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  • Feb 25, 2010
    Thank you for this build! Why some want to stay on LOS 14.1 and don't move to LOS 16? Is it because of "Selinux permissive" in LOS 16?

    In short: Higher security update level as in LOS 14.1, but you will have to live with these known issues:
    • Very minor graphical glitches
    • sometimes videos don't play, you have to remove the relevant all from your recent app list and restart (e.g. WhatsApp)
    • Selinux permissive
    Currently building the newest version with security patches, will post an update once done
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    Jan 5, 2008
    A longer break. Sorry... I don't have much time left for messing around with my A7m. :/
    By the way... no bump up to september update. But since that is an number only anyway, be aware, that there might be more and more security risks running LOS 14.1. :(

    Name: lineage-14.1-2020926-UNOFFICIAL-tulip.zip
    Security-Level: 2020-08-05
    MD5SUM: e56d21320808513061a89260f473cb93
    URL: https://mega.nz/file/xfg2ATiL#aW9uzULor7-JbNYt4yj0ifSdWQm7qUtCetxwZ5b6K3E

    Should be possible to adb-sideload that if you used one of my previous images already. Was/is running on my A7m right now without modifications.

    Regards, Bigfoot29

    Thank you for keeping this going, I just got the B2017 for very cheap and I am using it as a high-res audio player. Your ROM supports hi-res 24bit @ 192 kHz with PowerAmp.

    If you don't mind building a 2021 build with the later updates would be great!
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      Supported devices
      * US model running 7.1.1 b14 firmware.

      First time install Instructions
      Use these instructions when coming from any other ROM (stock, aokp, etc.)
      • Download ROM.
      • Download GAPPS if desired.
      • Boot into recovery.
      • Backup your current data.
      • Format/Wipe data.
      • Flash ROM.
      • Flash GAPPS if desired.
      • Reboot.

      Upgrade instructions
      Use these instructions when upgrading from a previous Lineage build.
      • Download ROM.
      • Boot into recovery.
      • Backup your current data.
      • Flash ROM.
      • Reboot.

      Flashing instructions
      There are two main ways to flash files onto your phone: local and sideload. Most people are only familiar with local, but sideload is much quicker and easier if you are at a PC.

      Download the ZIP file(s) to your PC. In TWRP, select advanced and then sideload. Swipe the slider to begin, then on your PC run "adb sideload <filename>".

      Download and/or copy the ZIP file(s) to your phone. Note whether they are on internal storage (the default) or the sdcard. In TWRP, select install, find your file, and select it.

      Current status: Stable

      Known issues
      None (hopefully).

      LineageOS Downloads - tulip

      Tested with opengapps arm64 7.1 micro.

      Device Tree
      Finally got it to boot. Now to fix all the broken things...IMG_20180313_123109.jpg
      Did an oreo build today. Still fighting with sensors not working. But at least it's stopped crashing now.
      Today's build is up with the volume key fix, check the OP. Once you flash the build and boot, your volume key should work again even if it was previously in the bad state.
      @CRAFTER0302002 by new build, I mean a new zip. Still based on Android 7.1.2 / Lineage 14.1. But I think the issues are pretty much worked out now. All the items on my todo list are pretty minor, with the exception of atmos (but there's a zip for that):

      * ambient display.
      * auto brightness.
      * network search.
      * setup screen size.
      * atmos support.
      Well, well... look what happened last night...

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