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    Youtube video of broodROM RC4

    - Features for broodROM RC5 -
    You can find a download link on the 2nd post

    - I9001XXKQB (KPL) (Android 2.3.6)
    -- 1 Odin package with recovery hang fix included
    -- Rooted
    -- Deodexed

    - FeaMod Recovery v1.4 Fixed (based on CWM Recovery v5.5.0.4)
    -- The fixed one, no hangs in recovery or bootloops

    - Skyhigh Kernel v1.4d OC/UV
    -- Thunderbolt Integrated
    -- Set to 1.4GHz using Virtuous OC Daemon

    - Script: /system/etc/init.d/01broodrom
    -- Choose a CPU Profile or set a manual CPU configuration
    * Battery Saving Profile / Balanced Profile / Performance Profile
    -- Set I/O Scheduler
    -- Set SDcard Read_ahead
    -- Set Dalvik Heapsize
    -- Enable/Disable Media Scanning
    -- Enable/Disable Bootanimations
    -- Enable/Disable Special Bootanimation
    * Enable DMESG Unix output / LOGCAT as bootanimation or use the original (AOSP) library
    -- Enable/Disable Google Error Reporting
    -- Enable/Disable Battery Tweak (dirty * centisecs)
    -- Change LCD Density (May cause market/app errors)

    - Scripts: /system/etc/broodrom_scripts
    -- auto_calibrate_battery
    -- defragment_databases
    -- factory_reset
    -- fix_permissions
    -- hard_reset
    -- wipe_dalvik
    -- zipalign_apps

    - WiFi Tweak:
    -- Connection stability tweak (WiFi connections with poor signals are better supported)

    - WiFi Fixes (when you still have crappy WiFi)
    -- Additional WiFi packages: KQ1 Modem / KQ1 WiFi Binaries
    -- Additional App: FXR WiFi fix and rescue (last resort app, only use if the rest doesn't work)

    - ICS Theme v4.0.1 by Reneph/RavoxX including:
    -- Extended Power Menu with Screenshot function
    -- Modded KQB Lockscreen (changed default wallpaper, no swipe to unlock message)
    -- Lock animation: Shutdown-style Old TV
    -- Smooth Spinners
    -- SMS/MMS Mod
    -- Camera Hack
    -- "ICS Layout" Settings menu
    -- ICS Grey Keyboard (by fadzlihellmuth)

    - Additional ICS Theme Tweaks:
    ---- SystemUI.apk
    -- Swipe to Remove Notification
    -- Extended Status Bar 13 Buttons
    -- Removed Battery Charged Notification
    -- Custom Label in Statusbar (can be changed with nifty little app)

    ---- framework.jar
    -- Disabled ScrollingCache (Smoother Scrolling)
    -- Swipe to Remove Notification

    ---- framework-res.apk
    -- Added more Auto-Brightness levels for more efficient brightness
    -- Changed Default Wallpaper (also lockscreen one)

    - Two Launchers:
    - Go Launcher EX 2.86 with ICS Theme of kovdev
    - Touchwiz 4

    - Custom Boot Animation support, ICS boot animation (
    - No Adds (hosts file) (upd. 22 April)
    - Default i9001 boot sound but 50% less volume
    - Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 GPU Drivers
    - Cyanogenmod APN List (All providers)
    - Serious GPS Tweak (improves GPS allot)
    - Beats Audio Lite
    - Busybox

    - Default Removed Bloatware:
    -- Aldiko
    -- Allshare
    -- Beach
    -- Buddies Now
    -- Days
    -- Dual Clock
    -- Genie Widget
    -- HRS Hotels
    -- Info Alarm
    -- Kies Air
    -- Layar
    -- Mini Diary
    -- Music Hub
    -- Press Reader
    -- Pro Tips
    -- Samsung Apps:
    --- Widget Clock
    --- Program Monitor
    --- Stock Clock
    -- Samsung Service App
    -- Talk
    -- Talkback
    -- Thinkdroid
    -- Unified Inbox
    -- Write and Go

    - Updated all stock apps to latest version excluding
    -- Replaced TouchWiz Calculator with a more expanded one
    -- Google Play is not updated because it caused errors in RC4, let it auto update

    - Build.prop tweaks:
    -- 3G Tweaks
    -- No black screen when calling bug
    -- No call out delay
    -- Power saving tweaks
    -- Better responsiveness
    -- Set default screen brightness
    -- New Dalvik flags
    -- Better Reception
    -- Quickboot​

    - Installation for broodROM RC5 -

    1. If you have CWM installed: format all partitions. If you don't have CWM installed do a Hard Reset (*2767*3855#) Note: A hard reset also wipes your sdcard, make sure you got it backed up
    Note: A format or hard reset is not always needed, you can always try to keep your data folder and flash broodROM RC5, wiping dalvik cache is still needed!
    2. Put your phone in download mode (when off hold: vol -, home, power)
    3. Start Odin, Choose AriesVE.ops file, check "One Package", choose: "broodROMRC5.tar.md5" > Click Start
    4. Wait till the process is complete, now your phone will reboot and show you recovery mode, now choose reboot system now by pressing the menu button
    5. Set animations to a few. (settings > display > animations) For the shutdown-style old TV animation and start enjoying your new rom


    If you really like the broodROM and/or Galaxy S Plus Configurator development you can consider donating me.
    I really appreciate the donations, and I really want to thank the people who donate me :)
    All donators will have instant access to all pre-releases and private beta's

    Many thanks to the following people who donated me!

    Leeon Wong Wong - €10,-
    KoekwousNL - €5,-
    t_raven - $10,-
    dagothe9 - $5,-
    J.A.T. Pajuelo - $5,-
    L Sangiovanni - $10,-
    S Petropoulos - $5,-
    Dan - $20,-
    tormentured - $7,-
    cyclistefou - $10,-
    geo_xar - $14,-
    ManEater - $5,-
    1009i - $5,-
    J. Scharf-Brueck - $5,-
    F.Hecker - $5,-
    J.Sikken - €25, -

    Latest version: RC5
    Download: here (odin)
    Download: here (cwm backup)
    Download: here (additional tools and fixes)


    WiFi Patch (KQE Binaries):

    Arabic Patch (beta)

    Revision 2 (beta)

    - Download page with all versions (sourceforge) -

    - Download page with all versions ( thanks to Fr0zen1977!) -

    - Download page with all versions ( thanks to loonyhack!) -

    broodROM RC4 FAQ

    Q: I kinda like Apple, and I don't want an android pissing on an apple as bootlogo
    A: Well.. this is only a custom boot logo, you can easily change it by reflashing the SkyHigh v1.4 Kernel

    Q: I want to install a system accelerator like Thunderbolt or Adrenaline shot
    A: Don't do that! The SkyHigh v1.4 kernel already includes an integrated Thunderbolt, adding more tweaks would simply bootloop your phone

    Q: I saw the screenstate_scaling script in /system/etc/init.d, what's up with that?
    A: screenstate_scaling is an addition to Thunderbolt, in this script the default awake & sleep governors are set, this script can function as an alternative to CPU Master. You will notice that CPU Master will give you a warning each time you boot your phone since the screenstate_scaling script will interfere with it.

    Q: I noticed that you have set the sleep governor to ondemand, why is that?
    A: I did that because I've experienced some alarm clock fails on 100Mhz, Of course you can try it out yourself, it might work just fine ;)

    Q: I want a better battery life for your rom! How can I achieve that?
    A: You can perform the following steps to gain a better battery life: first thing is to lower the CPU Frequency, the default is 1.8GHz, but you can set it to 1.4Ghz (or so) with Antutu CPU Master. The second thing is that you can set the sleep governor to "powersafe" (can be found in screenstate_scaling script) this sets the phone in an even lower state and safes you battery (see the question above for the possible risks)

    Q: I want to change my kernel, how do i do that?
    A: I recommend you to not change your kernel since Skyhigh gives the best performance for broodROM RC4. Although you can download an alternative kernel and place it on your /sdcard, then reboot in recovery using the extended power menu and choose install zip from sdcard > install zip from internal sdcard > choose the zip file > install > reboot.

    Q: My browser FC's all the time, how do I fix this?
    A: Some people experience browser FC's, you can easily solve this by installing the in recovery mode, don't forget to mount /system to be sure it installs correctly.

    Q: My WiFi has constant drops, how do I solve this problem?
    A: The first thing that you need to investigate is your "DHCP Lease Time" you can find this option in your router, if it's set to a low number please change it (mine is 604800). If this doesn't solve the problem you can try installing the KQ1 Modem using Odin (select AriesVE.ops from broodrom rc4 and choose the .md5 file as "Phone" package) and install the KQ1 Wifi Binaries using Recovery mode (also don't forget to mount /system) If you still encounter WiFi problems you will have to wait until the ICS Value pack release so i can permantely fix it.

    Q: I saw the "Module Loader" app. what is this? and what can it do for me?
    A: The module loader app is an app that allows you to run additional modules for your i9001. You can load several modules, I added the tun.ko module which is OpenVPN, the cifs.ko module which is Samba Shares Support (smb://) and the PPP Modules. If you are sure you will never use any of those you can delete the app by deleting "moduleloader.apk" file in /system/app

    Q: I noticed that there are some bugs regarding the ICS Theme, some apps have gingerbread looks
    A: You can solve this problem by downloading the newest ICS Theme and extract "framework-res.apk" and "twframework-res.apk" from the archive, then copy them from your sdcard to /system/framework and overwrite the current files, set the permissions to RW-R-R and reboot.

    Q: I want to change the bootanimation, how can I do that?
    A: I've chosen to keep the layout instead of which is default for SkyHigh v1.4. So you can place your bootanimation (named in /system/media, set permissions to RW-R-R and reboot ;)

    Q: Is your Configurator BETA 4 compatible with broodROM RC4?
    A: Yes and no, you cannot flash themes or mods, but you can use things such as changing boot animation, changing dns, updating hosts and so on (all things that include theme files are not compatible with broodROM RC4)

    Q: I cannot buy apps from the store. how can i solve this?
    A: Wipe the play store cache by going to settings > Applications > Manage apps > All > Play store > clear cache (thanks to nail16)
    If this doesn't work, download an older version of the market here and delete /system/app/Google_Play_3.5.1.5.apk then place the market apk in /system/app and reboot (set permissions to RW-R-R) The market will now automatically update to the latest version.

    Q: I cannot change the background of my lockscreen, why is that? I want to change it!
    A: The lockscreen from KQ7 is a beta and does not support custom wallpapers yet. Although you can change the lockscreen by looking in the framework-res.apk file with Winrar, look for "framework-res.apk\res\drawable-hdpi" then you will find the "zzzzzzzz_default_lockscreenw.jpg" file at the bottom, You can replace that file by dragging your custom 480x800 lockscreen in there. set the compression level to "store" and put the framework-res.apk file on your /sdcard, copy it to /system/framework and overwrite the file. Don't forget to set the permissions to RW-R-R
    (this also seems to work on the default way of changing the lockscreen background ;))

    Q: I get random reboots, help?
    A: Because all i9001 devices are not actually exactly the same, some devices could cause errors when using a support OC/UV kernels, you can flash the SkyHigh v1.3 kernel or Feacore 1.4 NonOC to prevent this problem.

    Q: I have sdcard fails, how can I solve this?
    A: the developer of the SkyHigh kernel is currently working on a fix, you can read about it here

    Q: Where can I get additional information about the kernel?
    A: You can find it in the SkyHigh Kernel Thread

    Last update: 31-03-2012

    More to come!
    - RC5 Screenshots - (new)

    Thanks to Coertmans for uploading the screenshots


    List of fixes for RC5 that will be included in Revision 2 patch:

    • USB Settings force close
    • Ram consumption (probably dalvik flags)
    • Fixes for 01broodrom
    • Fixes for broodrom_scripts scripts
    • Swipe error (not sure about this one, only 1 person reported it)

    More? Please let me know

    List of features that will be added to Revision 2 patch

    • Very extended guide on how to use/configurate broodROM RC5 Revision 2
    • New ICS Style status bar
    • Toggle 2G mod
    well, how is rc6 going? What base will you use? And did you allready start working on rc6?

    Sent from my GT-i9001 using xda app-developers app

    Funny that you mention it, I actually should continue the broodROM development, since broodROM always was a very decent rom.
    And the base will be 4.0.4 AOSP then, JB is just to unstable for me.

    4.0.4 IMM76L AOSP with brood tweaks/additions and a kernel that is compiled with GCC 4.4.3 is the best option I think.

    Also maybe I can now make this customization program that I wanted to make earlier for broodROM Business Edition.
    Which should allow you to create your own CWM install zip, with the desired mods, tweaks, kernels etc. (the program will download the chosen files/mods/tweaks/kernels and pack it into a cwm zip, to save space, unlike Aroma)

    Anyhow, it doesn't have big prio for me right now, so no ETA pls :silly: