[ROM]LeeDrOiD M9 v4.0.0 Port from LeeDrOiD_HTC10 | Nougat | Sense 9.5 | SVN [Nov 07]

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Mar 31, 2016
Hi all
i have htc m9 sprint edition./ s-of
previous install rom viper
i try to install a clean rom (delete all cache and wipe data) . my phone stuck at boot loop . and then i get back to viper
any idea what i am missing
thanks :confused:

Ab rox

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Jun 25, 2017
Hi i recently bought an HTC one 802w duos and i want to install custom os like pie? Will you please help me out


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Jan 11, 2016
encryption problem

Hello :)
I have HTC M9 - hima and installed the latest version - clean
I start the installation with TWRP 3.3.1-1 ; wipe - dalvik,cashe,sistem,data,internal storage ;
instal - HTC_M9-port_LeeDrOiD_10_V4.0.0-R119_rev.78.zip
after the system restart I see:
your phone is encrypted
enter your lock screen password to decrypt

I have not encrypted the phone, the lock screen password is the same as my 10 year old sim card password.
after entering the password shows a message about unsuccessful decryption and a button with the message - reset phone.
after restarring returns to the same screen.
i tried several clean installations with different configurations but no effect.
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    Come into the light & see what LeeDrOiD can do for you!!

    All carriers supported

    My stuff, has been kicking around longer than your stuff... be it hacks, mods, tweaks or ideas, I don't complain that it's spread wider than a porn stars legs. we are all open source developers with the ability to share and get along, it's common courtesy to ask and give a thanks, don't just take and hope for the best!​

    Some of you know me, some of you don't... (A quick Google search will give a lot away)
    My Name: Lee Bailey (AKA LeeDrOiD)
    My Hobby: Android Rom & Kernel Development

    One of the first ever Android HTC Sense ROM Developers (If not the first), I started with the HTC Hero & have been developing ever since!

    @MrHofs - LeeDrOiD Graphics Designer & Themer
    @~clumsy~ - Kernels, Code & LeeDrOiD.co.uk
    @The Great Dane - A dear friend, tester, long term supporter & all around awesome guy
    @exocetdj - Tester & Team entertainer
    @Scabes24 - Themer (When he decides to do some graft)
    @baadnewz - Old friend & collaborator
    @SoLdieR9312 - SVN & Nightlies
    @leefear - Hosting
    My Wife - For putting up with me & XDA :D

    @Lyapota | @OMJ | @A5J4DX l @snq- l @scar45 | @damo | @Team RC | @m-deejay |@ klquicksall | @rmk40 | @SteelH | @j4n87 | @daniels7 | @PG101 | @Irvysan | @ShowP-1984 | @broncogr | @lyapota | @mwilky | @patensas | @SvaDev | @Captain_Throwback | @Lord ClockaN | Team Cyanogen | Android Ice Cold Project

    LeeDrOiD Accepts no responsibility for:
    Any damage to your device
    Any loss of data
    Lack or loss of sleep - Due to but not solely caused by ROM flashing addictions
    The end of the world
    Or your granny's Alzheimer's (It's a disease, it had nothing to do with me)

    All of my builds are tested personally & by a number of close friends, I only develop for devices I own & use


    The OLD ROM
    • . ROM - Based On: HTC Europe 3.35.401.12 Official base
    • Android 6.0
    • HTC Sense 8 with Freestyle themes!
    • Rooted with the latest SuperSU thanks to @Chainfire (OPTIONAL)
    • De-odexed & Zip-aligned
    • init.d & su.d support
    • Disable error reporting
    • Cleaned up bloat
    • BusyBox installed
    • SQlite3 support, Bash and Nano shell support
    • External SD write permissions
    • Removed HTC logging & analytics junk
    • Package Signature Checking Disabled
    • Clear cache at boot time
    • Lots of configuration changes and speed enhancements
    • Improved battery vs. Stock builds
    • Created and added Android Logo font pack (S electable in settings)
    • Enabled blinking LED whilst charging
    • Enabled flashlight shortcut in power menu
    • Enabled auto selfie feature
    • Enabled voice activated capture
    • Multi user support
    • Enhanced AppOps
    • Ambient display / Doze Support
    • Advanced Power Menu - Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader & Safe Mode
    • China Sense recent apps with RAM display and kill all button (Optional)
    • Home shortcut menu (enable and hit menu in Prism)
    • Improved battery stats
    • SystemUI Tuner - long press settings icon in pull down to enable
    • LeeDrOiD custom build trickery
    • LeeDrOiD Boot animation, audio & wallpapers .
    • Custom LeeDrOiD Locales & Language support . And lots more........
    Supported Languages:
    English, Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Croatian & More

    • Clumsy Kernel
    • Optional exchange mail admin hack
    • Optional stock boot animation and audio
    • Remove HTC App's . Remove HTC Widget's
    • Remove Google & misc apps
    • Default Tweaks toggles
    • HTC Sense 8 . HTC 10 camera
    • Sense 8 touchPal keyboard

    LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    UI Tweaks
    • Sense Launcher Landscape Support
    • Infinite Apps in Folders
    • Allow All Rotations
    • Enable APM (Advanced Power Menu)
    • China Sense Recent App Style (Includes a RAM usage monitor & kill-all button)
    • China Sense (Launcher without an app-drawer, alternative Telephone & Messages UI)
    • Toggle App Circle Side Bar
    • App Circle Side Bar position & size
    • Choose App Circle Side Bar Apps
    • Right Corner Quick - Quick settings pull down
    • Traffic Indicator (Up-stream & down-stream data speed)
    • Traffic Indicator Colour
    • MIUI Battery MOD
    • Disable NFC Notification
    • Disable USB Debugging Notification
    • Disable Power Saving Notification
    • Disable Android Sync Notification
    • Disable MTP Notification
    • Hide BoomSound Notification
    • Disable Heads Up Notification
    • Blink LED on notification while charging
    • QS pull down battery % display
    • QS Brightness slider toggle
    • Pull down user switcher
    • Hide StatusBar Clock
    • Centre Clock
    • AM/PM Clock styles
    • Hide Battery Icon
    • Enable/Disable Navigation Bar
    • Navigation Bar Size
    • Re-map recent apps key
    • Long press volume media controls / ambient pulse
    • Long press back button to kill foreground app
    • Double Tap Status Bar to put the device into sleep
    • Control keyboard cursor with volume keys
    • Enable persistent nav bar menu button
    • Hide IME Switcher button
    • Enable flash-light on long press power button
    • HTC Power Manager Toggle (pnpmgr)
    • Haptic feedback duration
    • Brightness Twilight Mode
    • Ambient Display Settings toggle
    • Ambient Display on significant motion
    • Vibrate & ambient on significant motion
    • Ambient display duration
    • Ambient display brightness
    • Ambient display delay time
    • Ambient display fade intime
    • Ambient display fade out time
    • Large Caller Contact Picture
    • Hide Photo Mask for low-res pictures
    • 4G / LTE Notification Switch
    • Auto Record Incoming / Outgoing Calls
    • Disable SMS to MMS Converstion
    • Toggle Fast Dormancy
    • Security Tweaks
    • Lock QS Pulldown when device locked
    • Lock long press power when device locked
    • Force 100% Jpeg quality in HTC 10 Camera
    • Launch HTC Gallery + Editor or Google Photos from Camera
    • Launch Hidden Marshmallow Land Game
    • Toggle Boot Audio
    • Default USB Mode (ADB/ADB MTP)
    • Enhanced MM Permissions (More granular perms with a timer)
    • Default app install location

    • Fix Permissions
    • ZipAlign apks
    • Mount System RW / RO
    • Trim Partitions
    • Wipe Cache
    • Wipe Dalvik-cache
    Known Issues
    • None - you tell me!

    Please make sure you have the latest HTC Hima 3.35.XXX.XX Marshmallow firmware installed prior to installing this ROM

    The OLD ROM base is 3.35.401.12

    If you are on Sprint or T-Mobile US, use the latest carrier specific MM Firmware package

    A full wipe is not necessary, although always recommended to avoid issues

    First boot will take approximately 10 minutes due to Art optimization

    (If your device gets warm during ART optimization, don't panic, the M9's super sleek alloy body is like 1 big heatsink)

    A quick whistle stop tour of flashing a custom build
    1. Unlock your device boot loader via > HTC Dev
    2. Flash the latest TWRP recovery image
    3. Insure you have the correct firmware version
    4. Nandroid backup your entire stock system or previous build
    5. Reboot your device and copy the LeeDrOiD rom. zip to your internal memory
    6. Reboot to recovery (Power off > Hold Vol down & power > reboot to bootloader > reboot to recovery
    7. Select the install option and locate the LeeDrOiD rom zip on your sdcard
    8. Follow the Aroma installer & be patient


    OLD ROM - LeeDrOiD One M9 V8.3.0 - STABLE - September 15th (2016!!!)
    • Fix Verizon boot issues
    • Remove traces of SuperSU from Tmobile-US & Sprint boot.img's
    • Fix init.d support and enable default adb for Sptint, Verizon & Tmobile-US
    • Other misc carrier fix-ups
    • Aroma: Install SuperSU or run UN-Rooted
    • SuperSU 2.78 - Systemless
    • Add Aroma options for stock Android LockScreen & Twilight Mode
    • Backup and restore of init.d scripts
    • Art optimizations - faster boot time after wipe / dalvik wipe
    • Enable locking of QS Pulldown when device is locked
    • Enable locking of long press power when device locked
    • Removed delay and dialog when rebooting to recovery
    • Removed delay in power button long press
    • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V9.0.2
      - Too many changes to list
    • Fix SystemUI Tuner FC
    • Patched and updates HTC Sense Home 8.14.781908
    • Add App Circle Side Bar! - Ported from CM/OMNI (Configurable in Tweaks)
    • Add Long press volumes down for flashlight (toggle in tweaks)
    • Add Signal strength indicators in QS pull down (toggle in tweaks)
    • Fix auto record incoming & outgoing calls
    • Remove Facebook, Twitter, Photos & DropBox to reduce ROM zip size & fix install issues
    • Update all inbuilt applications


    NEW ROM - port from LeeDrOiD_10 rom for HTC ONE M9 based on NOUGAT - DOWNLOAD LINK

    Using SVN & keeping up with the latest ROM changes, just got a whole lot easier!!
    Grab the all new SVN Nightly Zipper from www.LeeDrOiD.co.uk
    With just a few clicks, you will have the latest updates as they land & no more downloading full ROM zips!

    Enjoy & welcome to the world of LeeDrOiD

    Foot Notes (In the footer of course)

    A few things to note regarding the un-rooted option:

    1. If you dirty flash selecting Un-Rooted, all traces of SuperSU will be removed, this will allow Magisk or an alternative root method to be installed.

    2. Please complete 1 full boot before installing Magisk.

    3. Users can run un-rooted if they wish, I can confirm that Android Pay and Pokemon Go both work after installing the ROM un-rooted.

    4. All tweaks options requiring root access will be removed from tweaks if running un-rooted, 90% of these options can be configured in Aroma so you are only missing out on Kernel settings, as init.d is backed up and restored when flashing, your previous configurations will be retained, so you can flash with root, set up then re-flash un-rooted

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LeeDrOiD One M9, ROM for the HTC One (M9)

    LeeDroid, The Great Dane, Golv
    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 3.35.401.12/4.28.401.3
    Based On: Sense 7 / 8

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V4.0.0 rev.78
    Stable Release Date: 2017-11-07

    Created 2015-03-31
    Last Updated 2017-11-17
    Port from LeeDrOiD_10_V4.0.0-R119 rom for HTC ONE M9

    STABLE version build of port rom from LeeDrOiD_10 rom for HTC ONE M9 based on Nougat
    Support: International, Sprint, Verizon, TMoUS - all test

    Tested on Nougat firmware (you can try to test on MM firmware).
    First install - Clean install only!

    Make FULL Nandroid backup in TWRP before install!!!

    First boot - 10-15 minutes.
    Let me know about results.

    Please don't update HTC Sense Home from Google Play!

    Known issues:
    1. long back key to kill app not working in Tweaks,
    2. remapping long and short press recent apps not working in Tweaks.
    3. icon bar at the bottom in landscape mode issue. They get on top of each other... (link)

    - If you want to install Viper4Android (v. mod for this port rom version you can download it here - V4A_2.5.0.5_FULL_Install_LEEDROID.zip and Viper4Android apk
    - Working Dolby Atmos app (can be installed separatly from mod)

    If you want install V4A and Dolby Atmos - you must:
    First install (!!!) - V4A only
    and next install - DA 6.5


    - Bump to Stable V4.0.0
    - HTC Sense 9.5! (U11+) - Modded
     Additional custom theme mixing colours
     Landscape support
     Custom home menu
    - Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.09
    - HTC Sense 9.5! (U11+) - Un-Modded
     Add Aroma Option to use Modded Sense home 9.0
    - HTC Mail Updated (U11+)
     Exchange Mail hack ported - Thanks @Electronic Punk 
    - Shortcutter V4.4.2!
    - Remove trustsonic_tee_proxy - throwing errors & spamming logs
    - Update HTC Sense Home V9.14.994293
    All Mods ported:
     Custom Home Menu
     Unlimited Folders
     Additional theme colours
     Landscape support
     5x6 App drawer grid size
    - Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    - Update in-built apps
    - Update SuperSU v2.82-SR5
    - Update BusyBox
    - Update Magisk V14 - thanks @topjohnwu
    - Update in-built apps
    - Port re-based on HTC10 Europe 2.41.401.41 - All mods ported (thanks @LeeDroid)
    - In-built apps updated
    - Shortcutter V3.8.9
    - SuperSU 2.82-SR3
    - Busybox 1.27.1
    - Patch & Update HTC Sense Home
    - Updated Magisk -  V13.5
    - Remove Verizon Wi-Fi Nag (Properly ;) )
    - Fix google Contacts & Dialler - can be updated from Play Store
    - Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.00
    - reverted back sound libs and config files
    - clean up empty folders (thanks @00bofh )
    - fixed sound config issue (hope)
    - updated Stagefright Security patch 2017-7-1 THX @blueberry60
    - Update Magisk V13.3 #2
    - Aroma: Option to replace TouchPal with GBoard
    - Aroma: Option to replace HTC Messages with Google Messages
    - Update & Patch HTC Messages:
      SMS to MMS Conversion Mod
    - Update Shortcutter V1.9.2
    - Update in-built applications
    - Set build description in updater to avoid confusion amongst carrier config's
    - changed sound config and libs
    - errors correction from logcat
    - some other improvements
    - tethering fix for all carriers
    - Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.0.17
    - Fix configuration XML's not parsing correctly
    - Some customize changes for all carriers
    - Update In-Built applications - Thanks @Electronic Punk
    - Updated Exchange Mail Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
    - Update Google Dialler & Contacts (With support jar - Thanks @jsaxon2)
    - Increase SMS sizes for Verizon users
    - updated Stagefright Security patch 2017-6-1 THX @blueberry60
    - full updated TMoUS support based on 2.41.531.44 (HTC10)
    - updated SVN Zipper for Windows v.1.0.7
    - System clean-ups
    - Remove redundant Goolgle Assistant Aroma option
    - Fix init.d support!
    - permissive Aroma option fixed
    - Enable Tweak - Enable 4G/LTE Mixed Mode Icon
    - some TMoUS changes
    - Add Tweak: Remove caller photo mask
    - Fix Tweak: Big Caller Photo
    - Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks & Shortcutter
    - Fix Sprint HotSpot
    - Update Shortcutter & in-built apps
    - Update Magisk V13 BETA - c4377ed
    - clean up
    - updated InCallUI apk
    - Fix SeLinux option
    - some fix for TMoUS hotspot
    - Bump to Stable V3.8.0 (HTC10)
    - App updates
    - Updated HTC Mail & Exchange Hack - Thanks @Electronig Punk
    - Sprint - Test - Fix HFA
    - App updates
    - Application updates
    - Add Force 5x6 app drawer option in Tweaks (Sense Home)
    - Update SuperSU 2.82 SR1
    - Update Magisk V13 - Beta - SafeteyNet Pass:
     updated Magisk-v13.0(96f8efc)
     updated MagiskManager 5.0.2
    - Add Shortcutter
    - hope fixed wifi hotspot for TMoUS
    - fix for TMoUS support
    - updated Magisk-v13.0(b3da28e)
    - updated MagiskManager 5.0.1
    - some other changes
    * Update Sense Home 9.14.933075-662201356
    - Unlimited apps in folders
    - Landscape Mode
    - Custom Theme highlight colours
    - Custom home menu
    - Enabled 5x6 App Drawer option
    * Updated all in-built applications Thanks @LeeDroid
    - fixed audio config issues (hope)
    * Update Sense Home 9.14.929638 - Sense 9 - Thanks @LeeDroid
    - Unlimited apps in folders
    - Landscape Mode
    - Custom Theme hilight colours
    - Custom home menu
    - Enabled 5x6 App Drawer option
    * Updated SuperSU V2.82
    * Updated all in-built applications
    -  Added Aroma option to remove Google Duo
    - edit customize for all carriers
    - some other changes
    - cleanup
    - fixed updater-script
    - public beta


    Downloads, Live change log's & SVN guide all available at LeeDrOiD.co.uk

    Using SVN & keeping up with the latest ROM changes, just got a whole lot easier!!

    Grab the all new SVN Nightly Zipper from www.LeeDrOiD.co.uk

    With just a few clicks, you will have the latest updates as they land & no more downloading full ROM zips!

    SVN URL: http://www.renovate-ice.com/svn/leedroid-m9/trunk
    SVN Nightly Zipper: http://www.leedroid.co.uk/index.php#svnZipper

    Download (full rom): HTC_M9-port_LeeDrOiD_10_V4.0.0-R119_rev.78.zip

    F A Q

    Q 1: After I flash your ROM and reboot my device, my device keeps rebooting/bootloop?
    A: Make sure you flash the correct firmware

    Q 2: Should I use a task killer on the LeeDroid ROM?
    Not recommended, is you really want to, use the one that came with the rom.

    Q 3: Backup? What is that?
    A good idea is to back up all your data and settings from the phone before flashing a new rom with a full wipe. Best app available is Titanium Back up
    The best way to back up the contacts is to sync it via HTC Sync or via your gmail.

    Q 4: Are Nandroid and Titanium backup the same thing? How do I manage backups?
    No, Nandroid backs up the ROM and Titanium backs up the applications. Nandroid is what you do using the recovery and it makes the exact image of your ROM along with the data.

    Q 5: On what occasion will I lose my data (apps, contacts etc)?
    Only when you flash the rom wiping data using the Aroma installer option. When you just flash a rom or a .zip from recovery, it will not wipe anything unless otherwise mentioned.

    Q 6: I was on stock (or another rom from another cook) and I flashed LeeDroid rom, now I am having some problems.
    1. Try to rebooting the Phone and see if it makes a difference.
    2. Reboot into recovery and clear cache and dalvik, reboot the phone and clear data of the apps causing problem.
    3. Reboot into recovery, reflash the rom choosing full wipe in the installer.

    Q 7: How do I flash Full wipe and what does it erase?Reboot into recovery, install a zip from sd card option, select the rom, follow the Aroma installer and select "Flash with wiping all (or something to that effect*)

    Q 8: The screen is not very responsive and is lagging.
    Let the phone settle down a bit after you unlock it. It generally needs a few seconds to kick up the CPU.*

    Q 9: The market is not installing anything. Gives error.
    Reboot into recovery and select “clear cache partition”. And under settings - applications - Manage applications - under the Market app < Clear Data>.

    Q 10: My battery is draining heavily.
    When you first flash a ROM this is what happens. Give it atleast one full charge cycle and it should come back to normal. If required, reboot into recovery and clear battery stats. It is advisable to do so on 100%.

    Common Opinion - Heavy battery drain is one thing that you cannot complain about on this rom, for sure. The battery life is much above average*

    It's NOT recommended to empty the battery, it may course a poorer battery performance and life cyclus.*

    Q11: Should I run the phone battery to zero percent, and what if it does??
    A: Absolutely not! Both the current recoveries are giving problems while pulling the battery up from zero percent. If the phones dies off due to battery being zero, try to reboot it into recovery, flash the stock recovery. If it doesnt, then plug it into the wall charger and leave it for as long as it takes for you to boot it. Then flash the stock recovery, charge it fully and do your stuff.

    Q12: MMS Problem?
    A: Please check your APN settings.*

    Q13: Some games that use the motion/G sensor are not working as they should.
    A: Re-Calibrate your Gsensor –> Settings – Display – Gsensor Callibration

    Q14: I dont like the animations. Dont want them.
    A: Go to settings - display - animations.*

    Q15: How do I change the bootanimation or the downanimation?
    A: System\Customize\Resource or System/Data/Local. Replace the boot/down animation.zip file with the one you want. The new file must be named bootanimation.zip/downanimation.zip.
    Happy Birthday too me.. 33.. I will be a 3rd of a century of in 4 months :eek: