[ROM] Maximum OvrDriVE v7.1.1 2/14/16 [DOK2-N910T/N910T3/N910W8]

Does anyone actually pay attention to the time and date at the top of the notificatio

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Robin Son

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Nov 9, 2014
Here are some pic's after today. I'm running a 10,000 Zerolemon. Anything I'm not use is turned off.

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Sep 27, 2014
salt lake city
Many thanks for your reply. With the first question answered, I am satisfied, no need for the rest because currently I have the Marshmallow version of your Maximum Ovrdrive installed on my N910W8 and I have been using it for many months now without problems. I would like to thank the whole team for the great job done :good:

One more question, please: do you know whether the Maximum Ovrdrive for Android Nougat is out? I did a google search for Ovrdrive Nougat and was brought to this forum. Provide me with the link if there is.

Some mite disagree with me but i started out on maximum overdrive on lp 5.1.1 and moved up to mm 6.1.1 to run the newer overdrive rom that you are currently running and made it about a week and went right back to lp 5.1.1 overdrive...theres no comparison in my opinion...just because an update is available in no way dose it necessarily mean its any better then an earlier version

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Yes I am getting same for recovery as well... I reinstalled the rom but getting the same error again... Upon powering the phone ON I get "kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit kernel" Samsung Logo shows up... phone vibrates and then blank screen... I waited for like 10 mins to see if something comes up... but nothing, just black screen...

What shall I do?
Its most likely to late to anwser but her i go.....if its not booting after a clean Flash and wiping cache before you reboot try flashing a different kernel from the mods folder in op...i rarely run the kernel supplied with any custom rom because theres only a few i like that i can customize. ...and the multi-colored messages when powering on and booting into recovery is just telling you that now you have a kick ass phone!!...you dont buy a sports car then act all bummed out because of the loud engine, fat tires and hood scoop!


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Jul 10, 2017
I realize this was in the instructions...
"7. Initial Boot Time is Extremely Long so be patient. "

Been waiting for 50 minutes for it to boot up, this normal ?


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Jul 10, 2017
Got it working and booted up.
Now the only issue is getting the wifi to work.
Turns on but nothing else happens.
Anyone have any idea's what the fix is for this ?


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Jun 25, 2016
Vero Beach
How do you mod this to change the color blue to another color?

That would be great

if you are ok with modding an apk i'll send ya guide to change it. otherwise it stays blue as thats how my rom is themed.

How to change the blue color to another color. And also wifi is not working either. Im on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tmobile 6.0.1 marshmallow.


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Dec 13, 2010
Anyone have black squares where the widgets are on homescreen appearing randomly on the 5×5 launcher i love the launcher but the distortion i cant stand..lol can someone help and direct me how to fix it..much appreciated..screenshot below..please help!!


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Robin Son

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Nov 9, 2014
Lol Sorry It looks like your on 6.0.1
Your on the wrong forum this is for 5.1.1 users.
The post has the link in it where you need to be so you don't have to look for it

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Robin Son

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Nov 9, 2014
Don't have that problem. I can't think of anything that would cause that other than the install didn't go in correctly. Try doing a wipe factory reset. See if that fix the problem also try installing a different launcher. Those are the first 2 things I would try.

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Dec 13, 2010
Thanks but have tried both and more of those suggested, launcher works fine i just get those occasional black squares, they go away ajd come and go i must think its something on my phone interferrijg with the modified launcher ..idk driving me nuts ..only thing i cant figure out


Apr 1, 2016
Hi everyone. For some reason I can get the game "tales of the rays" to work. I have xposed installed. When I go to start the game I get a box that says "unfortunately the rays has stopped working " but no info on what went wrong. The game won't even start before the error pops up

Robin Son

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Nov 9, 2014
I also tested this game on my note4 5.1.1 when i had it. It said the samething. After looking up some info online about this game. I have found it's for newer devices. That's why it will not work. If your also on 5.1.1 try going to 6.0.1 and downloading it. Just remember some of the new games are to much for Old devices. Even if they will play, it will not look right.

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    I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any Damage done to your phone PERIOD. If You Break it, Brick it, or just Plain Blow it Up! It's Your Phone and it's your Fault.


    Maximum OvrDriVE v7.1.1
    910t and t3 users Must Be on DOK2 baseband and bootloader
    Based off SM-N910T DOK2 Firmware

    V4.0 Features:

    data/app added
    complete rom rebuild on new firmware dok2
    disabled signature checks
    added 5 way reboot menu
    added center text clock
    moved wifi/data icons to left side
    added 3minit battery
    added ringtones/notifications and alarms
    added default wallpapers
    added flashlight toggle
    added 32 toggles
    added floating msgs
    added 6 toggles per row
    added toolbox
    changed boot animation
    changed shutdown animation
    added n5 weather widget
    added rom info
    rounded corners in recents
    recents shortcut added to notification panel
    sdcard r/w fix
    added custom toggle images
    fixed homescreen weather widget
    readded some mods
    enabled spen and air command shortcuts in settings
    added dolby
    users enabled in settings
    call and msg block in settings enabled
    added custom settings icons
    fixed privatemode
    remapped keys
    added adaway
    fixed build #
    moved keylayout files to right folder
    enabled call button in call logs
    emotion r22 rc5 alpha kernel included with rom

    check post 2 for changelog and post 3 for Q&A



    Rom Install Instructions:

    TWRP Recovery Recommended!!

    1. Copy rom to your sdcard
    2. reboot recovery
    3. Wipe system, data, cache and dalvik x3
    4. Install rom from SDCard
    5. Reboot when finished
    6. Enjoy your 100% customized Rom
    7. Initial Boot Time is Extremely Long so be patient. hopefully you'll enjoy what the end result is.

    Rom Feature Instructions

    Note 5 S-pen Features
    you can add apps to the menu but only 3. the settings for it does not work so only add 2 or you won't be able to reset it or add any new apps

    ScreenOffMemo Instructions
    1. Install it with your filemanager from the mods folder
    2. click it's icon once
    3. close it.
    4. lock your device
    5. pull out s-pen.
    6 it should flash the screen on for a second and then goto the memo screen.
    7 wait til your system is fully loaded or it won't work right.

    Rom Download

    V7.1 Full ROM for the N910T/T3/W8
    Maximum OvrDriVE v7.1-DOK2 5.1.1

    V7.1.1 Update for the N910T/T3/W8 - Only for those Already on 6.0
    Maximum OvrDriVE 7.1.1 Update

    V7.1.1 Mods Installer - PLEASE DELETE Your Current Mods Folder Before Installing this!!!!!!!
    v7.1.1 Mods Only

    46 ThemeChooser Theme's Installer
    46 ThemeChooser Theme's Installer


    Stock Toggles
    System Tweaks DPI HotFix
    Hulu Plus QuickFix
    Maximum OvrDriVE 7.1.1 Unlimited Tethering Mod
    Call Recording

    Many Thanks to The Following:

    @kmokhtar79 --> for his mods/Guides
    @daxgirl --> for his apps and guides and help
    @tdunham --> for his massive library of mods and for sharing it all
    @Goldie --> for customsettings
    @Morningstar --> for mods/guides
    @rompnit --> for mods/guides
    @Albe95 --> for the note 5 icon themed apps
    @jovy23 --> for allowing me to use the themes from his rom
    @worstenbrood --> for Dolby Atmos Mod
    @Pafcholini --> and the Team for bringing us Emotion kernel
    @Chr0nicDreamz --> for the t3 install fix
    @TEKHD --> for the system icon set.
    @mrRobinson --> for adaway
    @thereassaad - for the dolby digital plus port
    @ravijani - for air command v2 -available here - original d/l here
    @xperiacle - for ScreenOffMemo - Original Thread Here
    @OriginxRambo - for the new toggle's
    @zloban19 - for beats audio
    @sanoc69 - for being himself
    @lauri19david for the note 5 s-pen port
    Big Thanks to Team Emotroid & Myateam
    and anyone else i missed atm
    And a huge thanks to all the devs who make all the free apps that make it possible for us to have so many choices



    TY all very much. it's greatly appreciated

    4.1 fixs and mods

    added n5 spen menu
    added torchlight to setting > display
    added autostarts
    added power on and off sounds
    added sunshape brightness handle
    added color weather icons to lockscreen widget
    added aosp menu seperator in settings
    added flashable weather widgets

    4.2 fixs and mods

    added montblanc ink effect
    added custom icons to power menu to match the rest of the system
    added custom icons to sound panel when pressing volume keys
    added sound bar to power menu
    fixed sound bar icons on powermenu
    added network traffic to settings > display
    edited quicksettings for 15 shortcuts
    increased max toolbox apps to 12
    fixed flashlight toggle when in edit mode
    added flashable stock and custom statusbars
    call recording mods added

    4.2.1 fixs and mods

    added 300+ Fonts

    4.3 fixs and mods

    USB Plug/Unplugged Disable Wake
    disabled airplane mode popup
    enabled developer options in settings
    added memo
    added n5 icons to all n4 apps
    changed default clock to n5 clock
    added note 5 wallpapers
    Removed Wireless Charging Popup

    4.4 fixs and mods

    changed default launcher to my 5x5 modded launcher
    added n4 stock 4x4 and n5 stock launchers to mods
    added 6thgear twswipe
    added appops
    added long press back to kill
    added TW All apps in multi & pen window | Quad view
    added ability to install older app versions over newer versions

    4.5 fixs and mods

    added system tweaks
    moved supersu to settings
    moved adaway to settings
    moved fastergps to settings
    moved 3minit battery to settings
    moved 6th swipe to settings
    added mods for dolby atmos and dolby digital to show in settings
    added mods for viper light and dark to show in settings
    added change dpi to system tweaks
    added batterybar to system tweaks
    added sound boost mods to system tweaks
    enabled led in settings
    enabled network speed in settings
    enabled torchlight in settings
    added toolbox to settings

    NOTE! system tweaks do not currently work as i have not done the mods listed yet

    4.6 fixs and mods

    added gridview to settings
    changed default keyboard to s6
    added flashable keyboards for s6 and n4
    added statusbar flashables with and without sfind and qconnect
    themed legacyincallui blue
    themed contacts and dialer blue
    themed sms blue
    added flashable stock sms and dialer
    themed bullets and check boxs blue

    4.7 fixs and mods

    fixed sms bubble background
    added ro-securestorage.support=false to build.prop - this should fix wifi password issue with beastmode kernel
    added 46 themes
    added n5 sounds
    added n5 calendar as default
    added flashable n5 and n4 calendars
    added n5 gallery as default
    added flashable n5 and n4 gallerys
    added n5 myfiles as default
    added n5 voicenote as default
    added n5 smart manager
    added s6 blue themed calculator as default
    added 8 colored flashable s6 calcs
    added flashable n4 and n5 stock calcs
    smart manager is now dual page
    added n5 dialer/contacts as default
    added flashable n5 and n4 dialers
    themed n5 dialer blue
    Updated xposed installer to wanam v78.1

    4.8 fixs and mods

    added .25 animation speed mod - NOTE! for this mod you must reinstall full rom and update
    added tons of csc tweaks
    changed homescreen weather widget size to 5x2 - Note! for this mod you must reinstall full rom and update
    camera mods
    Image Quality
    Increased to 100% for normal mode(100% quality without compression)
    increased to 100% for burst mode
    Video Quality
    video bitrate
    uhd: increased to 70mbits from 48 mbits
    fhd: increased to 30mbits from 17mbits
    fhd_60fps:increased to 60mbits from 28mbits
    hd: increased to 17mbits from 12mbits
    slow motion (1/2): increased to 17mbits from 12 mbits
    slow motion (1/4): increased to 17mbits from 12 mbits
    slow motion (1/8): increased to 8.5mbits from 6mbits
    Video Recording Time
    increased to 30 minutes from 5 minutes for uhd(maximum recording up to 4gb = 8min)
    increased to 30 minutes from 10 minutes for fhd_60fps and dual_fhd
    Recording in video Mode will still show 5:00 minutes Max but it will continue to record
    beyond that time up to 30 minutes provided you have the storage space
    removed lockscreen rotation
    readded lockscreen clock fonts
    readded device info to lockscreen and notification panel

    4.9 fixs and mods

    reenabled toggles per row
    reenabled scrollable toggles
    reenabled memkiller
    reenabled bluetooth and alarm icon toggles
    reenabled e-mail exchange security
    reenabled safe volume warning - it works now
    removed ambient display
    fixed snote issue
    removed a bunch of csc tweaks

    5.0 fixs and mods

    added photo edit fix
    added my logo to the setup wizard
    enabled high quality sound
    enabled increase volume in pocket
    added extra led options
    increased lockscreen notification count to 7
    added a blue border to system dialogs
    enabled ascending ringtone toggle

    5.1 fixs and mods

    enabled call delay
    enabled incallui dialpad colors
    enabled last spoke toggle
    enabled last call toggle
    added notification background image
    added flashables with and without NotiBG

    5.2 fixs and mods

    updated xposed installer to v79 by wanam
    updated supersu to 2.64 beta systemless install - Android Pay should now work according to what i have been told
    NOTE! after install upon reboot you will be asked to install Root. SELECT DO NOT INSTALL - rom will be rooted
    switched to BeastMode Kernel for the time being
    fixed airplane mode toggle
    readded csc tweaks
    added the following kernels to mods
    emo r20 rc1
    emo r22 rc5 alpha
    beastmode 1.1.1 - default
    made themes a seperate flashable to reduce rom size
    made mods a seperate flashable to reduce rom size
    themed legacyincallui
    Updated the Foolowing Apps
    Galaxy Apps
    Google TTS
    Samsung print service
    Smart Remote
    Google Search
    Google WebView

    5.3 mods and fixs

    Allow Unknown Sources By Default
    added a few more csc tweaks
    updated supersu to 2.65 beta
    added xposed proof features.xml
    disabled scrolling cache
    added edge feature

    5.4 mods and fixs

    toggle 3minit battery or stock battery view - Mod Only done to default systemui - for now
    added ongoing notifications toggle - Mod only done to default systemui - for now
    added quick unlock and scramble pad - Mod only done to default systemui - for now
    added emo r23 as default kernel.
    added emo r23 and r23 zerolemon kernels to mods.
    added kernel auditor beta to kernels folder in mods. it works with emotion kernel and replaces synapse
    Added SuperSU 2.65 beta to kernel Folder. - flash it only after flashing a new kernel

    5.5 mods and fixs

    updated supersu to 2.66 beta
    kernel auditor is now baked into the rom
    moved kernel auditor to settings > system tweaks > tool & apps
    Updated APM+ to latest version
    Updated Wanam Xposed to latest version
    Updated Amplify to latest version
    lowered Low Battery Brightness from 5% to 1%
    added extended volume panel - thanks to wcoast - only done in default systemui

    5.6 mods and fixs

    added ability to set the number of lockscreen notifications between 2 and 7 - mod done to default systemui only
    added true floating messages
    added note 5 messages
    added Beats Audio to mods > audio
    Moved Dolby to mods > audio
    Lightly themed note 5 messages to match the rest of my blue theme
    lightly themed airmessage to match as well
    moved viper material light and dark installers to mods > audio
    Moved beats audio to settings
    fixed and updated busybox to latest 1.24.1 version
    Beats Blue Edition - Blue themed beats app
    added beats audio shown in app drawer and shown in settings installers. - choose the one you want

    NOTE!!! beats audio works with viper and dolby!!!!

    5.7 mods and fixs

    Updated camera to samsungcamera4
    added n5 calculator as default
    themed n5 calc black and blue
    added n5 keyboard as default
    updated airmessage.apk now included in full rom
    fixed voice recorder
    added n5 e-mail as default
    lightly themed e-mail blue
    added potato clock
    moved potato clock to settings > system tweaks > apps and tools

    5.8 mods and fixs

    added potato gradient
    Moved potato gradient to settings > system tweaks > apps and tools
    added Motorola Command Center Weather widget to weather mods folder
    reverted to supersu 2.52 as systemless causes to many issues for everyone
    added potato cpu spied
    moved potato cpu spied to settings > system tweaks > tools and apps
    added toggle for statusbar ticker
    added toggle for heads up notifications
    Modified Screen Timeout During a call from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
    readded bypass email exchange security since i updated the e-mail app
    removed xposed proof features.xml
    recolored the brightness slider in notification panel
    added cpu Usage to Notification panel
    removed sfinder and quickconnect from notification panel

    NOTE! all mods done to the default systemui only!!!!

    6.0 mods and fixs

    added current ram state to notification panel
    removed invalid cpu id in noti-lockscreen info
    added max statusbar icon brightness
    fixed volume panel icons
    removed the indents in the notification panel on the left and right
    removed the indents in the notification panel notifications on the left and right
    removed the vertical gap between notifications
    made notification panel transparent
    added ability to set notification Background color - until you set this you'll have white on white Notifications
    added selectable toggle styles
    themed notification panel
    added auto restart feature - find it under settings > backup and reset
    added ability to show or hide lockscreen weather
    added ability to show or hide lockscreen steps
    added ability to change lockscreen clock widget size
    added busybox - you shouldn't need to update busybox but just in case
    Moved xposed installer to settings
    all xposed modules i include are now hidden from the app drawer
    added a few more xposed modules to mods
    updated a few xposed modules to latest versions
    added toggles to show and hide lockscreen charging and low battery dialogs
    fixed beats audio blue themed files - they now install right blue versions
    added statusbar carrier text - off by default
    added n5 sound alive
    added sound alive bluetooth mod
    enabled immersive mode
    added extended weather to lockscreen
    added next alarm to lockscreen

    NOTE!!!! on a clean install systemui will fc. this is due to your weather location not being set yet
    once your done with the setup wizard configure the default weather widget completely. do not skip any steps!!!!!!
    the fc's will stop once the weather widget is setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6.1 mods and fixs

    changed call and camera shortcut icons on lockscreen
    removed Bluetooth Scan Dialog
    Removed ime keyboard switch notification
    Removed Power Saving Notification
    Removed Hotspot Ongoing Notification
    Enabled NFC while screen off & locked
    removed call recorder on and off from mods as the call recorder mod is now in system tweaks under phone
    added Auto Call Recorder to system tweaks
    removed all statusbars except default and stock. both contain all mods.
    incorperated the netflix fix
    added cpu usage panel toggle to show or hide the panel
    added lockscreen album art
    added toggle for lockscreen album art to system tweaks
    fixed extended weather font issue
    added more fonts - now at 1070
    added flashables for n4 and n5 camera's to mods
    did some more notification themeing
    notifications will now have a transparent background by default. you can still change it if you like
    new system tweaks app added to settings
    new rom links shortcut added to settings
    new potato clock, potato gradient, dpi changer, kernel auditor, cpu spy, and battery bar shortcuts added to settings
    removed extended weather
    removed next alarm
    added Notification Background Blur effect StatusBar's to Mods

    NOTE!!! - you must delete your current mods folder as many things have been changed
    i don't care if you manually delete it with a root file manager or wipe internal sd
    it must be deleted before flashing 6.1 mods

    NOTE2!!! - to get rid of the white on white Notifications. go to settings > system tweaks
    and click notification mods. now click the button in the upper right corner. on the flyout
    menu select the bottom option. the one with the ui in the image. problem solved transparent

    6.2 mods and fixs

    lightly themed the clock app blue
    lightly themed splanner app blue
    added seconds to lockscreen clock
    readded ime switcher notification
    readded bluetooth scan dialog
    readded hotspot ongoing notification
    readded powersaving notification
    added note 5 music app
    fixed text in system tweaks
    minor fixs in system tweaks
    updated system tweaks to v2
    switched default statusbar to the transparent version
    added new statusbar options
    all statusbars now contain all mods
    fixed blur bg showing on lockscreen or no wall on lockscreen with blur notipanel mod

    6.3 mods and fixs

    added analog or digital clock in noti panel - Note! when switching between them systemui will crash
    fixed supersu in the update. should now be 2.52
    lightened up toggle text color.
    added n5 incallui
    themed incallui
    call recording now works from incallui - no need to toggle it on or off. just click it to start recording
    default systemui is now the blur effect
    switched dpi back to 640. was a edit i forgot to set. change your dpi accordingly to your liking
    added dpi flashables to mods. flash the one you want if dpi changer doesn't work for you
    changed notification text color to a dark blue.

    6.4 mods and fixs

    changed notification text color to a lighter blue. should be easier to see
    launcher is now multi dpi
    recolored calc
    fixed alarm clock text issue
    updated xposed to wanam v79.1
    recolored analog clock hands to blue
    added back next alarm on lockscreen
    updated beastmode kernel in mods
    default dpi is now 520

    6.5 mods and fixs

    added ability to colorize notification text - a full reboot is required for the color change though

    6.6 mods and fixs

    fixed lockscreen wallpaper crash
    cleaned up dialer and incallui theme.
    added ability to set toggle text color in notification panel
    fixed analog/digital notification clock crash when selecting one or the other

    6.7 mods and fixs

    changed s pen pointer to beats logo
    fixed statusbar ticker
    added toggle for lockscreen clock seconds
    fixed dialers in mods. they will now work depending on which you flash

    6.8 mods and fixs

    fixed am/pm on lockscreen to match the clock font
    fixed an issue with framework.jar
    added Mokee listview animations
    removed am/pm and themed accuweather clock
    added n4 and n5 e-mail flashables to mods

    6.9 mods and fixs

    fixed some glitches in system tweaks
    can disable mokee listview animations now
    removed build.prop build #
    added ability to switch dpi between 640 and 520 from system tweaks
    added scripts into system tweaks for sound mods
    updated viper4android to
    colored volume panel icons
    lightened up the clock hands on notification panel analog clock
    volume panel background is now transparent
    added blur background effect to recents
    updated spen to n5 with scroll capture - thanks to Team Emotroid and Myateam for the port and @lauri19david for permission to use his work

    7.0 mods and fixs

    Updated some toggle images
    auto call record working again. no need to flash call record mod
    added some additional unlock effects
    added ability to set lockscreen carrier text
    added Multi Windows Apps Manager to settings
    n4 and s6 keyboards are now multi dpi

    7.1 mods and fixs

    changed powermenu and other dialog text to blue
    changed vol panel background back to white. was to hard to read
    fixed lockscreen seconds to match clock font
    default dpi is now 560
    updated xposed to wanam v80

    7.1.1 mods and fixs

    fixed build Number
    fixed dpi

    Questions and Answers

    Q. Does WiFi Calling work on this rom?
    A. yes it does

    Q. What kernel is this rom using?
    A. i use the Emotion r20rc1 kernel atm

    Q. Why is that when i press the menu key it doesn't bring up recents like it used to?
    A. because i remapped the key layout. Menu Key now brings up the menu. long press home key now brings up the recents app

    Q. Does this rom work on the SM-N910T3?
    A. Yes it does, you need to d/l the version specific to the T3 model

    Q. Does Floating Messages work
    A. Yes it does

    Q. Does Festival Effects Work?
    A. Not Currently Added, it is being worked on though

    Q. Where are the Mods Located?
    A. Mods are Located on your Internal Sdcard

    Q. How can i remap the keys back to stock setup?
    A. Install xposed. then d/l xposed additions. this will let you remap the keys to your liking.

    more to come as needed
    ok all 5.6 is up

    i have spent a ton of time testing and retesting full rom flashs to make sure this all works.

    heres whats new

    5.6 mods and fixs

    added ability to set the number of lockscreen notifications between 2 and 7 - mod done to default systemui only
    added true floating messages
    added note 5 messages
    added Beats Audio to mods > audio
    Moved Dolby to mods > audio
    Lightly themed note 5 messages to match the rest of my blue theme
    lightly themed airmessage to match as well
    moved viper material light and dark installers to mods > audio
    Moved beats audio to settings
    fixed and updated busybox to latest 1.24.1 version
    Beats Blue Edition - Blue themed beats app
    added beats audio shown in app drawer and shown in settings installers. - choose the one you want

    NOTE!!! beats audio works with viper and dolby!!!!

    yes you still need to disable namespace seperation in supersu to install viper drivers or update adaway hosts file.
    if you are asked after flashing rom to install su select do not install. to solve this issue just go to mods. install the kernel and then flash supersu

    you also need to delete your current mods folder as i have changed several things in mods.

    enjoy all. i'm off to dinner and some well deserved rest
    almost done with the rebuild all. should be up tomorrow if all goes well.

    this will be a complete rom install as well. no update as the update was getting a bit big for my taste