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Dec 27, 2007
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Guys, I have a question. My mother has two EVOs. One is activated at a time and the other is my rotating backup phone. The micro-USB connectors keep failing so she can't charge. I have to rip them apart and repair them constantly. It's easy and saves having to buy new phones. I get on Sprint.com and do ESN swaps back and forth with no problem.

When I have to switch, I do a nandroid backup of this ROM from Revolutionary CWM, and then restore it on the other phone. Both have the same firmware, radio, ROM, etc. But when I restore the ROM from nandroid, it can't activation or all I get is Data Call Failure.

How can I make this work?
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    Ok guys... this is probably the most complete sense 2.1 + sense 3.0 rom there is out right now... but feel free to correct me if im wrong...

    1st... huge thanks to misifit for getting these shift ports starting, also thanks to virus for his huge contribution to all port that are running around here on xda.
    2nd... huge thanks to Jade for paying attention to some new things that kept on coming.
    3rd... huge thanks to RC-team and romanBB for their original version of tweaks.
    4th... huge thanks to pvy for the Miui like battery bar settings app and mod (i added it to tweaks instead of a stand-alone app)
    as always thanks chingy for his debloater addons to tweaks and to mcluvin for the graphics and of course huge, huge, huge props to seo and snq- that made sure a lot of the sense 3.0 apps can be used with sense 2.1.

    Full Change log and Download links are HERE.

    v3.00: (MD5 - 0e5ff2ef1adcd8167c87b8aac2950415)
    Please fully wipe coming from the beta or v2.xx!!!
    Updated Market (v3.4.4)
    Updated all market apps (FB, Flash, etc.)
    Updated Maxthon (v2.3.9)
    • Transition/Window Animations Speeds
    • System Font sizes
    • Debloater (use at your own risk since there is no reverting option yet)
    • 3 different Lockscreens changeable on the fly (honey/vanila/htc)
    • Tons of fonts to choose from
    • All Htchub apps/widget/skins downloadable (so u wont have to login to htc hub to get it)
    • Various bootanimations
    • Various volume rocker sounds
    • Softkeys light tweaks (on/always on/off)
    • Various Auto brightness settings
    • Rosie 5 rows and semi-trans BG
    • Inverted drop menu and semi-trans BG (SystemUI)
    • SD Card read ahead speeds (default is 2048kb)
    • KB with no arrows - on/off switch
    • BatteryBar (like Miui)
    • Screen on with volume button
    • Take a picture with volume button
    • All the tweaks from 2.xx and a lot more... the list is long...
    For Themers (general changes from v2.xx):
    • A lot have changed and moved around from v2.xx.
    • Some apps file names have been changed to work with the debloater app
    • Some apps from data got moved into /system/app/ for the same reason as above (and to save more room on data)
    • You must re-theme SystemUI, Rosie, framework-res, Settings, HTCCamera, and i hope i didnt leave more out
    • Bootanimation file names have changed
    • I think it goes without saying that a lot of smali files got changed (framework and system apps)
    Known Bugs:
    • Long pressing on tabs to remove them will not work.
      I had issues keeping the bounce overscroll and the tabs working together so i decided that it is an "OK" bug to have since most of us never use the long press on tabs anyways and might like the bounce overscroll better.
    • As far as i can tell any other bug is really minor... but ill add to the list as time goes on
    • If its grayed out... its not a bug...

    Updated market apps and market (maps, etc.)
    Added a few more tiny options to tweaks
    Added more tweaks to init.d scripts to improve security a lil more and to optimize performance better.
    Updated Busybox to 1.19.3
    A few more tiny things... nothing major yet since i dont really have much time to add more and more things.
    Full wipe is always recommended... for those of u that dont want to i will add a patch that will not include market apps or any data apps

    Updated market apps and market (maps, etc.)
    Added a few more tiny options to tweaks (center clock, signal bars removal)
    Added Force Roam Mode Option (thanks jade)
    Fixed issue with Contacts app not listening to Gsensor settings (it will always rotate in land... now all good)
    Added rotation to music lists (artists, songs, etc... not sure how i didnt notice it all this time)
    A few more tiny things... nothing major yet since i dont really have much time to add more and more things.
    Full wipe is always recommended... for those of u that dont want to i will add a patch that will not include market apps or any data apps (flashing the patch will still show v2.59... sorry guys... i forgot to change that)

    Updated market apps
    New SystemUI Twekas to status bar and removable on the fly quicksettings (long press settings quicksettings or go to settings on the phone) (thanks to One_love_420 for the initial work on this status bar tweaks and of course to romanbb for his tweaks)
    Patched up to 4.54 OTA (was hardly anything to change btw...)
    Updated SU... no more FC's for anyone.
    Full wipe is always recommended... for those of u that dont want to i will add a patch that will not include market apps or any data apps.

    Updated Adobe Reader
    Unlocked more settings in MMS (securebox, block etc.)
    New SystemUI with on the fly hide recent apps (long press on carrier, long press on a quicksetting goes to the settings menu of that toggle) (i wanna thank ihftp69 for the original works on these kinda options)
    New music mode by One_love_420 to skip songs in any music app by long pressing the vol buttons when screen is off (works with htc, pandora, google music, etc.)
    Full wipe is always recommended... for those of u that dont want to i added a patch that will not include market apps or any data apps.
    * i got used to having the tabs at the bottom of the quicksettings menu so by def thats what u get, i will include a mod to remove them also since u can swtich between them using the topbar.

    Updated Market (3.2)
    Updated market apps (FlashPlayer, SU, etc.)
    Updated Maxthon
    Update theMikMik forums app
    New Rotate animation from android 2.3.5 !!! (when switching from port to land and vise-versa) (that was a fun job to port over btw... :))
    Reverted to older EPST so that it will work for all
    Full wipe is always recommended... for those of u that dont want to... u can garb the system files and push them (frameworks and apks)

    Updated Market (3.1.6)
    Updated market apps
    Updated Maxthon
    Fixed frequent apps tab
    Unhide Phone in app drawer (if u guys didnt notice... it was hidden before... took me a lil time to notice it myself)
    Updated RAM tweaks and builkd.prop tweaks
    Updated bin files to ones from honeycomb (smoother)
    DB get defragged every boot (loads DB accessing apps faster)
    Added RingRing ringtone from MikFroyo
    Cleaned out a few more tiny useless files from system

    I did fully wipe... u guys can feel free to try without. i also include a patch, it will however not have all the updated market apps and will only contain system files.

    Updated Superuser
    Patched up all the smali jar files to not track any data (huge thanks to treve for his guide that showed me what i missed in the past)
    Rebuilt all the odex files which should now be a lil smaller.
    Removed Calks extra kernel profiles etc. to make sure all other kernels wont have issues with it.
    I recommend switching to this version just because indeed your personal info is more safe and it seems like speed improved on 3g and overall in general due to less actions running in the background.
    I did fully wipe... u guys can feel free to try without.

    Included all patches from 2.52 and 2.51
    Updated all market apps (Gmaps, FB, ES, etc.)
    Updated busybox to 1.19.2 (smaller and more efficient)
    Updated Market to 3.1.5
    Updated google's CarHome (u wont see the diff)
    Updated Maxthon Browser (direct links to forums should work 100%)
    If u guys already patched up to 2.52 u guys are in no rush to flash this... its mostly a version to include a few updates and not really to add features.

    Added native screenshot (power and home button takes a screen shot)

    Patched up files to the new Evo OTA (4.53)

    Updated market apps
    Updated market to 3.1.3
    New MikApps tab in rosie with some selected apps (themikmik forums app, mybackuproot, maxthon, netflix in hd)
    Rosie right button now remaps to all apps by long pressing it and picking the desired app (ported from skyraider rom, thanks ihtfp69 for the original work)
    Added animation to KB popup
    Added white over-scroll from mik3d beta (since u guys liked it...)
    New RAM tweaks (thanks to Juwe11 http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1111145)
    Cleaned out a lil more files and opted some images in the rom that i left out before.
    FULL WIPE is highly recommended and probably needed... but trust me... its well worth it.
    (for themers/modders... rosie.apk/odex, settings.apk/odex and framework-res.apk have changed so please take note and update if needed, thanks)

    Updated market apps
    Added more cool toggles to quicksettings (reboot menu, airplane mode, each media vol is available, flashlight turns on, etc.) Huge thanks to Skyraider rom for the permission to use his work, i just ported some of his features that i liked into my systemui.
    Fixed Mms compression issue that popped up in 2.42
    Voice search issue should be gone (some had it.. some didnt... i hope all will have it working right now)
    Added the streaming fix to be applied on 1st boot (the ports to 0 etc.)
    FULL WIPE is highly recommended... unless u came from 2.42... then u might get away with it.

    Updated market apps
    Added screen calibrate option to display settings
    Fixed up a few things in the init.d scripts
    Moved ALOT of apps and widgets to data for an easy uninstall (including lockscreen idealscreens)
    Decompressed all the m10 files in the rom
    Cleaned out a few useless files
    No more double boot to get dalvik on cache
    Overall more ram should be seen and less room on data (but u can remove what u dont use... and no one use ALL)

    Fixed so that extra MMS settings will show on 1st boot also
    Changed default mms limits for sprint and verizon (200k, 2m, 5m)
    Updated netflix
    Added more mem tweaks (running in boot seq.)
    Tweaks in services.odex (speedup rosie, took out some ciq requests)
    (for the themers among u... mms.apk has changed from v2.4)
    should be safe to not fully wipe... but as always... i recommend it cuz i always do.

    Unlocked more settings in MMS (thanks redwiz666) (if u dont see it... clear the app's data from settings)
    Took out undervolt script by def. (was giving some people issues)
    Added more quick settings (flashlite/vibrate/silent)
    Fixed the annoying misalignment that sometimes popped up when u push something in quicksettings
    Switch services powermanagmentxx.smali to more suitable ones for htc (no more of the old fashion copy-paste from cm to get the crt anim)
    Updated ESfileexplorer
    Should have more free ram now... but u guys tell me (my evo is not using the network now... only wifi)
    Im sure im forgetting 1 or 2 more tiny things... but nothing major im sure.
    I always suggest full wipe cuz i always do it myself... but u might get away with not doing it.

    Disabled compression on MMS (thanks calk original work on that tweak) (max 5mb by def set to 2mb)
    Added Shutdown animation
    Updated Apps (maps, maxthon, flash, etc.)
    Updated Market
    Fixed front cam issue with ym (forgot the name of the person that deserves the thanks for it)
    Cleaned out a little more files from system
    Added AdFree app
    Added preset emails to mail app (like mail 3.0)
    A few more tweaks
    Added HTC IME with arrows and trace (like swype... so took out swype cu its not needed anymore)
    Added Spanish predictions to HTC IME KB
    New MikRoms bootanimation by themaha
    Added Polaris office instead of quickoffice (print option will fc)
    Hacked USB Tether (thanks to calks original work on that hack)
    Added in Calk's undervolt scripts and .ko modules (huge thanks to him... i didnt ask permission.. i hope its ok with him)
    Probably a few more things im forgetting...
    FULL WIPE!!!

    Added quicksetting toggles (brightness, vol, rotate, etc.) (thanks chingy)
    Maximized Browser tabs (thanks chingy and myn)
    Added Mirror app to sense 3.0 Camera apk (720p audio sync will probably never work right... sorry about that)
    Maximized # of alarms in clock to 20 (instead of the def. 10) (thanks chingy)
    Updated Maxthon Browser (now have custom links to themikmik forums in the homepage)
    Updated market apps (maps, etc.)

    FIxed wireless N support
    Fixed HtcWeatherWallpaper
    Switched Camera app to Sense 3.0 app with working 720p, Panorama, HDR, etc. (720p audio still has some issues.... im working on it)
    Updated Maxthon Browser (full change log to this maxthon's version is on themikmik)
    Updated Netflix apk
    Updated Facebook
    Updated DSPManager
    Dalvik Heap size set to 48mb by def.

    Patched needed files to the new Evo OTA (4.24)
    New Kernel from the new OTA
    Added Connected media to HTCAlbum
    Unlocked hidden settings in HTC's browser (TONS of new options)
    Updated VoiceSearch (not in the update only zip)
    Updated Maxthon Browser (full change log to this maxthon's version is on themikmik) (not in the update only zip)
    Added Netflix apk
    Added back HTCCarPanel for those that like it better than Google's one (either one u can uninstall)
    Added some code to boot to try an make sure the weird data apps on 1st issue wont show up again (an issue i never saw on my phone... so i didnt test if my addon worked or not)
    Update only zip will include only system files and added data apps and not updated apps since those will get updated from market anyways.

    Switched to the official Speedy OTA
    Patched the OTA with all the mods and tweaks that were made up to v1.04
    Added Maxthon browser (cuz they made a version just for MikRoms)
    Updated FlashPlayer
    Update ESExplorer
    Better Battery life
    Overall faster performance
    Overall better RAM management
    Switched a2sd mem management to the default one (a2sd help will show u all the diff options)
    Fixed all the tiny issues from the beta version (browser fc, weather bug, mytracks, etc.)
    If u liked v1.04... u would love this one even more as it dont have the mem issues due to it being a test ROM and in "debug" mode all the time.
    Must Update... or you missing out on better everything.

    Rebuild again... using a newer build of apktool (so yes... full wipe again... sorry)
    No more symlinks (all fit on system which means approx 400mb free on data on 1st boot)
    Diff mem tweaks that should not cause issues for those that had meme issues
    Updated FlashPlayer
    Updated SU
    Switched to ESFileExplorer instead of Explorer
    I tired to recreate the bug with stock browser but couldn't... so i assume its gone

    fixed flickr and friends stream issues
    fixed FC when using effects in album
    reverted back to the shift dialer (took out the "*2" mapping to the sprint app - will now call *2 instead) (should fix the roaming issues some had also)
    changed fastboot to "off" by def

    u should notice a speed increase over the whole rom
    fixed twitter and friends stream issues
    cleaned out more "test" rom and "debug" stuff from some smali and bin/xbin folder
    updated some drivers to the one from the ota
    updated some etc files and build.prop to the new ota definitions
    added wireless-n support for the kernel
    replaced htccarpanel with googlecarhome (much nicer)
    fixed issue with browser inline text search
    added auto rotate widget
    fixed rosie restart issues
    added back zipalign on boot

    100% Working HTC Hub
    Fixed SocialClockWidget (land still buggy... i know.. its not a priority now)
    Decompressed most of the apks to save RAM (works nice)
    Changed to the new OTA kernel to fix all brightness issues

    Based on the Shift leaked GB rom and more
    Cleaned out a lot of junk (not even close to being done though)
    Cleaned out the apks from useless files
    Rebuilt a lot of the smali to not have the test rom "debug" mods on (should improve batt life)
    Dalvik heap size set to 48mb (using 32mb caused issues for some... im not sure why)
    A2sd support
    Dalvik2Cache (rom will boot twice at first boot, much like my mikfroyo v4.4 or v4.3)
    The usual tweaks (noatime/mem management/etc.)
    Hotspot hack (usb dont work... but hotspot app does)
    Htc sense 3.0 lockscreen 100% functional with icons etc. (thanks SNQ-)
    Htc sense 3.0 weather 100% functional (thanks seo and snq-)
    Added landscape to all apps (clock, weather, radio, contacts, etc.)
    Added my taskbar icons from RC1 with batt % charging
    Added MMS from sense 3.0 (fixed mms over wifi/4g)
    Ported 4-in-1 reboot
    Ported Hibernate option
    Ported CRT animation including additional options in Settings/display
    Ported Switch to Andriod lock screen on the Fly (Settings/Display)
    Switched to a KB with arrows (i like it better)
    Took out Htc Footprints, Sprint IQ stuff, All sprint bloat is out.
    Added GTalk with video
    Cams Work (720 and front cam also)
    Added sense 3.0 taskmanager
    Added sense 3.0 USB connections
    EPST should work 100%
    Removed GPS icons and ADB icons
    Fixed issues from previous 0.xx version with 9016 text message when receiving vvm
    Network icons shows x1 and 3g
    Changed font sizes to look more like the DHD (smaller meus etc.)
    FAQ Answers:

    • full wipe is needed.
    • if u fully wipe (using RA and not CW) and DO NOT restore old roms data/system u should see no issues.

    Download Links and More


    You can find Mods/Themes and more for this ROM right here: v3.xx

    To restore Footprint and/or add HtcLocations please look HERE. (Huge thanks to Captain_Throwbakc for taking the time to make sure u guys have all u need to do this)

    If you do not know how to flash a custom rom on your phone feel free to check out THIS VIDEO.
    (Huge thanks to xxRAMOTHxx)
    not sure if it was posted or not.... here is the new kernel that will not break your wifi and wimax.

    have fun...
    im uploading to mirrors now,

    also, as a tiny note.. im not sure if it worked on virus port or not... but GB screen off/on animation works... make sure "all animations" are on from the settings.
    Hasta la vista guys.
    guys... i just wanted to say thank u all for all the love u show.