[ROM] [M] JDX 4.0 [10/6/2015][shamu] [MRA58K]

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Nov 7, 2007
That's unfortunate that this project is no longer updated :(
Thanks to the developer for all the time he invested in to it.

Is the re ROM that can be dirty flashed over JDX?


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Mar 29, 2013
Orange County
Has anyone noticed that you can't cast anymore from apps like Showbox or Movie HD? It doesn't pop up for the player I want to use( Localcast) it automatically opens up Google photos to cast. Not sure if its the ROM or Android 6.0

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    4ndr01d presents a Stock ROM!


    Init.d Support
    Tether Provision Check Bypass
    No Forced Encryption
    No Verification Boot Message
    Native Layers Support
    Unsecure Boot
    Buttery Smooth
    Blazing Fast


    4.0.1 (md5: 10f8aed3a262c7d3f85d892414fc4eed)
    updated to latest Elite kernel
    updated to SuperSU 2.52
    fixed issue with adb
    added back multiwindow option
    added back led notification
    other minor fixes

    4.0.0 (md5: 464b1c2b8527a0a1315aedd22ff4d43c)
    updated base to official marshmallow release MRA58K
    applied all tweaks from the 3.0 series
    removed led light tweak, might add it back
    removed multi-window tweak as it will be official soon, might add it back
    HIGHLY recommend doing a CLEAN install to 4.0.0!!!

    3.0.5 (md5: e037ae78e8169aaf767bcd05ede475b6)
    updated to latest Elite kernel
    switched to recommended Elite init.d script per Elite dev
    fixed issue causing reboots some users experienced
    improved apns-conf (better speeds/reliability with Verizon)
    upgraded to latest Google Play Services
    allow new Now on Tap (Google is having issues with this feature now, though)
    upgrade to new Google Wallet app
    includes Android Pay
    tweaks to allow Android Pay to work on M Preview (you will need to unroot when adding cards, but works fine rooted after)
    other minor bug fixes

    3.0.4 (md5: c8bfd33b420cef5727a9e90d8d9ed72d)
    fixed issue with mms
    enabled led
    fixed apns for t-mobile
    added additional support for tethering
    other minor tweaks

    3.0.3 (md5: 37be59d80e8f24e7c3c2b16d53b17f42)
    removed my 06cputweaks init.d script to stop messing with elite script
    fixed apn for data/tethering issues on t-mobile
    cleaned up build.prop edits

    3.0.2 (md5: 5ff3781f9e63ac489f88cbc8fcf0c414)
    fixed issue with tethering for some carriers
    fixed issue with adb
    switched to elite kernel
    fixed issue with Google Play Games not updating
    other minor tweaks

    3.0.1 (md5: 3258684fdc346e1f2c6d518b101124be)
    rebased on MPA44I
    disabled OTA checks
    fixed issue with Layers not working
    made more snappy!

    3.0.0 (md5: 553f02bd03b1fa1912ac1dd773b7e8f9)
    rebased on MPA44G (preview 3)
    fixed issue with GPS in p3
    fixed minor issues new in p3
    cleaned up various tweaks

    2.0.2 (md5: 838c5a2886f03f8248606bd84a72024c)
    implemented stagefright patch
    updated hells core kernel
    disabled ota check
    other minor tweaks

    2.0.1 (md5: 75fa0cf90567ce5f2491d0cd5871f5cd)
    fixed issue with chrome bookmark sync
    fixed issue with multi-window option not showing
    enabled support for adoptable storage

    2.0.0 (md5: 6cda4584b1c7743c5f2eb7e20ec8c852)
    rebased on MPZ79M (preview 2)

    1.0.16 (md5: d91bd93cb6dc3282df41a0e4b80fe4d0)
    finally fixed remaining issue with phone running hot and causing lag
    updated to latest hells core kernel (zen edition)
    removed viper audio by default (you can flash the mod if you want it)
    applied wifi wakelock fix from hells core
    cleaned up tweaks even more

    1.0.15 (md5: 7934d221f444669510984552a20b2f80)
    updated to latest hells core kernel (mako edition)
    fixed issue causing all cores to max out and run hot

    1.0.14 (md5: 9e0abbeac276eb204f9cafb40aac030b)
    fixed issue with phone getting hot due to service running wild
    switched hells core kernel from zen to mako
    enabled double tap to wake by default

    1.0.13 (md5: dee20e1528caf24207e0cf2083dd64fd)
    fixed another issue causing lag
    fixed tweaks
    disabled rotation with lockscreen (decided I don't like it!)
    fixed issue with app optimizations
    fixed performance issue with system mount commands
    fixed issue with init scripts running twice
    fixed bug with wifi scanning
    fixed issue with init.rc
    fixed issue that was causing reboots (was fairly rare)
    fixed issue with oat filter

    1.0.12 (md5: d98ee5380f008dd2715d5eb4805c518e)
    updated to latest zen version of hells core kernel
    allow launcher to rotate (bound by rotation setting)
    allow lockscreen to rotate (bound by rotation setting)
    improve sound quality a bit
    other minor fixes

    1.0.11 (md5: f3440419d4da8ae0d84a6a258e9b406b)
    fixed issue with wifi disconnecting randomly in some cases
    another small tweak to help performance issues in games
    cleaned up some tweaks even more
    better hand off between wifi and cell signal

    1.0.10 (md5: d47b7e32ff64b91fd8fb17f4a61c0feb)
    added version number to build number in about screen (also out of preview builds!)
    fixed other issues causing lag in games (remaining lag will need to be fixed by Google, it was introduced in the M)
    added tethering fix for t-mobile users
    fixed issue with memory management
    further improved overall performance
    added default viper settings for users with issues out of the box

    1.0 p9 (md5: 8eb2aeaff5a6fecad6a8d28b46ca948b)
    fixed issue causing gpu to throttle (need to make one more change for optimal performance)
    fixed issue with tethering bypass for some carriers
    optimized some of my tweaks
    fixed issue with musicfx crashing (if you want it back let me know)
    other minor bug fixes

    1.0 p8 (md5: 0de50bf3df63d8c53dc2eef6cd9d40f8)
    fixed no sound on aux (and other sound issues)
    fixed issue with some tweaks not getting applied
    minor performance boost

    1.0 p7 (md5: f3d4a9607ff97f4cda5dfef39b563755)
    fixed issue with random locks/shutdowns introduced in p6 due to kernel changes
    fixed issue with poor battery life due to kernel changes in p6
    switched to hells kernel for the time being

    1.0 p6 (md5: 7b7e67d5bf6146582641642bfc2ff4cd)
    fixes settings issue
    fixes GPU performance (so you can get your game on!)
    removes lag that was introduced previously
    added youtube resolution patch
    other minor tweaks

    1.0 p5 (md5: fb704679099fe4c6dece06f084140c64)
    root is now fully baked in
    wifi disconnect issue has been fixed
    busybox updated to latest version
    running Despair Kernel by default (thanks DespairFactor!)

    1.0 p4 (md5: 4248f7f675d42951901ce9ee2c502803)
    removed annoying verification message on boot
    fixed issue with phone getting warmer than normal
    minor tweaks for performance

    1.0 p3 (md5: 2ed110acabe472e6cc126b8f351ff242)
    added native multi-window option under developer options
    attempt to allow root (should be baked in)

    1.0 p2 (md5: 8f2778258fb80de96985492e4323d953)
    fixed issue with sysinit
    added unsecure boot by default

    1.0 p1 (md5: de2b7d490ce138907c43e77683536084)
    initial release


    Download ROM from 4ndr01d

    Download ROM from Android File Host

    0. ensure you are on twrp 2.8.7+ for recovery!
    1. flash bootloader if not already on JDX 4.0.x (download flashable bootloader zip)
    2. flash radio if not already on JDX 4.0.x (download flashable radio zip)
    3. reboot recovery
    4. flash ROM
    5. format data partition if not already on M
    6. boot ROM and sit your phone down for 10 minutes (seriously, things need to finish setting up!)

    Google - for Android!
    You guys - for all your support and feedback!
    Not sure if this has been asked yet, I searched for images and didn't find much. Is op going to update this to the release or start a new thread for that?

    Not asking for eta or hurrying or anything, just the question above.

    I will be updating this thread based on the new release tonight. :)
    JDX 3.0.0 is uploading now!!!! :)

    Also, just a side note. I just realized that this marks the 7 year anniversary of building my first android rom. What a long strange trip it's been...
    JDX 3.0, which is based on the new Preview 3, is ALMOST done! I'm testing it today and will have it out soon!

    Also, flashable zips of the new radio and bootloader are up!
    Latest update is done and in testing. Sorry for the delay, but it should be by lunch today. :)