[Rom] Magnus Ragnarok's Finisher evolution Rom ported to Froyo for the Evo

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Feb 25, 2010
I want to give thanks to Magnus Ragnarok for creating this awesome Rom and for all his awesome Roms. I must say as the title is confusing, this is not Magnus' Rom, this is the theme from his Rom ported to the Evo on Froyo and OTA 3.29.651.5

I do want to add that Magnus has since told me that he is in fact working on a new Froyo version of the finisher, but it's not ready yet, so if you choose you can use this as a sufficient replacement until he drops his Rom for all of us to use.

This is a port of the finisher Evolution Rom from 2.1 android to 2.2 Android on the Evo 3.29.651.5. everything works and Everything is ported, but the HTC themed Clock. Sorry, couldn't get it to port. The apk is below if you want to try and install it through a file manager.

also the apk for the red Swype is below to install with a file manager.

Edit: Been hearing that the Swype Keyboard is Warez now, so I removed it from below. Gonna try and modify a new keyboard to be red and black.
Here is the New Keyboard. Just download and install with a file manager: http://www.multiupload.com/H1D2A8F8ZK


1) Complete wipe is required.
2) install FinisherFroyo Signed zip
3) Download Decepticon boot animation and flash through recovery.
4) (Optional) download Live wallpapers and unzip and install through a file manager like Astro File Manager.
5) (Optional) Download App pack update zip and flash through recovery.
6) (Optional) Download Htc Clock apk and install through a file manager.
7) (Optional) Download Fonts zip and unzip, and flash the one you want through recovery.

FinisherFroyo Rom
Decepticon boot animation

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