[ROM] LineageOS 20.0 UNOFFICIAL - 1.4 [2023-08-13]

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Hi, so I've been absent from Custom Roms for the last couple years - since I got my XZ1 and the DRM key extraction was too much of a hassle for me as I didn't miss much from the stock rom.

Since I got some spare time over the years I was thinking to finally tackle that topic, but I have two questions:

1) The opening post says this

is it even still relevant for me to back up my DRM keys / back up the TA partition if I don't want to go back to stock? what camera are you using then? is the quality comparable? is slow motion still possible?

i know that in the past, safety net checks were just looking for bootloader / root, but they changed to checking if the ROM is signed with a proper signingkey, right? is this rom signed with a non-test-key?
I've got a couple of banking apps on my phone and it would obviously prevent it from being a daily driver if they were not supported anymore :/

Thanks in advance!
Sure it is, backup DRM keys if youre planning to return to stock.

1) Personally, OpenCamera, but im not a photographer so no idea whats better or worse. Probably, but i remember stock being better. No slow motion.

2) No idea about this.


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Jun 28, 2013
Hello All,

I have problem, my sim doesn't work and when starting the phone report this this:

Sony Modem
Config: amss_fsg_poplar_tar.mbn
Cust ID: N/A

Do you know if it is possible to fix it or do something?

It also does so with 19.1
With 18.1 it constantly bootloop and I could never test it.

I tried back to 17.1 because everything worked, even the sim but on reboot it goes into recovery reporting an error.

I don't know what to do anymore

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Oct 6, 2022
@drkranio , I will be posting a comprehensive guide to retain carrier compatibility from stock to AOSP shortly.

For @Tux111 and the devs (*hint @derf elot ) behind the apps responsible, here are some brief suggestions for improvement for whomever authored the system functions "Customization Selector" and "Xperia Parts" . I think Xperia Parts should include other parts from other Xperia models of the same platform with maybe a prompt that it could cause undesired behaviour/bugs if not compatible (though any good app/system function should have the capability of reverting changes if necessary). Customization Selector should be manually activated by the user with a prompt also of possible undesired issues; not as an automatic process upon SIM detection, as it appears to me it deletes any preset configuration the carrier may have provided/provisioned to the modem from stock which is persistent and referenced by the AOSP system successfully (meaning the network compatibility carries over from stock to AOSP because the partition remains untouched until one of the two apps is triggered by system). I think it would be best not to touch the modem partition with the open source derivatives unless needed and chosen to by the user who may be lacking network/carrier compatibility.


Nov 5, 2021
Weird bug (or mb I don't undarstand something) but I can't set another app to play videos with. Usually, after using some other app instead of Gallery for a first time, it would then suggest this app again as main suggestion with an option to always use it. Instead no matter how many times I use VLC it still only output Gallery as top suggestion which is very annoying.
Screenshot_20230217-134712_Android System.png

Second annoying thing is brightness control by sliding on status bar. Why does it set brigthness to 100% already at half of the bar, and on the left end it would set brightness to something like 30%.

If not these two annoyances then it would be a great ROM. It even supports Sony Style Cover.
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Hi. The firmware is excellent, but I found a big problem with the sound quality when using cellular communication. In all modes, there is a dull sound and low audibility. The sensitivity level when calling is small. The microphone for recording works fine, problems only with cellular communication.


May 15, 2018
Sony Xperia XZ1
Xiaomi Redmi 8
Unlikely. Other Apps requiring Nearby devices permission are not listed for gathering location data.

But even if, Tethering is a System App and changing the Nearby devices permission is not even possible.
Well, with the info you provided, that's my two cents on the matter. There's always a clean install (if you haven't done) just to be sure.
Otherwise I'll have to agree with @Tux111 though i think it's the NSA.🙂
Actually it is standard Android permission Info. No other app is used.

To show it, once the green dot appears, swipe down to quick settings & notification bar. Then the green dot is shown as a green oval with the icon of either location, camera of mic.
Once you tap on this green oval, the apps are shown. If you tap on the app name, you directly jump to the app permission page.

If you have a look on the screenshot, you see that the background are the quick settings & notification area.

Damn i told FBI to be discrete while spying on you. Don't worry me and USA will solve this.
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Hello! I would like to congratulate you for maintaining this LOS port! Old devices need to get software updates and not clutter the planet after two years after launch!

I have a small trouble, however, updating from 1.2 to 1.3. I had 1.2 for about 2 - 3 weeks with MindTheGApps updated via Google Play Store, working flawlessly. I downloaded 1.3 and flashed it on top of 1.2, cleared the caches, but I did not also flash MindTheGApps, thinking that the old installation, just like the rest of the apps will continue to work. The GApps did not work anymore, because they were missing. So I rebooted and reinstalled 1.3 and the GApps and cleared the caches again. After reboot, Google Play Services keeps crashing and Google Play Store is saying that there's no Internet connection. The Internet works well with other apps, though.

Then I thought there's an incompatibility between 1.3 and GApps, a bug of some sort, so I decided to downgrade to 1.2 by flashing it over 1.3 and install GApps again and clear the caches. After reboot, it booted straight to TWRP.

Finally, I reflashed 1.3 with GApps and right now all apps are working apart from GApps. That is fine for now, but apps installed from Google Play Store will get outdated pretty quickly and stop working (esp. payment, internet banking and authentication apps).

My questions are:
1. How does one upgrade from one version to another, without wiping everything?
2. Is downgrade possible? What is the correct downgrade procedure, without wiping everything?
3. How can I recover my working system without wiping everything? Is it possible? I do not know of any backup solution that will backup home screen customization and keep the internet banking, payment and authentication apps data. Do you have any recommendations on this topic?

Thank you!


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Mar 16, 2021
Sometimes the phone doesn't wake up. Can only be forced to restart, anyone else has this situation?
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Jul 31, 2013
Hello! I have installed all available versions of this ROM:

ROM: LineageOS 20.0 v.1.0 (2022.10.02)
ROM: LineageOS 20.0 v.1.1 (2023.01.08)
KERNEL: 4.4.302-whatawurst+

ROM: LineageOS 20.0 v.1.2 (2023.05.10)
KERNEL: 4.4.302-st40-whatawurst+

ROM: LineageOS 20.0 v.1.3 (2023.07.15)
KERNEL: 4.4.302-st42-whatawurst+

All of them have worked very well for me, although with those that do not use the Kernel 4.4.302-whatawurst+, I have encountered the problem that when I connect wired headphones with a microphone (regardless of the brand... I haven't tried with Sony branded ones), it becomes impossible to make a phone call since the microphone of the headphones seems to interfere with the phone's built-in microphone. To sum up:

Kernel 4.4.302-whatawurst+
*No audio problems.

Kernel 4.4.302-st40-whatawurst+
Kernel 4.4.302-st42-whatawurst+
*Audio problems.

Is there any possibility of fixing this? Thank you very much. Regards!
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    LineageOS 20.0 for Sony Xperia XZ1

    logo (1).png


    This is an alternative ROM for the Sony Xperia XZ1, offering several privacy features.

    Please report any issues you observe apart from the ones listed below. Logs are needed for me to fix anything (preferably dmesg and logcat).


    You can download the latest releases here:

    poplar (G8341):


    poplar_dsds (G8342):

    poplar_canada (G8343):

    poplar KDDI (SOV36)

    RECOMMENDED GAPPS (others works too)


    Before first install: flash and boot into the TWRP provided in this thread, format data, reboot to recovery and wipe all internal partitions, then flash the ROM, GApps and root (if needed).

    Note: There is not going to be a LOS su addon anymore. If you need root, flash a root manager of your choice. No guaranteed support from LOS for this.

    When updating from previous builds, simply dirty flash the ROM is enough, decryption in new TWRP works now ;)

    Recommended GApps: MindTheGapps provided in this thread.

    • Stock camera is not working anymore due to incompatibility of stock library (libimageprocessorjni.so) with new libgui
    • Currently, LOS isn't feature complete yet, so some things, buttonn, advanced menù etc. may be still missing
    • You tell me...
    derf elot, modpunk, Rooted_Ansh

    Source Code
    poplar: https://github.com/whatawurst/android_device_sony_poplar
    poplar_dsds: https://github.com/whatawurst/android_device_sony_poplar_dsds
    poplar_canada: https://github.com/whatawurst/android_device_sony_poplar_canada

    kernel: https://github.com/whatawurst/android_kernel_sony_msm8998

    Rom Information
    ROM OS Version: Android 13
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.4
    Stable Release Date: 2023-08-13




    v1.4 (2023-08-13):

    • Updated to August 2023 Security updates
    • Rebased kernel onto Lineage msm8998 common kernel - this also contains EAS changes/updates we didn't have
    • Removed several unused Sony kernel modifications and drivers
    • CIP kernel updates are not included currently until wired mic audio issues can be figured out

    v1.3 (2023-07-15):

    • Updated to T QPR3 release (LineageOS upstream)
    • Updated to July 2023 Security updates (both ROM and kernel)
    • Updated kernel to CIP tag st42 - thanks also to Flamefire for some help
    • Fixed audio issue in kernel - thank to Flamefire
    • Fixed issue in kernel leading to inaccessible su in recent Magisk versions
    • Updated kernel sdfat driver (for external sdcard)
    • Updated implementation for Lineage battery charge control

    v1.2 (2023-05-10):

    - Updated to T QPR2 release (LineageOS upstream)
    - Updated to May 2023 Security updates (both ROM and kernel)
    - Our kernel now includes updates by CIP and is up-to-date with tag st40 - thanks also to Flamefire for help with some of these (1)
    - Reduced zram size to 25% (1gb) of out total RAM to have more to use freely
    - Updated BT stuff for QPR2 (maybe offloading is working again? needs confirmation)
    - Added the option to reflash the mbn via OpenCS (see Xperia Parts) - thanks also to shank03 & Flamefire (2)
    - Fully enabled IMS on Congstar Germany via overlay on lilac
    - Possibly some battery/performance optimizations here and there
    - Fixed Android Auto support
    - Added new LineageOS "Charging control hal" for battery charging care (3)
    - Maybe more I forgot...

    (1) The CIP kernel includes fixes for issues and security vulnerabilities from 4.14 kernel (see https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/cip/linux-cip.git)
    (2) A somehwat lengthy explanation: This option is off by default on fresh installs. When upgrading, this should be enabled because we enforced this for everybody previously. However, this option is only required for certain carrier mbns that enable IMS. Personally, I know that the O2/Telefonica Germany mbn needs this, otherwise you get a crashing modem at every boot (unless you switch to 3g before rebooting and back to LTE after boot). I generally recommend playing with this option, and if you don't need it (e.g. modem doesn't crash on boot), just keep it off - like mentioned before, this is now the default behavior of OpenCS on fresh installs anyway.
    (3) This is not finalized or merged upstream is LineageOS yet, but seems like a nice feature to have and test drive already. Some bugs may be possible.

    v1.1 (2023-01-08):

    • Updated to T QPR1 release (LineageOS upstream)
    • New default camera app (LineageOS upstream) - yes, we cannot change video fps currently (thanks Sony!)
    • Any other updates by LineageOS upstream
    • Kernel security updates (also thanks to Flamefire)
    • Dropped keyprovd service - it is useless on unlocked BL anyway
    • Show 4G instead of LTE icon - saves some space too
    • Enable IMS by default - this still only works if carrier is supported
    • Fix some selinux denials (also thanks to Flamefire)
    • Fixup ViLTE dependencies - this might in theory work again, but it's not enabled yet
    v1.0 (2022-10-02):

    • Initial release
    ROM updated boyz ;)
    This is a very good ROM. Good for daily use. Didn't encounter any problem. Can't wait for the Pixel Experience Android 13.
    New release is up boys ;)
    New LOS Update 1.1 is here! Enjoy! :D