[ROM][LOLLIPOP][LB/UB][5.1.1] eXistenZ Premium | 7.0.0 | FINAL | 16/02

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Senior Member
Dec 12, 2013
Thanks mate, I didn't knew the underline word was a link :)

By the way any help for the SuperSU on my lollipop 6.35? Still when I flash the last zip I get only infinite reboot. Thanks a lot!


Sep 14, 2015
Do you have lollipop stock firmware
I really need that one for D6502
Indian one
I'm currently on kitkat stock firmware
I love your both LL and MM rom
But i do need either of firmware to flash your rom
It will be honor ?? if you can give me link to download firmware
For D6502 India
I love your work. :D

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    Here's my latest rom based this time on Lollipop 5.1.1, I've called it eXistenZ Premium.

    The main difference with the previous eXistenZ is that I've added many new features directly inside the settings, that means that you can choose what you want and apply it directly.

    All these new features are coming from the best Custom rom available like CM12, BlissLP, Cataclysm, SlimLP, Disco, ...

    So you have the perfect mix between stock Sony rom and all these one.

    Other advantage is that you don't need to install Xposed to add new features, so you will have a better stability.


    • Status Bar
      • Various batteries status styles (Sony, Icon Landscape, Icon Portrait, Circle, Text).
      • Clock (Color, Alignement, AM/PM indicator, ...).
      • Date (Style, Format, Color, ...).
      • Network Trafic Monitor (Color, Outgoing/Incoming, Display Unit, Update Interval, ...).
      • Mobile and Wifi network Icons (Colors).
      • Notifications and System Icons (Colors).
      • Notification Count (Display the number of pending notifications with supported apps).
      • Network trafic.
      • Battery Bar.
      • Double Tap to sleep. (Switch is also enabling Double tap anywhere to sleep on Lockscreen by Default).
    • Notification Panel
      • Status Bar Header
        • Quick Pulldown (Off, Right, Left).
        • Smart Pulldown (Off, No dismissable, No persistent, No dismissable or persistent).
        • Task Manager (New layout and Home launcher removed from list).
        • Carrier Text.
        • New Icons Animation (All icons are animated like the Setting Gear).
        • Long Pressing on Clock is opening Clock App.
        • Long Pressing on Date is opening Calendar App.
        • Long Pressing on Battery is showing Battery Usage.
        • Long Pressing on Setting is opening eXistenZ Settings.
        • Long Pressing on Weather is opening CLock App.
        • Long Pressing on Task Manager is opening Running Services.
      • Display options
        • Custom Header Image.
        • Header custom color.
        • Weather.
        • Quick Toggle background custom color.
        • Icons custom color.
        • Text custom color.
        • Ripple effect custom color.
        • Clear All icon custom color.
        • Clock custom color.
        • Am/PM custom color.
        • Date custom color.
        • Alarm custom color.
    • Quick Toggles
      • Enlarge first row (2 main row at first tile, all Quick Toggles can be used, not only Wifi or Bluetooth).
      • 3, 4 or 5 tiles per row with automatic resizing.
      • Vibrate on touch.
      • Advanced Location.
      • Detailled Wifi view.
      • Auto Close Panel.
      • Custom colors for all Quick Toggles and Background.
      • Unlimited Quick Toggles Number.
      • All Quick Toggles With Long Pressing Options.
      • Wifi and Bluetooth Quick Toggles.
      • Ringer Mode Quick Toggle.
      • Brightness Quick Toggle (Long press to switch between Auto and Normal mode).
      • Advanced Location Quick Toggle.
      • Doze Quick Toggle.
      • Mobile Data Quick Toggle (Press to enable/disable Mobile Data, Long press to Details View).
      • Reboot/Recovery Quick Toggle (Press to select Reboot or Recovery, Long press to apply your previous choice).
      • Screen Timeout Quick Toggle.
      • Heads Up Quick Toggle.
      • eXistenZ Settings Quick Toggle.
      • Expanded Desktop Quick Toggle.
    • Heads Up & Notifications
      • Heads Up on/off
      • Heads Up Timeout.
      • Notifications Wake.
      • Detect Pocket extraction (For Notification Wake).
      • Notification Ticker on/off.
      • Expand all Notifications on/off.
      • Advanced Notifications Management per application:
        • Block.
        • Block on Lockscreen.
        • Block ongoing on Lockscreen.
        • Force Heads Up.
        • Disable Heads Up.
        • Notification Priority.
        • Custom Led Color.
        • Restrict App Background datas.
        • Battery Saver Background datas.
        • Permissions.
    • Led Control settings:
      • Notification Light on/off.
      • Notifications Disable on Priority.
      • Notifications Disable on no interruptions.
      • Notifications Color
      • Notifications Pulse On time.
      • Notifications Pulse Off time.
      • Battery Charging Led on/off.
      • Charging Colors (Low, Half, Full).
      • Low Battery Pulse Color.
      • Battery Pulse on time.
      • Battery Pulse off time.
    • Recent Menu
      • Long Press Recent go to last task.
      • Close All Button.
      • Small Apps.
      • OmniSwitch.
      • Slim Recent.
    • Navigation Bar
      • Resize.
      • Resize only portrait.
      • Disable Google Now gesture.
      • Long Press Recent go to last task.
      • Force show menu button.
      • Power menu.
      • Hide IME switcher.
      • Swipe To Sleep.
      • Softkeys Fade mod.
    • Power Menu
      • User Switcher.
      • Power Off.
      • Advanced reboot.
      • Screenshot only.
      • Airplane Mode.
      • Settings Shortcut.
      • Device Lockdown.
      • Screen Capture.
      • Advanced Sound Panel (Complete Zen Modes).
    • Lockscreen
      • Double tap anywhere to sleep (Switch is only working when Double tap to sleep on Status Bar is OFF).
      • Long Press Lock To Sleep.
      • Lockscreen Rotation.
      • Middle Shortcuts.
      • Weather.
      • Visualizer.
      • Full Screen Album Art.
      • Quick Unlock.
      • Scramble Pin layout.
    • Various
      • Fully Deodexed.
      • Stagefright libs updated.
      • Battery charging status added to lockscreen.
      • Sony Clock style added to lockscreen.
      • New eXistenZ BootMessage: Show each app name being optimized during boot.
      • Show a simple dialog about optimizing apps, time to boot reduce of 50%.
      • No OpenGL, Playstore issues.
      • eXistenZ Style Icons (Wifi, Signal)(Optional).
      • Reject by Message while receiving Call Disabled (Optional).
      • Datas On/Off Warning Dialog removed.
      • Cost Saving (Conversions of charachters) actived in Conversations app.
      • Real Time Timestamp activated in Conversations app.
      • Email Attachment fully work in Email app.
      • Call Recording.
      • National Data Roaming added to Network Settings.
      • Use only 2G added to Network Settings.
      • NFC icon in Status Bar when on.
      • Sound Effects (Clear Stereo, Clear Phase, xLoud, S-Force Surround) enabled.
      • Stereo output for Speakers.
      • eXistenZ Theme.
      • eXistenZ Boot Animation.
      • eXistenZ Widgets (Music, On/Off tools).
      • Verizon Live Wallpaper.
      • Latest NUT Dual Recovery.
      • Latest Walkman.
      • Xperia Z5 Black and White themes.
      • AOSP Sony's internet Browser.
      • Rooted with latest SuperSU.
      • Locked and Unlocked Bootloaders.
      • And more...



    Thanks @Koogly

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][LOLLIPOP][LB/UB][5.1.1] eXistenZ Premium | 7.0.0 | FINAL | 16/02, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z2

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: None
    Based On: Stock

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.0.0
    Stable Release Date: 2015-05-21

    Created 2015-05-20
    Last Updated 2016-02-16

    If you are enjoying my work, don't hesitate to press my different Thanks buttons ;)

    Also if you want to pay me a coffee or something else, feel free to give me a small donation,it will be only used to buy Developpement Devices.


    eXistenZ Y v3.0.0 (Mega): https://mega.nz/#!hQME2Cba!1W0cfu1UMNZawPw3jm9P6owFJGH6CKjOnkawHYg3khA

    eXistenZ Y v3.0.0 (Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ipiwq5k76zi5h98/Xperia_Z2_eXistenZ_Y_v3.0.0.zip

    eXistenZ Y v3.0.0 (Google Drive): https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B02aWSmWZBAkWlpFa2tpN2JhdjA&export=download

    eXistenZ Premium v3.5.0 UPDATE ONLY (Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/bwu04vikj7v32ic/Xperia_Z2_eXistenZ_Premium_v3.5.0_UPDATE_ONLY.zip

    eXistenZ Premium v3.5.0 UPDATE ONLY (Mega): https://mega.nz/#!dU1iAZYL!O1-5WhZc0aqAYWZnprVPH63AhG3-aZRO14Fcm4QDhp8

    eXistenZ Premium v4.0.0 (Mega): https://mega.nz/#!gNdGmDYL!Q0T_A6LFpLqX_HkUX_l0QxFz7k066JIYOst8K6pb-ko

    eXistenZ Premium v4.0.0 (Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ihpt723lgswyh9g/Xperia_Z2_eXistenZ_Premium_v4.0.0.zip

    eXistenZ Premium v4.2.5 UPDATE ONLY(Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/c6q2exvx8cvu505/Xperia_Z2_eXistenZ_Premium_v4.2.5_UPDATE_ONLY.zip

    eXistenZ Premium v6.0.0 (Mega): https://mega.nz/#!4E9iHA5Q!WAvN0RIUEKn6OeYa7R6-vbQ-Glk4hxdwCokMdoRGM_Q

    eXistenZ Premium v6.0.0 (Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ynu661jkqf5e3gh/Xperia_Z2_eXistenZ_Premium_v6.0.0.zip

    eXistenZ Premium v6.0.0 (Google Drive): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64082856&postcount=4811

    eXistenZ Premium v6.3.0 UPDATE ONLY(Mega): https://mega.nz/#!pBEARLSY!UkoGxQz2v_Z99SDInI6NFtdYLhuoaTWU4st5cUKWdgE

    eXistenZ Premium v6.3.0 UPDATE ONLY(Mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/rh78pg9fgrptgm7/Xperia_Z2_eXistenZ_Premium_v6.3.0_UPDATE_ONLY.zip

    eXistenZ Premium v6.3.5 UPDATE ONLY(Mega): https://mega.nz/#!YNEwETAR!6dD5D8SLCBvDbRlneGPMB0JOEUcP_NoIqzOh6nt_UgA

    eXistenZ Premium v7.0.0 (Mega): https://mega.nz/#!hEskXY4D!tC-Byhb6HCwyGSIaGVYj6OeAwdcqhe0uO4If1av9ggo


    eXistenZ Y v1.0.0

    • Based on latest Sony's Official 23.1.A.1.28 R5C.
    • See main features.

    eXistenZ Y v1.5.0

    • Rewrote Ambient Display code to avoid Battery Drain.
    • New Ambient Display options in Settings.
    • Disabled CPU boost when launching apps to avoid freeze.
    • Cleaning of code, removed some useless things.
    • Add Network Mode Quick Toggle.
    • Add Smart Radio Settings (Actually disabled).
    • Removed dimming when pressing Volume Rocker and showing Volume Dialog.
    • Add Setting to Enable or Disable sound when adjusting volume with Volume Rocker.
    • Add Animations Speed Settings.
    • Xperia Z4 Email with fixed attachement bug.

    eXistenZ Y v2.0.0

    • Xperia Z4 Experience Flow Live Wallpaper modded to show Z4V Verizon Live Wallpaper.
    • Xperia Z4 Medias Sounds (All).
    • Xperia Z4 Wallpapers (All).
    • Xperia Z4 Calendar app.
    • Xperia Z4 Clock app.
    • Xperia Z4 Conversations (new options added).
    • Xperia Z4 Email (bug free).
    • Xperia Z4 Home Launcher.
    • Xperia Z4 In Call UI (new options added).
    • Xperia Z4 Music app.
    • Xperia Z4 Music Vizualizer.
    • Xperia Z4 Phonebook (new options added).
    • Xperia Z4 Photo Analyzer.
    • Xperia Z4 Play Anywhere.
    • Xperia Z4 Small Apps (All).
    • Xperia Z4 Dlna app.
    • Xperia Z4 Movie Creator app.
    • Xperia Z4 Screen Recording.
    • Xperia Z4 Simple Home.
    • Xperia Z4 Style Editor.
    • Xperia Z4 Style (All).
    • Xperia Z4 Keyboard (Chinese & International).
    • Xperia Z4 Themes (All).
    • Xperia Z4 Update Center.
    • Xperia Z4 Widgets (All).
    • Xperia Z4 Camera Add on (All).
    • Double Tap to sleep on status bar.
    • New batteries styles with colors.
    • Coloring of all Status Bar items (Clock, Date, Icons, Ticker Text, ...).
    • Coloring of all Expanded Status Bar items (Icons, Text, ...).
    • New Quick Toggles Management.
    • Quick Toggles Background, Icons and Text Coloring.
    • Battery Bar option.
    • New Status Bar Header Weather management.
    • Navigation bar key coloring (beta).
    • New eXistenZ Y theme.
    • New eXistenZ Boot Animation.
    • Removed all not working features who were hidded.
    • Optimization of code.

    eXistenZ Y v2.5.0

    • Fully deodexed all with latest dex2oat jar
    • Lockscreen shortcuts bug fixed.
    • Add ability to hide arrows to Network traffic meter.
    • Add Lockscreen Weather with many options.
    • Add Volume to Wake up screen option.
    • Add Volume Music Control, long press volume rocker to skip tracks when screen is off.
    • Add Music Quick Toggle, Play/Pause on click, Next Track on Long press, Double tap to open Media player.
    • Add Screenshot only in Power menu.
    • Navigation bar size is now changing immediately when changing his size, no need to reboot anymore.
    • eXistenZ Theme set as default theme after a fresh install.
    • Removed some Animations settings who may cause problems to some users (test).
    • Some code optimization.

    eXistenZ Y v2.6.0

    • Camera button bug fixed.
    • Volume to skip tracks is now working.
    • Volume sliders more options icon updated to Sony's style.

    eXistenZ Y v3.0.0

    • Based on latest Sony's Official 5.1.1 23.4.A.0.546
    • See main features.

    eXistenZ Premium v3.5.0

    • Reworked Lockscreen Weather so it can't cause force closing at boot if all user datas are wiped.
    • Weather in all places (Lockscreen, Status bar Header, Widget) isn't anymore reset to default value at each reboot.
    • Limit City name for Lockscreen Weather to maximum one line.
    • Update OmniSwitch app to latest version compatible with Android 5.1.1 to avoid force closing.
    • Disable Quick settings on secure lockscreen is now working normally.
    • Quick Unlock switch added to Lockscreen security settings.
    • Scramble PIN layout when unlocking device added to Lockscreen security settings.
    • Doze mode Configuration added to Lockscreen Settings:
      • Doze Pulse Timeout.
      • Pick up gesture trigger.
      • Signifiant motion trigger.
      • Notification trigger.
      • Doze schedule.
    • Landscape rotation added to Lockscreen settings.
    • Volume adjust sound added to Volume Rocker settings.
    • Hide IME Switcher added to Navigation Bar settings.
    • Cursor Control added to Navigation Bar settings..
    • Softkeys Fade Mod added to Navigation Bar settings.
    • New Heads Up and Notifications settings:
      • Heads Up on/off
      • Heads Up Timeout.
      • Notifications Wake.
      • Detect Pocket extraction (For Notification Wake).
      • Notification Ticker on/off.
      • Expand all Notifications on/off.
      • Advanced Notifications Management per application:
        • Block.
        • Block on Lockscreen.
        • Block ongoing on Lockscreen.
        • Force Heads Up.
        • Disable Heads Up.
        • Notification Priority.
        • Custom Led Color.
        • Restrict App Background datas.
        • Battery Saver Background datas.
        • Permissions.
    • New Led Control settings:
      • Notification Light on/off.
      • Notifications Disable on Priority.
      • Notifications Disable on no interruptions.
      • Notifications Color
      • Notifications Pulse On time.
      • Notifications Pulse Off time.
      • Battery Charging Led on/off.
      • Charging Colors (Low, Half, Full).
      • Low Battery Pulse Color.
      • Battery Pulse on time.
      • Battery Pulse off time.
    • New Volume Rocker settings:
      • Volume Rocker Cursor control.
      • Volume Panel adjust sound on/off.
      • Volume To Wake (When no media playing).
      • Volume To Skip Tracks.
    • New Display & Animations settings:
      • Animations speed.
      • Keyboard Animations.
      • Toast Animations.
      • List View Animations.
      • Scrolling Cache management.
      • Toast Icon (Show icon of package associated with Toast) on/off.
      • All Rotations.
    • Reduce Height of Settings Dashboard tiles.
    • Add Mobile Networks Category to Settings Dashboard tiles.
    • Add Switches for Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile Networks tiles.
    • Xperia Z5 Home Launcher modded for eXistenZ (Optional).
    • Add Screenshot Quick Toggle.
    • Add Volume Quick Toggle.
    • Add Stats Quick Toggle

    eXistenZ Premium V4.0.0

    • Based on latest 5.1.1 23.4.A.1.232
    • Reworked Lockscreen Weather code and Layout.
    • Reworked Lockscreen Weather Settings.
    • Xperia Z5 Lockscreen Clock.
    • Reworked Low Battery code.
    • Add Compass Quick Toggle.
    • Reworked Notification Quick Toggle to diplay only working Sound Modes.
    • Add Power Menu & Reboot Intent to framework.
    • Add Power Menu Quick Toggle (Click to Power Menu, Long Press to Reboot Options).
    • Add Power Menu in Navigation Bar (Replace Left Menu).
    • Add Advanced Reboot Options to Power Menu (Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader, Soft Reboot, Restart SystemUI).
    • Add One Click Reboot.
    • Add Visualizer Quick Toggle.
    • Reworked Volume Quick Toggle to collapse Notification Panel when pressed.
    • Add Brightness Mirror (Long press Brightness Slider is showing Background instead of Notification Panel).
    • Allow Coloring of Brightness Slider.
    • Allow Coloring of Ripple Effect.
    • Removed Navigation Bar Cursor Control who was causing problem with themes.
    • Optimize Notification Panel View code.
    • Allow Individual Coloring of all Status Bar Header texts.
    • Add Status Bar Header Custom Background (Default, Modern, Poly HD).
    • Reworked Status Bar Header and Quick Toggles coloring settings, they are now all in same place.
    • Reworked Network Controler code.
    • All Quick Toggles available on Lockscreen.
    • Add Auto Start Settings.
    • Add Location based Wifi Settings.
    • Xperia Z5 Animations CPU Boost.
    • Xperia Z5 Scroller CPU Boost.
    • Xperia Z5 OverScroller Fling CPU Boost.
    • Xperia Z5 Launching App CPU Boost.
    • Xperia Z5 Assertive Display Optimization.
    • Reworked eXistenZ theme.
    • Xperia Z5 apps (Phonebook, Conversations, Email, Setup Wizard, Clock Widget, Home Launcher, Calendar, Clock, Skin Core, Small Apps Launcher & Small Apps, Xperia Keyboard, Themes, Weather, Weather Widget, ...).
    • Xperia Z5 settings (Image Enhancement, Smart Features, ...).
    • Xperia Z5 Wallpapers.
    • Various code Optimizations and fixes.

    eXistenZ Premium v4.2.5:

    • Corrected some id related to framework bools in SystemUI and Settings.
    • Rewrote some colors strings changed in v4.0.0 who were causing issues (Textra, Messenger, ...).
    • Rewrote code of Statusbar Header Weather.
    • Image Enhancement in Video fixed.
    • Facial Recognition with Camera fixed.
    • Network Mode Quick Toggle adapted to work with all device variant.
    • Mobile Data Quick Toggle fixed.
    • Add Battery Text on Lockscreen when selected as or with Battery Status.
    • Add missing Haptic Feedback in Status Bar Header when selected in Quick Toggle settings.
    • Removed Navbar Cursor Control from settings.
    • Add App SideBar to Slim Recent Settings.
    • Add Middle Shortcuts to Lockscreen Settings.
    • Add eXistenZ Custom Header Overlay who will allow you to add your own images.
    • Android M Xperia Home with new options (Hide names in dock, Application screen icons).
    • Optimization of various codes.
    • New eXistenZ Banner in Settings.
    • Fix Force Closing at boot with v4.2.0

    eXistenZ Premium v5.0.0

    eXistenZ Premium v6.0.0

    • Based on latest Sony 5.1.1 23.4.A.1.264 build.
    • Optmization of PhoneStatusBar setting observer.
    • Slim Recent panel can be activated without restarting systemUI.
    • Slim Recent card background color can be changed without restarting systemUI.
    • Add option for position date left-right of clock.
    • Make all 14 font variants available to Statusbar Clock.
    • Statusbar Clock font resizing.
    • Lockscreen Weather city name limited to 12 characters.
    • Add Gesture Anywhere settings.
    • Add App Side Bar settings.
    • Add Gesture Anywhere Quick Toggle.
    • Add App Side Bar Qucik Toggle.
    • Latest Xperia Z5 Home Launcher.
    • Xperia Z5 Main and Common Camera app modded for eXistenZ (Thanks to machao44 for original files).
    • Add back List View Animations settings.
    • Rework Scrolling Cache settings.
    • Add back Scrolling Animations settings.
    • New Quick settings types:
      • Bar
      • Panel
      • Hidded
    • Add back eXistenZ Battery and Stamina Icons.
    • Themed restart SystemUI app and removed it from Home launcher.
    • Xperia Z5 In Call UI.
    • New images used for Modern Custom header image (Thanks to ESPS).
    • Custom Header overlay with Xperia images removed from system/vendor/overlay (name changed to .bak).
    • Many optimizations done inside code.

    eXistenZ Premium v6.3.0

    • Rewrote all Task Manager implentation code.
    • Add two states to the Task Manager button.
    • Add System Animations settings.
    • Add Over Scrolling Effects settings.
    • Add Carrier Label settings.
    • Add eXistenZ Logo settings.
    • Add latest Android M Home launcher (Thanks to jjwrongjj).
    • Add various Icon Packs(Thanks to jjwrongjj).
    • Many optimizations done inside code.

    eXistenZ Premium v6.3.5

    • Fix Task Manager invisibility in some conditions.
    • Fix SystemUI force closing when applying a theme.
    • Fix Keyguard Carrier text who wasn't hidded when needed.
    • Many optimizations done inside code.

    eXistenZ Premium v7.0.0

    • All changes from v6.3.0 and v6.3.5 added.
    • Reworked many parts of the code to improve speed and stability.
    • Disabled low storage warning.
    • Add various translations to settings (French, Polish and German).
    • Adapt various apps and framework to new eXistenZ themes.
    • Add new eXistenZ MIUI v7 theme.
    • Add Xperia Z5 Headphones selection.
    • Activate Lockscreen Themable Analog Clock.

    6502 Users MUST flash this patch after the rom: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=63319456&postcount=3957

    All is include in the ROM, no need to flash SuperUser fix or Kernel.

    Fresh installation:

    From Stock Sony Lollipop:

    • Reboot in recovery.
    • Flash the rom.
    • Flash update if available.
    • If something went wrong, do a fresh install.

    From eXistenZ Y v3.x.x:

    • Reboot in recovery.
    • Flash the rom.
    • Flash update if available.

    From anything else (CM10, PAC, ...):

    • Do a fresh installation!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have some Sudden Freezing and restart problems

    A: Try this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=63298350&postcount=3853

    If no success, that means that one of your mods or Xposed module or application is causing issue.

    How to avoid problems with Quick Toggles


    • [*] Don't use too much Quick Toggles, add only the ones that you're using regularly.
      [*] The first Notification must always be ABOVE the Navigation bar, if not you may have issue while expanding the panel. You have many way to do that, increase the number of tiles per row, do not enlarge the first rom, remove brightness slider, ...


    Q: Heads Up isn't working or doesn't wotk for some applications.


    • [*] Be sure that Heads Up in turned on in eXistenZ Heads Up & Notification settings.
      [*] Heads Up is used by default only for the apps who have Heads Up set as prior option to display notifications inside there code. This is the case for apps like Conversations, Hangout, ...
      If you want Heads Up notification for a particular application, go in eXistenZ/Heads Up & Notifications/Launcher Applications only (or All Applications), select the apps and activate "Force Heads Up".

    This is like that and not the same as stock to allow Advanced Notifications managment ;)

    Q: I can't mount System partition to RW or delete system apps?

    A: Set SELinux mode to permissive with pre-installed app SeLinuxModeChanger.

    Q: Why haven't you added automatic theme accent coloring for Quick Toggles, Icons, ...?

    A: There is an Hexadecimal color picker who is way more interesting and give you more personalization options.

    If you want to find what's the HEXadecimal code used by the theme you are using to apply it, use an app called "Color Picker" available at Play Store.

    Do a screenshot with the color you want and open it with Color Picker app, touch to find Hexadecimal code, paste that code with FF at the beginning.

    So if the HEX code found by the app is 5e395a, paste that: FF5E395A

    Q: Hey, that thing doesn't work!

    A: Check if there isn't an (*) at the right of setting description, that means that you must restart SystemUI.

    If it is not the case, try to enable/disable option a few time and reboot or read thread to find an answer.

    Q: How can I have stock Sony's icons for Battery?

    A: Go in settings/eXistenZ/Status Bar

    Check "Sony's Battery Icon" and restart SystemUI (at bottom) then go in Battery Status and select Hidden as Indicator

    Q: How can I have stock Sony's icons for Signal, Wifi, Battery and Stamina?

    A: Go in system/vendor/overlay and delete SystemUI-Overlay-exz_statusbar_icons.apk

    Q: How can I have reject by message option while receiving a call?

    A: Go in system/vendor/overlay and delete InCallUI-Overlay-reject_msgs_drawer.apk

    Q: Why the Quick Toggles animations are not working anymore?

    A: Quick Toggles animations are only working in you are not coloring the icons, coloring engine isn't able to color animated images actually.

    So to restore animations, turn off Custom color switch in settings/eXistenZ/Notification Panel/Display Options

    Q: Double tap anywhere to sleep can't be turned off?

    A: The switch in Lockscreen settings is only working when Double tap to sleep is turned off in Status Bar options.

    Q: Volume to skip tracks doesn't seems to work?

    A: Volume to skip tracks isn't working with Ambient Display On.

    Q: What happend to Home launcher, no more Home drawer?

    A: By default Modern layout is used, to restore old style, long press Home desktop, go in settings/Home Screen layout and select Classic.

    Q: How can I restore stock Camera app?

    A: Flash this: http://www.mediafire.com/download/827l2n12ty4ap30/Camera_stock.zip in recovery and wipe data of all camera apps in settings/app/all.
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