[ROM]Maximum OvrDriVE S7 Edge Port V3.7 [6-1-16][N910T/N910W8/N910T3]

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Mar 31, 2013
Los Angeles
seems weird. my camera here works fine with SD.

im just using v3.1 rom with stock n4 camera


I had the S7 camera (worked fine) but when I flashed the N4 camera, I believe that's when things started getting wonky. It lets me choose the sdcard but when it tries to save the photo captured, it says that it failed saving to sd and now saving to phone storage.

I'm on 3.7
I keep getting a weird error when I make a call. When I hit the send button, the call starts, then it just hangs and closes about 10 seconds later. Looks like it just ends the call. Then, maybe 5 seconds or so later, the call screen comes back up and says dialing and then the call goes through. Rakes forever to go through but it does make it. Generally speaking, takes 30+ seconds from the first time I hit the send button til the time it actually starts to ring.

I've searched the thread but don't see anything about it.

Syst3m Deadlock

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Aug 2, 2009
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My Samsung SM-910W8 is bootlooping on the "Optimizing App 1 of 1"... :(
I know this post is a few days old, and that the development of this ROM is done. But yeah, same here. I cant seem to wrap my finger around it as to why its doing this. :eek:

EDIT: Never mind, just had to change my bootloader and modem via odin. All is good now
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    I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any Damage done to your phone PERIOD. If You Break it, Brick it, or just Plain Blow it Up! It's Your Phone and it's your Fault.

    here it is all. I bring you the S7Edge Port for the t-mo note 4

    edge features and panels fully functional
    spen fully functional
    theme store fully functional


    Maximum OvrDriVE S7 v3.7 - DEAD - DONE - FINISHED
    910t/910t3 users Must Be on DOK2 baseband and bootloader
    910w8 users Must Be on your Current baseband and bootloader

    it is based on the sm-g935f firmware

    ok guys and gals here it is
    if your apps have trouble getting root. just open supersu then go reload your app and it should prompt for it
    this is stable enuff for a daily driver btw

    what works

    Basically everything

    what doesn't

    sbeam will crash settings
    tap and pay will crash settings

    Rom Info

    Rom is debloated based on what i don't want in it so. i have included some bloat files in mods_s7

    Background apps being Auto Shutdown
    to prevent apps from being auto closed do the Following

    1. go to smart manager
    2. click on ram
    3. click tab on the right
    4. now scroll through the list and turn on all apps you do not want to be auto closed by the system
    5. now click the option in upper right corner
    6. change it to do not optimize
    7. thats it. the apps you have enabled with continue to run in the background
    8. enjoy

    Rom Install Instructions:

    TWRP Recovery Recommended!!

    1. Copy v3.1 stock rom to your sdcard
    2. reboot recovery
    3. Wipe system, data, cache and dalvik x3
    4. Install v3.1 stock rom from SDCard
    5. reboot and setup rom. and i mean set it up exactly how you want it to be without flashing any updates
    6. now reboot to recovery and do your BACKUP(don't skip this step - you've been warned)
    7. now that you have a working backup. stay on stock or dirty flash the newest update
    8. reboot
    9. Enjoy your 100% customized Rom
    10. Initial Boot Time is Approximately 10 Minutes so be patient. hopefully you'll enjoy what the end result is.

    TWRP Restoring your rom

    1. boot to twrp and restore the backup you made
    2 now flash the newest update
    3. thats it enjoy


    Rom D/l
    Maximum OvrDriVE S7 v3.1 Base Stock Rom - Stock rom with n4 Camera
    Maximum OvrDriVE S7 v3.1.1 Base Stock Rom - Stock rom with S7E Camera
    NOTE! if you have roaming showing or no apn option you need to reboot and wait a couple of minutes for the apn option to appear - then your data, calls and msgs will work fine

    Update d/l
    Maximum OvrDriVE S7 v3.7 Update

    Mods_S7 D/l - Delete Old Mods Folder Before Flashing this One
    v6 Mods_S7

    QuickFixs and Modifications
    Do Not Disturb TimePicker QuickFix
    S7Edge Camera - Delete /system/priv-app/samsungcamera3 before flashing - Team Insanity Deserves all Credit for this or so i have been told
    N4 Camera

    C5 Clock - ported by @Viroy
    C5 Smart Manager - Ported by @Albe95

    Credits and thanks

    @Pafcholini - emotion kernel - original kernel thread here
    @wcoast - he knows what for
    @kmokhtar79 - for his mods/Guides
    @daxgirl - for his apps and guides and help
    @tdunham - for his massive library of mods and for sharing it all
    @Morningstar - for mods/guides
    @rompnit - for mods/guides
    @mrRobinson - for adaway
    @asc1977 - for the MM guides
    @ikrom - for his LP and MM guides
    @saikatrockz - Viper4Android MM
    @Hani K. - H-Vitamin kernel - Original kernel thread here
    @freeza - beastmode kernel - sprint n910p kernel thread here - until we get official mm and freeza does a kernel for the n910t(fingers crossed)
    @Friedrich - for allowing me to include ael kernel - plz visit http://www.echoerom.com for updates and so on
    @edzamber - for Xposed Modules deactivator - Original Thread Here - be sure to go thank him if you find it as usefull as i did
    and anyone else i missed atm
    And a huge thanks to all the devs who make all the free apps that make it possible for us to have so many choices

    enjoy for now

    Screenshots -

    Theme in pics is DarkMatter-Blue



    TY all very much. it's greatly appreciated

    hopefully some devs can work on this and make it better or fix the issues i havn't been able to right now


    updated toolbox controller apk
    removed ambient display mod since the toggle doesn't appear
    added aodservice.apk fixed file
    added ambient display xposed module to mods - Guide here on what to enable - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=67078223&postcount=428
    remembered to edit build #
    cleaned up mods a bit. plz delete your folder and flash the new version


    added battery bar to system tweaks in settings
    moved 3minit battery, potato clock, and potato gradient into settings
    added sdspeedincrease and moved it to settings
    added textdroider dpi changer and moved it to settings
    added kernel auditor and moved it to settings


    added virtual lock, recents and home buttons to statusbar
    added max brightness to Status Bar Icons
    added max brightness to potato clock
    added emergency mode to lock screen and security in settings
    moved modcontrol to settings


    added toggle for lockscreen clock seconds
    added color options for lockscreen clock
    added ability to set lockscreen carrier text and text color to modcontrol
    added ability to set toggles per row to modcontrol
    moved toolbox into settings

    v5 S7 Mods

    added a couple more kernels. new beast mode still can't enable wifi
    added motorola command center widgets - if you get a fc when clicking weather, just change lockscreen wallpaper to fix it
    added xposed modules deactivator thanks to edzamber for permission
    included supersu 2.74-2. flash as you normally would


    added memkiller to notification panel - toggle in modcontrol
    all categories in modcontrol now have at least 1 mod
    fixed instant change for left/right data/signal icons. no need to reload systemui now
    changed default dpi to 560
    disabled end call delay
    added a bunch of build.prop tweaks


    added sound boost mods - look in mod control
    added lockscreen off music skip with vol buttons
    added auto call recorder
    added option to move wifi/data icons to the left or right side of the statusbar
    transform permanent non-removable notification into Removable notification


    -changed bootanimation
    -change boot sound
    -added power off sound
    -fixed s7 messages - no more n4 messages app
    -fixed floating msgs
    -changed keyboard to s7
    -fixed additional languages download issue
    -added ael kernel to mods with friedrich's permission
    -added double tap home key to launch cam to mods - this may or may not work
    -camera app is now multidpi


    -added nextalarm to lockscreen
    -removed grey statusbar when turning on powersaving mode
    -Open all toggles in the Quickpanel swipe from the right side of the screen (without double swipe)
    -added quicklauncher in recents app
    -added aokp rambar to recents

    -Increased Lock Screen visible notifications with toggle in modcontrol
    -Removed Low Battery Warning Notification
    -added rounded corner to recents
    -added rounded corners to notifications
    -removed swipe to unlock


    -added toolbox - enable it via the app icon
    -enabled 12 toolbox apps
    -new extsdcard read/write fix
    -added viper4android
    -add ringtones, notifications and alarms sounds
    -removed csc line causeing no incoming calls issue


    -data icon will now show lte instead of 4g
    -fixed nfc icon, it now displays in statusbar when enabled
    -Added some csc tweaks
    --# Disable SMS to MMS conversion
    --# Shutter Sound option in camera settings
    --# Second page in Smart Manager
    --# Call Recording Button
    --# Call and SMS blocking menu in Settings
    --# Enable Auto Data connect to send and recieve MMS without Toogle Data
    --# Enable Black list in Stock Message settings
    --# Enable Save/Restore in Stock Message
    --# Force Enable Security Save in SmartManager
    --# Enable Support Recent App Protection
    --# Add only LTE mode in Network selection menue in Settings
    -disabled USB Plug/Unplug wake up
    -fixed extsdcard write permissions - i hope


    -Enabled Display Scaling in Settings
    -Enabled TouchKey light duration in settings
    -Enabled OutdoorMode
    -removed volume warning
    -added some new toggles


    -added flashlight to power menu
    -removed sd card notification
    -moved wifi and data icons to the left side - deal with it or use an xposed mod to move them.
    -added potato gradient
    -added potato clock
    -added network speed
    -added 3minit battery
    -completely changed power menu to look like s7's


    Base Rom

    A huge thank you OD for all you do, all your time that you put into this and I am sure we have no idea just how much time that is. So thank you, much appreciated !!!!

    you want an idea. from the time i get up until i go to bed i am in front of my computer working on something. whether it be rom, or a port. or trying to fix an issue with rom. minus a few hours i take to clean house and shower. maybe an hour playing with my cat(she thinks she's a guard dog so) or just sitting here wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do next. my days are pretty much spent on this or some itteration of a rom

    i love doing roms and modding them, keeps me from my own problems and issues. plus i really do enjoy it. now if i could just focus, you'd think a 37" monitor wouldn't get blurry but you'd be wrong. lol off to snooze for a few hours
    Hey bro flashed 3.4 but why does it say 3.3 on software info in settings ?

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk

    as stated i just answered the same question for someone else a few post back. i have spent the last week literally ripping my hair out and banging my head on the wall trying to figure out why rom won't boot if i change a file to the original base rom i was given. i have reflashed my phone well over 100 times in the last week without success. i have reinstalled windows twice with no help. i've lost my sd card data and had to format the damn thing. so yes. i forgot to change the build number. i always put a date further then when you may get it. thats because i don't exactly know when i will let go of it but build number is easy to forget. i'll fix it in next update. in the meantime. i'm working on something i might add i think you all will appreciate if you use it anyway. got alot of things to figure out. and just to make this clear. i am glad other people answer questions pointed towards me before i can. it saves me from having to. i'm sure you have all noticed how little i have been around the last week and believe me i am very grateful for all of you doing your best to answer questions and help where you can so if someone else answers it's nothing personal. they just happened to have the answer you seek. plain and simple. again all ty for the help

    btw to make things even worse. i got the official 910f mm base to play with. this is no different then the 910g so what do i do. the same thing i did to port the 910g and guess what. it won't complete a boot. it vibrates once like it should and then it should boot but nope. i'm literally baffled. trust me. between trying to fix whats broken, trying to do this project, sleep. add mods, try to get a good mm base i can work with without having to do 3 times the work like i was going to have to do on the 910g port. i really have been busy. i was up literally all night last night doing the update i just put out for you guys. i need sleep. and won't get any til much later as it stands so off to work on something before i get frustrated again and lose it for good
    I installed 3.0 the other day and everything was fine (except that issue with Su requests) until I notice yesterday that I couldn't make calls or texts (I don't understand how I could do the two step authentication during installation).
    Funny tho, I learned about the PIN issue by coming back to this thread, so I guess you are safe to put a PIN if you are using Good Lock and I was saved by the fact that I put a pin only after my phone is all set.

    Anyway, after learning about the 3.1 ROM I jumped on it because, as much as I love your ROMs OvrDriVE, I can't say the same for your UI mods (rounded stuff and potato stuff). So I'm very happy with that stock ROM and everything now seems to work OK so far.
    I just wish you could make those mods optional or reversible in the next builds.

    you know i am getting sick of people asking me to flippin reverse stuff or make it optional. i don't do these roms for you guys. i do them for me my way and share the result with you all. if you don't want a feature do some reading and figure out how to remove it yourself. sorry. it's how it is. my way or find a different rom