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Feb 28, 2014
I see, care to explain why. I remember in 2015 amazon was working on Android 5. too bad. they should have at least released the bootloader.
We need an unlocked bootloader for this to happen. Amazon are not going to release android 5 or any other updates for this phone. This has become clear. I agree it would have been great if they would have unlocked the bootloader at least.


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Nov 5, 2010
i get my old fire phone bricked trying to come back to original firmware, following the "question 6" with adb sideload, i try with 3 differents dirmwares and still in rebooting in amazon logo, can anybody help me with this issue please?
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Jul 4, 2022
HI, i am new here.
Is it possible to install MI UI 7 on amazon fire phone? I am trying to get a link to download it, so i can use my amazon fire phone for doing sim pasic tasks.

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     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war,
     * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
     * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included
     * in the products you find here before flashing it!
     * YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

    - This ROM is for the Amazon Fire Phone codenamed Kodiak.

    Prerequisites for Installation
    - Must be running Safestrap v4

    Project Status

    updated: 07 Jan 2016

    Reporting Bugs
    - Please report bugs here
    - Report only one issue per bug report
    - When reporting bugs please post a logcat and/or dmesg containing pertinent information regarding the issue...

    Fresh Installation
    - From Safestrap, go into Wipe Menu and Swipe to perform a factory reset.
    - Installation in the Stock Slot is Mandatory
    - Flash the ROM File
    - Flash Open Gapps of your choice (any arm 4.4 version) - Except Aroma Version
    - Flash the latest SuperSU package if you want root
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy!

    Upgrading to new Version
    - Flash the ROM
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy!
    - If you previous had GAPPS it will be preserved automatically
    - To preserve root between upgrades, you need to setup SuperSU to survive OTA updates.

    Changing from another ROM to this one
    IMPORTANT: Do NOT reboot until the end of the process

    Within Safestrap
    - Copy the latest Lineage ROM, Gapps, SuperSU-2.4.6 and cleansystempartition.zip to your phone
    - Factory reset
    - Flash cleansystempartition.zip
    - Flash the rom
    - Flash gapps (use latest opengapps, pico or nano)
    - Flash supersu 2.4.6
    - Reboot

    *** Please do NOT create any mirrors ***
    - LineageOS-11 for Amazon Fire Phone
    - Open Gapps
    - Latest Xposed for KitKat
    - Solarwarez Patched Xposed

    Other Downloads
    *** Please do NOT create any mirrors ***
    - I modified safestrap to protect the /system partition
    - So only use this if you need to do a clean install
    - To use you flash this first, then immediately flash new, gapps and supersu before rebooting
    - Clean System Partition Flashable zip

    Source Code
    - Kernel Source: Kodiak stock kernel, build number update-kindle-

    - Cyanogenmod
    - LineageOS
    - CAF

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS-11 Amazon Fire Phone, ROM for the Amazon Fire Phone

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock base of 461-466 and Safestrap v4
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2015-07-06
    Last Updated 2019-05-04
    Release Notes / Changelog

    04 May 2019
    - Security patches up to April 2019

    21 December 2018

    - Security patches up to December 2018

    30 November 2018
    - Retire AOSP Browser due to security holes
    - Please install an up to date browser of your choice
    - Upgrade external/openssl: 1.0.1e -> 1.0.1j
    - ANT+: Update to v4.0.0
    - giflib: Update to v5.1.4
    - bsdiff: Check for corrupt patch
    - jhead: Update to cm-13.0 branch
    - libexif: Update to android-5.1.1_r38 branch
    - e2fsprogs: Update 1.41.14 -> 1.42.9

    - Security patches up to August 2018
    - Fixed Youtube crashing (need more testing to confirm)

    - Security patches up to March 2018
    - There are no relevant security patches after this date to now.
    - Fix Bluetooth LE issue

    - Security patches up to Feb 2018

    -Ported relevant security patches up to October 2017

    Older History

    -Ported relevant security patches up to September 2017
    - All bluebourne patches are included

    - Security patches up to July 2017
    - Fixed boot-loop on upgrade
    - Fixed Xposed compatibility - Standard Xposed Framework Build should work
    - Added option in Developer Options to Enable/Disable Signature spoofing
    - Download link on OP now lists all Lineage-11.0 releases
    - Linked latest KitKat Xposed in OP downloads section.

    - Security patches up to June 2017

    - Security patches up to May 2017

    - Ported security patches up to April 2017

    - Ported security patches up to March 2017

    - Switch to LineageOS repository
    - Ported December 2016 Security Patches
    - Fixed issues preventing latest gapps from being used

    - Ported November 2016 Security Patches
    - Add camera HAL wrapper (Work in progress)

    - Ported October 2016 Security Patches
    - Removed CM Updater app (not required for unofficial builds)
    - Updated backlight auto adjustment

    - Build logcat from source - can now use logcat -C for colour output
    - Clean up media codecs
    - Xposed fixed: borked implementation of security update was the cause

    - This is a BETA release
    - Fixed bluetooth tethering
    - Fixed USB tethering
    - Adjusted display auto backlight values
    - Fixed bug in dual band WiFi detection
    - Enabled WiFi background scanning
    - Enabled WiFi batch scanning support

    - Ported September 2016 Security Patches
    - bsdiff: Add overflow check when checking for a corrupt patch

    - Ported August 2016 Security Patches
    - There will be no more updates from Cyanogenmod in this ROM.
    - Going forward I will implement/backport fixes etc as necessary

    - Use liboemcrypto.so from hammerhead
    - Fix loading of widevine firmware
    - Fix loading of keymaster firmware
    - Ported July 2016 Security Patches

    - Fix swipe functionality on AOSP keyboard
    - Fix crash of AOSP Keyboard on fresh install
    - Updated CM Code

    - June 2016 Security Patches Included
    - Enable Swipe functionality on AOSP keyboard (Broken)
    - Updated CM Code

    - May 2016 Security Patches Included
    - Updated CM Code

    - April 2016 Security Patches Included
    - Updated CM Code

    - 01 March 2016 Security Patches Included
    - Updated CM Code

    - Implemented new backport of Signature spoofing primarily for microG framework
    - Signature spoofing now needs to be enabled in Settings->Developer options->Allow signature spoofing
    - Fixed crash on initial Setup Wizard
    - Updated CM Code

    - Updated CM Code

    - Updated CM Code
    - 01 February 2016 Security Patch Included

    - Updated CM Code

    - Fixed battery stats - readings should be as accurate as with FireOS
    - Updated CM Code

    - Switch to using Amazon 4.6.6 US Binaries
    - Removed CM Camera App due to instability and Flash not working
    - Snap Camera HDR or Open Camera are the most stable options
    - Fixed 5 GHz WiFi issue (Amazon 4.6.6 binaries)
    - Update CM Code

    - Fixed HDCP for wireless display - Enjoy Netflix via Miracast :D
    - Fixed compass, should now show the correct direction
    - Improved GPS accuracy - needs testing
    - Add voice-handset-hac entry to mixer_paths.xml from Stock 4.6.3 firmware
    - 01 January 2016 AOSP security patches included
    - Updated CM-11 Code

    - Cleaned up build.prop
    - Add launcher rotation setting to build.prop (disabled by default)
    - Add lock screen rotation setting to build.prop (disabled by default)
    - Updated CM-11 Code

    - Updated CM-11 Code

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - Making baby steps with Camera
    - Now able to load the OV680 firmware but still no benefit at the moment

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - NFC is now working :D
    - Fixed bug which prevents phone from entering Deep Sleep Mode

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - Xposed now installs correctly
    - Remaining Stagefright fixes are included

    - Updated CM-11 Code

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - Back port signature faking to enable use of microG framework

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - In camera app, fixed upside down orientation for rear camera in portrait and landscape
    - In camera app, fixed video recorder crashes

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - Establish 3G/LTE connection faster
    - Switch to using 4.6.3 binaries

    - Updated CM-11 Code

    - Updated CM-11 Code

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - Stagefright patches included
    - Dirty Flash should be fine.

    - Added back Stock Browser App
    - Added back Stock Calendar App
    - Changed recommended Gapps in the OP to PA Gapps Modular Pico
    - Added Known Issues to OP
    - Remove Stock Camera App

    - Updated CM-11 Code
    - Build PowerHAL from source
    - Fixed random crash occurring in PowerHAL
    - Build memtrack library from source
    - Build keystore library from source
    - Removed oemcrypto library (Responsible for a lot of google play service crashes)
    - Haven't had a single crash yet running HDX Nexus Gapps which had the highest rate of occurrences (But early days)
    - Setup hardware key options correctly
    - Ignore the stock camera app, I was using it for debugging purposes and forgot to remove it.

    - Camera button fixed for taking photos
    - Torch fixed
    - Made a change to WiFi config - may help with 5GHz connecting without needing channel changes.
    - I don't have 5GHz so can't test
    - Disabled NFC for now, this should improve battery life due to no repeated startup and failure of service.

    - Partially fixed up camera: Use Open Camera from Playstore
    - Selecting video mode in Google Camera crashes the App, need to clear app data to make it work again.
    - Pictures taken with the flash are washed out.
    - Fixed Battery Stats
    - Implemented NFC - Not working
    - Removed Stock Calendar app
    - Removed Stock Browser app
    - Removed Stock Camera app
    - Removed unnecessary media kernel modules just taking up space.

    - Fixed Media Playback

    - Initial BETA Release
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question 1:
    I installed HDX Nexus Gapps and now want to use Mini Gapps package. However CM-11 seems to preserve HDX Nexus Gapps. How do I fix this?
    - Flash this in Safestrap
    - This wll clean the /system partition ready for fresh installation.
    - You will then need flash a new ROM, Gapps etc.
    - This is required, as a result of a change I made in the recovery code to protect Safestrap from been wiped out.

    Question 2:
    My phone doesn't show up when connecting via USB, what's going on?
    - This may help
    - Go into Settings->Storage
    - Click on the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner
    - Select "USB computer connection"
    - Then select Connect as "Media device (MTP)"
    - Your phone should then appear as a Media Device

    Question 3:
    How do I get into Amazon's stock recovery?
    - With the phone powered off
    - Whilst holding the volume up key, press the power button.
    - When it power's on let go of the power button (still holding the volume up key)
    - You should end up in stock recovery.

    Question 4:
    The camera button isn't working on the 2015/07/25 build, how do I fix it?
    - On the lock screen look for the camera icon in the bottom right corner
    - swipe it left and select which camera you want as default

    Question 5:
    When will we get CM-12?
    - Hold the phone, we only just got CM-11 - enjoy!
    - We need an updated kernel so we need FireOS 5 with working root

    Question 6:
    Contribution by: @hijax2001
    How do I reset to Factory Stock 4.6.1 - removing CM11/root/Safestrap in the process?
    1) Downloaded Minimum ADB tools, installed to C:\ADB for convenience
    2) Downloaded 4.6.1 stock image from http://fire-phone-updates.s3.amazonaws.com/update-fire-phone-, saved it to C:\ADB and renamed this file update.bin
    3) Followed these steps to gain ADB USB access. Alternately, I found out later I could go to Settings on the phone, then to Device, then to "Get info about your Fire" and then tap on the Model Number several times until "Developer Options" comes up. Clicking that will take you to the option to enable "USB Debugging".
    4) I also grabbed the Kindle Fire ADB drivers from here for convenience in Step 7 (below)
    4) Rebooted into stock recovery by holding Power and Volume Up. Yes, you can do this from anywhere - phone on or off. And yes, you can still get to stock recovery this way even if you have Safestrap recovery installed
    5) Use volume down to reach "Apply update from ADB" option then press Power
    6) Open Command Prompt from Windows, reach your ADB folder (mine is C:\ADB in this example), type ADB devices. If you see what looks like a serial number (letters and numbers), then ADB is seeing your phone and you can skip to Step 8. If nothing there, follow Step 7.
    7) For me, ADB did not initially detect my phone. I ended up having to go into Control Panel in Windows, to Device Manager, find the Fire phone, choose Update Drivers, then Browse My Computer, Let Me Pick, Show All Devices, Have Disk, then find the folder from Step 4 (above) and add Android Composite ADB Interface by hand. Once I did that, I unplugged and replugged the USB to the phone and then typed "ADB devices" again at the ADB command prompt, like in Step 6. There it is! Ok, next step...
    8) Type the command ADB sideload update.bin and let the magic happen. When done, reboot the phone and everything is reset.
    9) If you're going to sell the phone, or if you don't want all of your Android apps from before repopulating (because some of them just aren't going to work or work correctly under Fire OS), immediately go to Settings/Device and "Factory reset your Fire" - this will wipe the SD partition where the old apps are saved.

    Cool side-note, regarding Step 9... I still had Nova launcher available. Running it under Fire OS works great! Nice to have the stability of the Fire OS the hardware desires, along with a zippy, traditional launcher to navigate.

    Question 7:
    Contribution by: @DatwasEz
    MUTE Button does not work during calls, what can I do about this?
    - Btw on a side note I have noticed that although mute button doesn't work during calls, you can press the pause button for hold, this acts like mute and they can't hear tested myself last night

    Question 8
    Contribution by: @gooserayos
    How do I configure Snap Camera HDR for my Fire Phone?
    - Click the bottom left menu icon then click the "Other" tab
    - Check "Show Advanced Settings"
    - Go back to "Photo" tab
    - Check "Zero Shutter Lag" and (optional) "Denoise"
    CM-12 Progress

    - First signs of life was about 1 month ago :D
    - Today I have functioning logcat and can see the boot animation :D
    - Will post progress reports when appropriate
    - No ETA on the rest of it.

    New Build is Up

    - Dated 26 July 2016
    - Use liboemcrypto.so from hammerhead
    - Fix loading of widevine firmware
    - Fix loading of keymaster firmware
    - Ported July 2016 Security Patches