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Jan 15, 2014
Hello All,

Please if anyone can report about installed latest EU today update 12.5 if it has critical bugs or installation errors causing bootloop ???
So me again :)

I took the adventure to update it and it was successfully updated without losing anything but it is updated manually via TWRP not in auto ota process
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Jan 15, 2014
Can you share the changelog?
At all till now nothing is huge in difference

only some Settings reorganised and some little features added


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Jan 15, 2014
With the last 2 weekly I had a problem with the themes (dialer does not change).
Wouldn't there be the same problem with this stable?
I didn't face like this issue but I faced another Issue about nova launcher when trying to hold on an application from Recents to get app info, it goes to home screen instead of app info
and the bug continued to the latest update again

Also messenger bubble not appearing bug still exists in latest update

So I think all bugs still exist on latest update


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Jan 15, 2014
I didn't face like this issue but I faced another Issue about nova launcher when trying to hold on an application from Recents to get app info, it goes to home screen instead of app info
and the bug continued to the latest update again

Also messenger bubble not appearing bug still exists in latest update

So I think all bugs still exist on latest update
EDIT: Messenger bubble bug is fixed on latest update


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Jan 15, 2014
tI have problems with notifications, YouTube vanced, poweramp, and I cannot update Google Chrome from play store. 12.5.2 stable, any solution?
I can update chrome and any app from store and youtube vanced working well

I think your problem is in on your Data and you may need format data !


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Jan 22, 2010
So me again :)

I took the adventure to update it and it was successfully updated without losing anything but it is updated manually via TWRP not in auto ota process
I haven't updated for a few months, to update in twrp, is the process simply dirty flash the new rom, flash magisk and reboot?
how?what did you do?

gesture navigation working on poco launcher if you install it on xiaomi.eu from the playstore?
Gesture navigation works with MIUI launcher.
(Full screen gestures are part of the launcher and work only when the MIUI System launcher is the default launcher.)

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    Dirty flash, stable 12.2 to stable 12.5
    try to do a clean flash.
    Yeah that's the TWRP i used but i did an advanced wipe (data, cache and dalvik) instead of doing a format data.
    If i do a format data, do you really think that will change anything? Because not gonna lie i don't really have the motivation to do that again lmao.
    (btw, does formating data format my internal storage too?)
    (btw, does formating data format my internal storage too?)
    btw, does wipe my internal storage too?NO

    wipe = deletes all folders/files that are visible in a file explorer
    format = deletes all folders/files + partition's meta data
    Meta data is information like e.g. the partition table, size of the partition, encryption and so on.
    Just format data and reboot TWRP.
    New build
    Weekly 21.6.2
    Does anyone have any impressions of xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30Pro_V12.5.2.0.RJKCNXM_v12-11.zip? Anybugs, major problem? Do I need to install a new version of TWRP if I currently have 12.2.3?
    If you use 3.4.2B-1206 twrp keep it.
    Weekly are best than last stable.(Not much new on the stable).

    I installed latest weekly rom. But i have auto brightness issues. Even without auto brightness it's too low in direct sunlight. What is the problem?

    Sorry for my bad English
    On which rom before?
    No problem of brightness on these roms.
    Did you use this twrp?
    Did you format the data (write YES)?
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    Xiaomi.eu released their version of MIUI for Redmi K30 Pro / Zoom Edition / Poco F2 Pro
    Weekly Beta and Stable are based on Android 11
    Both Weekly Beta and Stable are based on China Rom
    Xiaomi.eu forums: here


    So why is this rom important for us?
    The answer is very simple, Its a good replacement for a global rom.
    This marks the beginning of Redmi K30 Pro / Zoom Edition / Poco F2 Pro custom roms development and I hope that we are going to get more roms from the community and developers.

    Ill be updating the thread with every new weekly release for Redmi K30 Pro / Zoom Edition / Poco F2 Pro and with every stable release.
    Have a great day and happy flashing

    Features of the EU ROM:
    Based on China Stable / Weekly builds
    Enabled search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop
    3way reboot menu (in dev settings)
    Dark Mode (Night Mode) for all devices
    Removed ads in MIUI system apps
    MIUI Dialer and Messages apps
    Face Unlock for all devices
    Vertical clock widget on lockscreen
    Steps counter in Assistant screen
    More shortcuts on left lockscreen
    Wake up gestures for all devices
    AI preloading option in MIUI Lab for all devices
    Fullscreen gestures for all devices
    Option to auto-expand first notification
    Notifications priority settings
    More edit options in Gallery app
    Enabled MiDrive in File Explorer
    Added landscape mode for SMS app
    Sunrise/Sunset in the weather app
    Google apps support integrated
    Removed 5GHz region restrictions
    Confirm dials from call logs
    Morning report on alarm at morning
    More apps supported for AOD notifications
    More styles for AOD screen
    Raise to wake gesture
    AOD notification received animation
    Default volume control stream toggle
    Tap fingerprint sensor to wake toggle
    More Camera features
    Double tap to lock screen
    Battery AI scenes
    Allowed disabling specific system apps
    Importing theme .mtz from zhuti.xiaomi.com via ThemeManager
    No useless Chinese bloatware apps
    More free RAM due to less background processes
    Unified flat style app icons for both system and 3rd party apps
    Advanced menu with color icons
    No any Chinese character under the full system
    Mi Video, Mi Music, Mi Browser: No any useless Chinese content
    No possibility to re-lock bootloader accidentally with flash any xiaomi.eu release
    Added real 27 languages translation made by Official MIUI Fansites and MIUI Fans
    Added EU T9 dialer support
    Added charging sound switch
    Added Screen-OFF animation
    Optimized GPS settings for EU
    Optimized Battery consumption
    Optimized RAM consumption
    Added GSMalphabet into SMS app options
    Added more icons grid layout 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 5x5, 5x6, 5x7 (depends on device)
    SafetyNet passed (Google Pay)
    Play Store Certified
    Added automated tasks in Security app
    Added game speed booster
    Added erase module (magic elimination) to Gallery photo edit options
    Fixed low volume sound via headphone
    Charging screen for all devices
    Widevine L1 (for supported devices)
    And more, and more made by our 9 years MIUI mods experience.


    Installation Instructions:
    - Make sure your bootloader is unlocked!
    - Boot into stock rom and copy Xiaomi EU rom to root of internal storage.
    - Boot to TWRP recovery
    - Mount all the possible partitions
    - Install rom
    - Wipe your data,cache,Internal storage,dalvik DONT WIPE SYSTEM OR YOU WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE
    - Reboot your device.
    - You'll be rebooted into twrp. Now format data and reboot

    Update Instructions:
    - Boot to TWRP recovery mode
    - Mount all the possible partitions
    - Wipe Cache, dalvik
    - Using MTP or OTG copy the new rom to your device
    - Flash the new rom
    - Wipe cache and dalvik
    - Reboot


    Weekly Beta
    [21.6.16][Android 11]
    Notification shade

    Fix - Tapping "Snooze" button in notification options caused System UI crash

    New - Added a possibility to control notifications about new update
    Fix - Repeated sound/vibration is no longer generated along with progress while downloading new update

    Super wallpapers
    Fix - Toast "Turn on Always-on display in Settings first" was displayed while applying wallpaper (even if device doesn't support Always-on display)

    Mi Share
    New - Support for Samsung devices

    Mi Video
    New - New app design

    Fix - Incompatible themes weren't applied to selected system apps like Messaging or Settings

    WARNING for users of devices originally released with Android 10 or newer:
    Update your TWRP to 3.5.0 or newer.
    Otherwise, flashing the ROM might fail.

    This update will replace your TWRP with the working one for Redmi K30 Pro

    : here


    When switching between Weekly and Stable roms, you must Format Data
    [V12.5.2.0.RJKCNXM][Android 11]
    : here

    maybe we should ask @mauronofrio to build a working twrp. maybe he is capable of fixing that.

    Soon it will come
    My First impressions and "guide" of installation:

    The installation of MIUI 12 .eu (stable) in completely linear, and without surprises for anyone who is familiar with adb / fastboot in my case, starting from EEA

    a) Unlock BootLoader after 7 days waiting
    b) Boot (not flash) TWRP (twrp-3.4.1b-redmi-k3-pro-wzsx150). Personally, unless it is strictly necessary, I never overwrite the recovery, I always boot it from fastboot when I need it with "fastboot boot twrp.img". Luckily, it perfectly detects encryption and is capable of unlocking all partitions.
    c) Sideload eu Redmi30Pro stable MIUI 12
    d) Wipe Data / Factory from TWRP and Reboot system.
    e) Automatically the phone enter in the original Recovery, so Wipe / Factory again from it and reboot. Take some minutes.
    f) Now boot fine, wizard... everything works fine at this point

    -Post Installation: Root (Optional)
    a) Boot TWRP again
    b) Sideload Magisk last version
    c) Reboot
    d) Installation of Magisk Manager apk and the modules you want
    e) Reboot. Everything works perfectly

    -Post Installation: Change the boot logo (Redmi) to the Original (Poco Logo) (Optional)
    a) Flash logo.img from original EEA ROM with fastboot: "fastboot flash logo logo.img"
    b) fastboot Reboot -> Logo restored, work perfectly.

    -Post Installation: Xposed (Optional)
    a) Installation of the Magisk Modules riku-core and riku YAHFA, Reboot.
    b) EdXposed Manager installation apk
    c) Run it and Verify that it works correctly. If it says installed but not started, uninstall EdXposed Manager, install EdXposed Installer, reboot phone, run EdXposed Installer (it will say it is not installed), uninstall Installer, Install Manager again. Now everything should be correct
    d) Reboot, check that everything is correct now, so install / enable the Xposed modules that you want.



    In general it works well. Personally I would have stayed with the EEA, but I wanted to try the EU, the clone camera options, and take a look at MIUI 12. Although the EU removes quite a bit of bloatware from the original Chinese ROM, personally they still leave quite a bit of things useless. Nothing anyway that cannot be solved with root, and a general cleaning.

    I don't like the control panel, I was "hard" to find the option to revert back the usual notification / action bar.

    The Launcher has improved a lot, but I still like Poco more. Some options are missed, starting with being able to put more than 5 icons in the dock without modifying the desktop icons.

    The "SuperWallpapers" are funny, but I honestly don't see them for everyday use, I prefer a static image for both the lock screen and the desktop.

    Night Mode works quite well, although some older applications, from the days when everything was white, have readability problems, due to the colors of the fonts. But they have been very isolated cases.

    The camera gives good results, very different from the MIUI 11 EEA camera. Night mode does a pretty decent job, not as good as Google's camera but it comes very close, and it's much faster. Of course, the Google camera will allow us to do night mode with the ultrawide sensor.

    All this only in a few hours, so more to come :)
    Example of Custom Module in Magisk?

    Do you know an aternative magisk module to install system apps?? why everyone have success installing the adreno drivers or youtube vanced and im the only one with this error??

    Its quite simple.

    In current systems, any modification in System or Vendor will produce a bootloop, since the integrity of the boot is compromised. For these and many other reasons Magisk was created, to be "systemless". But Magisk also gives us the necessary tools to be able to replace, delete, or add any file we want. This does not cause a bootloop because the original file is not actually being overwritten on a physical level, but is mounted separately, and Magisk masks it

    Another approach will be completely disable dm-verify, but is not simple in most cases. dm-verify bits live on fstab, and each phone can "hide" this in very different places (and multiple). Maybe this could work (not tested, so be careful) or maybe not

    The Magisk documentation is straightforward. The only thing to do is create a module that makes the changes in system / vendor that we want to make. There are two ways to do it:

    The simplest, at least for me, is to directly create the module on the phone itself, copying \ creating the necessary files in the specific path. Magisk does it almost automatically, it's simple. Since they are their own "modules" and generally not useful to others, this is the best option

    The second option is to create the installable module. This is not very complicated either, it is the modules that we usually download in .zip and from Magisk we install. It is similar to the first case, but you must add some more files. The advantage is that it is more "exportable" for other users.

    A real example,. we want to add a System App, FakeGPS, because FakeGPS in System don't need mock location to be enabled.

    All we need is the Apk File and root access (recovery/SSHServer/adb/root explorer...

    1º. Create our Module folder at "/data/adb/modules", for example: /data/adb/modules/ModMyFiles
    2º. Inside, create or file file, "module.prop," its contain Module info:

    description=Mod My System Files

    3º. Create (in this case) our file structure. Any file/folder, will "replace" de original file or add its. So, in this example, we create a new folder "system", and again inside, another folder "app", and inside another folder "FakeGPS", and inside we copy FakeGPS.apk file. Complete structure should be similar to:

    - /data/adb/modules/ModMyFiles

    If all is right, once finished, we can to enable our new Module on Magisk Manager, reboot, and a new System App :)

    You can use the same module to add any other apps, Drivers... or anything you want
    12.2.1 works well for me. I've encountered one ui bug where if I switch to the apps running screen and back to my home screen sometimes the switching animation will play over and over and nothing happens. But I can still switch back using the home button so it's no that big of a deal. Might be related to running nova launcher.

    An annoyance is that there's still no proper gesture support. Also, the battery life seems not that great compared to the earlier A10 roms.

    As for weeklies, afaik they're a hot mess. I couldn't upgrade from stable to weekly no matter what I tried (short of wiping my phones entire internal storage, which is not an option.)