[ROM] [KOT49H][ KK4.4.2] ★★★ DroidKang v20 ★★★ [29/04][CM11]


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Jul 11, 2011
[ROM] [KOT49H][ KK4.4.2] ★★★ DroidKang v20 ★★★ [29/04][CM11]

★★★ Welcome To DroidKang ★★★

DroidKang is a pure CyanogenMod 11 Rom with much more tweaks and addons. Tweaks and Mods are added to every new build.
Rom Features

base is CyanogenMod 11
3-Way Reboot Menu
Statusbar mods
Notification drawer mods
Notification LED mods
Screen mods
Animation mods
Battery Icon mods
System Animation tweaks
Navigation Bar mods
Active Display Notifications from MotoX
Listview Mods
Expanded Desktop (immersive mode)
Use ART Runtime without issues
and much more ...

DroidKang review

Installation DroidKang

Go to CWM Recovery do a Wipe/Factory Reset (Necessary if you come from a different ROM)
Wipe also Dalvik/Cache
Flash DroidKang.zip
Flash Gapps
Reboot your device!

Download DroidKang Rom

Please make a FULL WIPE and install DroidKang than Gapps before you post any bugs !!!
DroidKang v20


Download latest PA Gapps KK 4.4.2

PA 4.4.2 Gapps


[B][U]DroidKang v20[/U][/B]
After 2 month new DK release started from scratch with everything up to date. 
Some useless features removed.
Expect more in future.  

[B][U]DroidKang v19[/U][/B]
Add Donations
- Settings -> System Info -> Donations
Add "OmniROM Audio Theme"
- Settings -> Sound -> Sound packs
Add "Connection manager"
- Settings -> Wireless & Network (More...) -> Connection Manager
Add "Caption detection Toggle" - OmniROM
Add "Add Dialer suggestions and reverse lookup" - OmniROM
Add "OmniSwitch" by OmniROM
Add back quick unlock for pin/password security
Add updated "LocationTile" from SlimRom
Add "Handle navbar heights correct on dpi changes + more" - SlimRom
Add "Updates to QuickSettings : Quick Collapse"
Add "Super advanced Custom Toggle" - SlimROM
Add "Notification drawer - full swipe-to-switch detection"
Add "New drawables for nav bar" - kercinzer
Add "Custom Carrier Label"
Add "Pimp up Notification Labels Hide"
Add "Add option to always show battery status on lockscreen"
Add "Lockscreen Glowpad Torch"
frameworks/base: Lockscreen Notifications: rewrite add notification logic
frameworks/base: Vpn: Setup routes
frameworks/base: added national roaming for Noverca in Italia
frameworks/base: added national roaming for BSNL in India
frameworks/base: more fix Active Display (again)
frameworks/base: Prevent MediaScanner infinite loop with invalid path
frameworks/base: Revert "Fix error checking in MemoryFile."
frameworks/base: ActivityManager: Fix monkey tests
frameworks/base: fix on tablets notification drawer height on custom image background
frameworks/base: restore navbar compatibility with several xposed modules
frameworks/base: frameworks: Remove KeyguardTestActivity (Hope systemui improved battery life …)
frameworks/base: Restore ProfileGroup notification override functionality
frameworks/base: storage: Don't list removed volumes in storage list
frameworks/base: AppOps: fix allow/reject counting
frameworks/base: Quick Record Tile Save Location 
frameworks/base: Fix NPE causing a hot reboot when pressing power button
frameworks/base: SUPL early data connection fix
frameworks/base: Increase overall scroll smoothness
frameworks/base: GlobalActions: Set the initial status of airplane mode toggle
frameworks/base: Add Fast Charge QS Tile 
frameworks/base: Speedup kill app timeout delay
frameworks/base: Fix for the race in Wallpaperservice
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Fix to avoid framework reboot during monkey
frameworks/base: ProcessCpuTracker: Fix ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException in tempSpeeds
frameworks/base: server: Treat non-default route as host route
frameworks/base: Fix dest == src bugs in Matrix.cpp
frameworks/base: GpsLocationProvider: look for config file in /etc/gps.<ro.hardware.gps>.conf
frameworks/base: fb: unbreak recents animations on thumbnail click or dismiss recents screen
frameworks/base: fix search textfield
frameworks/base: fix number picker blue line and highlight
frameworks/base: Fixed cancel() not working correctly
frameworks/base: Fix the issue that the top of fullscreen dialog is clipped away 
frameworks/base: Added national roaming info for Jazztel Movil in Spain
frameworks/base: Fixed incorrect calculation of dirty invalidation area
frameworks/base: Fix error checking in MemoryFile
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: HID: Add support for HID Device Role
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Changes for LPP and extended LE scan
frameworks/base: OBEX: Reduce Obex MTU size for A2DP or SCO concurrency
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Cleaning up sap service object to avoid serviceRecord leaks
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Fix to avoid framework reboot during monkey
frameworks/base: alarms: clean up duplicated sounds
frameworks/base: FIX LTE QS Toggle
frameworks/base: Keyguard: don't refresh ui when screen off
frameworks/base: ProcessList: use different polling interval when screen off
frameworks/base: UI not updated correctly in expanded statusbar
frameworks/base: onAccountsUpdated shouldn't be called back after listener unregistered
frameworks/base: Fix wrong IME state handlings on keyboard switches
frameworks/base: Keyguard: do not allow to delete the system widget if widgets are disabled
frameworks/base: Fix preference puts with "null" values
frameworks/base: MountService listeners can not be unregistered
frameworks/base: Add NULL check in updateProxyConfig
frameworks/base: Before requerying a cursor, check if it is closed
frameworks/base: Fix a variety of small publicly-reported bugs
frameworks/base: Make SurfaceView layers captured by screenshotApplications
frameworks/base: Re-initialize error after attach
frameworks/base: wlan: Do not disable the network on Assoc Reject/Authentication Failure
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: HID-C: Add support for error parameter for reportError
frameworks/base: Increases Gatt connection timeout value to be 30 secs
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Validate input parameters of gatt characteristics
frameworks/base: Bluetooth: Fix PXP LPP app link loss reconnection
frameworks/base: [ActivityManager]: Fix the activity visibility state not sync between ActivityManager and WindowManager
Settings: Don't crash if we pause too quickly
Settings: Enable Back-key when go to Emergency call
Settings: PrivacyGuard: confirm permissions reset
Settings: Make Privacy Guard a first class citizen in the Settings app.
Settings: Fix up top level "Privacy" section
Settings: Fix Bug Tile Size
Settings: Fix NPE with null check on NFC adapter
Settings: Unbreak PIN/Password lockscreen options
Settings: Fix memory leak in ManageApplication ApplicationsAdapter
Settings: Bluetooth: disable scan icon when BT state is off
Settings: Bluetooth: Validate the device for A2dpSink
Settings: Add some more entries into 'SMS message limit' menu
Settings: Fix clock font style default setting
Updated latest CM11 sources
and much much more
[COLOR="Red"]Thanks to the DK community for donating!!![/COLOR]

[B][U]DroidKang v18[/U][/B]
Add native java screen recorder
Screen recorder: add ability to record audio from mic
Add "Lockscreen See through"
Add "Lockscreen Blur"
Add "Lockscreen notifications"
HALO Forward port from jb43
Alarms: clean up duplicated sounds
fb: actually fix LTE toggle
Add "Status bar clock font style"
- Bold
- Condensed
- Light
- Light Italic
- Normal
Settings: Glowpad Torch
Settings: Fix broken sliders on menu reset
Settings: Add option to always show battery status on lockscreen
Settings: Fix Bug Tile Size
Remove PG from the visibility changes
Add Custom Carrier Label
Add "Flip to Mute/Reject Call"
- Default disabled
- To enable, proceed to dialer settings
Add "QuickSettings : Quick Collapse"
Add "Minimum Vibration Duration"
Fix confusing warning dialog behaviour
Settings: Make CM Settings visible for users other than the owner
Settings: Fix null pointer exceptions in NetworkPolicyEditor
Settings: Bluetooth: Set alias name only through Rename option
Settings: Bluetooth: Don't set a null alias before unpairing
Settings: Clean up SeekBar && Fine LongPress
frameworks/base: Partly fix lockscreen blur rotation issue
frameworks/base: Partly fix lockscreen blur rotation issue
frameworks/base: Lockscreen Blur: fix for coverflows
frameworks/base: Lockscreen Notifications: make animations a bit faster
frameworks/base: Fix ongoing notifications reappearing when hidden & some small animation tweaks again.
frameworks/base: Lockscreen Notifications: fix notifications disappearing on orientation change
frameworks/base: Lockscreen Notifications: disable dynamic width for devices <= xhdpi
frameworks/base: Lockscreen Notification: fix default settings derp
frameworks/base: Lockscreen Notifications: fix phone turning on in pocket
frameworks/base + Settings: Lockscreen notifications: Allow apps to be excluded from being displayed
frameworks/base: Use old see through when blur radius == 0
frameworks/base: Fix show notification count
frameworks/base: Don't show notification count for a notification with just one item
frameworks/base: added national roaming info for Tuenti Movil in Spain
frameworks/base: Show owner info creation if no owner is set for UserTile
frameworks/base: added national roaming for Orange in Austria
frameworks/base: Allow hiding notification icons - OmniROM
frameworks/base: SystemUI: Always show translucent decor on recents panel
frameworks/base: Fix a JNI local reference leak in MediaDrm
frameworks/base: Fix visibility of multiple non-fullscreen activities
frameworks/base: Cursor leakage due to cancellation signal
frameworks/base: QS: fix wrong measurement on 4 or 5 tiles per row on settingspanelview - SlimROM
frameworks/base: make QS again rtl aware
frameworks/base: fix remaining blue dialog dividers
frameworks/base: Add Long-Click to Preference Tile
frameworks/base: fix remaining blue dialog dividers
frameworks/base: Add Long-Click to Preference Tile
frameworks/base: fix multiuser bug in vibrator service
frameworks/base: Add explicit close of Scanner input
frameworks/base: Fix memory leak in PatchCache
frameworks/base: Don't rely on gcc extensions
frameworks/base: UsbDebuggingManager: Fix multiple NPEs toggling USB debugging
frameworks/base: PhoneStatusBar: fix massive surface redraws due of animation race
frameworks/base: Revert "SystemUI: update internal state right after hiding transient bars."
frameworks/base: Keyguard: smooth background change derp fixes
Settings: Fix elapsed time formatting
Updated latest CM11 sources
and much much more i forget
i hate to write changelogs and i think no one is reading them...

[B][U]DroidKang v17[/U][/B]
Camera: fix fc
Settings: Fix Activity Names
Settings: Added Status bar notification count
Camera: Change volume hard key button to zoom function 
Settings: fix led pulsespeedoff disable behaviour
Settings: Custom Tiles added (use every app you like)
settings: Remove ZRAM settings
Support the signed-builds FOTA updater, too
base: Check for homeAsUp status when collapse actionbar widget
SystemUI: Sleep Screen Shortcut
fb: fix reconstruct statusbar illegal argument exception
privacyguard: Share privacy package name between activity stacks
WifiState: Don't aquire transitionwakelock in airplane mode
NetworkPolicy: Validate policy templates before updating
Use highp precision for scaled coordination
Handle backup transport registration dynamically
googlebackuptransport: fix for google backup and restore 
Camera2: Fix indentation and whitespace
camera: Keep touch focus intact during back-to-back ZSL shots 
sf: Don't do premultiplied alpha blending on the statusbar for hwc 
sf: Fix detection of 0.3 hwcomposer
Graphics:Add error check when create GraphicBuffer 
Update HWUI config for xxhdpi/2GB devices
SF: Avoid wormhole clear for BLIT calls 
cm: Remove legacy compcache stuff
InCallUI: Disable Back button on Non-intursive InCall Card

[B][U]DroidKang v16[/U][/B]
Settings: Fix for missing notification volume slider in Volume panel
Settings: Statusbar: double-tap to sleep
- Now default is off
- Enable it via DroidKang Mods -> Status bar
Calibrated Screen gamma values 
Settings: Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code
- Add additional strings to BAND_NAMES array for additional bands from ril.h
- Fix logic when adding band strings to selection list
Settings: Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
Settings: Improve app op details layout
Settings: Clean up lock screen interface code
Settings: Forward port sound settings
- Silent mode
- Volume panel style
- Call Ring mode what Google calls it, not Silent mode
- Silent mode -> Ring mode cleanup
- SoundSettings: Show DSPManager
- Notification sound-to-vibration conversion toggle
- Feature : Volume adjust sound preference
- Add an option to allow a (subtle) notification vibration during calls
- Hide Volume adjustment sound if it's not supported
- Allow to hide Vibrate on notification option if it's not supported
-  improve codes for need voice capability
- Cleanup: Use a helper class for system setting binary toggles
- Cleanup: Don't use getApplicationContext() where not needed
Settings: Always show band 0
Settings: fix exception in BatterySipper.getQuickNameIconForUid placeholder
Settings: PrivacyGuard: Specify a default value in Settings.getInt method call
Keyguard: Fix for home wake/unlock
Use sticky broadcast to convey torch state
Settings: Deprecate has_led_flash, move to framework
Settings: Fix the icon size in app lists
SystemUI: Cleanup and enhance notification drawer header
fb: AppOps: track op persistence by name instead of id
fb: WifiController: fix high perf lock sometimes not respected
InCallUI: fix non intrusive incallui layout 
Synced with CM11 Sources 

[B][U]DroidKang v15[/U][/B]
Added volume wake option
AppOps/Privacy Guard: Fix up misaligned switches
Wrong referring to the resource - id/android:id 
Separate Android Encryption Password from Lockscreen Password
stagefright: provide a custom key to prefer adaptive playback
libmedia: Add support for LCH tones
DTS Postpro integration (for frameworks/av) 
audioflinger: Fix for a deadlock
FLAC coded file does not play (single metadata block files)
frameworks/av: Enable subsystem re-start for LPA/Tunnel
Remove unused audio mk files
Fix Dialog Mobile Broadband MMS APN
Recheck /data for selinux labeling 
Fix internet APN for Life:) provider
frameworks/base: remove some duplicate ringtones/notification sounds
Keyguard: do not show maximized on simpin and several fixes
fb: after fixing the root cause remove implemented lock 
QS: Fix at first boot up wrong orientation detection if landscape
Base: Fix ActiveDisplay problem
CM11 Sources synced
and much more i forget...
I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

[B][U]DroidKang v14 X-Mas Edition[/U][/B]
Settings: QuickRecord Tile added
Settings: follow kitkat's ui
- manage apps; tab selector and ram usage
- battery data usage bar
- app widget toggle
Forward port CM Screen Security settings
- Lockscreen Vibrate
- Slide Lock Delay
- Menu Unlock
- Home Unlock
Settings: added config for menu unlock
Reorganize and clean up lock screen section 
Bluetooth: Destroy BT Dialog on BT power off
Bluetooth: GAP: don't update autoconnect on bonding state
Bluetooth: GAP: Cancel the pairing notification on bond state change
Bluetooth: GAP: Cancel the previous visibilty alarms if already set
Bluetooth: Remove remote device from trust list on BOND change
Bluetooth: Not allow Blank BT device name
Bluetooth: Set alias name only through Rename option
Bluetooth: Fix to show internet access as marked when pan is connected
ReportingService: Fix service startup
Allow disabling the privacy guard notifcation
Keydispatching timeout while finish Activity
MediaDrm#mNativeContext is a long, not int
DO NOT MERGE - Fix improper declaration/use of pointer
Clean up native AlarmManagerService tabs/spaces and unused parameter warnings
Fix to NullPointerException on move back in ActivityStack
Don't try to set service.bootanim.exit
Fix one and hide the other warnings from core/jni 
systemUI: fix notification dissapearing during recreation and app crashes 
Synced CM11 sources
I wish you merry Xmas and thx for 1700 downloads...

[B][U]DroidKang v13[/U][/B]
new bootanimation thx droidprime
fixed bluetooth issues
fixed recents app double press issue
Settings: Add missing up navigation in menus
Settings: fix quickpulldown summary and clean up code - SlimROM
Settings: enable/disable lockscreenwidgets preferences - SlimROM
systemUI: fix date and clock layout
Framework: Change stock Clock-Click Actions - SlimROM
Revert "Statusbar: Time and Date actions" from Omni
Keyguard: disable statusbar clock for dashclock, lockclock and desclock
framework/base: get proper obb mountpoint based on user handle
wlan: Fix for delay in PNO scan trigger after p2p disconnect
frameworks/base: add app launch timeline instrumentation
Close sockets on wpa_supplicant termination
wlan: Error handling on PNO failure due to active P2P session
Clear the scan list when an empty list is received
base: added national roaming info for Pepephone in Spain
core: added national roaming info for Tesco Mobile in Ireland.
Revert "Telephony: Add data rat constant"
QuietHours: disable volume change tone during quiet hours
fb: Keyguard: let the user drag the challenge down if widgets are disabled
Fix Immersive confirmation in expanded mode
fb: Allow disabling the privacy guard notification
fb: small cleanup and fixes in navbar transitions - SlimROM
GlobalActions: collapse all panels if global action is shown - SlimROM
systemUI: split the broadcast receiver in phonestatusbar - SlimROM
KeyguardServiceDelegate: disable DEBUG
PhoneWindowManager: fix navbar behavior in expanded mode after 4.4.2 merge
frameworks/native: libs/ui: Fix crash issue because of null pointer access
Fix ART crash during initialization
Synced CM11 sources
and more i forget...

[B][U]DroidKang v12[/U][/B]
fixed: Youtube issues
QS: do not show ringer options on devices which do not support vibrate
QS: make dynamic tiles configurable 
settings: fix and pimp custom lockscreen handle
Settings: remove preference if device hasn't LockClock installed
Settings: Fix pimp up ActiveDisplay
Address the 'ART' Issue
Wi-Fi AP priorities: Add RTL support
Development settings: Move hostname under ADB over network
overlay: Fix Keyguard configuration
Merge "selinuxrelabel: Add a check for dalvik-cache" into DroidKang
cm: only include WhisperPush in telephony-enabled devices
Add new alarm/notification audios
Frameworks: Slim Shortcuts
fb: fix and pimp custom lockscreen handle
QS: make dynamic tiles configurable
QS: enable haptic feedback and change Alarm tile longpress
Profile: disable triggers when profiles are disabled
BatteryService: fix FC on boot until battery stat is present
Active display: Ability to turn off the screen, when a not clearable notification is present
Bluetooth: Changes for LPP and extended LE scan
OBEX: Reduce Obex MTU size for A2DP or SCO concurrency
Bluetooth: HID: Add support for HID Device Role
base: allow disabling call end sound
Telephony: Add data rat constant 
National roaming info for Drei in Austria
WindowManagerService: fix application transitions in expanded mode
Fix profile lockscreen override
fb: fix pixelated results on picture resizing/coloring on features which use it
Browser: disable incognito mode
Added new PA Gapps link
Synced CM11 sources

[B][U]DroidKang v11[/U][/B]
Android 4.4.2_r1 Build KOT49H
Remove 'force overflow button' logic & settings
fb: allow to disable quicksettings - SlimROM
Add new alarm/notification audios
fb: added national roaming info for Free Mobile in France
fb: added national roaming for BOB in Austria
fb: added national roaming info for Play in Poland
Add "Lockscreen Colors and Lock Image" - SlimROM
Add "Config for menu unlock" in Security Settings
Add "QS Tweaks" - SlimROM
Development shortcut in StatusBar and Recent Panel
Add support for allow-permission extension
wifi: Allow configuration of country code for wifi
healthd: disable periodic polled battery status
Fix for screenshot animation glitch in portrait
Add option to hide power menu when screen is locked - Omni
DocumentsUI: Add a standalone File Manager - Omni 
Add back all keyboard IME features - SlimRom
SystemUI: fix wrong statusbar background
fb: navigationbar use always slimactions and add contentdescription - SlimRom
fb: slightly adjust navigationring background drawable size for custom icons to fit the system icons - SlimRom
fb: Put FileUtils back into android_runtime
Add WhisperPush category to security settings - cm
FIXED - SMS FC on short codes
change default for unknown sources & verify apps
Improve AOSP Download/Upload animation
Add option to enable activity indicators on status bar - Omni
Fix Duplicate Alarm : Replace Cesium with Classic
fb: Make ImageView drawable update more efficient in some cases
fb: Avoid layout passes when updating data activity indicators
fb: Fix a bootloop problem when /data/system/usagestats/usage-history.xml is empty
fb: Parse UUID string with Long.parseLong - Omni
Synced with latest CM11 sources
Updated Gapps package KK 4.4.2 link
and much more i forget...

[B][U]DroidKang v10[/U][/B]
Settings: Add cLock settings back to lockscreen settings
FIXED - Battery around lockring
Fix switching running/cached apps with memory bar
Add time-context headers to the notification header - Omni
Fix Quick Settings tiles jerking down while animating to notifications view
Fix exception on rotation
fix reference leak in activiy manager
fb: changed all open forgoten UI from google into new kk4.4 UI 
frameworks/av - FLAC coded file does not play (single metadata block files)
fb: vectorize Bitmap operations
Rambar moved to top screen
fb: MiniThumbFile: Fix image/bitmap retrieval
Fix Duplicate Alarm : Replace Cesium with Classic
fb: Make ImageView drawable update more efficient in some cases
fb: Avoid layout passes when updating data activity indicators
fb: fix qs battery tile on normal icon due of left over
Quick Settings Pulldown (from cm)
Add "Quicksettings customizations Slim style - SlimROM
Revert "CM : Quick settings/Ribbons
FIXED - Screeching sound while playing music when locksceen sound / notifications produced
FIXED - ListView FC reported by some users
Notification background & transparency - SlimROM
fb: support for keyguard widget carusell
fb: post time-critical systemui flags to window manager
fb: add back small bottom margin 1px - SlimROM
Add "Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
Better Expanded desktop icons - PA
SystemUI: do not collapse panels if keyevent was canceled
Keyguard: fix statusbar lags when default widget shown
Quiet Hours: Clean up and consolidate code
Synced CM11 Sources
and much more i cant remember...

[B][U]DroidKang v9[/U][/B]
HALO fixed SystemUI FC
Add option to enable/disable HALO
Add "Active Display" Notifications like MotoX thx ChameleonOS
Fixed HALO/Active Display so we can have both Active Display & HALO present
Add options for ListView Animations and Interpolator thx Team ThinkingBridge
Restore "Add battery level around unlock ring"
Bring back all lockscreen Widget Settings
Implement a pin keypad shuffler
LockBeforeUnlock the new way
Enable haptic feedback for lockscreen shortcuts
Add support for variable size pattern lockscreen
ART Runtime - "Add verifier: Bypass monitor-{enter,exit} depth checks" Whatsapp is working with ART
Synced with latest CM11 sources

[B][U]DroidKang v8[/U][/B]
Added Paranoid Android HALO still WIP some FC
Forward port power connect/disconnect notification support
Performance profiles
Add an option to change the device hostname
AppOps: Add advanced menu link from privacyguard
Remove the "enable widgets" preference properly
dslv: use the right owner and missing break
Add a general preferency in lockscreen interface settings
LockscreenShortcutFragment needs onPreferenceTreeClick
Settings: Port Lockscreen Targets and Shortcuts
Packages/apps/Settings: enable quickunlock
Fix battery icon with percentage showing "!" and percentage only color when under 14%
fb: add accessibility events to lockscreen slider and shortcuts
SystemUI: Update adb over network icons to kitkat colors 
SystemUI: Navigation Bar: Rotate the search light in landscape
Keyguard: disable music transport control debug 
Forward port power connect/disconnect notification support
Turn off carrier provisioning by default 
Frameworks: QS performance profiles tile 
fb: set correct providers default value am/pm
Added new PA Gapps Link
Synced CM11 sources
and more i forget...

[B][U]DroidKang v7[/U][/B]
System wide immersive mode aka expanded desktop added thx Slimroms
- To enable expanded desktop ---> Navigation -> Global Menu
fb: Fix FindBugs issues
SystemUI: fix RecentPanel position in landscape mode
fb: fix recents animation on new immersive mode 
Fix to NullPointerException when activity is relaunched
Keyguard: Set WIDGET_CATEGORY_KEYGUARD when AppWidgetHostView is created
fb: Remove possible leak when exception occurred
Wifi: Fix for connection failure between third client and GC
SystemUI: Add missing recycle calls
Correctly set the animation flag of the ActionBar
Update the layer's alpha value upon composition of the layer
Memory leak in IInputMethodSessionWrapper executeMessage
Fix NPE in ConnectivityService
Fix a JNI local reference leak in JNIMediaPlayerListener
SystemUI: update internal state right after hiding transient bars
Keyguard: smooth background change
Fix a programmatic smooth scroll bug
Clear recents screen
Synced with CM11 sources

[B][U]DroidKang v6[/U][/B]
Settings : Port lockscreen shortcut configuration
Settings: add summary to hide carrier label
Settings: add RAM bar option
Correct navbar landscape default value for reset
Settings: new dslv + Dialog handling
Settings: Slims new Custom Power Menu 
Update TRDS with google UI changes for 4.4
QuickSettings: Ported from cm-10.2 
Speed up orientation rotation
Move set of persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib to SystemServer only 
Set persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib at system server startup
Color system icons on navring like the other by default 
Add battery level around unlock ring
Update missing google UI changes for 4.4
MediaScanner behavior on boot 
Fix: external storage problem NavRing and NavBar applications
Frameworks: speed up statubar/notification drawer 
Improve scrolling cache 
Fix: video playback
Fix rounding issues and take density into account 
Change alert dialog to new 4.4 UI guidelines 
Synced with CM11 sources
Updated PA Gapps Package Link

[B][U]DroidKang v5[/U][/B]
Settings: MediaScanner behavior on boot
Settings : Quick settings / Ribbons more fitting drawables
Merge "Settings: Set some strings to translatable="false"" into cm-11.0
Merge "Add direct launcher prefs access to home settings fragment."
Settings: restore hardware tunable values on boot
Quick Settings: Swipe to switch
QuickSettings: Update all QS drawables to match KitKat style
Fix: external storage problem NavRing and NavBar applications thx kufikugel
Frameworks: speed up statubar/notification drawer thx IceColdJelly
Improve scrolling cache
synced with latest CM11 sources
PA Gapps updated link

Known Bugs

You tell me ;)

Credits and thanks

David van Tonder


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Jul 2, 2010
Works nicely. :cool:
Mods seems promising.
I like very much network visualization in statusbar.
Text battery missed at the moment. (or i didn't found it)

Natural dpi on nexus 5 is 441. Strange to see in build.prop dpi=480 (as stock rom anyway).

Looking forward new optimizations and smart mods.
Thank you.
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tested with bricked-kernel and running smooth as hell! thanks been waiting for the dark ui!! this is nice OP!!


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Aug 2, 2010
St. Louis
Awesome ROM. Exactly what I'm looking for. I guess the only downside is Google Now not being fully implemented. Not accessible on home screen or when I gesture up. Anybody else have that problem?

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Oct 18, 2010
Yes!! Awesome. Wondering, OP says nothing about wiping cache or dalvik. Is that not necessary? Also, can I restore apps with data from a stock build (I'm still on stock)? I need my game progress saved!

usually thats just standard for most people... (me anyway) . doesnt hurt... every time i flash i restore data with only apps that i kinda need to (mainly too lazy to re sign in to them) like facebook, xda etc. and never had had any issues. ever.... even back in GB days.

side note: a HUGE +1 on the vault boy avatar... im pretty close to ordering a vault 77 hoodie from bethesda. and a thumbs up bobblehead ;) best game ever man...