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[ROM] LineageOS 17.1 UNOFFICIAL - 1.2 [2020-10-10]

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Nov 22, 2016
I've just installed this rom, but my SIM card is not detected. When I go back to stock rom, no issue.

Any idea why ?


EDIT : I've boot into recovery and reset cache, now my SIM card is detected and fully working (LTE and mobile ) :)
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    LineageOS 17.1 for Sony Xperia XZ1



    This is an alternative ROM for the Sony Xperia XZ1, offering several privacy features.

    Please report any issues you observe apart from the ones listed below. Logs are needed for me to fix anything (preferably dmesg and logcat). I can't test NFC very thoroughly, to please report your findings.

    • Signed with dev keys
    • Stock camera
    • WireGuard kernel support


    You can download the latest releases here:

    poplar (G8341):

    poplar_dsds (G8342):

    poplar_canada (G8343):

    Check the ChangeLog below for firmware requirements!


    Put the zip file of the ROM on your sdcard or internal storage, boot into recovery and flash. When coming from stock: boot into TWRP, format data, reboot to recovery and wipe all internal partitions. Then flash the ROM, GApps (if needed) and root (if needed).

    Note: There is not going to be a LOS su addon anymore. If you need root, flash a root manager of your choice. No guaranteed support from LOS for this.

    When updating from builds, simply dirty flash the ROM.

    If coming from 16.0, please see advice below in second post ("UPGRADE LINEAGEOS").


    • You tell me

    XDA:DevDB Information
    lineageos_17_sony_poplar, ROM for the Sony Xperia XZ1

    derf elot, modpunk, myself5
    Source Code (poplar): https://github.com/whatawurst/android_device_sony_poplar
    Source Code (poplar_dsds): https://github.com/whatawurst/android_device_sony_poplar_dsds
    Source Code (poplar_canada): https://github.com/whatawurst/android_device_sony_poplar_canada

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.2
    Stable Release Date: 2020-10-10

    Created 2019-12-27
    Last Updated 2020-10-09


    Don't flash ROMs or Magisk modules which set SELinux to permissive or you welcome malware on your device!


    I have not tried upgrading the device from 16.0 and cannot guarantee that it will work - You should do a backup just in case. If things go wrong, flash it as if coming from stock (see instructions in OP).


    • Grab the Sony Stock firmware using e.g. XPeriFrim. You should always flash the firmware matching the LOS build.
    • Grab newflasher and put it in the same folder as the firmware files.
    • Read the newflasher original post on XDA for general instructions!
    • Remove the following from the folder so they won't get flashed:
      • all *.ta files (keep the one in the boot/ directory)
      • cache*.sin
      • fotakernel*.sin
      • kernel*.sin
      • system*.sin
      • userdata*.sin
      • vendor*.sin
    • Turn off your phone
    • Hold the volume down button and attach it via USB to your system till you see LED turning green
    • Run newflasher from within this directory to flash the remaining files
      You can say yes to the first optional step, in case you don't have working drivers installed.
      Skip the second optional step (dumping of trim area), it's useless if your bootloader is unlocked already and takes a long time.

    How to get root?

    As mentioned before, there will not be an official su addon from LOS anymore. If you need root, flash an unofficial solution.

    Google Apps

    You can download and install the Google Apps from opengapps.org. You need ARM64 and 10.x. I suggest to *always* use the pico or nano package. If you need additional apps you find them in the Play Store.


    This ROM doesn't support Signature Spoofing. However we are watching MicroG and check if they provide newer builds e.g. for Android Pie.

    Simple Mobile Tools

    This is a collection of really awesome Open Source and AD-free Apps! Don't get confused by the name! Especially the Calendar and Gallery app are really good! If you like his stuff, support him by buying the Simple Thanks app.

    You can find them in FDroid and the Play Store.

    REQUIRED FIRMWARE: 47.2.A.11.228


    2020-10-10 | 1.2| 47.2.A.11.228
    • Updated kernel to latest Linux version (4.4.238)
    • Fixed CVE-2020-0423 in kernel binder driver (part of October ASB)
    • Merged October 2020 ASB (Upstream)
    • Updates for IMS stability (thanks again to @Rooted_Ansh and also @Shujath for the help). We now also display more information regarding IMS at boot in a notification.
    • Removed LOS Snap in favor of stock camera. That fixes issues with launching the camera from lockscreen using the camera button.

    2020-09-26 | 1.1| 47.2.A.11.228
    • Updated kernel to latest Linux version (4.4.237)
    • Updated kernel to latest CAF tag (LA.UM.8.4.r1-06000-8x98.0 )
    • Updated WireGuard to 1.0.20200908 snapshot
    • Sources bumped to android-10.0.0_r46 (September 2020 ASB) (Upstream)
    • Update complete GPS stack (should work properly now)
    • IMS is back - dsds might still need some tweaks (also thanks to @Rooted_Ansh for the help)
    • IMS related: Updated CNE stack for VoWiFi
    • IMS related: Fixed automatic loading of required modem mbn's (CustomizationSelector and modem-switcher)
    • partially IMS related: Updated miscta libraries to tama (ours didn't work properly anymore)
    • Reverted AOSP bluetooth audio HAL v2 - should fix BT issues
    • Probably more i forgot...

    2020-08-09 | 1.0| 47.2.A.11.228
    • Updated kernel to latest Linux version (4.4.232)
    • Updated kernel to latest CAF tag (LA.UM.8.4.r1-05800-8x98.0 )
    • Fixed WiFi driver speed issues
    • Updated WireGuard to 1.0.20200729 snapshot
    • Sources bumped to android-10.0.0_r41 (August 2020 ASB) (Upstream)
    • Updated stock camera app to XZ2C (saving to sdcard works)
    • Fixed crashing of stock camera app
    • Fixed camera memory leak in sources
    • Fixed some GPS issues
    • Fixed some touch events getting missed sometimes
    • Moved to AOSP bluetooth audio HAL v2
    • Enabled wifi 2.4GHz channel bonding (increase wifi speed)
    • Lots of upstream LOS updates

    2020-02-10 | BETA4| 47.2.A.11.228
    • Updated kernel to latest Linux version (4.4.213)
    • Updated kernel sdfat driver to latest Linux version (2.3.0)
    • Sources bumped to android-10.0.0_r27 (February 2020 ASB) (Upstream)
    • Fixed a long running bug (since O) with storage permissions for some apps
    • Fixed picture adjustments & color profiles for livedisplay
    • Enabled channel bonding for 2.4GhZ WiFi
    • Fixed Sony camera app launching with camera button
    • Fixed Sony camera app not asking for permissions (camera permission is granted by default now)
    • Fixed Bluetooth aptX codec
    • Context-aware Bluetooth airplane mode (LOS upstream)
    • Support wildcards in cached hosts file (LOS upstream)
    • Fixed touchscreen gesture assigned to messaging app (LOS upstream)
    • Don't add GarbageMonitor tile by default in userdebug builds (LOS upstream)
    • Translation updates (LOS upstream)

    2020-01-30 | BETA3| 47.2.A.11.228
    • Updated kernel to latest Linux version (4.4.212) and latest CAF tag (LA.UM.8.4.r1-05000-8x98.0)
    • Updated WiFi kernel driver to latest CAF tag (LA.UM.8.4.r1-05000-8x98.0)
    • Updated wireguard kernel support to 0.0.20200121 snapshot
    • Reworked our init extension (needed for eventual IMS support)
    • Increased zram size from 500MB to 1GB - should allow for better multitasking (you tell me)
    • Added quota mount option for data - should speed up calculation of storage statistics
    • Remove discard mount options from data and persist - let Android handle trimming
    • Removed option to use sdcard as adoptable storage (not working properly for 4.4 kernel anyway)
    • Updated tcp buffers for mobile data and WiFi
    • Fixed some selinux denials
    • Fixed issues with QC TimeService app
    • Updated CNE app from Essential phone (mata)
    • Added missing CNE blobs from stock
    • Fixed text of sensor location during fingerprint enrollment
    • Added LOS setup wizard (LOS upstream)
    • LockClock replaced with DeskClock (LOS upstream)
    • Fixed issues with grantin default permissions to com.android.exchange (LOS upstream)
    • Implemented better partial screenshot (LOS upstream)
    • Allow disabling workspace edit in trebuchet launcher (LOS upstream)
    • Added back system profiles (LOS upstream)
    • ... (likely more fixes & additions from LOS upstream that I forgot)

    2020-01-12 | BETA2| 47.2.A.11.228
    • Fixed WiFi display
    • Memory & run-time optimizations (hopefully)
    • Kernel now built with Clang
    • More I can't remember
    • Sources bumped to android-10.0.0_r23 (January 2020 ASB) (Upstream)
    • addon.d scripts should work again (Upstream)
    • Issues with battery indicator fixed (Upstream)
    • Digital wellbeing should work now (Upstream)
    • ... (Upstream)

    2019-12-28 | BETA1 | 47.2.A.11.228
    • Initial release
    Some news on new release from the thread creator?

    yes, going back to the P kernel base from CAF because apparently the one for Q is causing issues with our FW. so its a bit more work to bring it up to date with 10 but I'm working on it. WiFi speeds are back to normal, and so far I haven't managed to hit the issue with the camera force closing after taking a bunch of pictures.

    now I need to update it to latest Linux and CAF tags

    maybe this will even fix the ims issues, but still have to test this

    Sent from my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact using XDA Labs

    I will update the ROM in the coming days. I've been busy with other things these last weeks and currently there appears to be an issue with the latest WiFi driver that I want to have a look at first.

    Sent from my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact using XDA Labs