (some audio didn't resample right)
    [*]Kernel security updates
    [*]CM11 CVE updates
    7 April
    [*]Security updates of March
    [*]Security updates in kernel, from CM kernel 3.0.* security updates
    [*]TI Wpa supplicant used for battaery management (hope it helps)
    [*]Using Intel Optimized Audio Resampler
    [*]Add asf parser for WMA, WMV and ASF media file types
    [*]Use Intel Optimized Audio codecs (CIP)
    [*]Add Apple Loseless Audio Codec support, needs testing
    [*]SQlite optimization flags added
    [*]Fix to Bluetooth PAN network
    [*]Media changes:
    [*]Faster thumbnail creation through hardware support
    [*]Hardware rotation of media
    [*]Added stream flags to audio blobs, needed by vendor blobs
    [*]Enhanced media capabilities (see github)
    9 February
    [*]Cyanogenmod updates
    [*]February security updates
    [*]WMA support through FFMPEG
    [*]Back to stock kernel
    [*]Removed obsolete files
    [*]Provided 3.0.101 kernel in Download section
    25 December
    [*] Reverted kernel changes
    [*] Gone back to Intel TI Wifi Source
    [*] Fixed Xposed
    [*] Latest security updates (dec-2015)
    8 December
    [B] I recommend doing a clean flash![/B]
    Device tree:
    [*]Using new Intel Optimized RenderScript
    [*]Remove TARGET_ARCH_LOWMEM, we don need it
    [*]Building kernel from source
    [*]Now using a backup of the PDS partition
    [*]New TI Wlan driver
    [*]Enabled Bluetooth LE
    [*]Reverted to WPA 8 from WPA 8 TI, for battery and stability
    [*]KERNEL: Add support for x86 kernel building
    [*]WIFI: needs gpio hooks to work
    [*]WIFI: may not power on automatically after suspended
    [*]KERNEL: Don't build dtbs (arm)
    [*]HOUDINI: Using legacy way of detecting if houdini is enabled, this fixes crash in ART
    [*]Building from source
    [*]Updated to 3.0.101
    [*]Merged OXAVELAR's changes, still need to look at the ramdisk changes from him
    [*]Enable fast charge from PosixCompatible, his "configuring" app still needs to be implemented
    [*]Fix IDLE driver crash in kernel
    [*]Add optimization flags to build
    26 October
    [B]If u have Xposed installed, remove it before updating the rom![/B]
    [*]Reverted Houdini update (fixes HERE maps crash)
    [*]Better houdini implementation in framework (no need for workarounds)
    [*]Fix VLC crash (symbol lookup crash in linker)
    [*]Build enc/dev media libs from source (test if green bar bug is present)
    [*]Using Intel Optimized Libm (math)
    [*]Latest Stagefright fix
    [*]Latest upstream CM patches
    [*]NEW Intel Optimized Dalvik with new engine. Speeds up java runtime with speeds up to 50% more (linpack and quadrant tested). Apps will perform much better. Native code reliant apps won't see much change.
    23 September
    [*] Update houdini to 4.1.1b.45721
    22 September
    [*] Adding houdini back
    19 September
    [*]Up-to-date with latest changes upstream (stagefright bugs)
    [*]Changed some apn settings, could ffix AR apn's
    13 Augustus
    [*]P2P can be enabled (see github)
    [*]Bluetooth permission en tethering updates
    [*]Better airplane mode control
    [*]Greenbar bug in video fixed
    [*]Added MMS Settigns
    [*]Updated timezones
    [*]Increased volume mod by @KREATOR
    [*]Latest changes from CM11
    [*]Stagefright vulnerability fixed
    9 April
    [*]Fix video flickering (In most cases)
    [*]Reverted Wifi updates (Wifi should work normally again for all)
    [*]Using prebuilt media blobs, removing color distortion in some media files
    5 April
    [*]Fix video flickering (In most cases)
    [*]Fix GPS battery drain on boot (was very small)
    [*]Wifi updates
    1 April (fools)
    [*]Fix frontcam recording
    [*]Change behavior of airplane mode, now correctly tells the system radio is off
    [*]Small ramdisk changes
    [*]Update bootanimation resolution
    [*]Camera scenes now work. It may crash from time to time, just relaunch the app. Working on this to further improve this where i can
    [*]Change zip name for more clarity
    26 February
    [*]Add framework for AGPS
    [*]Add direct camera launch from dedicated camera (setting is in English)
    23 February
    [*]Fix USB and Bluetooth tethering
    [*]Fix USB tile in quick settings
    [*]Fix Airplane deactivate mode
    [*]Fix AGPS (first time takes some time)
    [*]Fix Headset key-mapping
    18 February
    [*]Fix reboot to recovery
    [*]Fix multi reboot options
    [*]DPI can now be changed from build.prop
    16 February
    [*]Enabled LED settings for apps and battery
    [*]Enable camera button wake setting (no camera app starting)
    [*]App installed with ARM support now gets arch 'ARM' from systen.getprop(os.arch), Here maps now work
    [*]Took automatic brightness settings from Omar's ROM
    4 Januari
    [*]Completely fixed wifi mac adres
    [*]Using wpa_supplicant TI for now for BC scanning
    [*]NFC doesn't download firmware, needs testing
    [*]Removed XPROC... sharing
    [*]Using watchdogd from source
    [*]Add HDR camera support
    [*]Using intel media libs from source
    14 December
    [*]Enable more NFC settings. Tag and others should work
    [*]Wifi mac fixed. If u have no wifi, execute fix-mac.sh (make it executable chmod 755) from terminal and reboot. This will give u the mac from the last version
    [*]Fix external storage 'rw' permissions for media
    [*]Fix charge only mode
    [*]Some other small changes i forgot                                 
    8 December
    [*] Initial release

    If you have any fixes and features that u want to have implemented to get a better experience, please share and provide the code and ask for a merge to my github! Only fixes and features with code! We/I can't do much with just ideas!

    Thanks and credits
    • xNeo92x
    • DinizZ
    • fe2k7
    • Omar-Avelar
    • BirneKlub9
    • dagoban
    • Burn02
    • roymental
    • FourOne82
    • PosixCompatible
    • Igor
    • Julianwi
    • Cyanogenmod
    • LineageOS
    • Motorola
    • Intel
    • All the rest that have helped to construct these builds and develop software for xt890 directly or indirectly in the past.

    DATA Encryption
    Encryption works on this device with this ROM out of the box, but U will need to disable the PDS partition backup. Do the following:
    • Boot ones without encrytion enabled
    • Backup the file /data/pdsdata.img to a secure location somewhere else (not on the phone, for safe keeping)
    • Rename the file /system/bin/pdsbackup.sh to pdsbackup.bk or something else
    • Reboot and encrypt the device
    If for some reason your pds partition is faulty, u can repair it with the backup u have on the secure location.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Unofficial LineageOS, ROM for the Motorola RAZR i

    Source Code: https://github.com/HazouPH

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: LineageOS 14.1
    Stable Release Date: 2018-01-13

    Created 2014-12-08
    Last Updated 2018-03-24
    Good news :)

    I got a replacement phone from -Synix-
    So thanks to him I will continue some development on this phone.

    The things u can expect on the new release in the near future (already testing):
    - Even better houdini implementation in framework, old workaround from me aren't needed anymore :D
    - Optimized dalvik from Intel, could improve performance
    - Optimized libm (math library) from Intel, could improve performance
    - Now all OMX modules are build from source
    - Latest Stagefright bug fix
    - The new houdini libs causes some problems in some apps (Here maps). Investigating that, maybe reverting to older ones.
    - Hopefully VLC fix, crashes somewhere in linker

    About FM: It is effectively disabled in the audio HW modules.
    About WIFI direct: It's missing some code in framework, that's why it didn't work correct. Trying to port it over.
    That's really great! Good work! GPS fix in < 5s here (and this with only 4 visible satellites)...

    Does this mean you will try to get CM12 running now that CM11 is stable? ;)

    I am definitely going to try CM12. But that will take huge amounts of time (months) and i know a couple of others persons are trying to get it working. We now have a stable base for continuing this project. Let's see what the future holds.
    We are going stable. 23 February.
    • Fix USB and Bluetooth tethering
    • Fix USB tile in quick settings
    • Fix Airplane deactivate mode
    • Fix AGPS (first time takes some time)
    • Fix Headset key-mapping
    Only bugs left, but no significant: camera recording quality, flickering in full size video, wifi battery usage
    New version online: 1.13 on github and 8 December on XDA

    After the last 2 versions, I do recommend a clean flash.


    Device tree:
    - Using new Intel Optimized RenderScript
    - Remove TARGET_ARCH_LOWMEM, we don need it
    - Building kernel from source
    - Now using a backup of the PDS partition
    - New TI Wlan driver
    - Enabled Bluetooth LE
    - Reverted to WPA 8 from WPA 8 TI, for battery and stability

    - KERNEL: Add support for x86 kernel building
    - WIFI: needs gpio hooks to work
    - WIFI: may not power on automatically after suspended
    - KERNEL: Don't build dtbs (arm)
    - HOUDINI: Using legacy way of detecting if houdini is enabled, this fixes crash in ART

    - Building from source
    - Updated to 3.0.101
    - Merged OXAVELAR's changes, still need to look at the ramdisk changes from him
    - Enable fast charge from PosixCompatible, his "configuring" app still needs to be implemented
    - Fix IDLE driver crash in kernel
    - Add optimization flags to build

    @PosixCompatible the app works flawless. It changes the value between 3 to 6. With default on 4. 4 Also means unlimited if I search in the code or doesn't it and is it still limited to a certain value? Also if u can make a release version and a small app icon I will implement it in the build ;) Better, if u can make a ndk version or can me show how to, I can add the code to the build system.