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[ROM] ManuProN5 Astra Dream S8 UX ROM v4.0F [UP:03/03/18]

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I downloaded Rom,install it from recovery but when I turn my phone oN its stuck on first logo,he did not even get to the other logo but he stayed on the first one. What should I do?
Did you flash the kernel and datafix right after the room installation? This rom usually takes a few tries to work, from my experience
No I did not, I am downloading now those two files and I will try with flashing the kernel and datafix

It work,I have install those three files but its not so smooth and its slow..it takes times to open menu or simple app like dialer ,I must wait to open dialer for 3-4 seconds.. I flash kernel 3,I didnt try version 2? Is that could be the problem of slow phone?


Sep 19, 2017
Weather Edge Panel missing

Hi there!
I took a break from custom ROMs, and recently got this ROM working on my N910W8. I am deeply impressed and grateful for all your work. Keep it up!
In the edge panels, I found that the Weather Edge Panel, despite being enabled when editing edge panels, was not present in the actual edge panels. Is this only my problem, and if so is there an apk or a fix to bring the weather panel back? Or is it not possible (I remember reading somewhere that it may not be possible to have both the weather widget with clock and the edge panel at once)

Thank you for all your work!


New member
Oct 9, 2018
after rom flash, my screen had become black, then changed color, blue, purple,


in this rom i turn off Always-On Display Because when the screen is turned on it becomes black and mixed colors ..
and Battery charging fast and fast descent ..
how to fix ..
The rest is fine .. thank you for beautiful rom ..
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Jul 20, 2017
Hi, I recently got this ROM and I'm loving the design. However, the big problem I am having is that bluetooth does not work. When I try to turn it on from the settings, it doesn't turn on at all. I also get a notification that says "Bluetooth share has stopped working." I can't seem to find a fix for this anywhere on this fourm.
I am using a SM-910V with Flashpoint Kernal installed, and super SU installed for rooting and the Verizon fix flashed as well. Since I'm on the Verizon version and I hear many people say the Verizon variant has some compatability issues so I am hesitant with trying a new kernel unless someone recommends a better one than Flashpoint.

EDIT: I actually just reflashed the Flasbpoint kernal (not the whole rom) and did a dalvik cache wipe at the end. The bluetooth error is gone and bluetooth works. The next thing i need to do is to get the native blue screen filter to work...
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Senior Member
Nov 15, 2011
near duesseldorf
Its run under N910F =) without issues, I had it too just wipe again all, internal storage, cache,davilk cache and also system , data all options under TWRP check on up 2 2 Points Micro SD and Android Secure let them out from wipe.
Then Flash the Rom and the Rom will start with reboots, but after that the Rom runs great.

But I still stand on Stock, because Stock Rom runs best for that Device my Opinnion.

The Rom is a good Work, but it is for me not the best :)


New member
Jan 2, 2015
Turn off

Hi. My phone sometimes turns off when its in my pocket or on the table. N910f with ramkernel. Pls help me because its much better rom than stock. :)


New member
Feb 18, 2018
Screen rotation fails

Hi, I have a problem with this rom. After a few days of use, the screen rotation is completely disabled and there is no way to rotate it again. Please help me


New member
Aug 5, 2013
need some help

Hello, greetings to all. I've been following you on this website for years and always it has been great. but now I have a problem with my Note 4 N910F.
I followed the instructions, but my phone does not start the ROM, it restarts constantly.

I need your help, thank you very much for everything

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    Welcome to Astra Dream S8 UX STABLE v4.0F ROM Project!
    The Flame Update has Arrived!
    Created by ManuProN5

    To all of the Developers, do not steal ROM files without permission, they're watermarked!
    This ROM has no longer official support (14/05/20)





    ManuProN5 said:
    This ROM is developed by me, ManuProN5 and its my personal work, wich I wanted to share to the XDA Forum.
    It's not intended for commercial use and I'm not responsible if your device breaks by flashing it without read carefully
    By downloading and using my software, you are the only who are responsible about what you do with!
    Enjoy the Astra Dream Experience!



    • Added by default Nougat UI [Look Like 100% Real One] in the whole ROM (Its smooth and rebased)
    • Added N8 Air Command
    • Updated Weather App to a more recent version (No UI Changes, but it has been implemented some new stuff to make more smooth the app)
    • Updated Air Translation the the latest Version
    • Updated some internal Samsung App Engine!
    • Manual and non-official Security Patch Implemented to get a proper Security in this Software
    • OS it has been depured til' the limits! (Really Awesome, you will notice!)
    • Updated ROM CONTROL Engine: NOW you can customize you Power menu!
    • Updated Share Link, Smart Switch Agent, SBrowser, Samsung Apps...
    • Updated Gallery with the Samsung Experience 9.0 Icon
    • Deleted some "Dangerous" Bloatware...
    • Updated SMusic Picker from latest Nougat Build
    • RAM Improved a 15%
    • More you need to find out..


    1. Rooted Terminal With Unlocked BootLoader And Custom Recovery [TWRP/PHILZ]
    2. Download My ROM And Put It in Your External Storage
    3. Boot Your Phone in Recovery and Flash!
    4. Select Install and then search and select The AstraDream_vXX.zip wich you downloaded
    5. Follow The Aroma Procedure
    6. Choose your Wipes during Aroma installer [I suggest always a clean flash!]
    7. When Aroma Installation have ended, reboot your phone
    8. When the Setup Wizard Appears, complete it with your personal setup
    9. When the TW home boots after ending Setup Wizard, reboot to the Recovery Mode
    10. Reboot And Let The Phone Start, it will take 7mins [Be PATIENT]
    11. [OPTIONAL] If you get Wifi Issues because you are in another N4 variant, Check POST #2
    12. Enjoy this software!


    • Landscape Keyboard in Whatsapp its not in correct DPI
    • Always on Display only lets you the Automatic Brightness mode
    • Blue Light Filter don't work
    • Fingerprint don't work
    • Sometimes, the gallery thumbnails exchange with others [Lib Problem]
    • Still searching them, but the most important are these...

    [Click on the Image of the Server you Want]

    Click here if you don't see the image to Download LATEST UPDATE v4.0F Through MEGA

    Click here if you don't see the image to Download LATEST UPDATE v4.0F Through Android FILE-HOST


    • @Albe95 for his contribution to XDA developers for S4/S6 Forums with his ports, ported app Threads, and finally for being a good friend!
    • @Albe96 for his awesome help, and inconditional support in the latest update we've built! Thanks for his Red Bar Addon, Data Saving Mode, Settings Interface, MultiCSC, Aroma Stuff, and the most important: being a trusting and good friend!
    • @Ale95 for his help, support, smali files help and long friendship ^_^
    • @jjjhitel for his awesome work porting apps to MM and giving Smali sources of that!
    • @ananjaser1211 for his grateful porting and SystemUI help, and for beeing a very kind developer and person!
    • @corsicanu for his ported N8 latest Music Player app with all working, and his permission to share his Nougat Style My Files app in this ROM
    • @Trex888 for the S8 Nougat Boot Animation
    • @abooooood for the S8 Nougat Sounds
    • @Ram121 for his awesome Kernel
    • @Chainfire for the SuperSU App, Root Method, and Scripts
    • @sam.foro and @mirkolo for his grateful help, friendship, and too for bring S5+ Users this ROM Experience! And also mirkolo,
      thanks again for your Rom Control new interface
    • @Siddhesh.K for his help in the Maintenance of the Telegram Group!
    • @xiZorx for his help with ROM testing in his Note Edge and support in the Telegram Arena
    • @MachineX_Team for his strong support to this new Project! [@robcore, @andycar, @RolloX,...]
    • @AstraDreamROMOfficial, The Official Telegram Group of this ROM, for his constant support and fast feedback! Thank you all!
    • @Samsung for the Software to make this possible

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Astra Dream S8 UX, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Snapdragon Variant)
    Based On: Samsung TouchWiz

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v4.0F
    Current Beta Version: (---)

    Created 2017-09-04
    Last Updated 2020-05-14
    ~ NEWS Time!

    Maybe you want to know what I've been working on these days for the next update, right?
    Here you go with a little Changelog of the Upcoming Version:The Astra Dream S8 ROM v3.0eX:
    • [FEATURE!] New SystemUI Project at 70%:
      • Real Nougat UI Color Scheme - Done
      • Expanded Notifications in Status Bar [Animations and Style from Nougat OS] - Done
      • Red Alert Zone in Brightness Slider - Not done

    • [FEATURE!] Featuring "My Files App" with Nougat Style made by @corsicanu in next Update
    • [FEATURE!] New Aroma ZIP Installation: Now you can choose between SuperSU/Magisk and RamKernel RC/Flashpoint [The last one, for F Variant]. All this stuff made by my friend @sam.foro
    • [FEATURE!] New Re-Done Project of ROM Control with all the things full working. All made and managed by my friend @mirkolo
    • Added the whole CSCs Codes to this ROM
    • Rebalanced UI and RAM again to get more stabily than before!
    • New and proper real S8 Wallpaper in Lockscreen/Homescreen
    • Gallery ported and updated to v5.4.01.4
    • TouchwizHome ported and updated to v6.1.82.27
    • Samsung Music ported updated to v16.2.06.11
    • Samsung Internet updated to v7.0.00.21
    • Galaxy Apps updated to v4.2.15.1
    • Share Link updated to v4.0.07.0
    • More and more that will come
    Leave a big Thanks if you liked this and want to encourage me!
    v3.0eX Update ~ Sneak Peek #1!


    You love this? Come back tomorrow! There will be more! Leave a thanks if you appreciate it!

    Frozen time is coming... ❄ ❄
    Update v4.0 ~ Sneak Peek #4


    You love this? Come back tomorrow... for something special ? Leave a thanks if you appreciate it!

    The thing its almost Cooked! ?
    Update v4.0 ~ Sneak Peek #1


    You love this? Come back later! Leave a thanks if you appreciate it!

    Damn... this reply its really hot... I'm swearing... ?