[ROM] [KK][MT6582] MIUI 7 for HTC Desire 816G Dual Sim [Dual-3G]

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    Flashing ROMs voids your device's warranty.
    I am not responsible if your device gets bricked during installation.
    This ROM is not meant for HTC Desire 816g octa-core version. ONLY for HTC Desire 816g Dual SIM mt6582(Quad-core Version).


    Based on Android kitkat(4.4.2)
    Awesum new Transparent UI. Only English and chinese language.
    Added latest Gapps,google lollipop keyboard, prerooted.
    New Torrent & Magnet link Support. You can download torrents by Default Download App.
    Camera Shutter Sound is Disabled.
    Battery performance highly optimised.
    Improved Stablility.
    Explore the ROM for all MIUI features.


    Place the zip in external-sdcard.
    You must have TWRP/CWM recovery. (link to recovery installation guides given below.)
    Reboot into TWRP/CWM Recovery.
    Factory Reset or Wipe /data & /cache (Warning: Dont Wipe /system)
    Install MIUI zip package.
    Reboot. Enjoy!!!


    MIUI 7 ROM

    CWM Recovery

    Camera Patch

    Firmware Info:

    Rom OS version: 4.4.2
    Kernel Version: 3.4.67
    Kernel Source: Stock KitKat Untouched

    Version Info:

    MIUI version: 7
    Version status: Beta
    Beta version: 5.10.15


    One Handed Mode works sometimes and sometimes it does not. Still working on the fix as HTC does not have hardware buttons. Xposed module can be used if you want to experince One Handed Mode.

    Some themes have DPI issues. Try changing DPI from build.prop. If single apps like dialler have DPI issues use app settings module to change DPI.

    Users may face Inverted Touch problem while charging. If So please Report, a fix for this will be provided ASAP after the same if reported in this thread.

    You may get bugs. Report below I'll try to fix.


    -Pinch away with two fingers in recent apps to get IOS like recent apps.
    -Problems downloading from play store? Go to Downloads > Settings> Set download limit to unlimited.
    -If you didn't get Whatsapp message popups..Open security and give Whatsapp all permission and make it auto start.
    -Open camera app and change picture quality from standard to high for high quality.
    -Use WSM tools to install supported Xposed Tools.
    -Do Not Update Rom even if there are OTA updates available this shall brick the device.

    Some Helpful guides for recovery installation and general flashing tips:

    - Users can install CWM recovery using MTK Droid Tools. Follow the link below:

    - Users can install TWRP using EasyMagicTWRP Installer and use it. Link given below:

    -If you need help for manual recovery installation and rooting procedure you can follow my guide for the same.

    -TWRP is having some issues. A fresh and less buggy TWRP shall be provided for download in the coming future.

    -Device should be charged to 100% before you start flashing.

    -Take a backup of your stock ROM before starting installation procedure to be on the safe side.

    -Take a backup of your NVRAM which is the IMEI number for your device as sometimes this device tends to flush its IMEI details during flashing.

    -Please be patient while the device boots for the first time.(Tip: Connect Device to charger while flashing, if LED turns on after "Mi boot logo" it means flash successful, then there will be the custom Boot animation of the ROM.)

    -All the patches will be a flashable zip. So flashing it should not be a problem.

    Updates for this ROM shall not be Frequent but as and when possible please don,t ask/pester for updating this ROM.

    The bugs shall be fixed when reported in the thread and the thread shall be updated with the link for the bug fix flashable zip.

    Please do not mirror without my permission.

    Users can use this ROM for porting purpose, after seeking permission about the same. If port is successful please report back with the name of the device to which the ROM is ported.

    Help shall always be provided to those who want to learn anything new for this device.

    This ROM is not meant for the octa-core version of this device. Flashing this ROM/RECOVERY may or may not work, flash at your own risk.

    Hit thanks if this thread and CUSTOM ROM was helpful to you. Don't just leech the downloads, show respect and gratitude for someone else's work.

    A special thanks to @Saginesh for miui 7 ROM and Porting Guide.
    The first custom rom for my MTK device was only possible because of @Saginesh.
    @demkohell(CWM Recovery installation guide)
    Please share the meta inf folder with me, i'll try to port the given links' ROM... and nonetheless, in coming time u'll share cm 12.1 (i know it, but don't have patience to wait! :p)

    Meanwhile, has anyone checked http://www.mtkroms.com/ .....these guys have been doing too much with mediateks... i have tried their roms but it needs porting ..... can anyone confirm if they're doing things good enough?? :D

    ---------- Post added at 09:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:52 PM ----------

    @abhi212b Here is the link for the meta inf folder I used in the CM 12.1 rom that booted up on this device.


    Yes you can use the roms from the given website. Yes their device specific roms are good but porting these roms are sometimes a piece of cake and sometimes very difficult. You can try the roms if you are interested.
    I have successfully ported cm12.1 with some bugs . do you guys want a fresh build or want to try the buggy build?
    CM 11 will be up next

    thankyou for first custom rom for this device.....will you please port cm11 rom for this device?

    Was travelling so could not reply.
    Will port cm11 for the device.:good:
    Checking Out..

    Thank God you are such a life-saver.. Downloading Now..
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