[ROM][LLC][AROMA][PER APP DPI/JKay/JB Dom]PalestineRom V3(JoiN ThE PerFecTioN)(20-1)

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Jun 3, 2006
AW: [ROM][LLC][AROMA][PER APP DPI/JKay/JB Dom]PalestineRom V3(JoiN ThE PerFecTioN)(20

Thats my point exactly..

I mean its so obvious aswell, Mr Hoax had pm'd me about using my aroma config, I had explained that I would prefer for him to learnt just the same as I did from the aroma thread so you can truly understand how the system works.

Instead, he copied and pasted my entire rom, edited the build.prop, did some slight changes to the updater-script & aroma-config, renamed a few folders.. da daaaaaa Palestine rom emerges. What a joke..

That's disturbing and disappointing news. Well using somebodies work without giving credit is not correct.
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    Wow dude, I just took a look at your source.. you completely ripped null.. Im disappointed you didnt take the long path and learn for yourself.. such a shame.

    Could of atleast requested permission.. this is a complete rip of my rom, can tell so bad by the file structure.. and the updater script...

    Iv got countless amount of time invested in my own rom, what makes you think you've got the right to just go in and ****ing rip all my work like that ? With not even a mention on the OP.
    assalamu alaykum

    lets stop discussing about beliefs this not the forum for that , lets just say , Talk shows on the speaker's ethics , may GOD be with him & show him the right way ....

    Yeah. Let my post be the end of it. :thumbup::)
    Let's start from this point on with the discussion of our fav Palestine ROM!! :cool: cheers mates!! Peace!! Enjoying the ROM very much!! :p

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    It works! That's what happen when noobs don't read the OP lol.


    No problem ^_^
    Happy to help :D

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    PalestineRom? Lmao, dumbest Rom name I have read/heard since I'm around on xda.. :D:D:D:banghead:

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    And you wasted moments of your life, to say that?..
    Why exactly o_O...

    Though If this was my ROM I would be quite honored that It has even begun to attract trolls for such a new ROM :D..
    What the f... is this allah **** sign? its not allowed on xda read the rules - all of us not believing in that crap dont advertise what we believe in !!!
    Religion is NOT allowed here :p

    Comeon dude.. be respectful to other peoples religious belief. U could just politely ask the person to not mention it anymore. He believes in those and you doesn't. Ur not believing doesn't give you the right to bash at the other guy in mentioning what they believe in. Be a little more respectful to other persons belief too.. peace man peace!!! :p:):thumbup::)

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