[ROM] LineageOS 13 for Redmi 3S [Land] (Unofficial)

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Apr 25, 2017
First thing first, I am not the creator or builder of this awesome RUM. The credit goes to unknown developer. Please pm me if you know the developer so I can mention him here and show some respect.

  1. Better than any CM13 based ROMS for Land till date.
  2. Calling, call log bug fixed.
  3. Better battery backup.
Omitted Features:
  1. DT2W (NBigD)
  2. Fast-charging
  3. Reboot to recovery
  1. LineageOS 13 for Land
  2. OpenGapps (Android 7.1,ARM64, Pico)
  3. Magisk v19.0
  4. Eximious Kernel (Tune with any kernel tuner you like)
  1. Press VolumeUP+VolumeDown and Power button simultaneously and reboot to recovery.
  2. Recommended recovery TWRP-3.5 or here.
  3. Wipe > Advance wipe > Data, Cache, Dalvik cache, System, Vendor & Internal Storage.
  4. Format Data > Yes > format.
  5. Go to mount > disable MTP
  6. Reboot to recovery
  7. Flash ROM > Wipe cache.
  8. Flash Gapps (Android 7.1 > arm64 > pico)
  9. Do not flash SU now.
  10. Format Data.
  11. Reboot.
Finish Android Setup, reach homescreen then reboot to recovery by holding Vol+ & Vol- with power button altogether.
For SU I recommend Magisk v19.0 or anything you wish.
  1. Flash Magisk or any SU you want.
  2. If you want to flash any custom kernel flash it now, its better flashing kernel right after flashing SU.
  3. Recommended kernel : Eximious Kernel.
  4. Wipe cache & dalvic cache.
  5. Reboot
  6. Done!