What features do you want to see in the Swag Bag?

  • Hard to get apps, inverted gapps, etc

    Votes: 60 70.6%
  • status bar tweaks, center clock, no clock, etc

    Votes: 56 65.9%
  • kernels

    Votes: 44 51.8%
  • DTa2sd Stable

    Votes: 27 31.8%
  • DTa2sd Beta 4

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Mar 13, 2011
Sanford, Florida

This is Deck's ReLoaded. For a background on this project please see this thread. Deck's ReLoaded is based off of Kushdeck's 1.3d GB AOSP ROM, the undeniably best GB AOSP rom to ever grace our EVO's.

With the combined efforts of LOTK, Ropodope, and myself, we have taken what is widely known as the best GB AOSP rom and made it better, faster, stronger, and by god sexier too! This aint your average GB rom, prepare to be blown away by raw speed, and unmatched stability. With Deck's ReLoaded we have taken the exceptional and made it extraordinary!

An excert from Paul E. King's review on Good and Evo
"What you notice most about this is it's smooth. You tap an app, it's open. You go from screen to screen, there is no lag noticeable. It feels almost like it's outperforming my EVO 3D..."
You can read the whole review here- Good and Evo

Qoutes from users

"i can't believe i didn't get a quote in the OP' alaman68

" I can attest that Jamie does not have an iPhone. I'd beat his ass if he did :p" casmi

That's all I got. Beautiful rom." Wambo_Bomb

"...Seriously pretty sure my Evo is going to make me breakfast tomorrow." drose1976

"...I think it knows what I am going to do before I even do it." fsunoles101

"Working flawlessly! You guys are phenomenal!" dieselford

"..Well let me say HOLY MOTHER OF BATMAN FREAKING CRAP LOAD!!!! This. Thing. Is. An. Absolute. SPEED DEMON. Buttery smooth. Dude Jamie and Rope you guys ARE evOG legends." SuperiorEVOlution18

"I promise 500 is just as fast as my S3...and loading gallery...could be faster...It could be possible Jamie and Rope.. you may have out done yourselves!!!!

Lightning Fast!!! Thanks!!!!" 1range

"Holy Mother of God!!!...

...RLS is a beast!!!" Northbeach

"Go and try it man, I promise you won't look back on any other ROM out there.....INCLUDING my roms...hahahahaha...YEAH is that fast and stable!!

Give it a shot, if you don't like it....I'll give you your money back!!

30 days money back guaranteed!! " Mazdarider23

This project brought to you with the blessings of Kushdeck
and has been "Unchained" by VanHalen

Papa Smurf151

Please read and follow "How To Flash" below for best results
Thanks and enjoy!

Based on Deck's 1.3d (Thanks deck for permission) Click his name to donate
Mason Kernels
MIUI battery bar mod by Pvyparts
Custom settings app by Mazdarider23
GPS fix included Ropodope
Senseor fix included Ropodope
"Enhanced" COD tweaks by Ropodope
Modified init.rc (jamieG)
Modded init.supersonic.rc (jamieG)
Init.d scripts for sd read ahead set to 4096 KBs (jamieG)
Build.prop edits;Ropodope
ViperMod "baked" in Original thread
Framework/res mods for increased speed (jamieG)
Enzo over at Androplasty for ro.config.vc_call_vol_steps=15
Please see changelog below for up to date changes

ReLoaded .50 BMG
We STILL have a few more tricks up our sleeves, stay tuned. :cowboy:

[B][COLOR="Red"]Logcat or it didn't happen[/COLOR][/B]
Before you post a bug-
Search first, check the bug tracker for your issue,
If it's not listed here, chances are it's
something on [URL="http://bit.ly/RLw8Ev"]YOUR[/URL] end. Please feel free to ask
in the [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1734184"]General[/URL] thread.

If you think you have found a bug,
Report by following these steps-
First get a logcat of event and use [URL="http://pastebin.com/"]pastebin[/URL]
Then,  follow the below format:
1) Enhance your calm
2) Rom version
3) Recovery version
4) How SD is set up (?ext2, 3, 4, size partition, swap,? etc)
5) Wiping process you used
6) Exact install process IE; (?what gapps, a2sd, diff kernel, swag options,? etc)
7) Nature of bug
8) Circumstances that reproduce bug
9) Link to your logcat
10) Be patient

Random problems with "side-loading" apps. Some work some don't. Download from market or make a flashable zip for install. Bug is being looked in to.

Bugs associated with "side-loading", package installer, &
Download Provider are now reslolved. Thanks everyone that
was kind enough to include logcats.

4G icon does not "color in" to reflect actual signal.
 This was a known issue on 1.3d and will remain
 an issue with ReLoaded. Works just fine, thanks.

Don't forget to hit that thanks button
 if you enjoy our work!!!

[B][COLOR="Red"]This ROM is only approved for use with MASON Kernels, 
if you flash another kernel and have issues go tell your Mom, 
we don't want to hear it!![/COLOR][/B]

All rom support and future updates
can be found at [URL="http://forums.team-nocturnal.com/showthread.php/2276-ROM-Deck-s-ReLoaded-500-2-3-5-LOTK?p=18517#post18517"]team-nocturnal.com[/URL]
This OP will be updated with all future updates as time allows.
Also to all ReLoaded/LOTK fans, you asked for it-
You got it! [URL="http://lotk.org/"]lotk.org[/URL] has been created
sight is under construction feel free to sign up now. ;)

RC4 last before rls
made symlinks to get stuffs working
rebuilt /system/app
updated Superuser and binary
Added Goo Manager functionality
added Swype ICS Beta
added Titanium Backup
more stuff
fixed some other chit
spit on it an shined it up

RC3 Release
Updated superuser and binaries
Baked in ViperMod
Added "Unchained" ringtone back
[COLOR="Red"]-Bug fixes-[/COLOR]
Turns out the sideload issues, actually,
anything involving the PackageInstaller.apk, &
 DownloadProvider.apk were e-z fixes. I
had inadvertantly replaced the wrong sigs in these apps. 
All affected system apps have now
been replaced and or fixed.
 Big thanks to all that provided logcats!!

RC2 Release
Set system I/O back to deadline
Set CPU min/max back to stock settings
Updated Kernel to Mason RC4

Version Upgrade to .500 (Philo) [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
Complete ground up rebuild [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
Removed Aroma installer
Left rom deodexed for now
Included all optimizations as specified in .44 RLS plus;
Manually optimized all system app pngs [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
Manually decompressed all recourses, system & Framework [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
Framework optimizations/modifications, too many to list [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
Retweaked symlinks for improved a2sd performance [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
More init tweaks [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
New implementation for Enhanced COD [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3592954"]Ropodope[/URL]
Modified launcher2 for more percieved speed [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
Retweaked animation speeds at framework level  [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3799099"]jamieg71[/URL]
Added bootanimation by [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1834942"]iblowpot[/URL]
Much much much more I'm definitely forgetting

[B][COLOR="Red"]5-25-12[/COLOR][/B] Maintenance Update/ Version status upgrade RLS 
Fixed DTA2SD Dalvik errors
Fixed version number Aroma splash
Various Mods to LOTK theme in Aroma
Add option for Inverted Gtalk
replaced Facebook app (updated)
replace YouTube app (updated)
Updated Ad Free app
Add "Black Google Mobile" to options in Aroma
Build.prop mod;
allows 15 step in volume control
add custom Set-up wizard
**Note- Sign in hit finish
it will go back to start page
select skip, setup WILL F/C
no worries!! It worked!!

[B][COLOR="red"]5-23-12[/COLOR][/B] Version Upgrade .44
Added "com.google.android.maps.jar",
to system/framework
Added SWYPE Beta 4 to data/app
Added MIUI Camera to data/app
** Note you will have to use a file explorer to 
install MIUI camera manually!!
Included old working Tango app (Thanks Jayshocka for the find
Included working Gtalk with video (will give proper thanks soon as I find who posted this PM me please!)
Included modified Skype by theesOo
**Note use these settings provided by Lowrider 32119
Skype Fix use V16 with these advanced settings:
Advanced Settings used:
 * Force-enable video call
 * Force-enable both cam
 *Avoid setFPS
 Restart Skype
** Please see OP for set-up directions
Included Setup Wizard
** Note- Sign in and once finished set-up will go back to opening page, hit next, set-up will FC, no worries it does it's one time job
Added Darknight Theme to options in aroma
Added Mixer Theme to options in aroma
Added EpicBlue-N-Bold Theme to options in aroma
Added Crystal Theme to options in aroma
Added disclaimer for DT's a2sd
** Do not ask how to use or set-up
DTA2SD. You WILL be ignored!!!

[B][COLOR="red"]5-19-12[/COLOR][/B] -Maintenance update
Fixed bug for Dta2sd installing on default or when not selected in "custom" 
Fixed incorrect gps sensor, added correct one 
Added jrummy Rom Tool Box "Lite" to options  
Added Supersu to options 
Fixed modules folder for Mason RC3 SBC FSO 
Restructured Aroma-config file (removed typical install) 

[B][COLOR="red"]5-18-12[/COLOR][/B] -First Public Release

1) Download rom to sd and verify md5
2) Full wipe when coming from another rom or version upgrade.
3) Flash 500
4) Flash Gapps
5) Reboot

Cyanogen & his team
Papa Smurf151
If I somehow missed you, first off, I apologize. Please PM me so I can remedy my oversight.

Your warranty is now VOID. We are not responsible
if you brick your device,
flash at your own risk.

ReLoaded .500 Rls

This has been a "shake-n-bake" production..

Follow @jamie_G_ & @ropodope on Twitter​
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Mar 13, 2011
Sanford, Florida
Themed Recovery, splash screens, and coming soon, the Shwag Bag

LOTK, Ropodope, and myself recommend that for optimum wiping/flashing and overall best recovery performance you use SMELKUSMOD ReLoaded RA themed recovery. This is hands down the BEST recovery available for the EVO 4G. Options galore, including auto reboot for those time you restore a nand but want to take a nap, it's set it and forget it. To install: Rename to PC36IMG.zip, place on root of sd card, reboot bootloader, select "yes".
Click "Smelkusmod" above for download.

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Feb 1, 2011
Floor Me
Deck'd Blues Mod undo for .44 RLS: http://db.tt/opyu3wSG
Flash from recovery

ATTENTION: We WILL not be entertaining questions regarding the use of or "perceived" user issues relating to dark tremors a2sd. With the release of Philo 500 there are NO rom issues relating the its' use. it works fantastic! both the stable and beta 04 version of a2sd work incredibly well and has been tested extensively and by other users. Do NOT attempt to ask such questions in THIS ROM thread. Take IT and ALL other NON ROM related issues to the Deck's Reloaded Chat Room in General. You have been warned.

For all questions related to DTA2SD refer to these guides

What you need to know about Apps2sd vs Dark Tremors a2SD
By Carhauler
The 10 Step guide: How to properly setup Dark Tremor's A2SD

If you need an a2sd zip file for flashing you can choose the one you want here:
Or if you prefer

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