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[ROM] LeeDrOiD 10 V5.3.3 - R9 - June 26th 2019 | Oreo | Fast | Stable | Shortcutter

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Senior Member
Apr 25, 2008
HTC 10
Samsung Galaxy S20
Thanks for the reply. Just to update. I was able to download the SVN from leedroids site. I had to refresh the window and hit back then a pop up showing the download info loaded. I am running chrome and no ad block.

As far as magisk, I had to bake into the .img file and then flashed it via twrp. Magisk has the instructions on his page.


Senior Member
Mar 19, 2020
HTC One (M8)
HTC Desire 820
install v5.3.3 r9 but At the first installation, all programs stop constantly. I can't progress. what should I do @LeeDroid @NSH021 @ghoulie
dude, I dont have my device its dead, else would have tested for u
try R10 version posted @ghoulie
OK I'm not sure what is happening but here is the LeeDrOiD_PME_R10 zip and md5: https://easyupload.io/m/44ej8n

Lee posted this here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...fast-stable-shortcutter.3372527/post-79835887

This and the R33 posted above are the only ones I have left so best of luck.
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May 14, 2015
HTC 10
OK I'm not sure what is happening but here is the LeeDrOiD_PME_R10 zip and md5: https://easyupload.io/m/44ej8n

Lee posted this here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...fast-stable-shortcutter.3372527/post-79835887

This and the R33 posted above are the only ones I have left so best of luck.
Thanks for posting this. I've dug out the old HTC 10 to try and swap it from Verizon to AT&T and install lineage os. I was trying to figure out the easiest way to upgrade to Oreo. Thanks again.


May 14, 2015
HTC 10
So...I attempted to flash the zip from TWRP but I get a ”digest" error.
OK I'm not sure what is happening but here is the LeeDrOiD_PME_R10 zip and md5: https://easyupload.io/m/44ej8n

Lee posted this here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...fast-stable-shortcutter.3372527/post-79835887

This and the R33 posted above are the only ones I have left so best of luck.
So.,...I attempted to install the zip file via TWRP but I get a "digest" error and it aborts. Any ideas? Please forgive me if it's something simple. It's been a few years since I've done any flashing etc., More than a little rusty lol.


Jun 10, 2010
Xiaomi Mi 5
OnePlus 6
So...I attempted to flash the zip from TWRP but I get a ”digest" error.

So.,...I attempted to install the zip file via TWRP but I get a "digest" error and it aborts. Any ideas? Please forgive me if it's something simple. It's been a few years since I've done any flashing etc., More than a little rusty lol.
Check back to Lee's post I linked and read a few pages back. Pretty sure there was some change of partitions between Android 8 and 9 so perhaps one of those earlier posts might provide some help?

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    Come into the light & see what LeeDrOiD can do for you!!

    All carriers supported!

    My stuff, has been kicking around longer than your stuff... be it hacks, mods, tweaks or ideas, I don't complain that it's spread wider than a porn stars legs. we are all open source developers with the ability to share and get along, it's common courtesy to ask and give a thanks, don't just take and hope for the best!​

    Some of you know me, some of you don't... (A quick Google search will give a lot away)
    My Name: Lee Bailey (AKA LeeDrOiD)
    My Hobby: Android Rom & Kernel Development

    One of the first ever Android HTC Sense ROM Developers (If not the first), I started with the HTC Hero & have been developing ever since!

    @MrHofs - LeeDrOiD Graphics Designer & Themer
    @~clumsy~ - Kernels, Code & LeeDrOiD.co.uk
    @The Great Dane - A dear friend, tester, long term supporter & all around awesome guy
    @exocetdj - Tester & Team entertainer
    @Scabes24 - Themer (When he decides to do some graft)
    @baadnewz - Old friend & collaborator
    @tbalden - kernel guy
    @SoLdieR9312 - SVN & Nightlies
    @leefear - Hosting
    My Wife - For putting up with me & XDA :D

    @Lyapota | @OMJ | @A5J4DX l @snq- l @scar45 | @damo | @Team RC | @m-deejay |@ klquicksall | @rmk40 | @SteelH | @j to the 4n| @daniels7 | @PG101 | @Irvysan | @ShowP-1984 | @broncogr | @lyapota | @mwilky | @patensas | @SvaDev | @Captain_Throwback | @Lord ClockaN | Team Cyanogen | Android Ice Cold Project | Pure Nexus | Dirty Unicorns | @topjohnwu

    LeeDrOiD Accepts no responsibility for:
    Any damage to your device
    Any loss of data
    Lack or loss of sleep - Due to but not solely caused by ROM flashing addictions
    The end of the world
    Or your granny's Alzheimer's (It's a disease, it had nothing to do with me)

    All of my builds are tested personally & by a number of close friends, I only develop for devices I own & use


    Carrier devices supported: All International networks + support for devices with alternative configurations -
    International & US Unlocked

    The ROM
    • Current Base: HTC Europe3.16.401.2
    • December 2017 Security Patches
    • Android 8.0
    • HTC Sense 10
    • Ability to run un-rooted & retain all customization! - + SafeteyNet Pass!
    • Option to Root with Magisk! -+ SafeteyNet Pass! (Android Pay and PoGo can be used)
    • International base with T-Mobile US, Sprint, Verizon, US Unlocked & Telestra AU!
    • Heavily extended Locales/Language List
    • Optional Encryption!
    • De-odexed
    • Zip-aligned for improved performance
    • Partitions trimmed for improved performance
    • init.d & su.d support
    • All tamper props reset on boot
    • Persistent ADB
    • Disable error reporting & hrdump
    • Stripped HTC logging & feedback
    • BusyBox, SQlite3, Bash & Nano shell
    • Package Signature Checking Disabled
    • Performance, battery life & memory improvements
    • Ambient display / Doze Support
    • Advanced Power Menu - Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader & Safe Mode
    • Improved battery statistics > settings power
    • SystemUI Tuner always on
    • 100% working SystemUI Tuner!
    • Many Additional QS Tiles:
      Caffeine (keep screen alive), Heads Up notification toggle, SuperSU,
      LeeDrOiD Tweaks, Data Usage, Invert display, Power Saver, SystemUI Tuner,
      Screen Shot, Brightness (open slider or long press to toggle auto brightness),
      NFC, FingerPrint Scanner, Cast, Data Usage, User Management, Sound Prifile, Advanced Location, Glove Mode & More
    • Android Logo font pack
    • LeeDrOiD wallpapers
    • System clean-up's
    • Additional HTC Widgets
    • HTC Gallery & Photo Editor
    • HTC Music
    • Custom LeeDrOiD Locales & Language support.
    • An awesome community & outstanding user support!
    • And so much more!
    • All MOD's listed in LeeDrOiD Tweaks are hard coded into the ROM
    • Exchange mail admin hack
    • Customise your Applications & Widgets
    • Default Tweaks toggles
    LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    UI Tweaks
    • Sense Launcher Landscape Support
    • Infinite Apps in Folders
    • Allow All Rotations
    • Enable APM (Advanced Power Menu)
    • China Sense Recent App Style (Includes a RAM usage monitor & kill-all button)
    • China Sense (Launcher without an app-drawer, alternative Telephone & Messages UI)
    • Home Grid Size :
      - 4x4,4x5,5x5,5x6,6x6,x6x7
    • Hide App Drawer App Labels
    • Hide Home Screen App Labels
    • Right Corner Quick - Quick settings pull down
    • Traffic Indicator (Up-stream & down-stream data speed)
    • Traffic Indicator Colour
    • Custom Carrier Label
    • MIUI Battery MOD
    • Disable NFC Notification
    • Disable USB Debugging Notification
    • Disable Power Saving Notification
    • Disable Android Sync Notification
    • Disable MTP Notification
    • Hide BoomSound Notification
    • Disable Heads Up Notification
    • Hide Night Mode Notification
    • Hide Wifi Call Notification
    • Blink LED on notification while charging
    • QS Brightness slider toggle
    • Custom QS Rows & Columns
    • Signal strength in QS pull-down
    • Statusbar Brightness Control
    • force Expand Notifications
    • Pull down user switcher
    • Enable Navigation Bar & Disable capacitive keys
    • Navigation Bar Size
    • Disable button lights
    • Re-map recent apps key
    • Re-map long press recent apps
    • Re-map long press home.
    • re-map long press back
    • Long press volume media controls / flashlight
    • Remap short & long press recents - recents/menu/split screen
    • Double Tap Status Bar to put the device into sleep
    • Double tap power for Camera
    • Right Corner Quick - Quick settings pull down
    • Traffic Indicator (Up-stream & down-stream data speed)
    • Traffic Indicator Colour
    • MIUI Battery MOD
    • Disable NFC Notification
    • Disable USB Debugging Notification
    • Disable Power Saving Notification
    • Disable Android Sync Notification
    • Disable MTP Notification
    • Disable Heads Up Notification
    • Hide Night Mode Notification
    • QS Brightness slider toggle
    • Custom QS Rows & Columns
    • Signal strength in QS pull-down
    • force Expand Notifications
    • Pull down user switcher
    • Hide StatusBar Clock
    • HTC Power Manager Toggle (pnpmgr)
    • Haptic feedback duration
    • Haptic feedback 2 duration
    • Large Caller Contact Picture
    • Hide Photo Mask for low-res pictures
    • 4G / LTE Notification Switch
    • Auto Record Incoming / Outgoing Calls
    • Disable SMS to MMS Converstion
    • Toggle Fast Dormancy
    • Security Tweaks
    • Lock QS Pulldown when device locked
    • Lock long press power when device locked
    • Always allow fingerprint unlocking - Allows bypass of pin, pattern & pass after reboot or timeout
    • Camera Mods
    • Force 100% Jpeg quality in Camera
    • Launch HTC Gallery + Editor or Google Photos from Camera
    • Launch Hidden Marshmallow Land Game
    • Toggle Boot Audio
    • Toggle HTC/AOSP LockScreen
    • Default USB Mode (ADB/ADB MTP)
    • Enhanced MM Permissions (More granular perms with a timer)
    • Default app install location
    • Kernel Version
    • Sweep To Sleep configuration
    • Double Tap fingerprint to sleep
    • Double tap to sleep latency
    • Fingerprint vibration duration
    • Button Light Notifications
    • Button lights notification blink speed
    • Button lights notification blink times
    • Button back light dimmer
    • System vibration voltage
    • Notification LED Pulse/Blink
    • Notification LED Chromatic charging indicator
    • Notification LED Brightness
    • Headphone Audio Gain
    • Analogue Audio Gain
    • Backlight Dimmer & Control
    • GPU Boost
    • Fix Permissions
    • ZipAlign apks
    • Mount System RW / RO
    • Trim Partitions
    • Wipe Cache
    • Wipe Dalvik-cache

    Known Issues
    • None - You tell me :)

    For the best experience, please make sure you have the latest HTC 10 OREO firmware installed prior to installing this ROM

    Oreo firmware is required
    Once you upgrade to Oreo there is no going back!

    The current ROM base is 3.16.401.2

    You can find your required firmware and more information on flashing by visiting >> this thread << by @Santod

    If you wish to s-off first, please follow >> THIS GUIDE << by @jcase & return when your device is back up and running.

    First boot will take approximately 5 minutes due to Art optimisation & may reboot a few times

    A quick whistle stop tour of flashing a custom build
    1. Unlock your device bootloader via > HTC Dev
    2. Flash the latest TWRP custom recovery
    3. Boot to Recovery (Volume down + Power > Bootloader > Recovery) - START IN READ ONLY MODE
    4. Nandroid backup your entire stock system IMAGE & boot.img to your External SD Card
    5. Reboot to recovery and swipe to allow modifications
    6. Copy the latest LeeDrOiD_ROM.zip to your External SD Card
    7. Optional wipe: Boot to Twrp > Select Wipe > Select Format Data > Type yes when prompted
    8. In TWRP select install, locate and select the LeeDrOiD ROM zip on your external SD & follow the prompts.


    R9 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.3.3 - June 26th 2019
    • Update Magisk V19.3
    • Shortcutter V6.8.5
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.36
    • Long press back to kill now removes app from recents.
    • Long press back completes on button release.
    • Additional button remap options
      - Expand QS pulldown
      - Expand Notification pulldown

    Older Change Logs:

    R8 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.3.3 - May 28th 2019
    • Permissions fixups
    • Fix & update google experience files.
    • Remove SuperSU support
    • Magisk v19.2
    • Update Google Framework.
    • Fix missing installation files
    • Installation script corrections
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.32
      - UI Clean-up.
      - ROM update checks initiated on app update.
      - init.d re-run on app update.
      - App notifications fixed
      - Crash on boot fixed
      - Crash on background update check fixed
      - Assistant, Camera, Sound Recorder, Edge Launcher
    • Remove HTC log binaries
    • Add remap double tap home options
    • New Long Press button options/tweaks
    • Add Hide Sense Home Hide App Labels Tweak
    • Add App Drawer Hide App Labels Tweak
    • Allow all home grid configs on all display sizes
    • New Sense Home Grid Size Tweak, 4x4, 4x5, 5x5, 5x6, 6x6, 6x7
    • Add Custom Carrier Label Tweak
    • Optional Force enable VoLTE & WiFi Calling on all carriers
    • Shortcutter V6.7.7
      - Add Restart SystemUI to APM

    R3 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.3.0 - January 31st 2019
    • Update Magisk V18.0
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.13
      - Update Build tools & libraries
      - Add fix for Dual SIM & Google SMS
    • Shortcutter V6.6.8
      - See app changelog
    • App updates
    • Busybox updated
    • Update HTC Mail & Exchange Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk

    R151 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.2.3 - September 14th
    • Update Cleanslate Kernel V3.7.14 - Thanks @tbalden
    • Magisk Manager V17.1
    • All apps updated
    • Shortcutter V6.6.1
    • Update & Patch HTC Sense Home - U12+
    • Update Busybox
    • Bumpt to Stable V5.2.2

    R146 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.2.1 - May 3rd
    • Fix Telstra AU carrier support.
    • App Updates.
    • Shortcutter V5.9.6

    R143 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.2.0 - April 27th
    • Add Verizon Support - Thanks @Jman420
    • Shortcutter V5.9.4
    • Update busybox V1.28.3
    • App updates
    • New Tweak: Hide GPS Icon
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.10
    • Bump to Stable V5.2.0
    • Add support files from HTC India SEA[400]
    • Update HTC Exchange Mail & Exchange Hack - thanks @Electronic Punk!
    • Update Magisk V16.3 (28th March) - Thanks "topjohnwu
    • Patch HTC Camera to open HTC Gallery if installed
    • Add Telstra AU Support - Thanks @jbm76
    • Update CleanSlate Kernel V3.7.10 - thanks @tbalden
    • Update HTC Sense Home V9.50.1025853
      - Shortcut logic updates
      - Notification dots with unread count fixed!
      - MOD - Enabled Notifcation dot unread count option.
      - Option to add new app install shortcuts to home screen.
      - All mods ported.
    • Update HTC Mail
      - Exchange hack ported - thanks @Electronic Punk
    • Re-add Always Allow FP to unlock to HTC LockScreen.
    • Patched/Fixed & re-signed HTC Gallery
    • Patched/Fixed & re-signed HTC Music

    R136 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.1.0 - March 4th
    • New Aroma Installer - thanks @Electronic Punk!
    • Aroma: Add legacy icon toggle.
    • Remove option to remove Chrome (Needed for WebView)
    • Full Sprint support - thanks @gstanke!
    • Update Magisk V16.0 - Thanks @topjohnwu
    • Update Busybox V1.28.1 (Feb 19th)
    • App Updates
    • Shortcutter v5.5.6
      - See in-app change log
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.39
      - Fix crash if trying to launch multi window
      - Fix duplicate ablum art entry
      - Theme corrections
      - Add additional colors to color picker
      - Add Displaying over other apps toggle.
    • New Tweak: Enable/Disable "XX Displaying over other apps" notification.
    • Remove selfie panaorama from Camera - unsupported
    • Bump to Stable V5.1.0!

    R125 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.0.0 - January 29th
    • Re-Based on HTC 3.16.401.2 - OREO (Europe)
    • Android Oreo 8.0
    • December 2017 Security Patches
    • Magisk V15.3
    • Added HTC Doze (Smart Display)
    • Added Screen Capture Tool
    • Tweaks Ported & Added:
      - Too much to list - everything in Tweaks V10.1.30!
    • Shortcutter V4.5.9
    • New APM - powered by Shortcutter
    • Apps updated
    • Shortcutter V5.0.2
      - UI Overhaul
      - Custom crash reporter
      - Light/Dark theme options
      - Add auto start option to Screen Record
      - Enable Sidebar/Toolbox QS Toggle
      - Additional APM fix-ups
    • NEW TWEAK: Remap long press - Back, Home & Recents
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.33
      - Add remap options for back, home & recents long press
      - Default Action, Recent Apps, Menu, Split Screen, Screenshot, Flashlight,
      Screen Off, APM & Kill Current App
      - Check for root before enabling APM

    R119 LeeDrOiD 10 V4.0.0 - November 3rd
    • HTC Sense 9.5! (U11+) - Modded
      - Additional custom theme mixing colours
      - Landscape support
      - Custom home menu
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.09
      - Sense 9.5 changes
      - Kernel settings now applied on boot complete
      - No more writing to /system/etc/init.d
      - Add Aroma Option to use Modded Sense home 9.0
    • HTC Mail Updated (U11+)
      - Exchange Mail hack ported - Thanks @Electronic Punk
    • Shortcutter V4.4.2!
    • Remove trustsonic_tee_proxy - throwing errors & spamming logs
    • CleanSlate V2.4.2 - Thanks @tbalden !
      - See main thrad for detail
    • Update in-built apps
    • Update SuperSU v2.82-SR5
    • Update BusyBox
    • Update Magisk V14 - thanks @topjohnwu
    • Correct base version number & security patch level in updater

    R110 LeeDrOiD 10 V3.9.0 - September 1st
    • Re-based on HTC Europe 2.41.401.41
      - All mods ported
    • In-built apps updated
    • Shortcutter V3.8.9
    • Updated @ivicask pnp profiles to v24
    • SuperSU 2.82-SR3
    • Busybox 1.27.1
    • Patch & Update HTC Sense Home
    • Updated Magisk - V13.5
    • CleanSlate Kernel V2.2.1 - Thanks @tbalden!
      - Fast charge fixed
    • Remove Verizon Wi-Fi Nag (Properly ;) )
    • Aroma: Option to replace TouchPal with GBoard
    • Aroma: Option to replace HTC Messages with Google Messages
    • Update & Patch HTC Messages
      - SMS to MMS Conversion Mod
    • Set build description in updater to avoid confusion amongst carrier config's

    R101 LeeDrOiD 10 V3.8.2 - July 15th
    • Update Locales List
    • Fix configuration XML's not parsing correctly
    • Fixed missing boot and shutdown animations
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.0.17
    • Shortcutter V2.8.0
    • Magisk Manager V5.0.6
    • System clean-up's
    • Updated Exchange Mail Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
    • Update Google Dialler & Contacts (With support jar - Thanks @jsaxon2)
    • Update Magisk - V13.2
    • Increase SMS sizes for Verizon users
    • Expand locales list to all available languages
    • Update TelstraAU carrier patch - Thanks - @jbm76

    R97 LeeDrOiD 10 V3.8.1 - Stable - July 10th
    • Re-Add & update Google Dialler & Contacts
    • System clean-ups
    • Remove redundant Goolgle Assistant Aroma option
    • Fix init.d support!
      - permissive Aroma option fixed
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.0.15
      - Enable Tweak - Enable 4G/LTE Mixed Mode Icon
      - Add Tweak: Remove caller photo mask
      - Fix Tweak: Big Caller Photo
    • Remove duplicate Google Duo
    • Fix Sprint HotSpot
    • Update Magisk V13 BETA - c4377ed
    • Update Shortcutter V2.6.6
      - Tile colour corrections
      - latest update is incompatible
      - New Weather Tile
      - Additional security against apk cracking
      - Add humidity to weather view
      - Fix tiles going to sleep & becoming unresponsive

    R88 LeeDrOiD 10 V3.8.0 - June 26th
    • 100% Workign Sprint Support
    • Updated HTC Mail & Exchange Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
    • Add Force 5x6 app drawer option in Tweaks (Sense Home)
    • Update SuperSU 2.82 SR1
    • Update Magisk V13 - Beta - SafeteyNet Pass
    • Add Shortcutter
    • Update Sense Home
      - Unlimited apps in folders
      - Landscape Mode
      - Custom Theme highlight colours
      - Custom home menu
      - Enabled 5x6 App Drawer option
    • Updated all in-built applications
    • Added Aroma option to remove Google Duo
    • Update HTC Camera & Port all mods
    • Fix SeLinux Aroma option
    • Fix signal icon spacing on some configurations - Kudos @Jeddix!

    R77 LeeDrOiD 10 V3.7.0 - March 28th
    • Update HTC Sense Home
    • - All mods/tweaks ported - custom home menu & themes working
    • Update HTC Lockscreen
    • - All mods/tweaks ported
    • Update all other in-built applications
    • Update Magisk V11.6 & Magisk Manager V2.4.7
    • Bump to Stable 3.7.0

    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.6.2 - Stable - March 17th
    • Re-add 100% JPG compression tweak in Camera
    • Re-enable Selfie Panorama support
    • Update HTC Sense Home V8.64.878215
    • - All mods ported
    • Fixed Sense Home custom menu!
    • Update HTC Mail & ported optional exchange hack
    • - thanks @Electronic Punk
    • SystemUI Tuner always active
    • Removed spanner from pull-down settings icon
    • Update Sprint patch
    • - latest base
    • Update all in
    • -built applications
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.0.6
    • - Add Double tap power for camera toggle
    • - Add Network Mode QS Tile
    • - Removed injected QS tiles (Now in shortcutter)
    • - Add Shortcutter to side menu (link to play store if not installed)
    • - Add Card rotation animations when switching view in side menu
    • Tweak: Add double tap power button for Camera
    • Application updates
    • Improve Verizon Support - All carrier features

    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.6.1 - Stable - February 14th
    • CleanSlate Kernel V2.1.0 - Thanks @tbalden!
    • New LeeDrOiD boot animation (Based on the default chromatic Android logo)
    • Add Verizon support
    • Sprint support fixed
    • Tweak: Enable Quick Settings Vibration
    • New Tweak: Custom QS Tile colours (On & Off)
    • Add Toggle for custom QS background
    • Re-work QS Tiles
    • Corrections to incorrect QS tile colours/icons
    • Highlight non toggle tiles as enabled
    • Enable Stock VoWiFi (TMO US & VZW), Work Mode & User QS Tiles
    • Update Magisk V11 & Remove separate PHH SuperUser
    • Update Audio Boost Patch
    • Application Updates
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V9.9.5
    • - Add QS Tile for Virtual Key Backilghts (Always On / On When Pressed)
    • - Add Wi-Fi Calling QS Tile
    • - Add ADB QS Tile
    • - Add advanced location QS tile (Toggle through all states)
    • - Add Auto Sync QS Tile
    • - Long press injected tiles launches settings

    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.6.0 - Stable - January 31st
    • Merged HTC 2.41.401.4 changes - thanks @LlabTooFeR
    • - Sensor / Camera updates
    • New Tweak: Statusbar Brightness Control
    • New Tweak: Force Expand Notifications
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V9.8.3
    • - Rearrange Statusbar control toggles
    • - Added new toggles for new tweaks

    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.5.2 - Stable - January 28th
    • Fix SystemUI Crash when configuring AppCircle SideBar
    • Add Sprint support - Testing - Thanks @gstanke
    • Add full T-Mobile US support - Thanks @twinnfamous
    • Tweak: Show full alarm in statusbar shade
    • Update Google assistant toggle (no longer changes device to Pixel XL)
    • Add ramdisk service TweaksMerge (initiated on post-fs-data)
    • Tweak: Re-Map Short Press Recent Apps - Recents/Menu/Split Screen
    • Tweak: Re-Map Long Press Recent Apps - Split Screen/Menu/Recents
    • Un-Rooted & Magisk builds:
      <li type="square">- Custom system props now saved to /sdcard/leedroid & loaded on reboot
      <li type="square">- Custom sysfs / kernel settings now saved to /sdcard/leedroid & loaded on reboot
    • 90% of tweaks now work regardless of root
    • Update security patch dates for carriers (in line with base)
    • Move to HTC Gallery GP & Photo Enhance GP
    • Fix random Sense Home FC - @baadnewz
    • Update Stericson busybox V1.26.2
    • Update camera exposure mod (longer exposure time & corrected typo) - Thanks @starbase64
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V9.7.8
    • - Fix mounting system RW when using Magisk & PHH as root method
    • - Recent prop & sysfs adjustments now only applicable to NoRoot installations
    • - New toggle - show full alarm in QS shade
    • - Corrections to enabled/disabled tweaks
    • - Updated reboot/restart prompts for no root users
    • - Remove old recents remap
    • - New Recents Short & Long re-map options
    • - Fix fast dormancy toggle
    • - Re-work Kernel tab - init.d now handled on separate thread
    • - Check if ROM shipped tweaks version is newer than installed & prompt removal
    • In-built app updates
    • System clean-ups & bug fixes

    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.5.1 - Stable - January 20th - SVN / Nightly R43
    (Refreshed to fix bug in App Circle Side Bar)
    • Re-based on HTC Europe 2.41.401.3
    • January 2017 Security Patches
    • - All mods, tweaks and hacks ported
    • Now passing Google SafeteyNet checks when un-rooted / Magisk Hide!
    • Add/Enable Google Daydream VR support
    • - (Tested and working with Google Daydream VR Headset & Controller)
    • Updated HTC Sense Home V8.52.860657
    • - All mods, tweaks and hacks ported - Thanks @baadnewz
    • HTC Camera: Enable Selfie Panorama mode
    • Remove force open with HTC Gallery (Depreciated and now automatic)
    • Improved locales support - thanks @baadnewz!
    • Full f2fs file system support for /data & /cache
    • Update CleanSlate Kernel V2.0.1
    • - Add f2fs support
    • Tweak: Hide Wi-Fi calling Notification only (icon still shows)
    • Reworked updater permissions, contexts & capabilities - 1:1 Stock match @baadnewz
    • Updated @ivicask pnp profiles to v22 & added Power Saver
    • Re-add Google Assistant option to Aroma
    • In-built applications updated
    • US Unlocked patch updated to - 2.38.617.6
    • Fully working Telstra AU support - thanks @jbm76
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V7.9.0
    • - set asset perms recursively on launch
    • - Toggle corrections & adjustments
    • Update SuperSU-V2.79-SR3
    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.2.0 - Stable - January 12th
    • - Massive thanks to: Me, @captain_throwback, @nkk71 @baadnewz & @tbalden - we clearly make a good team XD
    • Reset tamper props on all builds using resetprop
    • Pre-patch sepolicy to allow use of resetprop
    • Updater improvements for ultimate TWRP compatibility
    • Fixed all file ownership & context flags
    • Wipe /carrier partition on full wipe
    • Aroma: Optional Google Contacts & Dialler
    • Enable Wi-Fi Calling & VoLTE for EE UK & H3G Denmark(TEST)
    • In-Built app updates
    • System Clean-ups

    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.1.0 - Stable - January 5th
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    • - Bug Fixes
    • - Magisk ROM support
    • - Script enhancements
    • Aroma: Otional configuration backup & restore
    • Aroma: Google Dialler & Contacts
    • Update SuperSU v2.79-SR2
    • Update Magisk 10.2 & Magisk Manager V3
    • Update HTC Sense Home V8.52.853503
    • - All mods and tweaks ported
    • - Unlimited folders, Landscape support,
      5x6 app drawer, custom home menu & additonal highlight colours
    • Update HTC Gallery & Fix open with tweak
    • System permissions corrections
    • Use blank audio file when disabling boot audio (faster boot time)
    • Installer clean-ups
    • System clean-ups
    • Update Automotive Home & Traffic
    • Add: HTC Ringtone Trimmer, File Explorer & Car GPS
    • Update HTC IME (Latest M9 N - fixes theming)
    • Remove SMS to wake tweak - depreciated

    LeeDrOiD 10 V3.0.1 - Stable - December 19th
    • Re-Based on HTC Eurpoe 2.28.401.9
    • Android Nougat 7.0
    • All tweaks and mods ported from MM
    • New Tweaks added:
    • - Custom QS Pulldown colours/transparency
    • - Wi-Fi Calling notification toggle (for when it works)
    • - Night Mode notification toggle
    • - Added Nav Bar Tuner to SystemUI Tuner
    • - Added Advanced Night Mode Controls to SystemUI Tuner
    • - Re-position StatusBar clock - Left/Right/Center
    • - custom StatusBar clock colours
    • - Aroma option to use old MM FW (Ideal if you are S-On nad no N firmware is available)
    • - Tweaks toggle to enable Google Assistant

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.7.1 - Stable - November 26th
    • Port all MOD's to & Update HTC Sense Home - Thanks @Baadnews
    • Update SuperSU V2.78-SR4
    • Ensure SuperUser app is uninstalled when moving to un-rooted
    • System re-mount after SU Install
    • Update Cleanslate Kernel V1.7.5 - Thanks @tbalden!
    • - Based on official HTC 1.96 sources
    • - vulnerability/memcpy fixes in Network/IPv4/IPv6/sound subsystems
    • - dirtycow CVE vulnerability fix ( credits to Linus ) CVE-2016-5195
    • - proc: Remove verifiedbootstate flag from /proc/cmdline
    • - kgsl/mdss: use kthread instead of workqueues, thanks go to flar2 for gathering these in EX
    • Reset Safeteynet failing props when running SuperSU (Thanks Nkk71 for the binary & insight)
    • - ro.boot.veritymode enforcing & ro.boot.verifiedbootstate green (Not yet working when un-rooted)
    • Verizon support patch re-based on 1.85.605.8 - Thanks @andybones
    • Verizon correction - remove update notifications
    • Fix Full Wipe Aroma option
    • SetACC Script (Aroma) - amend all files
    • Aroma Tweaks corrections
    • China recent apps off as default (set in Aroma or Tweaks)
    • Add Aroma option to remove Google Photos & Docs
    • Make backup & restore init.d & su.d optional
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    • - Application SharedPreferences
    • - Code Clean-ups
    • - Bug Fixes
    • - Less invasive pop-up's
    • In-built application update's
    • Misc clean-ups

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.7.0 - October 21st
    • Merge with HTC Europe 1.95.401.4 - Thanks @LlabTooFeR
      - Camera Updates
      - Recent Apps Updates
    • Remove Magisk V6 -> SuperSU or Un-Rooted
    • Update HTC Mail & Exchange hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
      - Code clean-ups
      - Add Settings fragment
      - UI Improvements
      - Added background ROM update checks for Premium users
      - Speed improvements
    • Update in-built apps
    • Misc clean-ups

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.6.1 - Stable - October 4th
    • Update Balanced PNP Profile - thanks @ivicask
    • Fix roaming notification when using 3G - Verizon - thanks @andybones
    • Aroma: Add option to remove forced encryption when running un-rooted (Data FORMAT REQUIRED)
    • Aroma: Install Magisk & PHH Superuser / SuperSU / Un-Rooted
    • Run Magisk removal if Magisk not selected
    • Add HTC Stocks & Aroma removal option
    • Clean install scripts
    • Add Glove Mode QS Pulldown Tile
    • Update PNP Profiles V19 - Thanks @ivicask
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V9.1.5
      - Daily Free app popup
      - Additional ROOT checks including access
      - Faster loading - ROM update check now moved to splash
      - Add Magisk Manager shortcut
      - Add ROOT status to About tab
      - Option to hide disabled ROOT entries
      - Check premium status on resume
      - Allow launching MM Land & SystemUI Tuner from tweaks without ROOT
      - Fix reboot code - works without ROOT

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.5.5 - Stable - September 16th
    • Fix AOSP Lock screen
    • Fixed Verizon Advanced Calling - Thanks @Hawknest
    • Aroma: Additonal app removal options
    • Patched Sprint SePolicy - HFA Activation fix when no root
    • Aroma: Install SuperSU or run UN-Rooted (Encryption Enabled)
    • SuperSU v2.78-SR1-20160915123031
    • Update all in-built applications
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V9.0.5
      - Fix reboot code - works without ROOT
      - Add ROOT status to About tab
      - Only disable entries that require ROOT is no ROOT detected.
      - Option to hide disabled ROOT entries
    • Update CleanSlate Kernel V1.7.3
      - Resolves QCOM security issues:
      - CVE-2016-5342 Buffer overflow vulnerability in wcnss_wlan_write
      - CVE-2016-5343 Multiple memory corruption issues in write operation in QDSP6v2 Voice Service driver
      - Removed Analogue Headphone Gain - resolves static noise in low latency headphones</li>

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.5.1 - Stable - September 7th
    • Update carrier props with correct Security patch dates & versions
    • Add: Ability to always allow fingerprint unlocking (No pin prompt after reboot or timeout)
    • Update HawkTail & Butterfly PNP Profiles - Thanks @Freak07
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.9.5
    • - Correct default QS lock toggle
    • - Re-arrange Misc tab - Security tweaks
    • - Misc: Add toggle to always allow fingerprint unlocking

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.5.0 - Stable - September 6th
    • Re-Based on HTC Europe 1.95.401.3 - Thanks @LlabTooFeR
      - Android Security Patch August 2016
      - Camera Improvements
      - Power Improvements
      - Thermal Improvements (Referencing Pokemon Go)
    • SuperSU 2.78 - Official
    • Update Stericson BusyBox V1.24.1 > V1.24.2
    • Fixed Advanced Power Menu Toggle
    • Add Lock long press power when device is locked
    • Add Lock QS/Statusbar pull-down when device locked
    • Enable toggling of hardware key back-lights
    • Rearrange default QS tiles
    • Add Smoother Auto Brightness array (toggle in Tweaks)
      - Tighter array & smoother transitions
    • Add advanced Camera profile (Aroma) - Thanks @p50kombi & @Starbase64
    • Fix compression: framework-res.apk
      - Increased shutter times and additional ISO values
    • Update HawkTail & Butterfly PNP Profiles - Thanks @Freak07
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.9.5
      - Add Misc Category: Additional Security
      - Misc: Lock long press power when device locked
      - Misc: Lock Statusbar pulldown when device locked
      - Buttons: Toggle for hardware key back-lights
      - Power: Add Smooth Auto Brightness/Stock Auto Brightness toggle
      - Power: Add Brightness Twilight Mode toggle (Adjusts brightness & tint based on time of day)
    • Update in-built applications

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.4.2 - Stable - August 30th
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.8.8
      - Re-organize & clean-up Kernel tab
      - Add advanced QS Location tile toggle
      - Kernel & button mod fix-ups
      - Add "Current ROM Version" on-click link to LeeDrOiD.co.uk Stable page
      - Add Headphone audio gain control slider to kernel tab
      - Fix: Audio gain sticking on reboot
    • Disable bugreport service
    • Clean-up install script
    • Fix backup & restore init.d scripts on install
    • Add Backup & restore su.d
    • Kernel defaults used on fresh install
    • Add Selinux permissive option in Aroma
    • Fix kernel installation - would randomly restore an older kernel
    • Add QS Sound profile tile - Toggle Ring/Vibrate/DND
    • Add Advanced QS location tile - toggle location mode in QS (activate in tweaks)
    • Remove spanner from pull-down settings icon/button
    • Update Tweaked PNP Profiles V17 - Thanks @ivicask
    • Verizon patch re-based on HTC 1.82.605.6
    • Add & enable Visual Voice mail for Verizon users - Thanks @andybones
    • Other misc Verizon config fix-ups
    • Stock kernel camera patch removed (no longer required)
    • Update US unlocked to 1.91.617.10
    • Update CleanSlate V1.7.2 - Thanks @Tbalden
      - Re-based on HTCDev 1.91.617.1
      -- Main changes by HTC:
      binder - android locking optimizations
      camera optimizations, actuator patches, sensor driver patches
      general security patches here and there, overflow fixing patches
      htc charger: optimizations, screen off handling
      ext4 patches
      kernel core: timer patches
      - Default Button Light Notification brightness level pumped up
      - WLAN wakelock timeout reduction - credits to @buckmarble
      - Sound Control: Headphone Analog Gain - credits to @flar2
      - Fixing QCOM security issues:
      - CVE-2016-3866 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in msm_compr_ioctl_shared
      - CVE-2016-5344 Integer Overflow in MDSS Driver
      - CVE-2016-3859 Arbitrary write vulnerability in msm_isp_send_hw_cmd() when processing VIDIOC_MSM_VFE_REG_CFG ioctl command
      - BLN Button backlight fix-up's
      - Other minor fixes related to how Fingerprint Home button remapping mode works
      - Security fix: CVE-2016-2059
      - Sound Control for Headphone jack: all credits and thanks to @flar2
      - LED mods fix: fixing LED intensity when Gradient charging LED color is off
      - LED mods fix: fixing Intensity set to 20 with stock notification and charge LED mode will result in LED off
    • Application updates
    • System clean-ups & optimisations

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.4.1 - Stable - August 12th
    • Remove delay when rebooting to recovery from APM
    • Add HTC Car Home & Traffic
    • Aroma - HTC Car Home & Traffic removal options
    • init.d - scripts & kernel settings restored after flash
    • Remove "Calls will be made over WiFi" pull-down notification (Icon only as it was pointless & irritating)
    • Fix PNP Profile installation
    • Fix CleanSlate Kernel installation
    • Fix opening photos from Camera with HTC Gallery/Photos
    • Seperate Aroma tab for PNP profiles
    • Add GhostPepper & Butterfly PNP profiles - Thanks Freak07
    • Tweaked PNP Thermal profiles V15 - thanks @ivcask
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.8.2
      - Fix back-light dimmer not sticking on reboot
      - Adjust LED Intensity logic "-0" > "-20" (If -20, LED is off)
      - Remove redundant tweaked gov profile
    • Fix YouTube when uploading videos
    • Correct Chrome lib's
    • CleanSlate Kernel V 1.5.2 - Thanks @tbalden
      - Adrenoboost version 2.2 - smooth gaming, battery friendly, - further enhancements:
      - Corrected leveling mechanism
      - finally settling with 133MHz init/idle freq
      - Security fixes: CVE-2016-2504, CVE-2016-2503
      - LED mod: LED fully off at an itensity of 20
    • Update in-built applications

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.4.0 - Stable - August 5th - SVN R129
    • Merge with HTC Europe 1.90.401.5 - Thanks @LlabTooFeR for beating HTC to release once again!
      - Camera updates (1.90.401.3 > 1.90.401.5)
    • CleanSlate V1.5.0 - Stable - Origional thread here - thanks @tbalden
      - Fastcharge for USB 2.0
      - Adrenoboost version 2 - smooth gaming, battery friendly, fixing GPU handling of stock HTC kernel
      - Sweep2sleep Full credits to @flar2
      - SoC chip parameter updates (DTSI) for optimal working of msm8996 chip of HTC 10
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.8.0
      - USB Fast Charge toggle
      - GPU Boost control
      - Fix Sweep to sleep toggle
      - Re-organize kernel tab
    • Additional init.d scripts for Kernel defaults
    • Tweaked governor updates - thanks @baadnewz

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.3.1 Stable- July 29th - SVN R129
    • Re-base on HTC Europe 1.90.401.3
      - July 2016 security patches
      - Camera Improvements
      - Thermal Improvements
      - Performance Improvements
    • Remove redundant application stubs
    • Correct CID Map
    • Update all in-built apps
    • Fix lag in power button press
    • Patched and updates HTC Sense Home 8.14.781908
    • Improve Sense Home Smoothness - thanks @baadnewz
    • Fixed Telephony FC when 3rd party apps were using com.android.phone (thanks Electronic Punk for reporting and testing)
    • Add optional Tweaked CPU Governor settings - thanks @baadnewz
    • Add optional Performance & Balanced PNP (Power Manager) Profiles - thanks @ivcask
    • Update SuperSU 2.76-Stable - Thanks @chainfire!
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.7.9
      - Add dimmer baclkight control to kernel tweaks
      - Add Notification LED Controls
      - Enhanced CPU Governor settings toggle
    • Move to Clean Slate Kernel - V1.4.0
      - Chromatic battery charging led
      - Fading notification led
      - Upper grill RGB LED light brightness level
      - KCal - Display colour calibration - thanks to @tbalden
      - Separate Sprint & Verizon Kernels for seamless support

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.1.0 - Stable - July 3rd
    • Add Telestra AU carrier support patch - thanks @jbm76 &@purple patch
    • Add HTC App Auto Start manager - settings - security - thanks @baadnewz
    • Add AppCircle Side Bar (Quick Launcher)
    • Add long press volume down to launch flashlight (remap in tweaks)
    • Status bar traffic indicator off as default
    • Aroma - Fix bootsound toggle
    • Aroma - New lockscreen removal method
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.7.2
      - Add AppCircle configurations & toggle
      - Add lockscreen AOSP/HTC toggle
    • Status bar traffic indicator off as default
    • Fixed Screen Record service
    • Application update's
    • Misc clean-up's

    LeeDrOiD 10 V2.0.1 - Stable - June 27th
    • Fix contact picture selection with HTC Gallery - Thanks @baadnewz
    • Development settings on as default
    • Re-enable multi window mode in developer settings
    • Re-add Ambient display toggle to display settings
    • Add Quicksettings footer Signal strength mod (toggle in tweaks) - thanks @baadnewz
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.6.6
    • Fix SystemUI Tuner QS tile rearrange for Verizon users
    • Update @~Clumsy~ Kernel V1.20 - Rebased on 1.80 source
    • Update Sprint support - 1.80 base - thanks to OMJ for the system dump
    • Aroma - Stock Kernel as default and add warning to Clumsy Kernel
    • Add Aroma option to remove HTC Lock Screen & use Stock Android (Wake gestures will be lost)
    • Add Status bar icon battery percent toggle (embedded)
    • SystemUI Tuner clean-ups
    • In-built applications updated
    • More optimisations and clean-ups

    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.5.0 - Stable - June 17th
    • Re-based on HTC Europe 1.80.401.10
    • All previous mods & tweaks ported
    • Make Force Encryption optional in Aroma
    • Fixed SeLinux Enforcing - Thanks @baadnewz
    • Switched default SeLinux to enforcing for improved security
    • Updated all in-built applications - Thanks @Electronic Punk
    • Cleaned up & fixed SystemUI Tuner - Quick Settings - special thanks to @[email protected] for collaborating on this
    • Add QS Brightness slider toggle (Off as default - enable in tweaks)
    • Add tweak for 4 QS columns - @baadnewz
    • Add Additional QS Tiles:
      Caffeine (keep screen alive), Heads Up notification toggle, SuperSU,
      LeeDrOiD Tweaks, Data Usage, Invert display, Power Saver, SystemUI Tuner,
      Screen Shot, Brightness (open slider or long press to toggle auto brightness),
      NFC, FingerPrint Scanner, Cast, Data Usage, User Management.
      - Big thanks to my old friend @Lord ClockaN from AICP, for many of the tile's used
    • Tweaks toggle to shrink Wi-Fi & BT Icons to match all - @baadnewz
    • Move centre clock mod from Aroma to LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    • SystemUI tuner always enabled
    • Disabled SystemUI Tuner warning message
    • Fixed status bar layout in lock screen
    • Added Menu button to Navigation bar if used (can be toggled in tweaks)
    • Adjusted big contact picture size to correct layout issues
    • Add camera compatibility patch for Custom Kernel, Sprint & Verizon
    • Fixed APM screenshot taking screenshot before closing - @baadnewz
    • Added Sense Home custom menu + tweaks toggle - @baadnewz - (thanks @Raymond Ebertt for fixing the menu backgroud)
    • Fix tweaks XDA Link
    • Properly disabled signature checking
    • Fix tweaks XDA Link
    • Miscellaneous clean-ups
    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.4.2 - STABLE & Bug Free- June 8th
    • Fix Secure boot pin/pass! - Credits @baadnewz
    • Enable radio when decrypted - Credits @squid2
    • Make Force Encryption optional in Aroma
    • Cleaned up T-Mobile US Support - thanks @twinnfamous
    • Fixed US Unlocked support! (100% working)
    • Update @~clumsy~ Kernel V1.11
      - improved/fixed exFat support (sd issues fixed)
    • Add additional default kernel scripts
    • Replace GP HTC Gallery & Add Sense HTC Gallery + Photo editor (removable in Aroma)
    • Add tweak to allow opening photos in HTC Gallery from Camera - thanks @baadnewz
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.4.8
    • Add Hide GPS toggle - especially for @gstanke for his patience with Sprint :)
    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.4.1 - June 7th
    • Add SPRINT Support - massive thanks to @ChubbsLou for doing the graft & @ for relentlessly testing
    • Improved T-Mobile US Support
    • Update @~clumsy~ kernel V1.10
      - Re-based on HTC Europe 1.30.401.1 Source
      - Improvements in Power management / battery
      - Improvements in Wi-Fi connectivity
      - Improvements in in camera VL53L0 auto focus driver
    • Update Sense Home 8.14.764203 (640dpi) - tweaks ported - thanks @baadnewz
    • Update HTC Camera v8.10.763406
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.4.7
    • Add Hide BoomSound notification toggle!
    • Add 4G/LTE Mixed Mode icon toggle
    • Add Hide status bar clock tweak
    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.4.0 - June 6th
    • Fixed Auto Record Incoming Calls - Thanks @baadnewz
    • Fix caller photo layout/scroll issue
    • Remove rebooting to recovery dialog
    • Make Audio Boost optional in Aroma
    • Removed safe volume warning
    • Add kernel init.d scripts for BLN, DTFP2S, FB Vib & S2S
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.4.4
    • - Additional Kernel support!
    • @~clumsy~ Kernel V 1.02
    • - Add BLN Speed sysfs interface
    • - Configurable Double Tap 2 Sleep Speed
    • US-Unlocked Support - Thanks @jollywhitefoot & @jsaxon2!
    • Update Hangouts, GMail, Calendar & Chrome
    • Remove teathering guard for US carriers
    • Misc Clean-ups
    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.3.0 - STABLE - June 3rd
    • SuperSU - make systemless root optional
    • AUDIO BOOST - all configurations
    • Adjust default animation scale 75%
    • Hide Statusbar battery icon toggle - Kudos @baadnewz
    • Fix Power Save, NFC & Color Inversion Quick Setting Tile's
    • Volume long press to control media / ambient pulse (Cheers @baadnewz)
    • QS Pull Down user switcher icon (activate in tweaks)
    • Hide IME selector
    • SystemUI Tuner - Quick settings re-order fixed
    • 1.55 Base Camera app
    • Add optional 100% Jpeg quality in camera (0 compression) (@Virus)
    • Increase default MMS size limits
    • Revert to user build flags
    • Add MIUI Battery Bar to lock screen status bar
    • Re-add Default touchpal skin
    • Update HTC Sense Home
    • Fix Full Wipe in Aroma
    • Add proper fix for multi user support
    • Update In-Built spplications
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.4.1
      - Add Kernel tab & toggles/controls
      - Adjust finger print vibe strength
      - Toggle Fingerprint double tap to sleep
      - Sweep 2 Sleep options
      - Toggle Button Light Notifications
      - Adjust System Vibration Voltage
      - Fix Heads Up notification toggle
      - Re-arrange Status Bar toggles
    • Add optional ~Clumsy~ kernel option in Aroma
      - First Revision based on HTC 1.21.401.4 dev source
      - Backlight notification
      - Fingerprint double tap to sleep
      - sweep to sleep
      - NTFS Support
      - Advanced TCP congestion algorithms (westwood default)
      - Kernel Same-Page Merging

    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.2.0 - STABLE - May 21st
    • Add Verizon support - massive thanks to @Virus
    • Add T-Mobile US support - massive thanks to @twinnfamous
    • Update to SuperSU 2.74 - Thanks @chainfire!
    • APM: Remove Reboot Bootloader and add reboot to Download Mode
    • Aroma: Add Full wipe option (Data without media!)
    • Aroma: Add Wipe dalvik cache option
    • Aroma: Tweaks: Nav Bar, ADB/MTP & Fast Dormancy toggles
    • Aroma: Google TalkBack, Android Pay & Instagram removal options
    • Add HTC IME & Aroma removal option
    • Fix multiple user support!]
    • Disable Wi-Fi calling toggle for unsupported carriers
    • Application updates: Touchpal, Boost+, Google Search, Play Store, Hangouts, Docs
    • Installer clean-ups & Default configuration changes
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.3.3 - Fix tweaks QS battery percent toggle, Add App switch key behavior & read current value from db
    • Additional code clean-ups
    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.1.1 - STABLE - May 16th
    • Aroma - automatic backup & restore previous selection's
    • Roll Facebook, Messenger & Instagram back to application stubs (smaller ROM size)
    • Added Facebook & Instagram BlinkFeed Plugins
    • Added missing HTC widgets & Aroma removal options:
      CalculatorWidget, HtcAutoRotateWidget, HtcBackgroundDataWidget, HtcProfilesWidget, HtcRingtoneWidget,
      HtcScreenBrightnessWidget, HtcScreenTimeoutWidget, HtcSyncWidget, HtcBtWidget, HtcCalendarWidgets,
      HtcContactWidgets, HtcDataRoamingWidget, HtcDataStripWidget, HtcHotspotWidget, HtcMobileNetworkWidget,
      HtcMusicWidget, HtcWiFiWidget
    • Add HTC Gallery & HTC Music with Aroma removal options
    • Non market app installs enabled as default
    • Developer settings enabled as default
    • Remove Blinkfeed advertising
    • Tweaks: Quick settings pull down battery percentage
    • Installation clean-ups
    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.1.0- Stable - May 13th 2016
    • Official SuperSU 2.72 thanks @chainfire
    • Dynamically set SuperSU flags in updater
    • Remove hrdump - spam logs in /data 4GB+
    • Full wipe issues rectified (users can now Format Encryption/Data in TWRP)
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.2.8
    • Tweaks: Volume keys to control keyboard cursor movement
    • Tweaks: Enable navigation bar & disable HW keys (Excluding fingerprint sensor)
    • Tweaks: Custom navigation bar size
    • Tweaks: traffic indicator colour
    • Add long press back to kill current app
    • Reduce Aroma DPI (Easier to read)
    • Fix inverted option for Flash notification LED whilst charging
    • Fix Squared caller photo
    • AOSP nav bar icons when nav bar enabled
    • Remove TouchPal language pack's (can be downloaded on setup)
    • Fix lock screen layout when nav bar enabled
    • Fix HTC Sync notification toggle
    • Updater & Aroma clean-ups
    LeeDrOiD 10 UHD V1.0.1 - Stable - May 8th 2016
    • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V8.2.4
    • Added Optional China Sense Recent apps & Aroma toggle
    • Add init.d support
    • Enable adb at boot time
    • Update all inbuilt applications (Thanks @ElectronicPunk for doing the leg work)
    • Move to SuperSU-v2.71-forceencrypt modified by @topjohnwu
    • Encryption / Mobile connectivity issues resolved
    • Default configuration tweaks
    • System clean-ups & optimisations

    LeeDrOiD 10 V1.0.0 - INITIAL RELEASE
    • Based on HTC Europe 1.30.401.1
    • Root - SuperSU
    • Busybox
    • Logging stripped - HTC Log Level, Smith, QXDM2SD
    • LeeDrOiD custom framework
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    • Disabled signature checking
    • Aroma app removal options
    • Better battery stats
    • Mail - Optional Exchange Hack
    • Center clock (Aroma)
    • Advanced power menu
    • Ambient Display
    • Call Recording Support
    • Hide photo mask in caller photo
    • Squared Caller Photo Mod
    • Full rotation mod
    • Default USB function hack / toggle
    • Sense Home Mods:
    • Landscape
    • Infinite folders
    • Additional highlight colors
    • 5x6 App Drawer
    • SystemUI Mods:
    • Twin traffic indicator
    • MIUI battery Bar
    • SystemUI Tuner
    • Right corner quick QS pull-down
    • Double tap status bar to sleep
    • Hide power save toggle
    • MTP notification toggle
    • Clock am/pm toggles


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    XDA:DevDB Information
    LeeDrOiD 10, ROM for the HTC 10

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 3.16.401.2
    Based On: Sense 9.5

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V5.3.3-R9
    Stable Release Date: 2019-06-26

    Created 2016-05-05
    Last Updated 2019-06-26
    Wow... I have no words...

    How many times do the XDA rules have to be posted... How many times do people have to be told to read and search a little before flashing their devices..

    I give up, don't need this crap. Thread closed.
    FYI guys an gals... This is a temporary thread closure, no plans to stop supporting the HTC 10 just yet.


    Due to the excessive amounts of ETA requests, my stress levels are higher than usual due to additional pressure..

    The Oreo update will be delayed for 3/4 more days.

    Thanks for your patience in this matter :cowboy:

    P.S.. it will be done when it's done, stop asking and stop pissing eachother off .

    Boom Boom... SVN updated..

    R126 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.0.0 - February 1st
    * Fix per app notification bug in Settings
    * Update in-built apps
    * Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.34
    - Fix crash if trying to launch multi window
    - Fix duplicate ablum art entry
    * Shortcutter V5.1.0
    - Add running in background notification blocker
    - Add app opened and root check to APM
    - Big UI improvements
    - Too much to list!!

    Older change logs:

    R125 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.0.0 - January 29th
    * Roll-back to HTC 10 official Camera
    - Port tweaks: 100% JPG & Enable Selfie Panorama
    * New Tweak: Big/Squared caller photo - Thanks @Golv
    * Fix/workaround for Magisk Manager not installing
    * Updater clean-ups
    * App updates
    * Configuration corrections
    * Add missing Pixel wallpaper libs
    * Update Shortcutter V5.0.2
    - UI Overhaul
    - Custom crash reporter
    - Light/Dark theme options

    R124 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.0.0 - January 22nd
    * NEW TWEAK: Remap long press - Back, Home & Recents
    * Fix haptic feedback on long press back
    * LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.32
    - Add remap options for back, home & recents long press
    - Default Action, Recent Apps, Menu, Split Screen, Screenshot, Flashlight,
    Screen Off, APM & Kill Current App.
    * Shortcutter V4.6.1
    - Add auto start option to Screen Record
    - Enable Sidebar/Toolbox QS Toggle
    - Additional APM fix-ups

    R123 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.0.0 - January 20th
    * App updates
    * Fix calendar crash
    * Fix Hide Boomsound Notification
    * update hacked exchange mail
    * System clean-ups
    * Delete /system/xbin/which (busybox).
    - Used for root detection in some apps
    * Update Shortcutter V4.6.0
    - Request root when launching APM
    - Only show snackbar message on selected actions
    * Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.31
    - Check for root before enabling APM

    R122 LeeDrOiD 10 V5.0.0 - January 19th
    * Re-Based on HTC 3.16.401.2 - OREO (Europe)
    * Android Oreo 8.0
    * December 2017 Security Patches
    * Magisk V15.3
    * Added HTC Doze (Smart Display)
    * Added Screen Capture Tool
    * Tweaks Ported & Added:
    - Too much to list - everything in Tweaks V10.1.30!
    * Shortcutter V4.5.9
    * New APM - powered by Shortcutter

    Mirrors below!

    GDrive link :)

    ROM: LeeO_HTC10_R126
    MD5: 07AF5D3398858D8306A7B9653E5FB679

    I am now temporarily closing the thread with the aim to force people to search and read if they have any issues... I will re open it when my spirits are lifted a little!

    Previous rant for reference:

    Anyone struggling to grasp this one....


    A few other points....

    If AFTER FLASHING THE FIRMWARE... Your device doesn't boot... Go to twrp, select wipe then select format and type Yes when asked, then flash the ROM.

    The ROM will reboot a few times on first flash, it can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

    Once you move to Oreo you cannot go back to Nougat, you will lose cell service!

    Please start paying attention and use the thread search function people... I am on the verge of giving up in here, I have spent a a sh*#t load of hours on these ROMs, it doesn't take much to spend a fraction of the time I have to do a little digging.