[ROM][Lollipop][Unofficial]Cyanogenmod 12 [D855]

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Jun 27, 2012
Yeah, that's what I did! (except that I included it in the zip before flashing it).

I did it again, and this time it worked!

Here's the Quickremote zip with the updated QuicksetSDK:

[Updated URL]

I hope you don't mind me uploading this here @zzeneg, all credits are going to you! If you want me to, I'll take it offline immediately.

I think it should work on any 5.0 AOSP-Rom.

I only checked if the App runs. The IR-Blaster doesn't work for me, though.

I have flashed this and I have the quickremote app but there is no manufacturers list. How can I get the list?

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    changelog here http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/q/g3+status:merged,n,z

    NEW 20150106 (happy Epiphany, unfortunately i can't bring you the broom for fly :( )


    I would advice to use prebuilt superuser, but for those who like SuperSU download it here

    Kitkat modem

    lollipop modem thanks @geroxx

    Rom Mirror https://cm12.onlinejazdy.sk/ thanks to @maxiiik

    -- coming from other roms:
    1 - Make a backup on TWRP (always highly adviced)
    2 - Wipe data/factory reset
    3 - Flash Cyanogenmod (if you will get an error on mounting data don't worry and let the recovery work ;) )
    4 - Flash Gapps
    5 - If you want Root flash superSU superuser included already
    Reboot and enjoy :)

    -- updating cyanogenmod rom:
    1 - Download update
    2 - Flash in recovery (no need to wipe)
    3 - Flash SuperSU
    4 - Reboot and enjoy

    For those who wants the kernel without the oversharpening fix :) here you can download it

    Not working:
    --4KUHD recording

    **** if you like what i did, please make me a little donation here
    cyanogenmod @invisiblek (you are amazing), @gmbhneo for the pic :D, @sooti you really are amazing thank you very much :D, @AngelBob for helping D855 to boot into cyanogenmod 12 ;) and thanks to @sykopompos to the help in earlier builds

    To build your own Cyanogenmod
    Follow my guide here

    rom review ( in italian) :

    youtube :

    R.I.P BUMP
    Here you guys go

    Here you guys go.

    ROM: Link
    Gapps: Link

    Everything that worked in cm-11.0, report to me on device issues (no ROM issues please)

    Nameless is coming next ;)
    OK my build is working now :))))

    wifi + ril is working great :) I will upload a link here when its uploaded and you can add it to OP, dont forget credit ;)
    Camera problem * fixed * rom is uploading :) lots of changes :) (installation is much more faster and cleaned) updated cafs, recording videos now work completely and you can play recorded videos as all the other videos too :D
    and trebuchet is now the default luncher
    once official cm12 will be released i don't think i will keep updating this thread :( it's a bit useless to build unofficially where there is the official one.. this will give me more time to focus on other things like camera or other fixes that may be necessary :) what do you say?