[ROM] LineageOS 15.1 UNOFFICIAL - BETA8 (2018-10-22)

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    LineageOS 15.1 for Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact



    This release is a beta release. It works very well and can be used as a daily driver. Please check the lists about what works or not below and check what needs testing and feedback.

    • Signed with dev keys
    • FDroid preinstalled
    • FDroid Privilege Extension
    • Bugs included


    You can download the latest release here. Check the ChangeLog below for firmware requirements!


    Put the zip file of the ROM on you sdcard or internal store and boot into recovery. If you use my TWRP recovery, you should use that one to flash the ROM.

    Make sure you select Zip signature verification.

    This will make sure the zip file has not been altered!


    • IMS support is missing (we are working on it, but it isn't trivial)


    • Phone doesn't work well with Mifare NFC tokens
    • IMS does not fully work for some carriers yet


    XDA:DevDB Information
    lineageos_sony_lilac, ROM for the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

    modpunk, derf elot
    Source Code: https://github.com/cryptomilk/android_device_sony_lilac

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP Recovery
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 8
    Beta Release Date: 2018-10-22

    Created 2018-02-05
    Last Updated 2018-10-22

    • Updated Kernel to version 4.4.161
    • Use same vibration strength as stock
    • Updated GPS stack
    • Recommended firmware: 47.1.A.16.20

    • Updated Kernel to version 4.4.156
    • Improved GPS performance, GPS fix in less than 10 seconds now
    • Added stock camera app
    • Recommended firmware: 47.1.A.16.20

    • Updated Kernel to version 4.4.147
    • Some performance improvements (The system should be more responsive)
    • Improvements to save some battery
    • Fixed touch pressure issues
    • Requires firmware version: 47.1.A.12.270

    • Updated Kernel to version 4.4.136
    • Added support for WireGuard VPN
    • Added support for Sony modem configurations

    • Updated to completely new kernel which follows Linux 4.4.x stable (Thanks @derf elot)
    • Updated display stack to newer version
    • Fixed USB Tethering which broke with BETA2
    • More volume steps for media playback
    • Fixed IRQ balancing (found by derf elot) (This is broken in Stock ...)

    • Updated to April build
    • Fixed 'OK Google'
    • Fixed wifi startup issues
    • Fixed GPS issues

    • Kernel bugfixes
    • Native exfat support
    • Several audio improvements
    • Updated vibration patterns
    • Updated brightness levels
    • Fixed IMS
    • Fixed MTP
    • Fixed offmode charging

    • Added HWComposer improvements (efficient ColorTransform)
    • Added Kernel support for exfat formatted sdcards
    • Added Vulkan compute feature
    • Added IPv6 ebtables
    • Switched Snap to Camera API2 with extended features (ubifocus, optizoom, blur, pro mode, etc.)
    • Fixed headphones audio
    • Fixed NFC
    • Fixed tethering support
    • Fixed audio effects

    • The big bang!

    • Grab the Sony Stock firmware using e.g. XPeriFrim. You should always flash the firmware matching the LOS build.
    • Grab newflasher and put it in the same folder as the firmware files.
    • Read the newflasher original post on XDA for general instructions!
    • Remove the follwing from the folder so they won't get flashed:
      • all *.ta files (keep the one in the boot/ directory)
      • cache*.sin
      • fotakernel*.sin
      • kernel*.sin
      • system*.sin
      • userdata*.sin
      • vendor*.sin
    • Turn off your phone
    • Hold the volume down button and attach it via USB to your system till you see LED turning green
    • Run newflasher from within this directory to flash the remaining files
      You can say yes to the first optional step, in case you dont have working drivers installed.
      Skip the second optional step (dumping of trim area), it's useless if your bootloader is unlocked already and takes a long time.

    Google Apps

    You can download and install the Google Apps from opengapps.org. You need ARM64 and 8.x. I suggest to *always* use the pico package. If you need additional apps you find them in the Play Store.

    Privacy Guard for GApps

    I wouldn't run GApps without Privcy Guard. Here is what you need to do:

    Go to: Settings -> Security & location -> Privacy Guard

    Open the advanced menu (3 dots) and select: Enable by default and Show built-in apps.

    Search for Google Play Services and turn it on by tapping the entry. A long press will give additional options. There are more Google Apps you should turn it on and revoke permissions like the syncing stuff.


    This ROM comes with FDroid and the Privilege Extension pre-installed.


    Doesn't provide API level 27 builds yet ... will probably available in future with signature spoofing.

    Simple Mobile Tools

    This is a collection of really awesome Open Source and AD-free Apps! Don't get confused by the name! Especially the Calendar and Gallery app are really good! If you like his stuff, support him by buying the Simple Thanks app.

    You can find them in FDroid and the Play Store.

    Known Issues

    Some apps don't work (Gardenscapes, Die Zeit, ...)

    When an app is installed then it should ask for Permissions on the first startup. However for some apps this doesn't happen. To fix it you need to go to Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> See all apps -> Select the App -> Permissions. Now manually activate the required permission, normally the Storage Permission is missing in that case!
    So you have abandoned the ROM before it even got out of beta? This makes no sense whatsoever. Some people are not interested in using brand new Android version that's not matured yet... :/

    a) This is a spare time project and my spare time is limited
    b) The source code is open source, fix the remaining issues.

    I'm looking forward to your contributions.
    I have a new build with updated SDM stack and a completly new kernel from @derf elot however we've run into some issues with the new kernel and working on fixes. Once we have them we will provide a new build.