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[ROM] LewaOS-4.1 20130426 Newman N1 MultiLanguage

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Nov 28, 2010
I did a project the system (based on PASTT) to be translated into Polish LewaOS.
You can now also create a translation into any other language.
On the basis of this translation seems LewaOS port for Newman N1 - but they translate when you move to another port on the other phone will work.

My changes:
  • Polish language add (and PL, DE, ES, HU, IT, SK, CS, NL, PT, TR, FR, EL) for system and application system
  • system boots from the default language of English (no need to click on the bushes to find an option from the Chinese to You language)
  • Chinese apps removed
  • Chinese stamps ejected from the lock screen
  • Left Recovery removed from the original package - it was only in Chinese .......

Currently built in language ROM: [EN, ZH, PL, DE, HU, ES, HU, IT, SK, CS, PT, TR, FR, EL]
I invite you to help in the translation!
For friends who help translate - in translated string after the percent sign "%" can not be a space - check out what is in the English original. How
Please very exactly translation special char - ex. % $ .... - look at the original in english:)
example: "$ S" NOT IS EQUAL "$s" - this is error in compile - "$s"-it's OK!
"% d" NOT IS "%d" - %d" it's OK
After $ and % NOT " " (space), and small or capitalize letter is very important.
Apostrophe ' must be before \ - like this: \'

please do not make mirror - i like statistics downloads files:)

If you can, you think it's worth and you want to voluntarily
contribute any amount via paypal please
- gather the phone for my son. Thank you.

[Tutorial] [Patch] Lewa lockscreen

if You can - please support me by downloading per Uploaded.net

LewaOS-4.1 2013-04-26
MD5: b5feab5b9bbf68f885cbcdb33b9bcbd8
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_JB_ROM_13.04.26_by_JDStar.pl.zip
Lewa ROM Nr 75. Chineese changelog: ROM-75 2013.04.26 OS - Android
Please flash this rom very carefully because i don't have Newman to test. Do it backup, and if all working desribe in this thread.
my changes:
- remove chineese app
- remove chineese recovery
- add: ApexLauncher 1.4.4, GoogleTalk, GooglePlay
Sorry for crasches, some error not correct in translation.... after restart friend write me about FC.
Flash this patch: Lewa_N1_and_V970_20130426_patch_JDStar.pl.zip

If still FC app flash original framework
Set own language and after flash this patch - because in original framewors not possible to choose language in settings.

LewaOS-4.0 2013-04-02
This ROM is mark as STABLE in LewaOS Team.
MD5: dcd7723240e17469bcbd07531612982a
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.04.02_JDStar.pl-multilanguage.zip
Please flash this rom very carefully because i don't have Newman to test. Do it backup, and if all working desribe in this thread.

LewaOS-4.0 2013-03-22
MD5: 0dbae693ed0846c465eb6947d4532f33
Turbobit: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.22_JDStar.pl.zip
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.22_JDStar.pl.zip
Lewa ROM Nr 71. Chineese changelog: ROM-71 2013.03.22 OS - Android

LewaOS-4.0 2013-03-15
MD5: c9871aaa0579429a60defd56f5a30166
Turbobit: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.15_by_JDStar.pl.zip
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.15_by_JDStar.pl.zip
Lewa ROM Nr 70. Chineese changelog: ROM-70 2013.03.15 OS - Android

MD5: b471575933eacfc5e8b89d602e625bf9
Turbobit: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.08_by_JDStar.pl.zip will be upload
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.08_by_JDStar.pl.zip
Lewa ROM Nr 69. Chineese changelog: ROM-69 2013.03.08 OS - Android

MD5: 2e2aac12a56cb59a557f439ea328e12f
Turbobit: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.01_by_JDStar.pl.zip
Rapidgator: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.01_by_JDStar.zip
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.01_by_JDStar.zip
If flashing with error (this is dependecy to recovery type) please read this

New link with fix above mistakes
MD5: 02047638b0c515710c0c9c346d2492db
Rapidgator: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.01_by_JDStar.zip
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.03.01_by_JDStar.zip

Lewa ROM Nr 68. changelog in chineese: ROM-68期】13.03.01公告-乐蛙OS - Android

MD5: d469d69a850dd24cbc8431520344e5cb
Hellshare: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.02.22_by_JDStar.zip
Uploaded: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.02.22_by_JDStar.zip
Lewa ROM Nr 67. Changelog in chineese: 【乐蛙ROM-第67期】13.02.22-公告-乐蛙OS - Android

Hellshare: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.02.05_by_JDStar.zip/ MD5: 1b8447cab3c8624cbdd9aa069ada1a1d
Uploaded.to: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.02.05_by_JDStar.zip MD5: 1b8447cab3c8624cbdd9aa069ada1a1d
Temporary remove NL language - because it's a much much error in compile with this translation

Hellshare: Lewa-Newman-N1-ROM-2013-02-01-by-JDStar.zip MD5: 5ba7d39e4cf0adbfc6c31e6fcf68a7f6
Uploaded.net: Lewa-Newman-N1-ROM-2013-02-01-by-JDStar.zip MD5: 5ba7d39e4cf0adbfc6c31e6fcf68a7f6

Earlier version:
Translated ROM: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.01.25_by_JDStar.zip
Mirror in 4shared: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.01.25_by_JDStar.zip
Mirror Mediafire LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.01.25_by_JDStar.zip

20130128: Version 2 at the request of translators - with add EN, PL, ZH, DE, ES, HU, IT, SK, CS, NL, PT - for testing translation.
+ApexLauncher_v1.4.2.apk to system app - LewaLauncherX sometimes crash at startup (very rare, but they sometimes ....)
Hellshare: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.01.25_by_JDStar_v2.zip MD5: 1964036ffe8c54209c000ccb0619e09b
Mediafire: LeWa_NEWMAN_N1_ROM_13.01.25_by_JDStar_v2.zip MD5: 1964036ffe8c54209c000ccb0619e09b

ROM flash in recovery after wipe/factory reset -fi You current ROM other than LewaOS 4.0 (backup Your data before flashing).

Base ROM: http://bbs.lewaos.com/download.php

Another lockscreen: http://bbs.lewaos.com/thread-106039-1-1.html
Mirror in ul.to http://ul.to/ipfyb2rk


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Sep 16, 2011
I gave it a try. Not much feedback yet because I have very little time, but here is one issue:

If I connect-disconnect my bluetooth headset several times, usually 2-5 times, the bluetooth "hangs". It will not work and if I turn it off and then back on it simply freezes and becomes unusable.


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Oct 26, 2012
Re: [ROM] LewaOS-20130125 Newman N1 multi language

Can't download from spain

Can you upload on Mega or mediafire?
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Nov 28, 2010
Browser isn't in original Lewa ROM and my version also - install Your favorite browser.
To sort and other more personalize app drawer install another Launcher - stock LewaLauncher maybe not this function (i'm not using LewaLauncher).
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