[ROM] Malladus 2.0.3 - 6/28/2014 [Android L 5/4.4.2] [stock based]

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Nov 20, 2013
Ok, thanx, but do i need to dl and install a recovery? Or can i just flash the rom, an if so how exactly do i do that, thru the stock recovery?

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You would need to install a custom recovery. Check out the android dev section for cloudyfa's autorec.

Since you're on kitkat your bootloader would need to be rolled back to 4.2 because Loki was patched in kitkat. And his program will do it for you.

If you're not rooted, I think you need to use towlroot for kitkat. Do some reading up on it. I've been rooted and with a recovery since 10b


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Apr 3, 2014
New Albany, IN
OnePlus 7T
Malladus 2.0.3 works fine on 26A bootstack for me though the option to chose "Global" vs. "CDMA/LTE" is not working as it's designed for 24A radio/bootstack. I get 4G data, calls, SMS/MMS, WiFi, rotation, GPS, etc. It's very light weight for stock and fast. It plays well with latest Dorimanx 8.0.1 also. which fixes reboots on interactive governor on Malladus. :good:
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Apr 10, 2011
Knock On

Hi guys,

Just got this G2 and flashed some ROM's, with all other ROM's knock on was working fine but now I flashed Malladus ROM and knock on is not working. I flashed hidden menu apk via recovery. When I tap hidden menu app to install, it says could not install. How to proceed further please guide. I am able to go in ##PROGRAM980 menu but I do not find option to update the firmware. Please help further.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Guys I am in this advanced menu using command in emulator but I do see "setting > update touch firmware". Where to go from here?
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phaze one

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Jan 27, 2011
Sup guys. How's this ROM? Been eyeing it but I've been on XDABBEB's stock and running well. Wanted to get an opinion before I take the plunge.
Guess you're right, had no idea he was making posts lol

It has been 4 months since he was working on 2.0.4, but there is so much new out there, I guess we may be drifting into Malladus obsolescence, sigh.

I did drift away to a 26A stock that is rootable, with TWRP and ran some cleanup scripts to get rid of bloat. It is pretty nice, but I would rather come back here with updates.

phaze one

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Jan 27, 2011
Cool, thanks for the input. I was wondering if there was going to be any movement from Okibi on this. Didn't know he was working on wear.

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    4ndr01d presents
    "Android the way it should be" for the LG G2 [verizon]


    includes features from Android L
    still includes most LG features
    improved 3G, 4G, and WiFi connections
    improved audio volumes
    improved camera (photos and video)
    improved battery life
    smaller nav bar by default (more screen real estate)
    mobile hot spot hacked (does not report back to verizon)
    optimized for performance
    tweaked file system for better speed
    reduced lag (although not much to being with)
    tweaked for speed
    focused on stability
    buttery smooth
    init.d support
    improved call quality
    improved camera quality
    reboot menu

    Donations Appreciated!
    Click here to donate via PayPal if you like my work and want to support further versions of my ROMs.

    integrated a lot of changes from Android L (5)!
    new Android L wallpapers/fonts/ringtones
    switched to Android L boot animation
    further debloated ROM
    fixed issue with mic dropping in calls (was rare)
    reduced unneeded services to improve performance
    other minor tweaks
    see information here

    further debloated ROM
    improved GPS again to get a fast lock for more users
    increased volume
    improved sound quality
    improved performance with FS tweaks
    fixed error on Play Music playback
    other minor tweaks
    see information here

    fixed GPS for faster, more accurate locking
    fixed final FC on Mobile Hotspot
    added back the vanila kitkat LG Home theme from 1.2.x series (optimized)
    minor tweaks to help BT connections
    see information here

    added aosp browser
    added aosp email (with exchange support)
    fixed FC on Live Effect in camera
    fixed bug causing wakelock (should be slightly better battery life)
    added full support for coming from 10b
    added proper Mobile Hotspot hack (thanks to xdabbeb!)
    be sure to get latest GApps!
    see information here

    2.0.0 release candidate 3
    added reboot power menu
    fixed quick memo
    fixed issue with camera (live effects from video still causes FC with PA gapps)
    fixed a couple wake locks to improve battery
    improved overall sound quality/volume
    tweaked a few UI things
    improved GPS
    improved directions for users coming from 11a
    be sure to get latest LG Apps!
    see information here

    2.0.0 release candidate 2
    fixed issue with gapps force close
    fixed issue with browser force close
    fixed issue with root
    removed software updates app (no more OTA checker)
    further optimized tweaks to improve battery life
    fixed a couple wake locks
    improved directions
    added fix for recovery coming from 11a in directions
    be sure to get latest gapps!
    see information here

    2.0.0 public beta/release candidate 1
    initial stock 4.4.2 based release
    thanks to xdabbeb for the stock base pulled OTA from Verizon and for the stock kernel
    see information here

    1.2.9 (md5: 5834e4bff5340ace64dbc6402b1ed753)
    fixed issue with chrome locking up
    fixed issue with camera locking up
    fixed issue with additional FCs
    fixed bug causing occasional slow downs
    improved overall performance
    improved battery life
    updated SuperSU
    improved proximity sensor (was causing weird behavior before)
    fixed issue sending sms/mms
    fully compatible with 11a and 12b bases

    1.2.8 (md5: 078617a5250d71627f0fb0c13b3c2176)
    fixed performance bug (should be great now!)
    fixed bug causing a few FCs
    fixed issue with wireless charging
    fixed issue with slightly distorted audio
    changed a few things to improve stability
    updated LG Apps! (added Weather, removed Polaris Office)

    1.2.7 (md5: 606bd0464b0c4c8cce5fbd0d71c287bc)
    improved overall performance
    increased sound volumes
    fixed bugs causing a few wakelocks
    updated a few libs
    improved camera quality
    improved battery life
    tweaks to make apps load faster and feel snappier
    updated SuperSU
    be sure to use my new 2/24 GApps!

    (not officially released)

    1.2.5 (md5: 0d2f182fdbe692b2f23997b2fd23d307)
    fixed issue with i/o that was causing occasional lag
    improved scroll responsiveness
    tweaks to improve battery life
    improved/stabilized overall performance

    1.2.4 (md5: e1f1aae472ed5da1a93d29dc295fa30d)
    added a few things missed from the 12B update
    fixed reboots
    reduced lag (fstrim tweak)
    improved camera/video
    improved touch sensitivity
    updated a few apps/services
    reduced time to flash rom
    switched back to LG lockscreen (previously AOSP was causing issues)
    removed Split View until it's working properly
    other minor bug fixes

    1.2.3 (md5: 3495b15df4daf58ee7a0bc60a2d685ff)
    updated to latest 12B base (but you will need to flash the modem yourself)
    improved GPS accuracy
    implemented fstrim (in addition to my fs tweaks)
    switched default lockscreen to be aosp instead of LG
    implemented split view (can be turned off in build.prop)
    updated LG Apps (fixes from LG and also re-packaging by myself)
    other minor bug fixes

    1.2.2 (md5: 8d10938aca48303d54c38d0dcb7f77e6)
    additional tweaks for better battery life
    updated to latest LG Camera and fixed issues with it
    additional camera improvements to go with above
    fixed ROM having duplicate clock apps (removed and replaced)
    updated Email and Exchange apps
    updated sounds to kitkat 4.4 sounds
    included kitkat 4.4 fonts
    tweaks to system ui to reduce lag for redraws
    use my latest 11/17/2013 gapps!

    1.2.1 (md5: f6f41f1498af16814d6868dcb76a453b)
    improved battery life (should now be better then 1.1.8 was)
    cleaned up status bar a bit more
    changed status bar icons to white to match kitkat theme
    added new google desk clock
    reduced lag on low light camera shots
    removed safe headset volume warning/check
    further improved i/o speed to reduce lag

    1.2.0 (md5: 41819c96afcfb54c97e349a3b67cbb76)
    fixed battery drain bug that was introduced in 1.1.9
    fixed bug that was ramping up CPU occasionally
    reduced lag (from i/o, cache)
    further tweaked data connection (was occasionally having a hiccup)
    minor tweaks to improve network latency
    fixed bug preventing google keyboard from updating

    1.1.9 (md5: c8dc505ca15f9b7cc5a342007b63ecda)
    fixed issue with setting governor/scheduler correctly
    fixed issue with some lg config settings not sticking

    1.1.8 (md5: cb661f2f65ddecbfd9880cd86b2d09a8)
    set governor to interactive by default
    set scheduler to deadline by default
    additional tweaks to improve performance
    included AOSP Keyboard
    included AOSP Email and Exchange
    moved additional LG Apps to updated lg_apps package
    fixed issue with a few LG apps not working

    1.1.7 (md5: 42367bcce487ef9adc01a8fbe00c57f5)
    fixed GPS (should work for everyone now)
    added Reboot Menu
    changed AOSP theme to be close to 4.4
    fixed a service that was causing minor battery drain (yes, another one)
    minor bug fix (unreported, related to launcher)

    1.1.6 (md5: 210041e741310b756c0482476f83d11c)
    improved GPS (again, apparently LG doesn't like standards)
    fix my tweak for WiFI/Data (my last tweak kinda messed it up)
    navbar defaults to having back, home, menu, and recents (changeable in settings)
    WiFi networks available notification disabled (by default)
    disabled safe headset volume adjustment (by default)
    additional AOSP tweaks
    added AOSP Clock app
    additional performance improvements

    1.1.5 (md5: 57334b7dd06f2fb212f62bae1d47b7a8)
    fixed issue with action bar still showing up for menu button
    removed AM/PM from status bar by default
    additional tweaks for WiFi/Data handoff
    minor tweak for GPS
    fixed issue with goomanager notifications for updates

    1.1.4 (md5: 46f4e9d5ea1899d22ba807b5285e3867)
    further app optimizations
    broke out lg apps into separate zip
    went back to menu icon in the nav bar (long press home for recents)
    improved data connection
    fixed bug with delayed texts
    fixed bug with apps on recents menu
    more minor AOSP tweaks

    1.1.3 (md5: e47d46cfc86649b174e7758cc6e4dc43)
    increased notification volume a bit more
    took out a few unneeded things
    improved overall performance of apps
    improved memory usage
    added AOSP home theme for LG Home launcher (may need to select if dirty flashing)
    cleaned up notification bar a bit
    improved network performance a bit
    started overall look to be closer to AOSP
    added AOSP sounds
    fixed service causing minor battery drain

    1.1.2 (md5: 08803cc9814b03822d0413f76ab17b90)
    fixed bug with mic in phone calls

    1.1.1 (md5: f6534ea7ab04bd7430483596c6437c95)
    improved GPS performance
    improved audio quality
    fixed bug with speakerphone
    fixed additional battery drain issue

    1.1 (md5: 10df87f83edcef120e9e7759493d3845)
    fixed FC on a few apps
    fixed issue with knock-on/off feature
    improved performance a bit
    improved overall volumes
    included aosp browser (it's better)
    fixed a service that was causing minor battery drain
    improved nav bar size/usage
    broke out google apps into gapps package

    1.0 (md5: 36a9041a309b923c186ab836e025b40c)
    initial release


    Get Malladus from Android File Host

    You need the ROM and Gapps, LG Apps are optional!!!

    1. wipe data (if coming from ANY other rom)
    2. wipe cache
    3. flash ROM
    4. flash LG Apps (optional)
    5. flash GApps
    6. let phone sit for a few minutes once booted to settle (a lot is done on first boot)

    If you get an encryption message on first boot, just reboot and it will fix itself.

    Keep in mind that the first boot can take up to 10 minutes and may seem to hang on either the Google logo or the Boot Animation. Just give it time, it will boot.

    Need quick support? You're best bet is on IRC. Connect to irc.freenode.net and join #4ndr01d for the best support.

    Google - for Android!
    xdabbeb - for the stock base 4.4.2 OTA pulled from Verizon and for the stock 4.4.2 kernel and hotspot hack
    You guys - for all your support and feedback!

    Try out my new game on the Play Store called Tunnel Drop and give me 5 stars!!! :)

    Malladus 2.0 (modified stock 4.4.2) for VS980 Public Beta

    The below link contains the information you need as well as flashing procedure and links to files. Please read the instructions carefully!

    This has been successfully flashed from 11a, 12b, 17f, and 24a. If you are on 10b, IT WON'T WORK. I will try to get 10b working at a later point. If you've ever taken an actual OTA, this process should work just fine for you. If you are hesitant, PLEASE ASK BEFORE DOING ANYTHING.

    Malladus 2.0 Public Beta:

    For those who didn't know, I've been in and out of the hospital lately with some issues I'm working through. My son was recently in and out of the hospital as well. If you like any of the work I do, please feel free to donate to help us out! :)
    Quick update!

    While 2.0 is working for some, other testers uncovered some scenarios where you could experience soft brick. I believe I have this fixed and am in the process of re-uploading 2.0 right now. I'll have it back in the testers hands by lunch and hopefully we'll be able to release tonight instead.

    Thanks for your patience!!!

    Hide Nfc Icon by sefnap - NFC statusbar icon is disabled.

    Vertical Ellipsis by sefnap - Action Bar overflow menu with the three dots.

    All Declutter mods have:
    Black Status Bar
    Replaces pink navbar theme with solid black
    Removes carrier label from lockscreen and notification shade
    GPS and headset icons are totally removed (no gap in status bar from transparent icons)
    Mobile data icon (4g, 3g, etc) is removed when WiFi is connected

    Declutter Stock Keys by sefnap - will not change the behavior of the navigation bar, although it will still replace the pink theme with a solid black one. You still have the stock key layout: Back, Home, Menu, Notification Toggle, with long-press on home for recent apps.

    Declutter Menu to Recents by sefnap - will replace the menu key with recent apps, with long-press on home for menu. This gets you Back, Home, Recent Apps, Notification Toggle, with long-press on home for Menu.

    Declutter Notification to Recents by sefnap - will replace the notification toggle key with recent apps, and will not change the long-press behavior of the home button. This gives you the following four buttons: Back, Home, Menu, Recents. Long-press home will still bring up Recent Apps.

    All Black Recent App MODs have:
    Black Status Bar
    Black Navigation Bar

    No Icons remove:
    E911 Icon
    Headphone Icon
    Black Recent Apps Key

    Black Recent Apps Key with Ellipsis by 777jon

    Black Recent Apps Key with Ellipsis No Icons by 777jon

    Black Recent Apps Key No Icons by 777jon
    Just a heads up, I've been focusing my efforts on a 4.4 build for our device. I'm running a test build on my phone and it's looking good so far. Just need to fix a reboot issue and will have a preview build up!