[ROM] LineageOS-14.1 for Meizu M2 Note [7.1.2]

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Nov 30, 2016
If you don't mind , can I ask whyy ??

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The new gallery app is working, try clear data from the app info

No it can't be overlocked

If you don't mind , can I ask whyy ??


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Apr 9, 2014
Hi, I'd like to ask that can I unlock my bootloader if ordered my phone from a chianese webshop (pandawill) but made it an I version from an A? ( BTW I'm on Flyme


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Apr 9, 2017
I've installed the rom and it is great. I have just a little annoying problem. If I switch off the phone and then I turn on it the phone reboots itself. I think that maybe the problem are the Google Services. As matter of fact during the first boot appears a pop up saying that the Google Services app has stopped to work. Has anyone the same problem?
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Jan 2, 2017
I've installed the rom and it is great. I have just a little annoying problem. If I switch off the phone and then I turn on it the phone reboots itself. I think that maybe the problem are the Google Services. As matter of fact during the first boot appears a pop up saying that the Google Services app has stopped to work. Has anyone the same problem?

You need install the Gapps


Feb 11, 2017
If you don't mind , can I ask whyy ??

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If you don't mind , can I ask whyy ??

I tried to overclock, it doesn't work

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I did. I installed the nano ARM64 version of Open GApps for android 7.1.
Anyway, if I try to reinstall the GApps there's the chanche that I lose some files?

nope, if you try re-install GApps, than OG installer replaces the old Gapps files with new ones, no more;)
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Jul 24, 2009
Great ROM!!!

I've problems with Instagram, sometimes application hang.
sound volume is lower than stock ROM
when I do a screenshot I can't edit directly the image because the pencil botton is greyed.
I can't recover the phone beacuse the botton don't work

but all my problems with contacts are gone!!!
Thank you very much
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Apr 1, 2017
Flash Dolby atoms . it will boost the sound

Thanks it increase my sound

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I need help regarding charging issue via USB to laptop. Charging is very slow. Earlier in my flyme os i have no issue. Because some people saying I have low power usb. Is I am only here having this issue or somebody have also this.

I read an article regarding charging issue for other model. In that article they said kernel upgrade can solve it. So is it possible.

Anyways thanks for fast and battery saving ROM.:)


Jan 24, 2015
thanks for the rom i just need help about about the apps crashing after using it for a long time to make it work again i need to reboot my m2 is there any fix for that ?? thanks @Moyster for this rom:good:

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    Now that our device (Meizu M2 Note) has its' own forum section, this devDB will be abandonned and the thread moved to : New thread @M2 Note forum
    Current thread won't be deleted for comments/rom zips/downloads history, new updates will be uploaded only to :
    New thread @M2 Note forum

    How to report Issues
    • If you find a bug please check if an exisiting issue is already mentioned and create one with details and logs here : Bug reports @ Github issues
      Make sure you fit those criteria first :
    • Make a backup, do a "Wipe Clean" install
    • Make sure you don't use MODifications (flash clean, try again)
    • Check the open/closed issues (most of the problems faced should have a mention about how it was fixed or how to workaround rare bugs)
    • Check google first, there might already be solutions, there's also "howto" (for making logs, using a different i/o scheduler, etc.. ;) )
    • Explain and give details, add logs as much as possible (and please take the time to search how to do those tasks, I know most of you are well intentioned when asking "how can I make logs", but you're not helping only me, you're helping yourself and everyone else who might/has the same issue :good: )

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [Stable] LineageOS-14.1 for Meizu M2 Note [7.1.2], ROM for the Meizu MX

    Moyster, Fire855
    Source Code: https://github.com/moyster

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: No Longer Updated
    Current Stable Version: 2
    Stable Release Date: 2017-09-24
    Beta Release Date: 2017-06-17

    Created 2017-02-05
    Last Updated 2017-12-25
    Thanks for this new ROM.
    I want to test this ROM with a dual boot but our device is not listed in supported devices on the DualBootPatcher app (https://dbp.noobdev.io/supported_devices.html)
    I have try to install it anyway but i can't launch it. Does someone have any success with this app on meizu M2 note ? Do you use another app for dual boot ?
    Thanks in advance.

    If you don't know this app, here is the guide i've follow : https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/guide-steps-how-to-dualboot-2-roms-t3470361

    Never tried dualboot but there might be requirements (maybe kernel settings/commits needed) like Kexec or something, you might want to see if that's the case and maybe we can add dual boot support to the rom if that's not too invasive :eek:

    New build, btw :

    Build 4 (Beta 4 "Ixemo") : Here

    Changelog :
    • [netd] Data Counting fixed
    • [kernel] security updates (some CVEs from february 2017 patch)
    • [device] blobs update with native Nougat blobs
    • [shim] sensors are now shimmed (less patches on android sources)
    • [OMX] Cleanup (should fix a few crashes)
    New build :3

    Build 11 (RC 1 "Anougat") : Here

    Changelog :
    • [release] Builds have reached the "Release Candidate" state, any feedback for broken features (things working before this build) is welcomed !
    • [gps] mtk agpsd crash fixed (should stop some battery drain/bug)
    • [kernel] security updates, stability updates, cleanup
    • [power] fixed "energy saver mode", device won't crash by enabling then disabling it
    • [sdcardfs] fixed mismerge, downloading files larger than 40mb works
    • [security] Selinux policy fixed, Selinux is now using "enforcing" mode :highfive:

    flies away...
    I have total of 2h awake and I think the sensors are draining my battery... Is there any way to fix this?
    I think tomax80 had this problem previously, and it didn't seem to affect him anymore on Nougat so I didn't bother.
    Some users reported proximity sensor wasn't working (calibrated), but I don't have these problems so it's hard to troubleshoot, if you use root, try an app that allows to block wakelocks and do some tests, we'll see after that.

    New build :
    Build 3 (Beta 3 "Kameha") : Here

    Changelog :
    • [camera] touch to focus is fixed
    • [recording] 720p profile should be working properly now
    • [device] blobs cleanup / some camera blobs were updated from Flyme
    • [shim] audio is now shimmed (less patches on android sources)
    • [OMX] FLAC is now working
    Data usage bug still present on 2nd build. It's still not counting.
    read comment bellow
    The gallery app still freezes when I try to play a video with its video player (if I use other app it's ok but just to let you know)

    The data usage is still showing 0 kb

    This are the only bugs I've found so far, thank you so much Moyster for this amazing rom.

    Sent from my MEIZU M2Note using XDA Labs
    regarding data usage, it's on Github under an issue, which should be the place to talk about this bug / submit any logs - ideas - fixes ;)

    Gallery app don't have this pb on my side, I realised some videos couldn't be read anymore, because they were recorded with wierd codecs/formats, without proper logs / details (for example, what is your video's codec, resolution, audio codec, did you record it on beta 1 and it's not working anymore, etc...).
    I'm not trying to sound any rude, but imagine if you were in a city you don't know, someone told you "find the grey little shop that sells Apples", and you'll be like, "this can be 37 shops all around town" :D

    Thank you @Moyster for this rom!
    I found issue with importing contacts from sd card.
    I got message Couldnt import vCard. This format isnt supported.
    Can you try something and move your vCard file to your phone's internal memory, some people already have reported some permissions issues to access sdcard. (I still haven't bought a new mSD for my device, since I don't use SDcard, I didn't test much Sdcard, and It would need a good rework, maybe switch to sdcardfs if possible, etc..)

    I've got navigation buttons on screen, but the physical one continues working. Is there an option to fully desactive it?
    read comment bellow.
    No you can't disable it.
    Technically you can, and this was asked before, the mButton on our devices, is, like every hardware, something the kernel handles, and it probably have a device node ( probably an i2c node).
    What is in place actually is pretty simple, KeyDisabler just enable/disable Virtual Nav Bars, and this very same KeyDisabler can be enhanced to take care of the mbutton node, to disable/enable the HARDWARE button, according to the settings.
    If one is willing to help, this is something that is really easy to code, but it takes a bunch of time to find the node / test how to disable it physically, then debug and cleanup everything that revolves around that feature (ie. sepolicy rules, permissions and owner of mbutton node, etc...).
    So.... while it's technically something -possible-, it's not something that is going to happen "by me", an example of that is Elexogic's great work on gestures for our device, he offered to do an Xposed script for M2note on LP, I told him I would prefer a "system implementation" for those who don't like Xposed, we ended up finding how to do that, pushed CMActions / keyhandler, and he fixed it and enhanced it, meanwhile I could make progress somewhere else, at the time I was trying to boot MM ;) .

    Thank you for this ROM!
    Error: did a clean install, wiped everything however I can't install the stock gapps due to insufficient storage warning.. Is that expected for this device? I ended up installing nano gapps instead..
    Hmm, yeah, since I never touched the partition scheme, it's using LP's, and it's not properly "fitting" our needs anymore, I guess using nano + installing from Gplay is the "best current solution".

    Any of you are having problems with alarm? Mine didn't rang this morning

    Sent from my M2 Note using Tapatalk
    read bellow
    Had same problem. Add Clock app to battery optimization exclusions in Settings.
    Thanks for the tips, while I do use our loved M2note as a daily phone again, I only use my Hue lamps to wake up :eek:

    Hello, I've just installed Beta 2 and I was so happy when I saw that video was working on Snapchat/Instagram but then after trying it again, it started crashing. So basically video recording on both these apps work like 1/5 of the time.

    This is the only bug I've encountered so far except the data usage... Anyway, the ROM is awesome apart from this detail

    Thank you @Moyster for your awesome job, once again :)
    read comment bellow
    Yup same problem pls try to fix. Thanks @Moyster
    Told you already what to do to fix this, and the github issue is still opened WITH the instructions on "how to fix video-recording profiles for Snapchat/Instagram to work properly".
    Here's the link : https://github.com/Moyster/nougat_device_meizu_m2note/issues/5

    Now, let's do some "thinking" all together, Days on Earth are based on a 24H cycle, this is us (=earth) going 'round 'round around the sun (not like Rihanna in her baththub).
    This means, my days are also based on a 24h basis, so like you all.
    Time is valuable, as someone who "maintains" this device, I do put my time where :
    1- I have a -personal- need : calls / sms / internet / LTE, etc... up to camera.
    2- where there is a huge demand / necessity (investigating why alarm clocks don't ring in the morning, because even tho I "warned" that I'm not responsible, nobody wants to read "o****, I was late at work/school, got problems bcs of that")

    I don't use Snapchat, or Instagram, and it "sometimes" record videos, which tend to think what I said previously : SnapC/Instgm have problems with the 1080p resolution, and media_profiles need changes / fixed profiles for it to work.
    This means editing a file, that says "Profile 1080" with config props like "width=1080" and "height=1920", to... let's say 720*1080, save, push the file, reboot and test video recording.

    Do I want to spend from X minutes to X hours, testing various things ? Absolutely no. Do I want to keep tracks of issues and spend time to answer people on what they can try to FIX it themselves and HELP not only me, but themselves and other snapchat/instagram users.
    It's slightly upsetting to see, people just think I'm Meizu or a team of 50 engineers working full time on this device. But it also seems to be very specifically one-sided, as people won't try to listen / apply my advices, they just expect to hear "yes, your problem was fixed" and if not, constantly ask over and over.

    You, as modest as your contribution can be, can still decide to be ACTIVELY part of this, you can DO the right things, you can give BACK. I learned a lot stepping in last summer, I still learn on a daily basis, what people don't seem to realize is just how unfair it is, to post X times about a feature THEY can fix themselves, have returns on how to HELP, and they simply don't accept the challenge of giving a bit of their TIME to try and learn about what they want.
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