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Feb 7, 2011
I was thinking of reflashing froyo again because of great battery life.
Does anyone here use still this build?

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Jan 11, 2011
no, i switched to my own miui rom ;)

though i was longtime on lees gb rom. i managed to get similar good battery times wwth the latest version 3.3.1 from lee, tweaking it a bit.


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Aug 6, 2007
After trying every ROM avaiable, I decided to go back to the old times of froyo, with great battery life...
So, can anyone tell me if its possible to run this ROM with EXT4?

best regards


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Nov 1, 2009
Ok, I have a few questions. I would like to update my HTC Inspire to the latest LeeDr0iD mod. I am currently running v2.2.3 with Kernel V2.2.9. After a bunch of internet searches...my brain is fried. Someone please help.

On Leedroid.com I noticed that their has been several updates since the 2.2.3 version. It also shows on this page, that the latest version is currently 3.3.1. That's all fine and dandy, however, on that same page, if you scroll down to the download section there is no copy of the 3.3.1 version. Only the 3.3.3_GB version. My question is this... Can I use that version, even though the page doesn't show that as the latest version?

Also, if it turns out I CAN use that as the "latest version" what kernel should I use with version 3.3.3?

The reason I'm asking this is that this thread, which I've been following, states that the latest version is the one I currently have installed (v2.2.3). Even though the first post points to Leedroid.com where there is conflicting information.

The reason I started this whole process was to see if I could fix minor issues with my FM radio (yeah I know, who cares) as well as issues with sound being scratchy.

Anyway... If someone could point me in the right path since I really don't know WHAT the correct "updated" version is...I'd be very grateful! Thank you!


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Oct 14, 2010
Problem with Wifi

I used Kernel 2.2.9 with 1.32.xxx.x build. Wifi connects but no data transfer.. any ideas?

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    [ROM] LeeDrOiD HD v2.2.3 [Kernel] LeeDrOiD v2.2.9 | 7th April | >>> EPIC <<<

    OC/UV | OpenVPN | CIFS | Optional A2SD | Fast | Stable | WWE


    With thanks to: PaulObrien l RaiderX303 l ChainsDD l snq- l Scar45 | Apache14 | A5J4DX

    If you don't know me, take a Look at my ever popular Classic HTC Desire ROM Here on XDA or Here @LeeDrOiD.com

    My name is Lee Bailey, I am a 28 year old farther of 3 from North east England, I have been developing on the Android platform for just over a year and a half, always taking great pride in everything I do. I have a vast & varied knowledge surrounding the android platform.

    Official Support Links:

    » RSS Feeds from the mini-site

    » LeeDrOiD mini-site Wiki (/FAQs)

    » Chat live now or join #LeeDrOiD-ROMs on Freenode (irc.handhelds.org)

    » Modified Kernel Source on github

    Current ROM Version = V2.2.3

    Current Kernel Version = V2.2.9

    What you get:
    • Base Android 2.2.1 - NEWEST OFFICIAL HTC WWE RUU 1.72.405.3
    • You will NOT loose root or S-off...
    • Unsecured boot.img with ADB Remount
    • De-odexed & Zipaligned
    • Kernel - LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.9 - (based on lates HTC source & merged with linux upstream builds) LeeDrOiD@GitHub
    • Available CPU governors - On Demand, Performance, Conservative, Powersave, Userspace, Smartass & Interactive << (If running benchmarks :rolleyes; , switch to performance.. I would recommend using Interactive or Smartass for day to day usage)
    • Slightly Undervolted with an OPTIONAL OC up to 1804MHz using Set CPU, free for XDA members
    • Default CPU config = Smartass governor @ 245MHz - 1036MHz (only 12MHz above stock)
    • Increased WiFi Performance whilst "sleeping".
    • BFQ, CFQ & Deadline I/O Scheduler's
    • GPU+ mod (Improved 2D & 3D Graphics performance)
    • Improved WiFi Driver & PM = Fast (in sleep :D )
    • 20% audio boost across all outputs 25% main speaker
    • SLQB Memory allocator
    • CIFS support & Manager
    • Open VPN
    • Optional A2SD+Patch (move apps & dalvik cache to an ext partition on your MicroSD)
    • Rooted with Superuser permissions
    • Busybox 1.18.1
    • Nano command-line text editor support
    • Bash command shell support
    • /data/app/ zipaligned on boot (Improved RAM performance)
    • Ram Optimizations
    • Fully optimized framework
    • Reboot options in power menu Normal/Bootloader/Recovery/Hot Reboot (thanks to snq-)
    • Improved auto brightness values
    • Clean, Fast & Stable!
    • Browser Optimizations
    • Increased Dalvik-VM Heap size
    • Huge APN List
    • Custom LeeDrOiD Bios Boot animation
    • Cusom LeeDrOiD Locales & Language support
    • Minor UI Tweaks
    • Semi transparent app drawer & notification pull down
    • Titanium Backup & Rom manager
    • HTC Notes, Coin & Sand timer widgets
    • Voice Dialer (working with Bluetooth)
    • AD-free & hosts (Updated & working)
    • Spare parts (advanced configuration tool)
    • Genie News & Weather widget
    • Launcher2 (Optional Stock android launcher)
    • Fancy widget
    • Android market V2.3.3
    • Voice Search V2.1.1
    • Adobe Flash Player V10.2.156.12
    • Google Maps V5.3.0
    • Facebook V1.5.0
    • Updated Gmail V2.3.4.1
    • YouTube 2.1.6
    • R2D2 ;)
    • Clear default home app
    • Lots of performance & stability boosts!
    • Supported Languages: English, Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Croatian & more! < All tested! (some locals may only be partial as they will not be coded into all applications)

    To be flashed with CWM 2.xx.xx

    Change Log

    LeeDrOiD HD V2.2.3 (Android 2.2.1+2 ;) ) 7th April
    • Streamline update to merge latest kernel & patches with the main build
    • Kernel - Updated LeeDrOiD Kernel V2.2.9
    • Kernel - Patched to linux upstream More info HERE @Kernel.org
    • Kernel - Huge Code cleanups
    • Kernel - Fixes in USB, Memory & File system managment
    • Kernel - Removed all debugging info
    • Kernel - Fixed all BMA150 rotation driver issues
    • Kernel - Fixed all Proximity sensor driver issues
    • Kernel - Fixed all Video driver issues
    • Kernel - Video: allocate uncached buffers as writecombined
    • Kernel - Lowered audio output levels (Main speaker & headset remain unchanged 20% Boost)
    • Kernel - Trimmed down CPU freq table (added to faq)
    • Kernel - Optomised CPU freq table & smartass governor
    • Kernel - Several config & Build tweaks
    • Kernel - Built with latest 5.4.1 Toolchain
    • Zipaligned Using the latest GB binary
    • Cleaned & Optomised
    • Added Previously Highlighted "Malware protection patch".
    • Force USB debugging enabled = 1 upon flash to avoid freezes
    • Default App install location set to internal (1) on 1st boot only
    • Updated Adobe flash V
    • Updated Rom manager V
    • Updated Titanium backup V
    • Updated Google maps V 5.3.0
    • Updated Talk Back (TTS engine) V 2.7.3
    • Updated Adfree hosts
    • Added additional APN's
    • And a few other little bits I cant remember :p

    LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.9 Kernel 29th March
    • Patched to .34 > .35 > More info HERE @Kernel.org
    • More cleanups
    • Fixes in file system
    • Fixes in USB
    • Fixes in memory managment

    Please read the FAQ in post 2#

    New Hosting & mini-Site thanks to Scar45!!

    » Direct Download Mirrors(on the mini-site)

    » Download .torrents (+ .md5) for the latest version

    » Addons + Themes for the latest version


    LeeDrOiD Custom Kernels

    To be flashed using CWM 2.x.x.x.x

    LeeDrOiD V2.2.9 custom Kernel - 29/03/11 (FTP)

    Clean | Fast | Stable | Max OC 1.8Ghz | CFQ, BFQ, Noop & Deadline | SLQB Memory allocator | Supports EXT 2,3 & 4 | Open VPN | CIFS | CPU Governors: Smartass, Interactive, Performance, On-Demand, Conservative & PowerSave | Default CPU config: Smartass max 1032Mhz (499Mhz screen off) | Huge Battery improvment | CPU VDD Levels interface More info HERE


    Recommended Radio version
    For flashing instructions refer to the "FAQ" section in post 2#

    I have recommended the above radio as it is the version shipped in the RUU with the base ROM, Although a radio update is not 100% required, I always recommend you match your radio with your ROM as each ROM contains specific ril's (Radio Interface Layer's), using a "non matched" radio could have a negative effect on.. Performance, Battery performance & signal
    Alternative ROM Download links (User submitted)

    LeeDrOiD HD V2.2.3 (Rapidshare)
    Thanks to Irvysan

    LeeDrOiD HD V2.2.3 (FileServe)
    Thanks to Irvysan

    LeeDrOiD HD V2.2.3 (Torrent)

    LeeDrOiD HD V2.2.3 (FTP)
    Hosting thanks to rshost.eu

    ROM MD5# d26a22328ded1829b474a7cd01230a30

    To Add A2SD+ support, please flash the below patch straight on top of the ROM >>this will be required for existing A2SD+ users<<

    >> Please note, 1st boot may take up to 10 minutes as every application in /data will be ZipAligned, the time it takes depends on how many applications you have installed.. DO NOT PULL THE BATTERY <<

    LeeDrOiD DHD Dropbox folder (share link)
    Follow this link, sign up for a free account and copy my files to your folders ;)

    Add A2SD+ support (FTP)
    The above patch will add A2SD+ scripts to your device, Please reffer to pos #2 "FAQ" for more info

    LeeDrOiD No SeNsE Patch (FTP)
    The above patch will remove all sense widgets, HTC navigation & HTC sense from your device.
    Already included is Launcher2, , Gallery 3D , Fancy widget, Google Desk Clock, Google car Home & Car homeLauncher ;)

    (Thakns to Mike1986 for the Idea)

    Restore HTC Lockscreen
    For "No Sense" users ;)

    Browser Unlimited tabs

    Alternative GPS configuration, (HTC Stock) North America

    I/O Performance Patch
    The above patch will modify SqLite behaviour & dramatically improve I/O benchmarks -
    Use with caution! although not yet confirmed, this could result in possible data losses (FYI.. yes im using it..) ;)

    (Thanks to ownhere :D )

    Desire HD >> to >> Inspire 4G Patch
    The above patch will apply local info, device Id's & required audio files for the Inspire 4G

    LeeDrOiD Notifacation power widget
    Thanks to KamikaZeeFu (see this post for more info) Screen capture attached

    Stock animations (CWM flashable framework)
    Thanks to SupremeBeaver

    Stock animations & icons (CWM flashable framework)
    Thanks to SupremeBever

    HTC 1.72 stock kernel + Tun & CIFS

    LeeDrOiD HD - Screen captures

    LeeDrOiD HD Change Log History

    Current ROM Version = V2.2.3

    Current Kernel Version = V2.2.9

    Change Log

    LeeDrOiD HD V2.2.2 (Android 2.2.1+1 ;) ) 27th Feb
    • To be flashed with CWM 2xxxx
    • Kernel - Updated LeeDrOiD Kernel V2.2.2
    • Kernel - Re-based on official HTC 2.2.1 source
    • Kernel - Updated video drivers
    • Kernel - Updated WiFi Drivers
    • Kernel - Updated prox sensor drivers
    • Kernel - Optomised cpu table & voltages
    • Kernel - Max OC @1.8Ghz (1036Mhz Default)
    • Kernel - Deadline IO shed as default
    • Kernel - SLQB memory allocator as default
    • Kernel - 20% audio boost across all outputs 25% main speaker
    • Kernel - Increased GPU memory allocation
    • Reverted to stock 1.72 Video decoder (lib.so)
    • Default install location set to internal (1)
    • GPS tweaked
    • Background Speed tweaks
    • Youtube & Video issues fully resolved!
    • Fixed Adobe reader FC's
    • Updated adfree hosts
    • Updated Android market V2.3.3
    • Updated Gmail V2.3.4.1
    • Updated Twitter V2.0.1
    • Updated Titanium backup
    • Updated Rom Manager
    • Cleaned up old obsolete files
    • Added LeeDrOiD No SeNsE Patch

    LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.8 Kernel 19th March
    • The Cleanest build yet!
    • Huge code cleanups
    • Removed all debugging info
    • All previous mods included (Refer to Change log history)

    LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.7-R2 Kernel 16th March
    • Patched to ( More info )
    • Fixed BMA150 rotation driver issues
    • Force USB debugging enabled = 1 upon flash to avoid freezes
    • Default App install location set to internal (1)
    • Included previously added malware protection patch
    • R2 - Roll back AKM8975 drivers to ace-QMR-g1e30168 (Rotation driver issues 100% fixed)
    • R2 - Video: allocate uncached buffers as writecombined

    LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.6 Kernel 14th March
    • Patched to ( More info )
    • Minor config changes
    • Lowered audio output levels (Main speaker & headset remain unchanged ;) )
    • Included previously added malware protection patch
    • Removed obsolete 1.32 > 1.72 patches as no longer required

    LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.5 R2 Kernel 7th March 3:06am
    • Patched to
    • Trimmed down CPU freq table (added to faq)
    • Optomized CPU freq table
    • Modified Smartass in line with updated tables
    • Several config & Build tweaks
    • Fixed USB Debugging issue (thanks XBOCT)
    • Fixed USB mass storage mode from 2.2.5 R1 ;)
    • Previously Highlighted "Malware protection patch" included.

    LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.4 Kernel 3rd March

    LeeDrOiD Ace V2.2.3 Kernel 2nd March
    • Adjused smartass scaling
    • Fixed external mic
    • Fixed Rotation driver permissions
    • Fixed Prox sensor driver permissions
    • Cleaned up & Optimized
    • Built with latest 5.4.1 Toolchain
    • Removed BFS build due to issues with CGROUP

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace HD V2.2.1 BETA | 23rd Feb << Available under Kernels
    • Re-based on official HTC 2.2.1 source
    • all previous MODS included
    • 1.72 libs included
    • Default config up to 2Ghz using smartass governor

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace HD V2.0.6 & NuTtEr V3 | 21st Feb << Available under Kernels & Under Customisation via the mini site
    • Patched to
    • Fine tuned CPU voltages based on benchmarks
    • Max freq - standard kernel 1497Mhz (cleaner scaling)
    • Smartass Screen off Max freq now 499Mhz
    • Fine tuned Audio Boosts & increased main speaker by 5%
    • Correct dimensions and output format of frame buffer
    • Increased 720p target bitrate
    • Heavily optimised build
    • Stability imrovments all round
    • Default I/O Scheduler "Deadline" in both builds. (bfq, cfq & noop still available)
    • Undervolted lower frequencies (Power Saving)
    • Vdd levels interface for both builds #Reffer to post #2 for more info

    LeeDrOiD HD V2.0.0 FULL ROM
    • Kernel - Updated LeeDrOiD Kernel V2.0.2
    • Kernel - Updated Video & Audio drivers from HTC EVO 4G Speedy source
    • Kernel - Added SLQB Memory allocator
    • Kernel - WiFi PM = FAST in sleep
    • Kernel - nls_utf8 built in
    • Kernel - Cleaned up - removed debug info
    • Kernel - rolled back proximity sensor driver (stock)
    • Kernel - Fixed & improved interactive govenor
    • Youtube & Video issues fully resolved!
    • Overall Performance & stability improved
    • Video Capture Performance improved
    • Updated Fancy Widget v2.1.6 PL1
    • Updated Google Maps v5.1.0
    • Updated Titanium backup v3.6.8
    • Updated Facebook V1.5.1
    • Removed Gallery 3D (available on the market)
    • Cleaned up redundant files & Removed "sd" folder.
    • Updated A2SD+ Add-on (Existing A2SD+ users need the updated patch)

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace HD V2.0.5 & NuTtEr V2 | 18th Feb << Available under Addons & the mini site
    • More CPU voltage tweaks for optimal performance
    • Fixed missing entry in CPU table
    • Rolled back config to save power
    • Standby drain 1-4mV
    • NuTtEr - Max OC 2016MHz
    • NuTtEr - Default I/O Sched bfq
    • NuTtEr - Increased ALL audio levels by 20% (still nice and clear :D )
    • NuTtEt - Added vdd levels interface (already in V2.0.5 standard) REFER TO TO POST 2#

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace HD V2.0.4 | 17th Feb[/Bsite
    • Fine tuned CPU voltages for optimal performance
    • cfq scheduler now default
    • Increased ALL audio levels by 20% (still nice and clear :D )
    • Added vdd levels interface (thanks to SNQ-) REFER TO TO POST 2#
    • Increased standard max OC to 1516Mhz
    • Additional ipv6 Net support
    • more clean up's
    • more speed tweak's
    • And a few other bits I forgot :eek:
    • mV dropping as low as -1mV :D

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace HD V2.0.3 & NuTtEr Edition | 14th Feb
    • Prevent memory leak in cpufreq_stats on hotplug (Pershoot)
    • wireless: Fix memleak in dev->p & wl_iw_handle_scanresults_ie
    • Removed duplicate CPU entry & increased higher OC vdd by 25mV
    • Improved Stability
    • Increased GPU Memory allocation
    • Increased HW SPEAKER volume by 20%
    • More Cleanups
    • Fixed & improved Performance & OD Governors
    • NuTtEr Edition: OC up to 1996Mhz with SLAB Allocator

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace HD V1.4.1 | 7th Feb)
    • Updated LeeDrOiD Kernel V1.4.1
    • nls_utf8.ko back for CIFS
    • Cleaned up - removed debug info
    • Speed Tweaks
    • Rolled back proximity sensor driver (stock)
    • Fixed & improved interactive govenor

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace V1.4.0 | 4th Feb) << Available under addons
    • Rolled back Prox sensor driver
    • Removed Debugging info
    • Cleaned up & Optomised

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.5.1 | 30th Jan
    • A2SD+ reverted to being an optional Add-on
    • Fixed application installation issues
    • LeeDrOiD Kernel updated > V1.3-g91bc9b6
    • Kernel - Slightly modified VDD (lowest value)
    • Kernel - Tun.ko re-added for OpenVPN
    • Kernel - Cifs support fix (needs testing)
    • Kernel - Updated proximity sensor driver
    • Updated Adobe Reader
    • Addressed ipv6 Security flaw present in android 2.2 & 2.2.1
    • Cleaned up redundant scripts

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.5.0
    • (New Kernel based on Apache Buzz latest source, forked and modified)
    • Added LeeDrOiD V1.2a OC/UV Kernel (Partial UV - very stable)
    • New heavily optomized Smartass govenor idles @ 245 - 422mhz (Ramps on demand)
    • Default CPU freq 245-1032mhz @ smartass (Almost stock speeds)
    • Heavily modified Cpu frequency table (for details refer to post #2)
    • Heuge battery improvment
    • A2SD+ included but optional (if you want it just add an ext3 partition, HOW TO in post 2)
    • Further adjusted autobrightness values
    • Added back "fly" animations < can be disabled in settings.
    • Updated Adobe flash V10.1.106.16
    • Updated Titanium backup V3.6.7.1
    • Updated fancy widget V2.1.4.1
    • Updated CIFS Manager V1.5
    • Updated Ad-Free V0.6.4
    • Updated Android Market V2.2.11
    • More cleanups & Tweaks

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.4.1
    • Fixed init.d script execution
    • Tun.ko now loaded on boot
    • Zipalign on boot fixed
    • Added CIFS support - Thanks to MikeMelbourne
    • Added Cifs Manager
    • Added optional A2SD+ support
    • Further locale edits & cleanups
    • Better autobrightness values
    • Updated Adobe Flash 10.1 V10.1.106.15
    • Updated AdFree V0.5.3
    • Added Fancy Widget

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.4
    • Added Zipalign /data/app/ on boot
    • /system & /cache partitions now formatted on flash
    • Increased dalvik vm heap size 24m > 32m
    • Minor build.prop edits
    • Heavily modified Locales/Languages
    • Adjusted auto brightness (increased lowest value)
    • Added OpenVPN (Requires OpenVPN Settings)
    • More updater-script edits
    • Added semi transparent app drawer
    • Semi transparent personalisation menu
    • Minor Speed tweaks
    • Power consumption improvments
    • Updated AdFree V0.5.2
    • Updated Google street view V1.6.0.6
    • Updated Titanium backup
    • Updated Rom manager
    • Removed Gmail unread count app

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.3a (patch)
    • Fixed Superuser fc
    • Updated Busybox 1.18.1
    • Fixed AdFree
    • Re-Added Advanced Power Menu
    • Amended auto brightness values

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.3
    • Re-Based on Official HTC RUU 1.72.405.3
    • Android 2.2.1!
    • Speed, Performance & Battery & Audio improvments
    • Cleaned, Deodexed, Zipaligned, Rooted
    • Patched services.jar (enable transparency in themes)
    • Added Translucent notifacation pulldown
    • Minor UI Mods (Status bar icons
    • Added OpenVPN Support (Untested)
    • New LeeDrOiD BIOS Bootanimation (Thanks Scar45)
    • Fixed AdFree Hosts, symlinked from /data/etc/ (Needs Testing)
    • Fully optomized framework & Rosie (png's)
    • Adjusted auto brightness values
    • Updated Android market V2.2.7
    • Updated Voice Search V2.1.1
    • Updated Flash Player
    • Updated Google Maps V5.0.0
    • Updated Facebook V1.5.0
    • Updated Gmail V 2.3.2
    • Updated YouTube 2.1.6
    • Updaed Rom Manager & Titanium backup
    • Added R2D2 to notifacations (as requested)
    • Added Launcher2 (default android home option)
    • Added Clear default home app
    • Removed Jbed
    • Extended power menu temporarily removed due to re-base
    • And a few other minor things I cant remember :eek:

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.2
    • More updater-script edits
    • Fixed wipe /system on flash
    • Fixed updater-script loop
    • Fixed ad-free hosts update
    • Added Jbed Java
    • Added Genie widget
    • More small tweaks

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.1a
    • Fixed /data/app/permissions (fixed reboot)
    • Added Astro file manager
    • Added alternative transition animations
    • Further modified locales
    • few other small tweaks ;)

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.1
    • Added LeeDrOiD Bootanimation & audio
    • Moved Notes, Coin & Sand timer widgets to /system
    • Added Spare parts Advanced config tool
    • Edited CID profiles (open up available languages to all regions)
    • Boot.img now included
    • Fixed and updated Busybox
    • Added Ad-free & hosts

    LeeDrOiD HD V1.0 (Initial release)
    • All listed "what you get" mods
    • Updated all system apps
    • LeeDrOiD wallpaper
    • Optimisations & speed tweaks
    LeeDrOiD HD FAQ


    1. This FAQ is applicable mostly to LeeDroid ROMS. Some of the parts can be explored on other ROMs (Stock or Custom).
    2. PLease read the forums linked to this FAQ for more detailed information.
    3. This FAQ is a collaboration of suggestions, pointers & solutions from many other XDA forum members - Credits where due.
    5. If you have any suggestions/possible additions for the FAQ, feel free to PM me!

    Additional thanks to - prateekgujral - Leith51 - willk22 - jkoljo - paulobrien

    Q: How do I flash this ROM?​
    • You will first need to ROOT your DHD.
    • Apply Radio S-OFF/, S-OFF
    • Install Clockwork Recovery: The easiest way is to root your phone as above and download Rom Manager from the Market, which has an option to install C'Work Recovery.

    Once you have done as above
    1. Drop LeeDrOiD_HD_V1.Xx.zip on you SD card
    2. Check the MD5# matches the one in post 1#
    3. Ensure you have more than 40% Charge & Unplug your DHD.
    4. Boot into recovery (either via rom manager or by powering up with the vol- button held)
    5. Select "backup&restore" then backup your existing ROM. (usually referred to as a "Nandroid" backup)
    6. If you want a clean install, scroll to "wipe data/factory reset" (this step is recommended but not always required)
    7. Select flash zip from SD card
    8. Select the LeeDrOiD_HD_V1.Xx.zip
    9. Wait for the flashing process to complete and reboot

    FYI. It is recommended that you flash radio to work the LeeDroid base 1.72 Roms effectively, failure to do this may result in poor battery, Wifi & mobile connectivity performance.

    Q: How do I flash a radio?

    Q: What is A2SD+
    • A:
    • A2SD+ Moves your apps & Dalvik cahcheto a hidden EXT partition on your MicroSD
    • You will be required to format you SD card with 2 partitions as laid out below

    How do i set up my MicroSD ready for A2SD+
    • A:
    • Backup all data on you SD card (this will be Formatted)
    • The card should be formatted with your standard FAT32 partition 1st followed by an EXT3 partition (I would recommend a minimum 512mb)
    • Linux users use GParted or a similar software.
    • For everyone else I would recommend using Rom Manager or CWM
    • Once you have downloaded ROM manager from the market, open the app and click partition SD Card, Select your EXT size and set 0mb for swap
    • Restore your data to your SD.
    • Flash the A2SD+ Patch
    • Boot << Please be aware, 1st boot may take a while depending on how many apps you have installed.

    LeeDrOiD Kernel - Custom freq & Voltage table

    LeeDrOiD Freqs & Voltages -------------HTC "Stock Freqs & Voltages

    { 245000, 900, VDD_RAW(900) }, ------ | ----- { 245760, 1000, VDD_RAW(1000) },
    { 422400, 925, VDD_RAW(925) }, ------ | ----- { 368640, 1050, VDD_RAW(1050) },
    { 499200, 950, VDD_RAW(950) },
    { 576000, 975, VDD_RAW(975) },
    { 652800, 1000, VDD_RAW(1000) },
    { 729600, 1000, VDD_RAW(1050) },
    { 806400, 1025, VDD_RAW(1050) }, ---- | ----- { 806400, 1100, VDD_RAW(1100) },
    { 883200, 1050, VDD_RAW(1075) },
    { 960000, 1050, VDD_RAW(1075) },
    { 1036800, 1075, VDD_RAW(1125) }, ---- | ---- { 1024600, 1200, VDD_RAW(1200) },
    { 1113600, 1100, VDD_RAW(1125) },
    { 1190400, 1125, VDD_RAW(1150) }, <<<<<<<<<# All frequencies are using voltages within
    { 1267200, 1150, VDD_RAW(1200) }, <<<<<<<<<# Safe working limits MAX=1500mV MIN=750mV
    { 1344000, 1175, VDD_RAW(1250) },
    { 1420800, 1200, VDD_RAW(1250) },
    { 1497600, 1275, VDD_RAW(1300) },
    { 1574400, 1300, VDD_RAW(1300) },
    { 1651200, 1375, VDD_RAW(1275) },
    { 1728000, 1400, VDD_RAW(1300) },
    { 1804800, 1425, VDD_RAW(1300) },

    Vdd levels sysfs interface

    This mod was created by snq- for my Classic desire builds.

    The vdd levels interface allows you to adjust cpu voltages on the fly, you can either do this via terminal, Gscript or by dropping a script in init.d.... The following script is an example with vdd levels increased by 25mV on all frequencies ;)

    you can adjust these values accordingly by ammending the 2nd string to any value between min 750mV max 1350mV, these values will only be persistent on reboot if you have a script in the /system/etc/init.d folder with the below syntax

    query: (output: first column: frequency (kHz), second column: vdd* (mV))


    echo '245000 925' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '422400 950' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '460800 975' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '499200 975' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '576000 1000' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '652800 1025' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '729600 1025' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '806400 1050' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '883200 1075' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '960000 1075' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1036800 1100' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1113600 1125' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1190400 1150' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1267200 1175' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1344000 1200' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1420800 1225' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1497600 1300' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1574400 1325' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1651200 1400' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1728000 1425' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '1804800 1450' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels

    incrementing/decrementing all levels by a specified amount* (mV):
    echo '-25' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
    echo '+25' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels

    adjusting the supply voltage* (second value, mV) at a specific frequency (first value, kHz):
    echo '998400 1250' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels

    *: vdd values must be a multiple of 25 (enforced by the interface; the regulator doesn't accept other values - found out in the hard way)

    please note that the values set through this interface will only be written to the acpu table - they will only become effective when the specific frequency is (re)set by cpufreq

    i took the input parser from iscaela's code - thanks for it
    do not apply this patch if you plan to use avs

    to query the constraints of the regulator ("max_microvolts", "min_microvolts") or the voltage currently supplied to the cpu ("microvolts" (uV)):

    grep '.' /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0048/regulator/regulator.0/*

    @snq- >> --
    dedicated to the cheeky buggers at #leedroid-roms

    Other useful tips, tricks & possible issues
    Q: How do I remove /system applications that I don't want or need?
    A: For the above there are several options.
    Please take care when deleting HTC proprietary apk's, there are a lot of dependancies in HTC ROM's.. NANDROID BACKUP 1st
    • Option 1: Remove them from the zip prior to flashing the ROM, this is best done with either Winrar or z7zip, DO NOT EXTRACT THE ROM, simply navigate to the folder within the zip and delete the apk's.
    • Option 2: Download Root Explorer from the market, navigate to the folder and hit mount R/W then delete the apk's.
    • Option 3: Use adb or OtADB(an extremely handy ADB GUI).

    Additional FAQ's, tips & tricks By prateekgujral

    Q: I want to run a software/hardware check on my DHD.
    A: Dial *#*#3424#*#*

    Q: I put the .apk on my SD card but how do I now Install?
    A: You will need a file explorer, use Astro (in LeeDroid ROM) or download one from the Market. Using it, go to the location on the SD Card where you have put the .apk and click to install.

    Q: Can I format my SD card? How?
    A: Yes, you can! Be sure to back up the app data folders, otehrwise you may experience some problems with some applications. Connect the phone to the PC in disk drive mode. From MY computer on your PC, locate the phone drive, and format.

    Q: I am unable to assign a ringtone to contact!
    A: This is a typical HTC issue. The alternative is to open the Music app from all programs, select the song, click on the capacitive menu button and select set as ringtone.. follow further. (Thanks to LeeDroid)

    Q: I cannot adjust the pic size while assigning it to a contact, the pinch to zoom doesnt work.
    A: If you press and hold the corner of the box that appears on the pic while doing the above, ou can actually adjust the size of the pic to be shown. This is the only was known at the moment. (Discovered by prateekgujral.)

    Q: How do I get rid of the vibration feedback
    A: Setting> Sounds> (Scroll down) to Vibrate feedback << un-check
    (Note: If you uncheck this you will loose vibration everywhere, even on the capacitive buttons.)

    Q: The sounds on my DHD are quite low.
    A: Check in Settings> Sounds> Volume

    Q: I need ringtones/ notification tones on the system.
    A: The best way to do so is before flashing open the zip (donot extract). Go to /system/media/audio - Drop your .mp3 into the respective folders.
    Remember > You have not extracted the .zip, so once you drop it and close the zip, it will be there. Now flash as normal.

    Q: Some programs are not responding, DHD is getting slow.
    1. Try rebooting (Normal).
    2. Check the third party installations and compatibility.
    3. Second last resort: Factory re-set and reflash the LeeDroid Rom.
    4. Last resort: Full Wipe and flash the LeeDroid ROM.

    Q: My Mobile data is not working.
    A: Check the settings in Settings> Wireless and Networks> Mobile Networks
    If there are no settings, contact your carrier provider to get the settings.

    Q: How do I stop the screen from auto rotating?
    A: Settings> > Display > Uncheck Auto Rotate

    Q: I am playing Teeter but the caliberation is out.
    A: Settings> Display> G Sensor Caliberation (Follow instructions).
    Here goes Ya'll

    LeeDrOiD V2.0.3 custom Kernel - 14/02/11 (Mirror)

    LeeDrOiD NuTtEr Ediditon custom Kernel - 14/02/11 (Mirror)
    OC up to 1996Mhz (Use with caution!, I accept no responsability for any damage)

    LeeDrOiD Kernel Ace HD V2.0.3 | 14th Feb)
    • Updated LeeDrOiD Kernel V2.0.3 & NuTtEr Edition
    • Prevent memory leak in cpufreq_stats on hotplug (Pershoot)
    • wireless: Fix memleak in dev->p & wl_iw_handle_scanresults_ie
    • Removed duplicate CPU entry & increased higher OC vdd by 25mV
    • Improved Stability
    • Increased GPU Memory allocation
    • Increased HW SPEAKER volume by 20%
    • More Cleanups
    • Fixed & improved Performance & OD Governors
    • NuTtEr Edition: OC up to 1996Mhz with SLAB Allocator

    hi guys, want to root my desire hd and get leedroid hd rom on it, just got this, had the normal desire before and still have it with leedroid 2.2f a2sd+. does this rom have apps2sd? or is it standard default. thanks

    Azz! Hello mate, good to see you in the HD thread! :D

    No A2SD+ atm as we don't really require it with 1.5gig internal ;)

    Should have an update for ya'll this up and coming week.. been busy with decorating, family (poorly children) and the standard desire Rom there will be a lot to follow ;)

    Swyped from my LeeDrOiD loaded HTC Desire HD using my thumb....
    Working my nuts off here guys, patching crt anims, advanced power menu etc etc.. been off the scene for a bit too long, got a lot to do! Mike and capy should just be able to use the patches from their other build, I'm going from scratch.. nice and clean ;)

    Sent from me LeeDrOiD loaded Desire HD using the Android XDA Premium app