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Recognized Developer
Jan 13, 2007
Newton Aycliffe

Come into the light & see what LeeDrOiD can do for you!!

My stuff, has been kicking around longer than your stuff... be it hacks, mods, tweaks or ideas, I don't complain that it's spread wider than a porn stars legs. we are all open source developers with the ability to share and get along, it's common courtesy to ask and give a thanks, don't just take and hope for the best - MODS WILL BE CONTACTED!​

Some of you know me, some of you don't... (A quick Google search will give a lot away)
My Name: Lee Bailey (AKA LeeDrOiD)
My Hobby: Android Rom & Kernel Development

One of the first ever Android HTC Sense ROM Developers (If not the first), I started with the HTC Hero & have been developing ever since!

@MrHofs - LeeDrOiD Graphics Designer & Themer
@~clumsy~ - Kernels, Code & LeeDrOiD.co.uk
@The Great Dane - A dear friend, tester, long term supporter & all around awesome guy
@exocetdj - Tester & Team entertainer
@Scabes24 - Themer (When he decides to do some graft)
@baadnewz - Old friend & collaborator
@tbalden - kernel guy
@SoLdieR9312 - SVN & Nightlies
@leefear - Hosting
My Wife - For putting up with me & XDA :D

@Lyapota | @OMJ | @A5J4DX l @snq- l @scar45 | @damo | @Team RC | @m-deejay |@ klquicksall | @rmk40 | @SteelH | @j to the 4n| @daniels7 | @PG101 | @Irvysan | @ShowP-1984 | @broncogr | @lyapota | @mwilky | @patensas | @SvaDev | @Captain_Throwback | @Lord ClockaN | Team Cyanogen | Android Ice Cold Project | Pure Nexus | Dirty Unicorns | @topjohnwu

LeeDrOiD Accepts no responsibility for:
Any damage to your device
Any loss of data
Lack or loss of sleep - Due to but not solely caused by ROM flashing addictions
The end of the world
Or your granny's Alzheimer's (It's a disease, it had nothing to do with me)

All of my builds are tested personally & by a number of close friends, I only develop for devices I own & use

Carrier devices supported: All International networks + support for devices with alternative configurations -
Sprint, US Unlocked & Dual Sim

@tbalden CleanSlate HTC U11 Kernel V2.7.3
  • Current Base: HTC Europe 2.33.401.19
  • June 2018 Security Patches
  • Android 8.0.0
  • HTC Sense 10
  • Ability to run un-rooted & retain all customisation! - + SafeteyNet Pass!
  • Option to Root with Magisk! -+ SafeteyNet Pass! (Android Pay and PoGo can be used)
  • International base with Sprint, US Unlocked & DUGL support!
  • Massive Locales/Language list
  • Optional Encryption!
  • De-odexed
  • Zip-aligned for improved performance
  • Partitions trimmed for improved performance
  • init.d & su.d support
  • All tamper props reset on boot
  • Persistent ADB
  • Disable error reporting & hrdump
  • Stripped HTC logging & feedback
  • BusyBox, SQlite3, Bash & Nano shell
  • Package Signature Checking Disabled
  • Performance, battery life & memory improvements
  • HTC U11+ Smart Display
  • 100% working SystemUI Tuner!
  • Android Logo font pack
  • LeeDrOiD wallpapers
  • System clean-up's
  • Additional HTC Widgets
  • HTC Gallery & Photo Editor
  • HTC Music
  • Custom LeeDrOiD Locales & Language support.
  • An awesome community & outstanding user support!
  • And so much more!
  • All MOD's listed in LeeDrOiD Tweaks are hard coded into the ROM
  • Exchange mail admin hack
  • Customise your Applications & Widgets
  • Default Tweaks toggles
LeeDrOiD Tweaks
UI Tweaks
  • Sense Launcher Landscape Support
  • Custom sense home shortcut menu
  • Allow All Rotations
  • Custom home screen grid size
  • China Sense Recent App Style (Includes a RAM usage monitor & kill-all button)
  • Advanced power menu - powered by Shortcutter!
  • Right Corner Quick - Quick settings pull down
  • Traffic Indicator (Up-stream & down-stream data speed)
  • Traffic Indicator Colour
  • MIUI Battery MOD
  • Disable NFC Notification
  • Disable USB Debugging Notification
  • Disable Power Saving Notification
  • Disable Android Sync Notification
  • Disable MTP Notification
  • Disable Heads Up Notification
  • Hide Night Mode Notification
  • QS Brightness slider toggle
  • Custom QS Rows & Columns
  • Signal strength in QS pull-down
  • force Expand Notifications
  • Pull down user switcher
  • Hide StatusBar Clock
  • Enable Navigation Bar & Disable capacitive keys
  • Navigation Bar Size
  • Disable button lights
  • Re-map recent apps key
  • Re-map long press recent apps
  • Enabled & Re-map double press home
  • Re-map long press home.
  • re-map long press back
  • Long press volume media controls / flashlight
  • Remap short & long press recents - recents/menu/split screen
  • Double Tap Status Bar to put the device into sleep
  • Double tap power for Camera
  • Smoother Auto Brightness
  • Haptic feedback duration
  • Haptic feedback 2 duration
  • Hide Photo Mask for low-res pictures
  • Show hide VOLTE Icon
  • 4G / LTE Notification Switch
  • Toggle Fast Dormancy
  • Security Tweaks
  • Lock long press power when device locked
  • Always allow fingerprint unlocking - Allows bypass of pin, pattern & pass after reboot or timeout
  • Camera Mods
  • Force 100% Jpeg quality in Camera
  • Toggle Boot Audio
  • Toggle HTC/AOSP LockScreen
  • Default USB Mode (ADB/ADB MTP)
  • Default app install location
  • Double Tap FP To Sleep
  • Double Tap Latency
  • FP Vibration Strength
  • Button Lights Notifications
  • BLN When Charging
  • Gradient LED Charging
  • LED Pulse
  • Fix Permissions
  • ZipAlign apks
  • Mount System RW / RO
  • Trim Partitions
  • Wipe Cache
  • Wipe Dalvik-cache

Known Issues
  • None - You tell me :)

For the best experience, please make sure you have the latest HTC U11 firmware installed prior to installing this ROM

The current ROM base is 2.33.401.10
OREO Firmware is mandatory!

If Oreo firmware is not available for your device, you can flash my partial Radio, DSP & Bluetooth zip via recovery.

Oreo Radio, DSP & Bluetooth (TWRP Flashable)
MD5# 49eb54844cd7cf16f432b970bbaab917

First boot will take approximately 5 minutes due to Art optimization

A quick whistle stop tour of flashing a custom build
  1. Unlock your device bootloader via > HTC Dev
  2. Flash the latest TWRP custom recovery
  3. Boot to Recovery (Volume down + Power > Bootloader > Recovery) - START IN READ ONLY MODE
  4. Nandroid backup your entire stock system IMAGE & boot.img to your External SD Card
  5. Reboot to recovery and swipe to allow modifications
  6. Copy the latest LeeDrOiD_ROM.zip to your External SD Card
  7. Optional wipe: Boot to Twrp > Select Wipe > Select Format Data > Type yes when prompted
  8. In TWRP select install, locate and select the LeeDrOiD ROM zip on your external SD & follow the prompts.

R16 LeeDrOiD U V3.5.3 - June 26th 2019
  • Update Magisk V19.3
  • Shortcutter V6.8.5
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.36
  • Long press back to kill now removes app from recents.
  • Long press back completes on button release.
  • Additional button remap options
    - Expand QS pulldown
    - Expand Notification pulldown
  • Configuration corrections
  • Add Hide Sense Home Hide App Labels Tweak
  • Add App Drawer Hide App Labels Tweak
  • Allow all home grid configs on all display sizes
  • New Sense Home Grid Size Tweak, 4x4, 4x5, 5x5, 5x6, 6x6, 6x7
  • Add Custom Carrier Label Tweak
  • Force enable VoLTE & WiFi Calling on all carriers

Old ChangeLogs:

R11 LeeDrOiD U V3.5.3 - May 21st 2019
  • Update Magisk V19.2
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.23
  • Add remap double tap home options
  • New Long Press button options/tweaks
    - Assistant, Camera, Sound Recorder, Edge Launcher
  • More google experience support updates
  • Remove HTC log binaries
  • App updates
  • Update Modded HTC Sense Home from U12+
  • Remove Wallpaper Picker Google
    - ships with Pixel Launcher if installed from Play Store
  • Update & Mod HTC Camera2

R8 LeeDrOiD U V3.5.2 - May 16th 2019
  • Updater-script corrections & fixes.
    - Now compatible with TWRP 3.3.X.X
  • Fix & update google experience files.
  • System clean-up.
  • Update Magisk V19.1.
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.17.
    - UI Clean-up.
    - ROM update checks initiated on app update.
    - init.d re-run on app update.
    - App notifications fixed
    - Crash on boot fixed
    - Crash on background update check fixed
    - Update Build tools & libraries
  • Shortcutter V6.7.3.
  • Smart display off by default in Aroma config.
  • Disable HTC notif bubbles (causing duplicates).
  • Update in-built apps.
  • Remove Pixel Launcher Aroma entry .
    - available in Play Store.
  • Install zip size reduced.
  • Busybox updated.
  • Remove SuperSU Root Option.
  • Update HTC Mail & Exchange Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
  • Update Cleanslate Kernel V3.7.18 - Thanks @tbalden

R2 LeeDrOiD U V3.5.0 - January 31st 2019
  • Update Magisk V18.0
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.13
    - Update Build tools & libraries
    - Add fix for Dual SIM & Google SMS
  • Shortcutter V6.6.8
    - See app changelog
  • App updates
  • Busybox updated
  • Update HTC Mail & Exchange Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
  • Update Cleanslate Kernel V3.7.18 - Thanks @tbalden
  • Remove SuperSU Root Option

R136 LeeDrOiD U V3.4.0 - September 14th
  • Re-based on HTC Europe 2.33.401.19 - Thanks @LlabTooFeR for the dump
  • June 2018 security updates
  • Update & patch HTC Alexa to support all devices.
  • Magisk Manager V17.1
  • All apps updated
  • Shortcutter V6.6.1
  • Update & Patch HTC Sense Home - U12+
  • Update Busybox
  • Update Cleanslate Kernel V3.7.17 - Thanks @tbalden
  • Update HTC Mail 10.0 (From U12) & port Exchange hack - thanks @Electronic Punk
  • Fix Google VR Support
  • Update in-built applications.

R130 LeeDrOiD U V3.3.0 - April 27th
  • Update all in-built applications.
  • Update Shortcutter V5.9.3
  • Update busybox V1.28.3
  • New Tweak: Hide GPS Icon
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.2.10
  • Update HTC Exchange Mail & Exchange Hack - thanks @Electronic Punk!
  • Update Magisk V16.3 (28th March) - Thanks "topjohnwu
  • Patch HTC Camera to open HTC Gallery if installed
  • Patched/Fixed & re-signed HTC Gallery
  • Patched/Fixed & re-signed HTC Music
  • Update CleanSlate V3.7.14 - thanks @tbalden!
  • Patch HTC Alexa to work with all devices & locales.
  • Update HTC Sense Home V9.50.1025853
    - Shortcut logic updates
    - Notification dots with unread count fixed!
    - MOD - Enabled Notifcation dot unread count option.
    - Option to add new app install shortcuts to home screen.
    - All mods ported.
  • Update HTC Camera V9.30.1017320
    - Mods ported.

R124 LeeDrOiD U V3.2.0 STABLE - March 3rd
  • Official Sprint support - thanks @thicklizard!
  • Deodex /system/framework
    - System will auto reboot after first boot to build caches
  • Update Busybox V1.28.1 (Feb 19th)
  • Shortcutter Beta v5.5.5
    - See in app change log
  • Remove option to remove Chrome (Needed for WebView)
  • Update in-built applications
  • Update CleanSlate V3.7.12 - thanks @tbalden!
    - See main thread for changes
  • Update Magisk V16.0 - Thanks @topjohnwu
  • New Aroma Installer - thanks @Electronic Punk!
  • Aroma: Add legacy icon toggle.
  • New Tweak: Enable/Disable "XX Displaying over other apps" notification.
  • New Tweak: Big/Squared caller photo - Thanks @Golv
  • New Tweak: Remap long press - Back, Home & Recents
  • New Tweak: Volume key cursor control
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.38
    - Add additional colors to color picker
    - Fix crash if trying to launch multi window
    - Fix duplicate ablum art entry
    - Add new tweaks entries/toggles
  • Fix haptic feedback on long press back
  • Fix lockecreen wallpaer not showing when Lockscreen Album Art is disabled
  • Advanced power menu off as default (removing confusion)
  • Update Exchange Mail Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
  • Delete /system/xbin/which (busybox).
    - Used for root detection in some apps.
  • New Shortcutter Advanced Power Menu - enable in Tweaks - UI
  • Map Shortcutter APM to Long press power when unlocked (Enable in Tweaks > UI > APM)
  • Fix Google camera crashing when installed
  • Enable Google Lense in Photos!
  • System clean-ups

R107 LeeDrOiD U V3.1.0 - January 11th
  • CleanSlate V7.3.8 - Thanks @tbalden
  • Cleanslate Kernel installer now used for Kernel installation
  • Update Magisk V15.2 - Thanks @topjohnwu
  • Fix removal of foce encryption
  • Add additional network configs and mapping
  • Fix init.d script execution
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.27
    - Add in-app billing
    - Bug fixes
    - Support for newly added tweaks
    - Add Options to disable HTC Dialer & Contacts (Network Tab)
  • New tweak: Hide Night Mode Notification
  • New Tweak: Hide BoomSound Notification
  • New Tweak: Hide Wi-Fi Calling Notification
  • New Tweak: Enable/Disable Lock Screen Albumn Art
  • New Tweak: Lock Quick Settings when screen locked
  • New Tweak - Always allow unlock with fingerprint
  • New Tweak - Hide carrier label
    - both working with AOSP & HTC Lock Screens
    - first row still available when notifications active
  • New Tweak: Remap long press Home (When Screen On)
    - Assistant, Menu, Split Screen, Screenshot or Flashlight
  • New Tweak: Show/Hide Carrier Label in Statusbar/Pulldown
  • Fix media volume control when screen off
  • Remove Google Contacts & Dialer option from Aroma
  • Fix removal of sim toolkit and facebook in Aroma
  • Add Aroma option to remove HTC Doze/Smart Display
  • Choosing Pixel Launcher no longer removes Sense Home
  • Include Google Dialer support files in main ROM
    - Google Contacts & Dialer can now be installed from the play store
  • Pixel 2 Google Launcher & Wallpaper Pickers
  • Shortcutter V4.5.3
    - New Oreo adaptive Icons
    - Oreo Dynamic shortcuts
    - Fix Oreo Shortcut installation
    - Fix crash/freeze on data restore
    - Fix error when removing QS Tiles
    - Remove Reboot Recovery Tile
    - Remove Reboot Tile
    - Add Reboot Menu Tile (APM)
  • Do not remove Touchpal automatically when installing GBoard
  • Update & Patch HTC Camera
  • Re-add Google Daydream VR Support
  • System configuration clean-ups
  • Enable Vodafone DE Wi-Fi Calling flags
  • Fix AOD options missing on Sprint
  • Update & Patch HTC Sense Home V9.50.1007494
    - Prism Landscape
    - Custom Home Menu
    - Additional theme colours
  • All in-built apps updated

R83 LeeDrOiD U V3.0.1 - December 21st
  • Re-Base on HTC Europe 2.33.401.10 - Thanks @LlabTooFeR for the dumps
  • Added Oreo Sprint, US Unlocked & DUGL Support
  • Update Cleanslate Kernel V3.7.2 - Thanks @tbalden
  • Add SystemUI Tuner shortcut to Settings
  • Enable additional SystemUI Tuner options
    - Customise AOSP Lockscreen shortcuts
    - Nav Bar Tuner
  • Use default fast dormancy setting if not forced
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.16
    - Power > Fix AOD U11 (Ensures all settings are enabled)
  • Clean package cache during install
  • Remove spanner from pulldown settings icon
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.14
  • Added HTC Doze (Smart Display)
  • Added Screen Capture Tool
  • Tweaks Ported:
    - MIUI Battery Bar
    - Status Bar Traffic View
    - USB Default function hack
    - Quick Settings vibration mod
    - China Sense recent Apps
    - Show or hide multi user switch in pull-down
    - Call Recording
    - Hide Photo Mask
    - Sense Landscape
    - Sense custom menu
    - Remap recent apps short & long press
    - Long press volume key mods
    - Long press back to kill
    - Lock power button long press in lock screen
    - Disable button lights
    - Hide IME selector
    - Disabled signature checking
    - Allow full rotation
    - Disable SMS to MMS conversion
    - Disable MTP Notification
    - Disable HTC Sync Notification
    - 100% JPG Quality
    - Expanded Notifications
    - Hide Power Save
    - Always allow FP unlock
    - Custom Pull-down Rows & Columns
    - Hide brightness Slider
    - Enable Nav Bar Menu button (When Nav On)
    - Double tap statusbar to sleep
    - Quick QS Pull Down
    - 4G LTE Mixed Mode Icon

R68 LeeDrOiD U V2.2.0 - Stable - November 3rd
  • Re-base on HTC 1.27.401.12 - Official
    - October Security Patches
  • Update cleanSlate V2.4.10! - thanks @tbalden
    - See main thread for detail
  • HTC Sense 9.5! (U11+) - Modded
    - Additional custom theme mixing colours
    - Landscape support
    - Custom home menu
    - No infinite folders
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.1.09
  • Added Aroma Option to use Sense home 9.0
  • New HTC Edge Sense Service (U11+)
  • New HTC Edge Sense Side Launcher (U11+)
  • New HTC Camera (U11+)
    - 100% JPG hack ported
  • HTC Mail Updated (U11+)
    - Exchange Mail hack ported - Thanks @Electronic Punk
  • Remove trustsonic_tee_proxy - throwing errors & spamming logs
  • Aroma options to remove HTC AI Client & HTC Alexa
  • Remove redundant backup & restore init.d Aroma option
  • Patch HTC Alexa to work with all devices
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    - Kernel settings now applied on boot complete
    - No more writing to /system/etc/init.d
  • Update SuperSU v2.82-SR5
  • Update BusyBox
  • Re-enable call recording & hide photo mask for Dual Sim devices
  • Fix HTC Contacts crashing
  • Update Magisk V14 - thanks @topjohnwu
  • New Tweak - Remove WiFi Calling notification
  • Fix Night mode notification
  • Update in-built apps

R53 LeeDrOiD U V2.1.0-Stable - September 1st
  • Re-Base on HTC Europe 1.27.401.5 9.0_g - Thanks @LlabTooFeR for the dump!
  • Fix Night mode notification
  • App updates
  • CleanSlate Kernel V1.6.0 - Thanks @tbalden!
    - See the main thread for details
  • Shortcutter V3.8.9
  • In-built apps updated
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    - Toggle Squeeze Sleep, Wake & Peek
  • Update and patch HTC Camera
  • SuperSU 2.82-SR3
  • Busybox 1.27.1
  • Patch & Update HTC Sense Home
  • Aroma: Increase camera exposure/shutter time - Thanks @p50kombi
  • HTC Edge Sense Beta - Thanks to my source! :)
    - Added in-app actions!
  • Aroma: @Ivicask PNP Profiles - V3
  • Updated Magisk - V13.5

R46 LeeDrOiD U V2.0.0-Stable - August 10th
  • Roll back Google Dialler to stable
  • Shortcutter Beta V3.1.4
  • Rebase on HTC Europe 1.27.401.3 - Thanks @LlabTooFeR for the bases!
  • All mods ported
  • Update CleanSlate Kernel V1.5.1 - thanks @tbalden!
    - See main thread for detail
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
    - Additional CleanSlate Support
  • Patch HTC Messages
    - New Tweak - Disable SMS to MMS Conversion
  • Update Magisk V13.3 - Manager V5.1.1
  • Add Aroma option to replace TouchPal with GBoard
  • Add Aroma option to replace HTC Messages with Google Messages

R35 LeeDrOiD U V1.3.2 - July 15th
  • Update Locales List
  • Fix configuration XML's not parsing correctly
  • Fixed missing boot and shutdown animations
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks V10.0.17
    - Additional support for U11 CleanSlate Kernel!
  • Add Voda UK Support - VoLTE & WFC
  • CleanSlate Kernel V1.2.0 - Thanks @tbalden!
    - Chromatic Charging LED - pulse when full
  • Shortcutter V2.8.0
  • Magisk Manager V5.0.6
  • System clean-up's
  • Updated Exchange Mail Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
  • Update HTC Edge Sense - The dots are back!
  • Update Magisk V13.2
  • Update Google Dialler & Contacts (With support jar - Thanks @jsaxon2)
  • Fix stock boot animation missing for some users
  • Align build numbers and security patch dates across all carrier options.
  • Add missing LeeDrOiD Wallpapers

R30 LeeDrOiD U V1.3.1 - July 10th
  • Added additional default locales to all configs
  • Add support for HTC__621 - DUGL
  • Add additional DUGL India carrier support
  • Sprint configuration fix-ups
  • Remove sprint boot animation
  • Re-Add & update Google Dialler & Contacts
  • Enable Tweak - Enable 4G/LTE Mixed Mode Icon
  • Add missing shared librarys
  • Update Exchange Mail Hack - Thanks @Electronic Punk
  • Add missing leedroid prop (Used in non root mode)
    - Will not be installed on DUGL
  • Add display colour temperature settings to display settings
    - Includes Display & Brightness temperature calibration
  • Enavle VR High Performance mode
  • Add toggle to display settings for compass calibration reminder
  • Update Shortcutter V2.6.6
    - Tile colour corrections
    - New Weather Tile
    - Additional security against apk cracking
    - Add humidity to weather view
    - Fix tiles going to sleep & becoming unresponsive
    - Bud fixes

R22 LeeDrOiD U V1.3.0 - July 3rd
  • Enable Call Recording in (HTC) phone menu
  • Add Tweak: Remove caller photo mask
  • Fix Tweak: Big Caller Photo
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
  • Re-Base on HTC 1.13.401.1
  • Re-Base DUGL Patch on 1.13.401.1-dugl
  • Update Magisk V13 BETA - c4377ed
  • Enabled Cast Quick Setting Tile
  • Update Shotcutter & In-built apps
  • Fix init.d support/execution
  • Fix Sprint HotSpot
  • Update and patch HTC Camera

R17 LeeDrOiD U V1.2.0 - Stable - June 25th
  • 100% working Sprint Support!
  • 100% Working DUGL (Dual Sim) Support
  • Tweaks: Add force app drawer grid size option
  • Update Exchange Mail hacked HTC Mail - Thanks @electronic punk
  • Add su.d support
  • Add bonus nostalgic LeeDrOiD Ringotnes
  • Shortcutter Ad-Free
    - Up to 58 Additional Quick Settings Tiles
    - Swipe out SideBar or Floating Toolbox

R11 LeeDrOiD U V1.1.0 - Stable - June 21st
  • Aroma: Optional CleanSlate Kernel! - Thanks @tbalden
  • Update LeeDrOiD Tweaks
  • New: Enable navigation bar
  • New: Disable hardware keys
  • New: Reverse hardware keys
  • New: Add menu button to nav Bar
  • New: Configure nav bar height
  • New: Always allow unlock with FP tweak
  • New: Tweaks Toggle to disable button lights
  • Cleanup tweaks depreciated options
  • Fix: Night mode notification tweak
  • Fix: Hide multi user switch in pulldown
  • Fix: Camera 100% JPG quality
  • Remove Ambient/Doze Display options until fixed
  • Additional carrier configurations
  • Update all in-built applications
  • Update SuperSU 2.82 SR1
  • LeeDrOiD Boot animation as default
  • system clean-ups
  • Fixed Dual SIM Support
  • Add Flashlight app
  • Configuration clean-up's
  • Fix WiFi Calling
  • Add missing US Unlocked patch files
  • Add Shortcutter Quick Settings

LeeDrOiD U V1.0.0 - Beta - June 18th
  • Initial Release
    - Euro Base
    - DUGL & US Unlocked Support
    - 90% of HTC 10 Tweaks Ported (More to come!)
    - Magisk V13 Beta
    - Amazon Alexa!!
    - NEW Edge Sense!!

Downloads, Live change log's & SVN guide all available at LeeDrOiD.co.uk

Using SVN & keeping up with the latest ROM changes, just got a whole lot easier!!

Grab the all new SVN Nightly Zipper from www.LeeDrOiD.co.uk

With just a few clicks, you will have the latest updates as they land & no more downloading full ROM zips!

Enjoy & welcome to the world of LeeDrOiD

XDA:DevDB Information
LeeDrOiD U, ROM for the HTC U11

ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
ROM Firmware Required: 2.33.401.19
Based On: Sense 9.5

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.5.3 - R16
Stable Release Date: 2019-06-26

Created 2017-06-18
Last Updated 2019-06-26