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[ROM] LineageOS 15.1 unofficial

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Aug 7, 2011

The wiki will be updated with this info on the next code merge. LOS 15.1 seems feature-complete for bacon!

OP2 got 15.1 past week. But in the LineageOS build queue it says next OP1 update will be still 14.1

Does that link mean 15.1 is coming to OP1. Where could we expect that?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi guys,

    as LineageOS 15.1 is just around the corner and I had a few spare CPU cycles, here's the current build which I did as a 'code of honor'-member. Just flash with TWRP as usual, add gapps (stock are too big) and optionally root.

    Watch out as the whole rom might still lack a few features.
    Sources are on https://github.com/LineageOS
    Credits to anyone who worked on them including intel for their buggy CPUs enabling me to build.

    Build date: 2018-03-02
    Download: https://go.stargazer.at/bacon

    Q: What patches did you include?
    A: None. Pure LineageOS as it would come from the build server

    Q: So this IS the official LineageOS rom?
    A: In theory it's the same thing, but I am NOT a linageos developer

    Q: What Gapps package did you use?
    A: Nano. Stock is too big as it wouldn't fit on /system

    Q: Support?
    A: None officially. But ask - maybe someone has an idea.

    Q: What works?
    A: Phone rings, I'm able to answer and do calls, BT works, Wifi... annoying texts already arriving. I assume it's working.

    Q: Bugs?
    A: You tell.

    Q: Is it complete?
    A: I doubt it. Some translations are still missing. Keep in mind it's an early version of lineageOS

    Q: Why did you build it?
    A: Because I did not want to wait for the official release and live on the edge.

    Q: Why does a girl build roms?
    A: Short answer: because I can.
    Camera does not work yet, but as far as I can see there are a few things in review to be submitted. Stay tuned as I will be building the rom again as soon as those changes are merged. In the meanwhile I may do some tinkering on my local build.

    I noticed that your build has SELinux enforcing but this may be why the camera isn't working; something that still needs fixing.

    I doubt that it's SELinux. Looking at the logcat the problem root seems to be the HAL and that we should use the CAF stack. Besides that some clocks seem to be out of sync (mainly front camera). If it would be SELinux, logcat/dmesg would show.
    I will fix it as I compile the next version.