[ROM] MaximusHD | 53.0.1 | Android 5.0.2 | Sense 6.0 | EYE | OTA | 7.19.401.22

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Sep 30, 2005

@haykweb the above Google Drive links seem to be down; any chance you could re-upload? Working on this old device for a friend of mine and would like to give them the most stable ROM out there so that both of us are happy :)


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Mar 2, 2017
I have unlocked my bootloader, I need to install a custom recovery, (which I do not know yet).

Can I install this Rom? Well I've seen that other people have custom Rom even with S-off.
I do not have to pay $ 25 to pay for an S-off. Does someone tell me if I can continue with the installation of this Rom?

If you don't want to pay $25, use rumrunner/Firewater method to S-Off. I've tried rumrunner method and it worked. (Search in XDA or google for more info)


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Jun 13, 2008
Originally Posted by haykweb

MaximusHD 53.0.1 (7.19.401.51) Repacked
- Patched to 7.19.401.51
- Some minor changes

>>> MaximusHD 53.0.1 (7.19.401.51)

>>> Boot.img for MaximusHD 53.0.1 (7.19.401.51)
>>> Kernel-ElementalX-m7-22.4-Sense
>>> Xposed installer with material design
>>> Xposed-v87-sdk21-arm

Is it possible to reupload this version of MaximusHD please?


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Oct 2, 2019
Is there any chance someone, somewhere might still have this ROM they could upload to a site for download? It's a pity the developer didn't put it somewhere like androidfilehost. Yeah, this phone is still useful and I would love to give this ROM a try. Thanks!
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    System Information:
    • Based on HTC One 7.19.401.22
    • Android 5.0.2 (LRX22G)
    • Sense 6.0
    • Amazing battery life
    • Fast and Stable
    • Tweaked for Best Performance
    • OTA Updates
    • APM
    • Auto-Kernel Flash
    • OpenGL ES 3.0
    • Deodexed
    • Zippaligned
    • Rooted
    • Aroma Multi-Language Setup (Supports 24 languages now)
    • Option to remove unneeded apps
    • Option to install additional mods
    • Support of init.d
    • Always newest ROM bases
    • And many more

    • Make sure your device is unlocked or have s-off
    • Download ROM and put it on internal sdcard
    • Put device in bootloader mode (Power + Volume Down)
    • Enter Recovery and do wipe first
    • Find in Recovery "Choose zip from sdcard" choose appropriate zip file
    • Proceed steps that Aroma installer gives
    • Reboot device after finishing installation
    MaximusHD 53.0.0
    -- May 22nd--
    • Final MaximusHD ROM for M7
    • Based on 7.19.401.22
    • Added HTC Sense 7.0 apps
    • Added HTC Sense 7.0 widgets
    • Added HTC Themes
    • Added Android "Do not disturbe mode"
    • Fixed Alarm Clock Bug
    • Replaced HTC TV with Peel Smart Remote
    • Updated Aroma Scripts
    • Updated OEM Apps
    • Many other changes


    • ROM cookers should ask my permission for using ROM as base,any releases based on my ROM should be 2 days after the initial release.
    • Original base will be available 2 days after initial release.
    • Original base can be downloaded in this dedicated thread
    • Any custom ROM's based on my release within 2 days after initial release in any aspect will be reported to moderators as kang.
    • Any part of this ROM can be used for creating mods or tweaks, you do not have to ask my permission for that.
    • Please respect these simple rules

    MaximusHD 53.0.0
    TWRP or higher is required for proper installation!


    No bugs so far


    Q. My camera doesn't want to take pictures due to insufficient permissions and I don't see my files, what should I do?
    A. Probably you wiped your internal storage with twrp recovery in the past. Install Terminal Emulator program out of Google play. Execute this command
    restorecon -FR /data/media/0
    Thanks buttie for tip

    • M7_U
    • M7_UL
    • M7_UL T-Mobile
    • M7_UL AT&T

    • Mdj - for help
    • Team Venom - all members of team for awesome support
    • w00dstock - for awesome mods and support
    • Flar2 - For Disabling HTC rw protection

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM] MaximusHD | 53.0.1 | Android 5.0.2 | Sense 6.0 | EYE | OTA | 7.19.401.22, ROM for the HTC One (m7)

    LlabTooFeR, w00dstock
    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 53.0.0
    Stable Release Date: 2015-05-22

    Created 2013-08-02
    Last Updated 2015-09-07

    MaximusHD 30.0.0
    --December 1st--

    New Base 4.06.1540.1
    Android 4.4
    Sense 5.5
    Added Tap to Pay feature
    Improved BlinkFeed
    Improved UI Experience
    Updated Kernel
    Updated HTC Album
    Updated HTC Backup
    Updated OEM Apps
    Many other changes

    MaximusHD 13.0.0
    --September 12th--
    New Base 3.17.401.2
    Android 4.3
    Updated Kernel
    Updated Aroma Installer
    Added 15 new Aroma Installer Languages
    Portuguese (Brazil)

    Working OpenGL ES 3.0
    Fixed SU
    Fixed System RW issue
    Updated OEM Apps
    General ROM Improvements
    Many other changes

    Maximus7 7.0.0

    -- May 19th 2013 --

    Added Native Extended Quick Settings
    Added Native Extended Quick Settings With Battery %
    Added Volume Increase Mod
    Added 5Ghz WiFi N support for Russian Users
    Fixed T-Mobile USA Support
    Fixed Updater Scripts
    Improved AT&T and T-Mobile USA Support
    Rearranged Installation Options
    Updated Apps

    Maximus7 6.0.0
    -- May 9th 2013 --
    New Base 1.29.401.16
    Fixed Font Issue
    Added AT&T Support
    Added T-Mobile USA Support
    Added 5Ghz WiFi N support for Russian Users
    Updated Apps
    Other Changes

    Maximus7 5.0.0
    -- April 28th 2013 --

    New Base 1.29.401.13
    New Kernel
    Added AT&T Support
    Added Option To Remove Kids Mode
    Improved System Stability
    Improved Sound Quality in Zoe
    General ROM Improvements
    Updated Apps
    Other Changes

    Maximus7 4.0.0
    -- April 21th 2013 --

    New Base 1.29.401.12
    New Kernel
    Fixed Paid Apps Issue
    Improved System Stability
    Improved Sound Quality in Zoe
    Camera Improvements
    BeatsAudio Improvements
    Better GPS Locating
    Added Exchange Security Disabler
    Removed VolumeWake
    Updated Apps
    Other Changes

    Maximus7 3.0.0
    -- April 15th 2013 --

    New Base 1.29.401.5 - Exclusive ;)
    RW System
    Overall Performance Improvements
    Camera Improvements
    Stability Fixes
    Updated Apps
    Updated Aroma Scripts
    Many other changes

    Maximus7 2.5.0
    -- April 4th 2013 --

    Made System RW
    Added xHausx Kernel Flasher
    Added APM
    Added Volume Wake Mod
    Added 3-dot removal
    Overall Performance Improvements
    Stability Fixes
    Updated Apps
    Updated Aroma Scripts
    Many other changes

    Maximus7 2.0.0
    -- March 18th 2013 --
    Based on newest 1.28.401.7
    Enabled OTA Functional
    Added Wipe Option In Aroma Script
    Overall Performance Improvements
    Stability Fixes
    Fixed Google Services Crash
    Fixed Google Paid Apps Issue
    Fixed Missing Sense TV
    Disabled Security Checks
    Disabled Debug Checks
    Updated Apps
    Updated Aroma Scripts
    Many other changes

    Maximus7 1.0.0
    -- March 14th 2013 --
    Initial release
    Based on newest 1.28.401.6
    Removed bloatware
    Removed logging services
    Updated OEM Apps
    Added AdAway
    Added SuperUser
    Added Solid Explorer
    Many other changes